Deep analysis of Arsenal’s transfer window – and Thank God it’s all over….

Thank God the transfer window is over by AndersS

Another Arsenal transfer window is over, and as usual there has been no shortage of false rumours about “targets”. False because there is actually no substance to more than 90% of the rumours. They are simply started by different sources, who all have an interest in stirring up rumours.

The media to get customers, social media to engage users, agents to drive up prices for their own benefit, clubs to drive up prices for their players, and the list is probably longer.

Unfortunately, it all works, as I see it.

Before and during this window more or less every manager stressed their wish to strengthen if possible, and at the same time added “in the January window it is always very difficult”. The reasons why January is difficult are obvious. Very few player contracts end in January. Nearly all the attractive players, who can walk straight into top teams and strengthen them immediately are of course very hard to get, as they are important players in their clubs, who are all chasing something. Titles, European football or maybe avoiding a devastating relegation.

So for those clubs to lose one of their best players midseason, it would usually take an offer much, much higher than the actual value of the player, and so high they can’t resist the offer.

On top of that, the clubs may also only let their player leave if they can buy a decent replacement. The difficulties then spread down the line.

If that wasn’t enough, you can also take into account that many new players need time to adapt and to integrate into their new team. Time, which there is none of in January as the matches in various competitions come thick and fast, and actual full training sessions are limited, compared to pre-season in July and August. Strengthening in January is actually a very big ask.

 Despite the obvious reasons, and the numerous and very clear statements about the difficulties from people who really know, a lot of football fans run around controlled by feelings, thinking their club can go out and buy almost whichever player they themselves have identified as the right player to come in and strengthen. Not seldom in an infinite wisdom somewhat above their club’s manager and transfer management.

Ironically, in our case the feelings and confusion have been compounded by the fact that we have a nice lead in the PL.

It seems many have either forgotten or haven’t even realized, how we have gotten to where we are.

After 12-15 years without being able to challenge for the title, we have managed to bring us in a situation where we finally could see a change.

This situation has not come about by some kind of “Leicester like” miracle. We are here, because of our own performances so far this season. A historic number of wins and points, and quite possibly the best and most dominating football, we have produced. At least in modern times.

We have been lucky to be able to start the same 12-13 players in almost every game so far in the PL. As a team and individually, those players have been on a level or two above all expectations. In fact, they have performed so well, several players have been one of the best, if not the best in the league in their position.With this comes vulnerability.

In itself, it would be a small miracle if this young team already can keep up the fantastic performance level for the rest of the season. It will also take a lot of luck to keep on starting the same 12-13 players, and have their individual performance levels sustained.

The team who have made this possible, is a product of careful recruitment of young talented players, our own young talents given chances to play and develop, and all of them coached expertly individually, and playing systems and tactics, which are being admired by nearly all, managers from rival teams, media, pundits and what have you.

It has been achieved by a very rapid change of an astonishing number of players in only a couple of years. The players who have been brought in have all been bought in a price range below 50-55 m., and they have been coached and developed to perform at the current level. Only that way has it been possible to assemble the 12-13 players.

But 12-13 players performing at this extreme level may not be enough. If we get long term injuries or longer periods of players dipping in form, we are of course vulnerable. All can see it.

However, the notion that we in January should have been able to buy ourselves out of that vulnerability is simply rubbish IMO. Sorry to be so blunt.

There simply weren’t enough players who can walk straight in and perform at our players unbelievable level in the first half of the season. Even if there were, there is no way a self-sustainable club like Arsenal could buy them at the inflated January prices.

In my opinion, we have done extremely well this window.

Apart from Chelsea, who have embarked on a very high risk and brand new strategy through a loop hole in FFP, no club has done more to strengthen than we have. We are in top in nett spend, apart from Chelsea. Our current biggest rivals to the title,

Man City have endured a weakening of their team in the January window, which they weren’t able to reverse in the last few days. Our second biggest rival, Man Utd, have done a couple of loan deals. Liverpool, who most likely already are out of the title race, have bought 1 player. Spurs have made a loan deal. Newcastle have done more or less what we have.

