Defensive target to arrive at Arsenal before Aubameyang?

Arsenal are active in the transfer market this month, as confirmed by Arsene Wenger, but which players are we close to signing, and who do we expect to be confirmed next?

If you listen to all the reports and interviews, there is plenty of talk about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, but Wenger moved to deny that a deal was close at present.

You can rarely rely on the word of the Frenchman however, especially when it comes to talking about transfers, but for some reason I believe that this will drag on for the coming week, but I can see another deal being completed in the mean time.

Jonny Evans has been on our wishlist since the summer, when the defender opted to turn down our advances in order to take up the captaincy at West Bromwich Albion, but his club has endured a torrid term thus far, and find themselves joint-bottom of the Premier League at present and on course for the drop.

The defender will become available for a lowly £3 Million should the Baggies find themselves drop down a division, which looks a highly likely reality at present, but would easily command a £20 Million return this season, and we were believed to have been willing to splash out around £30 Million before the close of the window in August.

We are also linked with a move to sign Lucas Moura from Paris Saint-Germain and Malcolm from Bordeaux, but the latter looks to be off the cards this month, and I imagine the former’s future will remain unknown until deadline day for some reason.

Will the Aubameyang deal run on until deadline day? Would Evans be the ideal experienced defender to shore up our defence?

Pat J

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  1. I wonder if we’d be this active if we were in the CL spots? All seems a little reactive, rather than proactive from Arsenal…which isn’t a surprise!

  2. Well Lemar went to deadline day
    So its def possible
    It could be another smokescreen
    You never know innit
    I hope we get Aub. Mkhitaryan is a good start but we need a WC type player to replace Alexis. The thing that worries me is that Wenger said yesterday that Mkhi IS world class. Does that mean he is Alexis’ replacement? If so, that means same old Wenger.
    Again, i hope im wrong and we get Aub, Draxler or Moura

    I don’t mind getting Evans but not for £20-30 million. So £3 mil would be a lot better

    1. WHY do you care how much we pay? it your own pocket money? if he is good enough just sign him, I dont give a damn how Much he costs.

  3. Of Course… Aubameyang deal will be dragged till final day… And I don’t think we will go for Evans… But Aubameyang deal is also very difficult and highly unlikely to happen as for this deal Giroud has to be convinced to join the BVB and we need to negotiate price which BVB would accept.. So I think is very difficult… So I don’t think it will happen…

    1. OG should just go to BVB coz if he stays, his playtime is reducing and it’s not good for the national team going to the World Cup. But you never know, may be his place in the national team is cemented so he just stays and plays as a substitute and nothing bad happens to him, may be

  4. I don’t think Johnny Evans would be a particularly major addition to Arsenal. He’s not the most adept at the job he does and was given a fair old crack of the whip at Man U under Fergie but even he knew Evans had flaws in his game and wasn’t the most consistent or prolific of players and moved him on in favour of something better.

    A lot of people seem to be conflating Evans’ longevity in the Premier League and his “experience” with a ability. The two aren’t synonymous as his length of time with Man U and West Brom may add to his experience as a player and his experience of playing in the EPL but, his ability to be anything more than he already hasn’t increased despite that experience.

    We need players with the ability to do the job in their respective roles above just ‘time served’ experience. Evans would be better perhaps than Holding or Chambers but, just like both of those players, he wouldn’t be anything special with regards to the defensive frailties that we have at Arsenal.

    Also, and this isn’t the foundation of my lack of interest in signing Evans but, he had sort of snubbed us already when there was talk of him joining Arsenal at a time when Arsenal were getting more of their fair share of hammering from the footballing media, pundits and ex pro’s, other managers and anyone else that was on the anti Arsenal bandwagon at the time !

    He like those mentioned seem to revel in our misfortunes and probably thought he was too good to join Arsenal no matter how ineffective he was as a player!

    Then again, he could prove me wrong and be an uncut diamond ! For me though it would be nothing more than escapism from West Brom and the doldrums, a journeyman looking to resurrect his career whilst getting a half decent wage at the same time.

    Anyway, we’ll see what pans out. Given the in’s and out’s and reasons behind them, that have occurred at Arsenal over the last few years, it would only be yet another disappointment that we can learn to live with !

  5. For me, Evans is another glorified Sylvester (does that name ring a bell), please, lets look beyond the manunited waste products and get better and younger players from Italy, Germany or even Greece who are more hungrier to the job bestowed upon them.

    For AUBA, I believe this deal will go through because this time it isn’t wenger handling shit anymore at the club, the guys doing it now seem to know something we don’t and are willing to bank their careers on reuniting these two phenomenal players (i.e. AUBA and Mhiky).

    In addition, Mhky might not be on the same level with Sanshit… but he is well above all the wing forwards we have in the team at the moment (including Ozil whenever he is deployed on the wing), just imagine an attack line of Laca, Auba and Mhky with Ozil providing all the assists, you can bet you luch that Arsenal will be a handfull for any team to handle and less predictable with fresher options coming off the bench to maintain the pressure (Iwobi, Welbeck and co).

    I believe the transfer might come a little too late, but the timing favoured us more as we got two established talents for the price of one (la van dyke, Quasemme Dembele not to mention Mbape or Nyemar’s prices respectively), so rejoice fellas, better days ahead.

    Gooners for life…

    1. Even if we sign Evans, we still need to sign a world class CB next season to replace Mertesacker & DM. Coquelin sale has reduced our defensive strength in numbers. Any injury to Elneny or Xhaka & we are short.

      I like Giroud and my wife does too. She calls him her son. Lol. Let’s keep giroud and give BVB £55-60 million for Auba.

      1. world class DM and CB is very unlikely..there arent many and most of them do not want to leave their clubs or cost alot

        rising talent more likey

  6. Why on earth would Evans want to leave the comfort of a Team that defends as it is coached and required to do-namely DEFEND any come to our train wreck of a back 3/4/5/???? (Whatever the players decide).Stay where you are son you have a career to think of.

  7. I’m beginning to wonder if Auba will go through… I can see us penny pinching again right until the last minute, for us to then be told it’s off he’s staying at Dortmund!
    Isn’t there someone better (& younger) out there than Jonny Evans!!

    1. Yes Sue I believe there are a couple of young lads at the club named Calum Chambers and Rob Holding that we’re brought to the club as very promising youngsters.They have both been coached at the very highest level Arsene Wenger and his entire coaching team can give to these Two boys and somehow they have seen their abilities performances and confidence go backwards.This with a Club Legend Centre Back as Assistant Manager.

  8. I dont know what to say… just read n news that BVB rejected our bid for auba in 50.9mil deal.. Wtf???
    They ask for 53mil..again we came with below that..d different os only 2.1mil ????
    What the?????
    And there is potential we never get world class player type becoz of 2.1mil ????????????
    God… Pleaseee help wenger help borad of arsenal
    And pleaseeee save usssss

    1. Just pay the money and get this deal done.Penny pinching from a club who gave Wenger a pay rise to £9m a year.

  9. What about that supposed £35m bid we had rejected for Mehdi Benatia? ?? if true, are we just going to give up??

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