Deeney defends Arteta over his touchline antics

Troy Deeney has defended Mikel Arteta after the Arsenal gaffer came under attack for his touchline antics and the attacker maintains he would want his manager to be that passionate.

Arteta is one of the most animated characters on the touchline and sometimes, he steps outside his area while protesting a decision or barking out orders to his players.

However, not everyone finds this excusable and some pundits have attacked him recently for his behaviour and asked for him to be punished.

The Spaniard has responded and vowed not to change because that is his style and now Deeney has supported him.

The Birmingham City captain wrote in his column on The Sun:

“If you’re playing a crucial match, you want to know your manager is in the trenches with you.

“It’s not so much about showing ‘passion’. It’s about intensity. It’s about a manager setting a tone for his players.

“I see Arteta kicking every ball, slinging the ball back in for throw-ins and getting in the ear of the match officials — and I like it.”

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Arteta is a determined manager and person and we must appreciate that he is different from others, which makes it baffling that pundits want him to change.

It is boring when everyone acts the same and it is exciting that Arteta has not bowed to the bullies and insists he will not change because of the critics.

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  1. The gaffer got the fire in his belly and that’s fine for me, I must admit am a fan that struggles to criticize present gaffer’s and players a like, it has to be extremely constructive for me to do so.

    The Newcastle match with the opposition dirty tactics and incompetent officials who failed to get so many basics right hardly warrant a case for me to be critical of the gaffer.

  2. Damned if you, damned if you don’t. Wenger would get criticised himself for not showing enough passion. This week we’ve seen Potter face questions over not being angry enough about results. People will find fault if they look hard enough and skew the argument to suit the fault.

    The question should be did he cross a line that was too far such as Mourinho and his eye poke on Tito. If not much ado about nothing. The reverse is if it’s not in someone’s personality to wear their heart on their sleeve in an overtly visible manner all the time does that make them particularly worse at their job overall? Probably not.

    One universal truth is winners in general and specifically talking managers in football are always bad losers in the direct aftermath. It’s that part of their mentality that drove them to that position in the 1st place. Different ones may play the media in general to different degrees of success but they all hate losing and take it personally. Wenger, Fergie, Pep, Klopp, Mourinho….. the list is endless.

  3. Passion is the whole reason and point of watching and playing/ managing top level football . Without PASSION, I would rather give up watching fotball.

    Fortunately, I will never need to, as passion is everywhere. Thank God too, say I!

  4. I don’t know what else people expect from the likes of Shearer who tried their hands on football management and failed woefully. They can’t appreciate the adrenaline that runs through true football managers
    They may have been great football players, but running a big club with big ambitions is a different ball game entirely

  5. Really funny this love in for Deeney all of a sudden, after he was public enemy number one after his cojones jibe 🤔

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