In comparison our moves stand up extremely well. Not only have we added a couple of players, who may or may not help us, if the 12-13 can’t continue as we have seen. Both players, Trossard and Jorginho, have been acquired without comprimizing too much on the strategy, which have brought us to where we are. We have also acquired 1 player, Kiwior, who seem to fit in 100% with our strategy.

With the window now over, maybe we Arsenal fans can relax a little bit and I am sure most will be able to see, we have done better than nearly all our rivals.

As for the rest, who think they know better, well…

Either way, we can all pray our luck continues, so our main 12-13 players can take us all the way. It does require a lot of luck, but you never know….

kind regards

Anders Sørensen

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  1. I have never been a fan of the jan window but it is what it is
    Over inflated prices for certain mediocre players
    There is an old saying
    Only fools rush in where angels fear to tread
    Only time will tell who are the fools
    In my opinion we have had a good window
    Not over spent
    Added a bit of depth to the squad and players who I hope have the capability to be able to step up and join the party
    Onwards and upwards

    1. Fingers crossed that it goes pear shaped at Stamford Bridge, that all the egos conflict and they end up trophyless and battling with Fulham for a place in the European Conference League with an out of his depth coach and ignorant American owner.

      1. As an American myself I really get sick and tired of hearing “American owner”. What does that have to do with anything, our team is also an American Owner as is Man U and Liverpool. Why not just “ignorant” owner, why the attitude towards Americans? We don’t typically call out the nationality of player or manager. Said Chelsea is coached by an English manager, is he out of his depth because he is English?

      2. David28: I would actually hope Chelsea does not even qualify for Europe. They will then start to reap the whirlwind when they start trying to clear the concert hall of many of their 356 players and discover that they have bitten off waaaaay more than they can chew.

        Oh, well 🙂

  2. Before people go nuts talking about Arsenal’s window in hindsight, here’s a couple of interesting numbers re otehr clubs:

    75 players have come and gone at Chelsea since the summer.

    19 players are left in City’s squad since Cancelo’s departure.

    If people thought Arsenal had a thin squad, why is it that City didn’t get a mention in that department?

    1. Very interesting figures. As far as City are concerned, I can only think that all 19 would be starters anywhere else. We have a small number who wouldn’t

      1. That’s certainly true and perhaps it makes it even more surprising that Cancelo was quoted as saying that he left City due to lack of game time – if there were only 20 in their squad with him there, and all were high quality, then I’m left wondering why he wasn’t used more often.

      2. Starters or not, the fact is if city miss hallaand (d only player scoring goals for them) and let’s say debryun, they will lose points seriously. They may hav starters from d bench its never the same

  3. I’m reading that #eduout was trending ystdy and im in some disbelief at that. What on earth is wrong with some Arsenal fans???

    What an ungrateful bunch some people really are.

    Not long ago, he was a hero for some of his signings. Now, just cos we didnt make a marquee signing, they want him out. We are afterall, 5 points ahead of the greatest PL team with the greatest striker, plus we have a game in hand too.

    So fellow Gooners, i have a question to ask you all:

    A) Do you think our squad wouldve been stronger just by signing Mudryk alone;


    B) Are we actually stronger cos we’ve signed two very good players with essential PL experience plus a youngster in Kiwor?

    I certainly know that my answer is B all day long.

    And before people reply re the Jorginho signing – have they actually looked at his stats over the last 2 seasons? Dare i say, it’s more than a match for Partey. And whilst Jorginho wont be in our starting XI, he will provide very good cover for the EL and allow Partey to rest.

    What do fellow Gooners think?

    1. Fingers crossed that it goes pear shaped at Stamford Bridge, that all the egos conflict and they end up trophyless and battling with Fulham for a place in the European Conference League with an out of his depth coach and ignorant American owner.

