Deeney reckons Arsenal players have no problems with his “cojones” jibe

Troy Deeney has revealed that he often bumps into Arsenal’s players while shopping or getting gas and they have no problems with his talk of them lacking “cojones”

The Watford striker famously accused the Arsenal players of lacking “cojones” to take on his team after Watford had beaten them.

The comments were widely circulated as part of the problems at Arsenal who were struggling at the time.

Some Arsenal fans took exception to that and every time that both teams have been paired to play together, it always comes up.

Watford was relegated from the Premier League last season and their final game was against Arsenal. 

Some fans think that Arsenal deliberately relegated the Hornets because of his comments, but he has revealed that the Arsenal players didn’t take it personally.

He said via The Sun: “I see their players in Sainsbury’s or the petrol station and say hello, it’s nothing personal. I went up to them in the NBA game in London that year to make sure they knew that.

“People say it was revenge Arsenal relegated us but it was a really bad season and we just happened to get relegated there.

“I had a few memes from Arsenal fans and you take it on the chin.”

Arsenal has now become one of the hardest teams to beat and if Watford were still in the Premier League, the Gunners will have liked to prove that to them once again.

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    1. Declan, probably didn’t have the cojones to confront him at Sainsburys anyway!!
      Loved it when he missed the penalty at The Emirates after this statement.

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