Deeney worries about Arsenal recovery if City topples them

Troy Deeney says if Arsenal comes through the first few months of 2023 remaining at the top of the Premier League table, he will start believing they can win the league, but he worries how they will respond if they lose the top spot.

Mikel Arteta’s men are having a superb season and have remained at the top of the league standings for a long time, suggesting they could be in the title race.

However, some pundits still do not believe they have what it takes to win it and one of them is Deeney.

The former Watford man writes in The Sun:

“There is a growing expectation that Arsenal really can do it the longer they are top, and if they come out of the next month unscathed, I will start believing.

But I just wonder that if City catch them, and I believe they can, will Arsenal recover from it? I actually feel they will finish as low as third come the end of the season.”

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Arsenal has underachieved for so long and we haven’t won the league since 2004, so it is normal that we will have doubters.

However, that shouldn’t stop us from working hard and staying focused on winning one game at a time as the season goes on.

If we win enough matches, eventually, we will emerge victorious, but winning the league should not be on the minds of our players now because it could put them under pressure.

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  1. He should worry about himself that he didn’t win a trophy in his career. Always meddling in Arsenal affairs

  2. At the start of the season, most… didn’t rate arsenal among the top 3. Obviously they do now.

    Therefore, let us keep digging out good results and let them keep changing their opinions.

    1. Prevailing opinion had us 5th-6th amongst experts and pundits. A lot of the fans expected 4th as the minimum. The only thing that has surprised me this year is our consistency and Liverpool’s struggles (although I think Liverpool has been unlucky both in certain results and with injuries, expect them to make the top 4.)

      Not a lot has changed from my preseason perspective of City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs with Newcastle being the biggest threat to 4th. Favour Newcastle over Spurs now and believe we could be in the title race and finish above Liverpool if not but the top 4 is largely what I expected. United are still in the hunt but they have ridden their luck a lot just like Spurs.

      Next season could be scary if Ten Hag and Potter have settled by then and Levy backs Conte so he sticks around. Really will be survival of the fittest but we have the youngest squad in the league and look attractive to other players now so I’d still be confident. Just not easy if you have 7 teams with resources going for 4 spots.

      1. Seven into four may not go, but imagine how such NEVER HAD A CHANCE chance teams as West Ham, Wolves, Bournemouth, etc must feel!

        1. Yeah, exactly West Ham/Leicester had a couple of decent seasons that fell slightly short of 4th. Look at them this season now both are in the bottom half and West Ham could be in a relegation fight. League is particularly brutal even compared to the other top 5 leagues.

  3. I just hope that our players and coaches don’t read all these rubbish pontifications by idle “pundits”

    1. Surely it would be better for us if they DID read the many nonsense comments.

      Then they will be more determined than ever to show how wrong those foolish pundits are.


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