    2. Mikel has spoilt us all by taking us to the summit of the EPL as on date with such bare minimum resources – just his nous and dedication backed by Edu has got us here. People plan to forget the days we endured by signing Kim K. and the like. Two very season EPL battle hard players and a Polish gem is more then required. My only grudge is that these deals should have been done early, we could have been on course for the next round of the FA cup.

      1. @AdminPat – haha, yes, very well pointed out. And in spending less than half of Murdryk, we’ve given us so much more cover and depth across the pitch. Murdryk is a massive risk given his price – the Ukrainian league is wayyyyy below that of the PL, so im very happy with the two seasoned PL players we purchased. People should just take a look at Jorginho’s career trophies. Not too shabby at all.

    3. ric ionta, I think you talk a great deal of sense, unlike so many hysteria driven posts, mostly from self entitled kids with little life experience!

      1. @JonFox – thanks for your kind words. As a Gooner of almost 50yrs, it’s easy to remember the not so good days, followed by the highs of Wenger and the subsequent lows since. Unlike some other Gooners, I choose to remain grounded and to see the bigger picture, rather than to make knee jerk assessments as some other Gooners do. Marquee signing dont necessary mean trophies, however in a world where price tags mean so much to so many, they think it brings success. Many Gooners have a sense of entitlement – however as many of us older generation Gooners know, nothing in life – and on the football pitch – comes without hard work. And for that, we must get behind the people who truly know the game far more than all of us and who have played the game at the highest level, instead of on Football Manager.

    4. @ric ionta: What do I think? I think that you are a very logical and smart person, and your comments are brilliant!

      I love where we are and look forward to the next game ONLY.

      1. @Kpankulu – thanks for your very kind words indeed – that’s very kind of you

        It’s great to know you’re a likeminded fellow Gooner too – along with so many others, and that togetherness is a key component as to why the team is where it is. A toxic atmosphere for even the best team is an atmosphere that will ultimately drag them down, yet, in the right circumstances, a togetherness atmosphere will push players even further and beyond their limits

  4. I for one am happy about Jorginho. Agreed he is a bit slow but maybe Arsenal will have to slightly vary their style of play when he is on the pitch. There is no player currently who can take the place of Partey, except maybe Rodri/Casemiro so expecting Jorginho to fill in Partey’s shoes is asking for the impossible, but at the same time Jorginho has some positives. He has got very good numbers for number of forward passes in the final third, number of tackles won, number of times ball recovered and a fine record as a penalty specialist. add to this his experience in big games and winning mentality would make him a very good mentor for our youngsters. Trossard and Jorginho are 2 experienced heads in a relatively young team, so all in all a good transfer window. We could plan for Rice/Caceido/Rabbiet in the summer.

  5. Ric Ionta is spot on. One mega purchase would barely have strengthened the squad, this way we have bought short term cover all over the pitch. Two premier league experienced players and a youngster with plenty of games under his belt already. Cover across the front line, in defence and midfield. We already have the best 11, we just needed some back up. Bring in a bigger name or two in the summer

    1. @KevinAlbone – totally correct, however many Gooners sadly only see the price tag and not the quality of the player or the bigger picture as to why those players have been brought in. Let’s not forget that when we won the league in 89 or the early part of AW’s reign, we didnt necessarily have a team dull of superstars. The likes of Parlour etc all, were workhorses who did all the unglamorous work, while the more flair players around him, were able to shine. We have our flair players in this team. We also need our workhorses too – and it seems we bought them well.

  6. It was a bit underwhelming considering the hype of signing Mudryk and Caicedo. It was an anticlimax but I am glad we did not spend £80 million on Mudryk and £80 million Caicedo.

    Lets just keep the same mentality we have had for the first half of the season into the second half and I will be happy..

    We could be having an exciting summer window..

