Deeney expects leniency for time-wasting in games like Arsenal v Man City

One new regulation introduced in the Premier League this season pertains to cautioning players for time-wasting, leading to a noticeable increase in the issuance of yellow cards since the commencement of the campaign.

Instances of this rule coming into play have been evident in recent matches. For instance, Takehiro Tomiyasu received a yellow card for time-wasting during Arsenal’s game against Crystal Palace, while Fulham’s Calvin Bassey was cautioned for a similar reason when taking a goal kick against Arsenal.

Although some view these cautions as stringent, the Premier League is rigorously enforcing this rule to curtail time-wasting during matches. This focus on time management has been evident not only in Arsenal’s games but also in other matches throughout the league.

Former Watford player Troy Deeney offers an interesting perspective on this matter. He believes that officials might exercise leniency when it comes to time-wasting in high-profile matches, such as encounters involving clubs like Arsenal and Manchester City.

He writes in The Sun:

“Takehiro Tomiyasu’s sending-off for Arsenal against Crystal Palace on Monday night is a prime example.

“If we are going to remain that strong on it for the whole season, I am absolutely fine with it. Time-wasting remains a massive issue.

“But having spoken to people in the game, we are not convinced that it will last. Some leniency will be brought in, especially in a big game like Manchester City vs Arsenal.”

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The new regulation is a good development, considering how many minutes are lost to time-wasting in Premier League games.

The FA has done well to ensure we no longer have players wasting time and it is great for fans who pay money to watch these games.

We will now get value for our money as the ball will be in play for more minutes during matches.

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  1. Am an ardent supporter of the time wasting measures.
    Professional football is a highly competitive team sport with economic rewards for winning given to teams and players.
    It has a set of rules to ensure fairplay but the enforcement is virtually nonexistent in the premier league. this practice quite often than not lead to strategic behavior.
    These strategic behavior at times helps teams win the game, or tie games against superior teams, but is contrary objective of game play as entertainment for the spectators.

  2. I usually find that Troy speaks a lot of good sense, but he doesn’t back this up with an explanation of why there will be leniency in City V Arsenal games, or perhaps the Sun has edited out the clarification.

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