Defensive errors nearly cost Arsenal again – Mustafi-t fixed for Liverpool

Arsenal ride luck AGAIN after more individual mistakes by Konstantin Mitov

Hello lovely Arsenal people. How about that? We’re playing Blackpool at home, we’re up 2:0 and controlling the game and then the typical Arsenal individual mistakes struck.

This is a reminder that Guendouzi despite his incredible passing, has a lot to learn. But what strikes me more worryingly was the amount of mistakes we continued to make.

First Cech missed the ball when rushing out for a corner which resulted in the ball hitting the post. Then Mustafi missed his man from another corner that resulted in a goal in our net. But Cech completed the comedy show when a ball was returned to him by Mustafi and by the time he made his decision with his feet the ball was taken and only a lucky offside saved us.

The problem here is how often this happens. And the mistakes didn’t come from the youngsters who were outstanding. They come from players who start in the premier league and we only played Blackpool who are mid-table in League one.

This performance sadly reinforced the words of Paul Merson. Statistics show we’re the team whose won the most “undeserved” points in the league. We are playing Liverpool next at home and funnily enough our record in the last 13 games is better than theirs, but be honest with yourselves, do you believe with the defending we’ve shown all season, will we have enough to survive Salah, Mane and Firmino?

Can we start the first half with the pace the game will demand? This will be the real test. What will we do with Xhaka at left back? We’ve only beaten 2 top half sides this season – Watford and Everton. And even though our league run is excellent, it’s what is demanded if you want a top 4 spot.

Anyway we’ll see this soon enough. We got Spurs in the next round which will be another huge test for Emery. Smith Rowe and Maitland-Niles were superb! It’s really interesting what will happen to them now they get real coaching, not just “go and express yourself” talks. But will they get a chance in a North London Derby?

Hopefully we’ll miraculously cure most of the mistakes for Saturday and get a result as it will be a massive boost that’ll add weight to our run or end it.

That’s me done for today, hope you enjoy the rest of your week!


(Cech the title, sorry i couldn’t help it! ADMIN)


  1. John Ibrahim says:

    time for a change…we need some positivity

    its only the league cup…players are naturally less focus and competitive than the league…
    no one wants to get injured by going 100% in an early league cup stage…

    1. Sue says:

      We’ll have a stronger team for the next round against the spuds!!

      1. Abel says:

        It was only a league cup of course, but we see similar mistakes in every match.
        The rate of individual defensive errors seem to have risen since Emery took over from Wenger and that is very worrying. We cannot continue this way. We drew with Crystal Palace and nearly lost the match as well. Both CP goals were from individual errors from our players.
        For the second goal, Lacazette’s erroneous pass led to the counter and Xhaka’s error led to the penalty won by Zaha.
        Salah and Mane are much more skillful and faster than Zaha and they both have better decision making.
        At the risk of being termed defeatist, I think we should lower expectations for the Liverpool match as its too soon for our defence and team to stand toe to toe with Klopp’s well oiled machine.

        1. Sue says:

          As much as I want us to win, I have reservations about it… although I’d love for them to prove me wrong!!!

  2. Maks says:

    I hope Leno will start against Liverpool cos Cech was so out of it that after his huge mistake did not pass the ball anymore. Mustafi is a guilty one for the Blackpool only goal so I hope we wont see him also. Ramsey was again almost all over and nowhere, again infront of our attackers (for example 94 min his body blocked a goal assist for Auba, game before he did run infront of Welbeck and blocked his run towards the goal). Welbeck was also not very good last night, he had lots of problems on his first touch (littlebit late to learn that), so overoll we played half pf time nice football but not much of a result.
    Liverpoll here we comes, And I hope we ll play 4 4 2, with inspired Ozil and clinical Auba and Laza. And our defence with the best perfomance of the season. If we manage to keep 0:0 for the first 30 min than we have a chance to get a good result.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      If Mustafi and Xhaka are in the back 4 we’ll be lucky to keep it 0:0 for the first 30 seconds.