  7. Don’t thank God just yet, it’s never over with transfers! The window may be closed and the deals with it, but the rumours never end. Before the ink has started to dry on the January signings, rumours will start flying about the summer window even if it’s some 5 months away!
    I think Arsenal have done well in this January window. Brought in players who can impact the team immediately without really breaking the bank.
    I’m now looking forward to the resumption of the Premier League in the weekend. Long may our winning streak persist.

  8. We should be looking to restoring our scouting system which was trashed by Sanhelli and Edu when they joined. This allow us to get cheaper players but future superstars.

    Brighton’s set up is doing very well. May be we should poach Brighton’s SD and get rid of Edu who solely depends on agents especially Kia and Mendes for his dealings and also does well for players who’re Portuguese speaking.

  9. Very thoughtful article Anders.In view of the limitations which you highlight, is there a case for restricting the January transfer market to loan arrangements only? I am not aware of the ratio of actual sales to loans, but it must be minute at a time when most professional Clubs which do not have the financial backing of billionaires, etc are struggling to make ends meet.At grass roots level the game is struggling yet fans of the elite Clubs, including Arsenal, could not care a dam and pour fuel on the coals by urging Management to pay through the nose for players who have yet to demonstrate their pedigree over a decent period of time.Caicedo is an example of a young player who may or may not become world class, yet Arsenal was encouraged by a certain faction to pay an exorbitant price for a guy who is not long out of his apprenticeship and wll, in my opinion,never be a game changer.Personally, I was delighted Brighton refused to sell at the most exciting time in the history of that Club.An example of strong management and the exact opposite of the reckless policy being adopted by Chelsea.Potter must be wondering how on earth he can produce a settled side with the riches foisted upon him.Changed days indeed from his time at Brighton where he demonstrated his competence with limited resources.I do not want Arsenal to become another Chelsea but to operate sensibly within their means and a budget which need not be increased year on year.I think our recruitment team have done well, and while another defensive midfielder would have been welcome, that can wait until the next window when at least one top quality player with leanings towards our Club will be available.

  10. Apart from being signed as “cover” there is the European games to think about.
    As these games are usually less intense in their pace Jorginho’s perceived lack of it becomes less important.

    I really do think that the three transfers made to bulk up our squad have been excellent and I’m so pleased we kept Tierney.

    Did the Soares deal go through as I can’t find confirmation anywhere?

  11. We strengthened the squad, which is far better than last January’s wage reduction plan.

    Trossard is great value and impactful, while jury still out on Kiwor and Jorginho. Hopefully we can avoid key injuries, especially to Partey.

    My big concern is an extended run of games with Xhaka and Jorginho in midfield. That combined lack of pace is a worry.

    Concentrate on the final half of the season and please put the priority on the PL title, and the Europa League a distant second.

  12. My only worry for Jorginho is to be professional enough and Arsenal as a club to do their best to avoid match day squad and info being leaked out by such kind of player?

    Is he really happy to help or is he here just to weaken us? These are currently the thoughts in my head. I hope I am wrong.

  13. Good article Anders. Personally I would restrict the January window to loan arrangements which account for a high proportion of the deals concluded in any event.I think we have acted sensibly in the players we have brought in and while another midfielder would have been welcome to “equalise” the injury to Elneny and the move for Lokonga at least one top quality DM with strong leanings towards Arsenal will be assuredly available in the summer window.Our fans will just have to be patient which I know does not come easy for a multitude without this virtue.

    1. Thank You, Grandad.
      I have always thought the January transfer window is problematic. I would like to see teams just playing the whole season with what they have to begin with. Fair and square, IMO

      1. AndersS…at last someone thinks as I do. There should be no winter transfer window. I’ve said for a long time now that all transfer buisness should be done in the summer. All teams start with a squad of players and finish the season with the same squad and no loans either during the season.

      2. Nice article @anders well written, you almost touched every important issue concerning January transfer. Especially fans histeria, if we all hav this understanding #eduout wouldn’t be trending

    2. Agree Grandad, I’ve thought the same for a long time.

      In fact, the transfer system as a whole was found to be against EU competition laws, the only reason they were allowed to keep it in this restricted form was because so many clubs had massive investment in their squad.

