Declan wins the JustArsenal Euro2020 Predictions Competition Final

After all those predictions, Declan and Kenya 001 were only seperated in the Euro2020 Final by Declan correctly choosing that Italy would receive more bookings and that Immobile would fail to have 2 or more shots on targets.

Congrats to Declan, give your details to Admin and at end of this month (along with Dan Kit) we will sort out trophies and prizes.

Great effort by Kenya 001. Considering he qualified in 23rd place in the domestic table, he’s been the underdog throughout these Championships.

Thank you to everyone for taking part.

Anyways only a month till the Prem kicks off and we can start the 2021/22 Predictions League………

Follow me on Twitter @Dan_destiny so I can get more players involved.

Dan Smith

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  1. Champione, champione, ole ole ole!!
    Well done, Declan! Hard luck, Kenya, thought you’d got it on the bag!!

    Roll on next season’s predictions!
    Thanks, Dan…

    1. Looking forward to upcoming season, its been remarkable sue being in the final was beyond my dreams, Declan deserves it really he was so consistent throughout.

  2. Thanks Dan for a great competition and to everyone for being friendly throughout. As much as it’s nice to win something I would like whatever prize there is to be given to Kenya 001 as although penalties did not count, he did predict Italy would win the game. I hope this acceptable Dan? Looking forward to next season and watching Hibs v Arsenal tonight. Peace and Love to everyone, Declan Bolton-Block x

    1. Good lad Declan!

      Does anyone know if there’s a link/channel that those overseas can watch on?

    2. Congratulations Declan and thanks Dan it’s been quite some fan. Hey Declan you’ve been rewarded for your consistency mine was a fairytale almost did a Leicester!

      1. Let me put this diplomatically.
        I will be listening very carefully to both of your predictions in the coming season.

    3. Can’t change criteria for final mate
      Wouldn’t be fair on other players in previous rounds

      1. Understand Dan and you are right as usual 🙂 just wanted to be kind to my friend Kenya. It’s been such an exciting friendly competition which is down to your hard work and the lovely people on this site. X

    4. Congratulations Decclan for winning the whole thing.
      Kudos to you for trying to pass the prize over to our other finalist.
      In my view, very sporty.
      Congratulations to you Kenya 001 for being in the final and putting up a great fight too.
      Thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to next month.
      Stay safe!

  3. Congratulations declan💯💯💯

    thanx Dan, looking forward to participate in the coming season as well
    Really enjoyed it💯

  4. …aand in other news

    The boys are out again tonight 🥳🥳

    Can’t wait. Hope it’s televised.

  5. Congratulations Declan and congratulations to Kenya too. Both of you were solid from the start.

  6. Congratulations Declan. You are such a nice man.

    Congratulations Kenya for reaching the final. You were stunning.

    And to the overall master mind for this competition, Dan Smith. You are a genius.

    Love you all for contributing immensely to this great site!!

    Now unto the next one. Watching our team play after a long time.
    Hope we get a win. I have placed my money on them to get a win.
    Whatever happens, though. Forever a gunner!!

  7. Why is Arsenal playing this declined team called Hibernian, why not Celtic or Rangers, well the answer is not far fetch, Arsenal is declining too. Though, it is a friendly game. Congratulation to Declan.

  8. Congratulations declan,looking forward to finishing above you&kenya in the league predictions come next season

  9. Forgot say big thxs once again Dan for all your time and effort and still making time to for your Articles as well 👍👍

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