      1. Sal says:

        i’ve got to be honest and say i was bored, not the best game of football but we got to see the new cb who looks ok and a couple of youngsters get game time, welbeck can’t lead the line great work rate but that’s it. hope we get a young striker or an academy product to replace him end of season, Cech is a liability with his feet as you don’t teach an old dog new tricks, and Matteo needs to learn not to talk back to referee’s whether it’s twice three times or more his attitude got him that second yellow which was not even one to begin with!!

        not gonna lie we definetly rode our luck in this game and the first five min of that red card we looked frail if they scored then they would have won it, we completely lost all momentum.

        ramsey always need a mid to cover for him and that realy showed with ten men his engine made no difference whatsoever and either him or miki needed to be replaced ASAP and the manager did that , as for AMN I won’t lament him for not being involved in the game, it’s Hallowen and he just got back from injury so being a ghost for most of the game is comprehensible, would prefer for him to play in a more defensive role rather than way up the pitch, basically where Ramsey played or the Full back positions for now….to me his burst of speed and his calmness on the ball and when being runned at makes him ideal for a more defensive role in the team, he hasn’t got the vision yet to read the game or dictate passes so play him instead of ramsey or as a Fullback.

        we need someone we can rely on who could replace montreal at lb. would definetly want AMN at lb for liverpool if montreal isn’t playing. Actually it’s more like a demand him to play there for my own sanity please!!

        i agree with the 4-4-2 shout against liverpool we need two strikers to keep those defenders busy and we can score against them, the most important part of this game is to be in it at least untill half time!!

        no 3-4 goals in 20 min focused, compact defending, direct fooball long balls over the top to the strikers let’s make them work for it, we can get a result the left side of liverpool is weaker then the right so i would focus on that line of Winuldum or keita /robertson/VVD there will be gaps there especially if keita plays on the left of the three mids he will push up, get VVD wide with our strikers runs and gaps will form down the middle, not an easy game but a winnable/draw game if we do not allow the fullbacks to move up into our area of the pitch.

        Salah, Mane are great but they won’t go wide hugging the line, they will tuck in which make 2 vs 1 feasible in defence as long as we stop those fullbacks from pushing , i’m extremely concerned about our left with Salah and TAA on that side with that speed very worried TBH!!

        just shows you what we need most is a fullback and another pace filled flair driven hard working winger, a defender mid or third striker can wait we need fresh blood in those two positions first and foremost. with fullback being the most important one, if the player is able to play as rb/lb it would be fantastic, maybe in january in one of the positions if possible just to have more gurantees on a solid season, better be safe sorry 🙂

        here’s hoping we turn up and cause an upset!! COYG!!

        1. Maks says:

          I would try to suprise Liverpool and go with:
          Bellerin Sokratis Holding Monreal
          Nilles Torreira Ozil Mkhi
          Laza Auba

          Mkhi is not in form recently but I would give him a chance to shine (cos he can). Xhaka and Ramsey are not players for Arsenal FC at all, so I hope Guendouzi will progress quickly as he s doing right now

          1. Sal says:

            iwobi for sure, no brainer!! one of ozil or miki not both for me less work rate this way, are you sure Sok and Montreal are fit to play?

    2. Sue says:

      When the ball is at Cech’s feet, I’m a nervous wreck! I feel the complete opposite with Leno. He has to be our first choice keeper!

  3. sanmi.marvellous says:

    The rider to title of this nice article says:

    “Arsenal ride luck AGAIN after more individual mistakes by Konstantin Mitov”

    I was thinking that we have finally signed Konstantin Mitov from Just Arsenal Forum.

    Lol !!!!