      Otherwise, they’d be moved onto something like the system in US sports.

      1. I DKWIC, I am with Simon Jordan, who thinks that ANY transfer window at all, is a restraint of trade and it ought not to exist. There is no sensible reason why any players need to be bought ONLY in a restricted time period.

        I would completely abolish restricted time period windows and return to open trading 365 days a year. As things stand, they are a farce!

  14. I may be one of the few who believe our transfer window was better than the one Edu/ Arteta had originally wanted. So, Mudryk/Caicedo or Trossard/Jorginho to win the PL this season??? Trossard/Jorginho by a mile. OK they are not the 22 year old bairns we have been buying, but they have great experience/skill and Jorginho is a serial trophy killer. Looking forwards to the Everton game which will be WW3.

    1. @Sean Williams: I will go one step further and proudly state that Arsenal had the best transfer window performance in January. I look forward to WW3 tomorrow!

  15. He’s a good player still. But we must prevent anything that hinders the aim for the push for the title. Whatever happens we would be in the champions league places in God we trust.

  16. Good article.

    Sadly it will be lost on those who have already laid the fleece for the narrative that, should we fail to win the PL it’ll be for the sole reason that Edu failed to get us Mudryk and Caicedo.

    After all, what has he ever done for us? Apart from Ramsdale. And Odegaard. And White. And Partey. And Tomiyasu. And Zinchenko. And Jesus.

    1. Thank you.
      The whole concept of “failing to win the title” is rubbish anyway.
      We have the lead half way because the plan conceived and executed by Arteta, Edu and the owners is working much quicker and better than anyone thought possible. If we don’t win the title, it can never be a failure at this stage.

    2. I see what you did there Voyageur 🙂

      What have the Romans ever done for us? (Python sketch)

      Nice one.

  17. A pleasure to read your reasoned article AndersS.

    I began to wonder why some of the posters were so anti yesterday. Spending £12m on Jorghino was considered a fortune by some, but they then were more than happy to see £150m spent on just two players.

    1. Thank you.
      I was also taken aback at some of the negativity, and I can only explain it as irrational feelings taking over, because of how well we have been doing.

  18. I would say it’s been a Average window .
    Trossard -was a very good signing .
    Kiwior – not sure any fan really knows what we got with him .
    Jorginho- how many fans would have been happy at the beginning of January knowing he was going to be our new DM come the end of the window ,my guess not many .
    Overall we have bought in experience and numbers and even without them we sit top so for now I would say all 3 are backups which we needed .

    1. Anders, thanks for the article.
      I’ve given my views on the deals above, but I have to say I disagree with you regarding winning the title as being “rubbish” because we are ahead of where we thought we’d be.

      1. MA told Willian that we would win the CL three years after he signed for us, so surely that means we are NOT ahead of where he thought we would be?
      2. If / when we win the PL at the end of the season, wouldn’t that be because of the money the Kronkies have invested, the players Edu has signed and the game plan and consistency that MA has installed on the pitch?

      No time was ever given regarding the process, except by MA himself, as I quoted above.
      The fact that we are where we are is down to all three examples above, so when was a time limit given for this to come to fruition?

      1. @ken1945
        Ken, unless I am mistaken, I don’t think I have written anywhere, I think it is “rubbish”, we have a chance of winning the title this year?
        Because I do think we have a chance, and if I were to put percentages on it, I would probably say 50/50 at the moment.
        What I have written is, I think it is rubbish to think we could have bought us out of the obvious vulnerability in having “only” 12-13 players, who have performed at an extraordinary level already at this stage of the plan.

        1) What Ma may or may not have said to Willian, I can’t comment on

        2) We are top of the league, thanks to a well laid and well executed plan. Behind this are Arteta, Edu and the owner, including the financial backing of the plan.

