‘Definitely a good thing’ – Arteta praised for controversial actions

Gabriel Agbonlahor has praised manager Mikel Arteta for his touchline antics during the win over Watford, an action that was slammed by former referee Keith Hackett of late.

The manager was outside of his designated area when he quickly gathered the ball and urged his players to take a quick throw-in which resulted in the goal, and the former official claimed that the goal shouldn’t have counted.

Agbonlahor disagrees however, and claims that somebody should have been there to retrieve the ball for the players anyway.

“I think it’s fine,” Agbonlahor told the Football Insider.

“If a ball boy was there they would have thrown it anyway. It’s not a big deal.

“It shows his passion for the club and his passion as a manager. I loved it.

“Maybe other managers should take a leaf out of his book, those managers that sit down.

“Arteta’s always up and about like he’s playing. That livens you up when a manager is there screaming and shouting.

“If a manager is relaxed the players can maybe take their foot off the gas. It’s definitely a good thing, 100 per cent.”

The team is definitely reaping the rewards of Mikel Arteta’s passionate touchline energy, as despite our squad not being the fourth strongest, we currently sit comfortably in fourth at present and on course to finish in the top four.

I don’t think you’ll hear much complaint from any Arsenal fans in regards to the goal, and I don’t think there are many anti-Arteta Gunners remaining at present, but as we know, that can change in a heart beat.

Do you think rival fans will be crying about this goal if we secure fourth by a tight margin?


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  1. If another manager did it against us i surely be gutted but won’t keep whining about it. It’s gamesmanship.
    And I bet you if it was Watford’s throw in then Arteta would never have quickly thrown the ball back to them. He would have tried to slow down the throw in.
    All managers do it, if it’s for their own self interest they will do these little things. When their team is losing and you have about 10 minutes to go, you see all managers throwing the ball back into play as quick as possible whenever there is a throw in.
    Hypocrisy and self interest i guess.

  2. There was no fault in Arteta in retrieving the ball and
    they wouldn’t been any fault at all if any other manager or person would have done it.

    I however find fault in those people or persons who
    wish to find fault in what Arteta did and there is no
    justification at all why they would want to behave
    that way

  3. It seems to have taken the attention away from a very good run and pass by Cedric and then a well worked goal between Ode, Laca and of course Marti, to me the fact that Arteta got involved off the pitch was irrelevant

    But, it did make me think, does anyone know why there is a “Technical Area” in the first place?, when was it introduced and what led to it

    I don’t think it’s in the “Laws of the game” is it, I think it’s applied by competition, by the PL, FA, Uefa etc, they don’t have room for one on Hackney Marshes for example

    What would be wrong with a Manager watching the game from the corner flag if he chose to, as long as he didn’t encroach on the pitch, which probably in the “Laws of the game”

    Just wondered

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