  4. Phil says:

    It’s too late for our defenders to suddenly become shutout specialists.We have proved the players and the system are simply not capable with the system Emery is playing.We have managed to get results against “Lesser Teams” by out-scoring them but this will not be the case against Liverpool unless we see a dramatic improvement in the cohesion between our back-line and midfield.Too often we are disjointed and without Torreira we would be a lot lower in the League than we are now.
    But I still believe we can win this game.Klopp needs to win the game and he is coming to the Emirates expecting to win.They are a good team.But so are we.We just have not shown it yet this season.They will play a midfield 3 and get their attacking width through both fullbacks.We need to not only defend but push these players back.I don’t believe we will sit back as it’s not our way and we still can’t defend properly if we did.We need to be tight and we need to attack as a unit.Pace frightens teams so I would play Aubamayang and Lacazette together in a 4132.
    The one thing we have in Emery is that he will give the players belief and confidence.We will not be soft and roll over.We drew this fixture last season when everything they did come off.That must not happen again.

  5. gotanidea says:

    I believe Arsenal’s defenders would be able to withstand Liverpool’s tridente, as long as the attackers and midfielders help the defense

    Did not see how Maitland-Niles played yesterday, but I hope he played well as a winger. Arsenal need players that can be big threats in the wings

    1. Sal says:

      definetly not a future winger gotanidea, take it to the bank!!

  6. Anthony Mbonu says:

    This konstantin guy always has something negative to say…luck you call it?13 games unbeaten and you say it’s luck?

    Well unai has brought great luck to the team then,and I’ll take that over your perceived idea of a great game, but end up loosing

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Napoleon Bonaparte always said he preferred his generals to be lucky rather than good.

  7. “Statistics show we’re the team whose won the most “undeserved” points in the league. ”
    Konstantin can you consult your statistics again and see how many “undeserved” titles Man utd has won? Thanks.

    1. Sarmmie says:

      The headline pissed me off, even when I hadn’t read the article. I only got more pissed after reading the article.

      Like someone said, he always has something negative to say, I’m sure if we win Liverpool by a hair’s breadth, he’ll still say we didn’t win convincingly.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        QD and Sarmmie, we now have a new statistic “undeserved points” which nobody has ever heard of.
        Whatever happened to the old adage “the league table does not lie”?

  8. benex says:

    Mustafi will always be Mustafi, I think it is time for Cech to forget been the No. 1 unless Leno also fumbled.
    Emery selection will determine the outcome against Liverpool.

  9. Sarmmie says:

    I think emery started those he doesn’t plan to play on Saturday, cos for sokratis if he wasn’t going to play on Saturday, he would have started him, I also think considering the no of wingers we have and guendouzi not being available, xhaka will play in the middle and probably Niles at left back

  10. ArsenalGR says:

    Sometimes I think some guys here, don’t like hearing the truth. The fact is that we were yesterday in large periods of the Matsch outplayed by Blackpool, especially in the 2nd half where they gained momentum after the red card and the 2-1. Hadn’t been for the relatively harsh red card, Blackpool may have drown or even won this match at the end. Our best player among this bunch of players was indeed Ramsey, who was the onlyone with some purpose going forward. Gouendouzi was good till his silly mistake and Moustafi was our best defender(at their goal he was not the only one to blame, in fact Jenkinson made a real mess out of it). Good to see the young lads making a shift tonight. I wasn’t impressed with Emery’s tactics though, AMN looked at times lost on the pitch and didn’t provide much as a winger. And please can we finally get rid of Jenkinson yet? He can’t really defend and yesterday he was a nightmare to watch at the left flank, I think the only time he played the ball with his left was for this strange cross which led to our first goal somehow.. We have a lot work to do before Liverpool, particularly in defence.