        If you go back just a few years, I think nearly all following Arsenal, fans, media, pundits etc., would say, we were “years” from being able to really compete for the title. In fact, I wrote an article last summer estimating 2-3 years, which was received with an overwhelming number of people saying, I must be sreaming, as it would take much longer.
        So I can’t tell you, if there is an exact timeframe, but I am pretty sure, almost noone thought we were ready this season. Therefore, we are performing way beyond expectations IMO.

        1. Not to mention that Willian’s performance level in an Arsenal shirt may be a major factor in holding back the club’s progress!

          As you say, it’s difficult to comment on reports of what was supposedly said in private conversations. Personally I find it difficult to believe that MA said that – but it’d even more difficult to fathom why Willian would be daft enough to believe it.

        2. But it’s YOUR expectations Anders – according to Willian and MA we are behind the expectations.
          Winning the PL (which I am even more confident than ever after the transfer window) would therefore NOT be ahead of MA’s expectations, because we have failed to play in the CL since he arrived (8th 8th 5th).

          Not knocking the performances, just bringing the facts to the table.

          The “rubbish” quote I misread from your post – my apologies.

          1. As mentioned I don’t believe anyone expected we could be leading the league 3 years after MA took over a team on a downward spiral and placed around 12’th in the legue, when he took over.
            But maybe you did, so I was wrong.
            What you think Willian may have thought, and
            what you put into something Arteta may or may not have said to him back then, I really can’t see any importance in.

            The 8, 8, 5 is an argument that has very little substance.
            In the first season MA took over around midseason, when we were 12’th, so taking us to 8’th was actually progress. I will give you, only achieving 8’th in his first full season was a disappointment also to me. But finishing 5’th last season was in itself progress from 8’th. As all was accomplished while clearing out players, that were surplus to requirements, and creating the youngest and arguably the most talented team in the league at the same time, is in fact a huge accomplishment, which has laid the foundation for where we are now.
            And it isn’t just me thinking this. Maybe you should consider, that he has been backed by the owners all through the process. I can’t believe, you would think, they would be doing this, if they prior to this season thought he wasn’t doing a great job.

            1. I’m absolutely certain he’s been backed by the owners, that’s not my point though.
              Look, MA has, this season, done a fantastic job and I am 100% behind him.
              But to ignore what went on before then, is wrong.
              Now you believe he did a great job, clearing out what you see as deadwood etc etc that’s fine by me… it’s all about opinions.
              But I don’t think we are ahead of the process, because there was no time scale given – except the Willian /MA alleged conversation.
              Why Willian would make such a conversation up, I will leave for others to explain. so all I’m asking you, is where do you base your claim that we are ahead of where we should be?

              1. Once again:
                I have not seen any specific timeframe given.
                What I am saying is, it is a tremendous achievement to get us to where we are now 3 years after taking over the team, we had back then. There are several reasons, why I am certain, it has been achieved not only through great work this season:

                1) We were miles behind the best teams,and that distance hasn’t been made up onlý through good work this season

                2) Nearly the whole regular team from 3 years ago has been replaced by a younger and more talented team altogether

                3) Arteta/Edu/Arsenal have clearly followed a strategy of buying talented players to develop together with the young talents coming from within. Of course they didn’t expect those young players to go straight out and win us the PL or the CL, They expect them to improve over time individually and as a team

                4) If Arteta had been doing a disappointing job in his first 2 seasons, the owners who have invested heavily in this, and who have endured several years without any income from CL football, would surely have stopped backing the project and sacked him

                The truth is, they could see, he was doing the right things, and with all respect, they are probably in a better position to make that assesment than we are.
                So it seems to me, those in the know have been happy with how things are progressing all the time, and only those who couldn’t, and still can’t see the plan and the progress have been the unhappy ones.

                1. A time frame was there, just that it’s known to the board, team heirachy and Mikel. I saw a clip for All or Nothing where Mikel was asked about that and he said,”…we are ahead of schedule”

              2. Perhaps two observations back up that claim Ken:

                1. When the season started the aim on everyone’s lips was “top 4”. I didn’t hear anyone saying otherwise – and I certainly heard no-one saying that Arsenal should be challenging for the title this year.

                If you were to look at the predictions people made – didn’t someone run a predictions league table competition? How many put Arsenal 1st?

                2. Even now the club is still clearing out unwanted players. Whether you label them dead wood or unwanted the fact remains that the clear-out process is still ongoing (3 in, 14 out this window – yes it surprised me to read those numbers too!). While all that is still in flight, we’re still rebuilding.

                Willian’s alleged conversation need not be made up as such. He could have misunderstood (perhaps Arteta said “Within 3 years of completing the rebuild stage” or something like that).

                It’s also possible that whoever reported that got it wrong – or made it up.

                For me, it’s almost impossible to believe that Arteta would say that and that Willian would believe it.

                1. Well IDKWIC and Anders, whatever the truth is, we have our opinions and ideas and we discuss in a respectful way… long may it continue.

                  1. Amen to that.
                    But I am really struggling to understand exactly, what your thinking is, and I hope you can help by answering these questions:
                    Is it your opinion our results and the way we have played this season is soleley the product of work that has been done after last season, and no groundwork has been done earlier?

                    2) Is it your opinion Arteta has wasted 2 years or more being pretty much the useless manager, some think, and then he has somehow turned into a mangerial genius, who “in no time” takes us from where we were, when he took over to the top of the league?

  19. Fair points. I’d say a pretty okay window. Our core is still fit and hopefully, it stays so. Brought in a few bodies which is a plus, We move. However, I have yet to understand how UEFA applies its rules ’cause from my little research the Chavs had an annual net turnover of less than 400mil yet they’ve spent close to 600 mil? If I’m correct, then we won’t see this type of spending again for at least three years.

    1. I don’t know much about all the details either, but there is an easy to read article on explaining some of it. I can recommend it.

        1. Fifa etc
          Look up the word “amortise”, (USA spelling is amortize) and you will learn how the accounting works.

          You need to have a basic knowledge of how accounting for a huge club actually works, though UNTIL you do find out how, I think it best to say little.

    2. I see you’ve calmed down, good job on that.

      As I’ve said elsewhere, my personal view is that Chelsea have deliberately blown the FFP/FSR limits expecting to serve a ban in incoming transfers and meanwhile they hope to over-perform on the field.

      Or go bankrupt, one of the two.

      I suspect we’ll see yet another UEFA rule change due to Chelsea’s recent antics.

      1. Yup, I’m at peace with myself lol

        But seriously I can’t see how they survive this with strained revenue due to lack of European football, add to that very expensive contrast with amortization of 7-8 years. I also suspect their current spending spree is financed by debt ’cause their net revenue doesn’t match what they’ve blown so far. Barca just proved relying on field performance is dumb hedging. Hope they crush and burn.

        1. I hope they crash and burn too.

          The only way they survive is to win almost everything (they made £106m more than Arsenal last season due to prize money etc).

          And that’s exactly the risk taking that UEFA is trying to prevent with the new FSR rules.

          And for a while that £106m explained their spending, up to about the Mudryk dealespecially when it was sneakily amortised over 8.5 years.

          I suspect Chelsea were just about within limits up to then – and then UEFA announced they were changing the new rules due to Chelsea’s behaviour, so they went all in and decided to take the punishment. After all, City overpsent and took a ban, but in the meantime they won a lot of trophies.

          Time will tell. But I cannot see how they can spend that much and be within the rules. I hope UEFA take the view that it’s flagrant and deliberate disregard and limit Chelsea’s inward transfers for 5 years or something.

          1. If you notice their deals are over 8 years and payments spread to keep them inside ffp. Many clubs including our own do this but Chelsea have took it too another level. They are not outside ffp just spreading it out.