    1. TH14-TW14 says:

      They praise Emery for farting and he does no wrong. Welcome to the Stockholm syndrome at the Emery-ates Stadium

      1. ArsenalGR says:

        Emery has still a lot to learn about english football and we need to improve as a team. We were lucky yesterday to play against such a low team. Every other team in the PL would have buried us after the red card and with that defending.. Still liked the way Emery subbed in senior players in order to add more quality and try to control the game, but I think we got lucky once more with the straight red card. That killed the game for Blackpool really…Anyway we should not expect miracles from Emerys first year at the club with this roster. I’m just a bit concerned about our transfer policy under the new regime. Not giving Ramsey a new contract is an indirect message to other moneygrabbing stars not to force a pay rise by dragging on the contract negotiations and entering the last year of their contracts. It seems like Sanllehi and co want to reduce the average wage costs which is actually a right step, if they invest the saved money into the market and buy us the players we need in order to compete at the highest level. Let’s see how we move in the January transfer window. A versatile defender would be a nice addition in my opinion..

      2. Sal says:

        Fans sometime needs something to be happy about , don’t remember being it all rosy these past few seasons TH14, with the start you are having at Monaco i understand you wanting to come on this forum to release 😉

        Just glad you are here POLICING the levels of enthusiasm, where would we be without the constant forum regulator 😉

        come on try it, hope on the happy train with the rest of us Shu Shu!!

        1. ArsenalGR says:

          This happy train is heading for a cliff sooner or later I’m afraid… The current ride feels good I must admit, but we should build on that and not relax…
          Shu Shu!…(OH sh..t there comes Salah, Firmino, Mane, Van Djik, Becker) I could make a great meme out of that like one of JOE’s! 😀

          1. Sal says:

            lol go for it i got say some of the memes are extremely funny and alot have been made at our expense the “don’t worry we won’t buy anyone” still makes me laugh today 🙂

            but the msg i’m trying to get at, these are good times as fans if you can’t enjoy these moments then what will you do when things are bad or what did you do in the past few seasons when it was as low as it ever got?

            just imagine you where born supporting a team like leeds or Aston Villa and you had the attitude of some of our fans, you would have jumped ship or went on a rage rampage!! WE are going up WE are going down, sometimes fans need to just have fun and enjoy the ride, so back on the train SHU SHU!!

    2. Sarmmie says:

      Mr man, you forget the depth of our squad at times, you complained about jenkinson, who do you think emery should have played there, this is not the team we’ll play on Liverpool surely.
      You complained about us being outplayed after a red card, what did you actually expect, that we’ll keep dominating despite being one man down?
      The next time you criticize someone, pls think about the situation he’s in first. I won’t blame him for not starting usual starters cos it’s Blackpool and Liverpool is looming. Secondly, the squad depth is not the best around

      Come on, we made 9 changes and still won, don’t be so grim about it

      1. ozziegunner says:


      2. ArsenalGR says:

        I’m not moaning exactly, I’m more of ringing some bells of awakeness, cause the really difficult fixtures are coming!

    3. Chabaloah says:

      Chelsea struggled against Derby. Two own goals saved them. Our squad depth isn’t great and our squad is wraught with injuries. If Liverpool lost Van Dyke and Gomez they’d also be leaking goals. If they lost Salah or more importantly Mane they’d lost their potency.

      Our squad is either brittle or under trained to cope and until we move people on and bring others in it’ll happen.

      I was not entirely happy with our performance, a lot of sideways passing from midfield without penetration, scared to drive and dribble or movement off the ball to open the field up but we won. So I can’t complain too much.

      We didn’t get out of second gear but never looked like we were fighting that hard.

  11. Someone says:

    Mustafi is the biggest clown in the back despite Koscielny is not 100% ready yet but if he is not back along side Sokratis or Hodling in the next few weeks then this clumsy show in our defence isnt going to finish soon

  12. sydney says:

    I agree we are not strong defensively but I don’t see Liverpool tearing us into shreds as put by Merson. One thing I know is we are going to attack and with Our lethal strikers we will score as well. It’s good that many write us off and that’s good because we won’t be under pressure to win rather play our game and see how it comes out.Note that we are not as disorganised as we used to be off the ball and that gives me confidence ahead of the game. It will be interesting that’s for sure.