            1. I’m sure a multi billionaire,does not need advice from a JA financial advisor on how to run a club lol .
              Chelsea found a loop hole ,and good for them I’m not sure why the hatred towards a club who probably next season will be a force ,i mean it’s not like Arsenal haven’t an outlay of nearly 700 million in the last 4 -5 years ,the irony is something to behold from some of our fans .

              1. Are you honestly saying that you don’t understand Gooners who “hate” Chelsea, Dan?

                I don’t believe you don’t understand why, as I reckon you hate Chelsea too. I certainly do and have for many decades, long pre Abramovitch. And I use the word “hate” in its accurate meaning.
                As for Chelsea’s spending and the huge contract periods given, have you considered this: Chelsea change their manager more often than almost any other club.

                So when the next manager comes along, probably rather soon,he will inherit and be stuck long term (in many cases) with the present squad(not all, but many key players). And possibly the manager after that, and so on!

                Not all the squad can ever play much and with so many on long term contracts, those that fall by the wayside will prove a huge financial burden, a la Ozil.

                I foresee and predict huge financial turmoil a very few years from now and I DO think Todd Boehly, though you would imagine not a stupid man, HAS behaved very stupidly thus far.

                Chelsea are taking a huge and possibly an existential risk for their own future. That pleases me more than I CAN EVER SAY!

                Care to comment, in adult manner, and actually say something of your own thoughts?

                1. I’ll give you an adult response jon
                  I’ve been bought up in a household where both my grandparents came from London in the war and relocated to where I now live in the West Midlands .
                  My childhood was split between Fulham on the one side and Islington on the other as in football clubs hence Chelsea and Arsenal .
                  So that is where I have no hate for a mere football club knowing where one of my grandparents came from and what she went through as a young adult being relocated away from her 4 siblings and not seeing them for over 40 years .
                  Football in my family as always been between 3 clubs ,Arsenal Chelsea and West Ham .
                  Anyway enough of my family tree ,as my first post was about Chelsea having the brains to actually act on a loophole and fans of our club believing they know more about finances than a multi billionaire.

                  1. Sincerely, I thank you Dan and I apologise for my own too hasty post. I should NOT have assumed you “hate” Chelsea and I stand correctly rebuked .

                    Family reasons are, I guess, why most fans follow a club.

                    It was true in my case and I am the third generation of a five generation Gooner family( or technically, the “first”,as my ancestors were not Gooners but Gunners).

                    I have a soft spot for Fulham and Wolves, for mixed reasons, also Palace as I have lived in Croydon for many years.
                    In fact, I rather like a number of teams across the EFL, many for reasons I do not even fully understand, but which go back many years.

                    It has been good to debate properly in a mature way and I hope very much we may be able to continue in this way.

  20. I believe Trossard and Sriwior (or whatever his name is) are very very good alternatives to our main targets. Jorghino, i will hold my fire, i wasn’t a fan.

    1. Simplistic explanation is split 400 mil into 8, that equates to 50 mil this year not 400. Not quite as simple as that but it will help explain.

  21. Our team for the rest of the season

    Karl Hein
    Matt Turner
    Aaron Ramsdale

    William Saliba
    Ben White
    Gabriel Magalhães
    Rob Holding
    Takehiro Tomiyasu
    Kieran Tierney
    Jakub Kiwior
    Oleksandr Zinchenko

    Thomas Partey
    Granit Xhaka

    Martin Ødegaard
    Fábio Vieira
    Bukayo Saka
    Gabriel Martinelli
    Reiss Nelson
    Leandro Trossard
    Gabriel Jesus
    Eddie Nketiah

    That’s 23 players

  22. I’ve replied to a few comments before getting to the end, so just to add to the plaudits from other people – good article Anders, lays out exactly what many of us have been pointing out for a long time…

    Maybe some people don’t read other people’s comments, so perhaps it took an article to get the message across. Well done for doing that.

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