  13. Twig says:

    Start 3 at the back and 5 in midfield. Left back issue solved.

    1. Sal says:

      3 at the back facing 3 forwards….noone to track the opposition fullbacks with that formation buddy i can guarantee 6-7 demolition by the pool, would love to have you replace poch as our undercover man!!

  14. sydney says:

    In January we need to offload Mustafi, Ramsay,Welbeck and replace them with top class players then we will up there next summer.

    1. Maks says:

      I hope that too, and I would sell also Xhaka, but Iam afraid The Board wants slow transition… so I will be happy with ramsey and one more gone for good.

  15. jon fox says:

    There are some on here who accuse Konstantin of negativity. I would call that word “realism” and applaud Konstantin for being a realist. We now, at long last, have a magnificent, hardworking and detailed manager/coach who is more than earning his money. But he is NOT a miracle worker and cannot make silk purses from the sows ears Wenger left behind in defence. We have beaten no one of real quality as yet this season and , though the will to win is vastly improved, we should all be realists. Konstantin, Phil and many others are. I am too. But Anthony Mbonu and his silly ilk, who stupidly accuse Konstantin of negativity for penning the plain truth are clearly not realists but fantasists. Get real those people !

    1. ArsenalGR says:

      I think the exaggerated positivity among Arsenal fans is being driven from the Arsenal media team on its website and on social media. Some fans would even argue that we are title contenders this year! Yes, we do show some improvements in comparison to last year but we must improve a lot more, in order to compete with the big boys. Let’s keep calm and try to fix our problems and to catch our main goals this season, which is top 4 and maybe a cup to add to that.

  16. David Rusa says:

    When will Jon Fox ever make a contribution without referring to Wenger? When will Konstantin ever be positive? What is realism? It is saying it like it is. For Jon’s sake, realism states that Liverpool is not a great team because it hasn’t won anything in the past five years. Or for that matter Liverpool has never won the Premier league since it was named thus in 1992. This season they were knocked out of the Carabao cup sometime back which leaves them with one trophy less to compete for. The same can be said of Spurs. The Arsenal team which some people bash everyday won the FA trophy three times in four years, the last being 2017. I will not go into the head to head statistics between Klopp and Emery because I don’t use history to judge games.Therefore before we bash our team and the players we should also do so in a context. I don’t see Liverpool having an easy ride at Emirates on Saturday. I don’t say they can’t win the game but neither can I say they will certainly win. By the way, can someone remind me how we fared against Liverpool at Emirates last season? Was it a trouncing? Lest some people have forgotten Saturday is just two days away and we shall see how the the game goes. Why shout ourselves hoarse when the hour of reckoning is almost at hand? The likes of Merson and co. should just be patient. At any rate whichever team wins will have no more than just three points. So what is all the hullabaloo about? Is it much ado about nothing?

    1. jon fox says:

      David, True realists like me, would tell you that Liverpools standard today is all that matters when we play them. And ours of course too. The fact that Liverpool have not won the league since the Prem began is totally irrelevant, yet you quoted it. That sort of comment weakens any more effective point you might make. At least it does to realists, who are only concerned with the present. Todays football is not played in the past. Nor the future. But only today, and todays opposition strength is what we, as realists, are concerned with. I trust you take on board this realistics view. BTW, I have not mentioned the tall skinny man who used to manage us, though I notice that YOU did!

  17. ruli02pn says:

    Yikes, Emery out then..

    Tired to read all complaints of the great managers here..

  18. Angello says:

    Thank you so much @David Rusa.

    Some guys on this platform are joy kill to the core, is it a crime to feel good about your team without guys like Jon Fox and his negative friends telling us how we will be destroyed by big teams? It’s sad to see people that call themselves Arsenal fans complain when we lose a match and also complain when we win. Pathetic.

    1. jon fox says:

      Angelo, I suggest you read my reply to David as it applie to you too.

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