“Definitely the weakest link” Arsenal fans have had enough of this player

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been declining in his performance since he signed his current contract at Arsenal. However, the Gabonese attacker hit a new low last night.

He was one player fans expected to do damage against Manchester United, however, that never happened and The Daily Mail reports that he had the fewest touches among all the players in the match apart from David de Gea.

Apart from missing what could have been the equaliser late on, the report says he touched the ball just 28 times.

It then curated the reactions of some Arsenal fans who believe the striker is done, and can never do better again.

One fan tweeted: ‘Aubameyang is done out here.. definitely the weakest link get him off!’

Another claimed: ‘Aubameyang is finished. Sadly. We’re playing with 10 men’

Meanwhile, one Arsenal fan posted: ‘Don’t start Aubameyang till Sunderland Carabao Cup game. Been awful for a good while now.’

Another said: ‘Arsenal should just sell off Aubameyang, if they cant get a buyer give him out for free, man is finished tbh.’

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Aubameyang’s decline since he signed his latest deal has been shocking. The attacker is one reason we cannot give another contract to Alexandre Lacazette.

Last night, he confirmed yet again why he is not worth having in the starting XI.

A top player like Auba should lead the way for us, just as Cristiano Ronaldo did for Manchester United, but he was anonymous.

This could possibly be his last season as a starter for us. Hopefully, we can succeed in our pursuit of Dusan Vlahovic.

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  1. Auba unfortunately, doesn’t have the same fitness levels as Ronaldo. Ronaldo is peerless in his pursuit of greatness. An amazing player that has proved what can be accomplished if the body holds up.
    I’m not cynical enough to blame Auba’s contract as it really looks as though he is running out of gas.
    My concern is that as club captain he hasn’t been assured from the beginning and this is not what you want at all. Some people rise to this level of responsibility and others don’t. Not sure how Arteta deals with it, but he must.. it was his appointee.

    1. Penaldo has play who give the balls. He doesn’t go back to help in defending He stays upfront waiting for the ball. I must accept that his form is declining however there so many issue to his declining form. I feel our midfield doesn’t feed the strikers . We need midfielders that can read the movement of strikers. Another thing is that we were largerly dependent on person to score goals now he is not scoring we pointing fingers at him . The other 9 players should come in and score goals.

  2. Let’s not forget, Arteta was given the largest transfer budget in the summer to strenghten the team.

    Instead of improving midfield creativity to provide better service to our strikers, he elected instead to waste over 80M on a luxury CB and keeper. Now the crap is hitting the fan, (we’re struggling to create goals), they are trying to divert our attention to scapegoat Auba.

    How many other strikers in the league had a slump recently? I’m sure Auba is not the only one.

    1. RFrancis. Answer me this then: “How many other strikers in the league” can’t be bothered to try and to earn their huge wages and as captain are about as much use as a chocolate teapot?”
      I suggest none at all. But Auba is! So get real man !

      1. It was a school-boy error by Arteta, re-signing a striker north of 30 years, expecting him to succeed in a high pressing format. Auba isn’t a 20-year-old prospect. CR7 and Cavani are examples of two seniors who succeed in the high press game. Smart managers will find ways to effectively use players at their disposal. That’s all we are expecting from Arteta. A bad workman will always blame his tools.

    2. Your point about other strikers has some merit. However, much of the rest of your post is highly questionable. To suggest that the other transfers is a waste is ridiculous.
      The squad has required significant upgrades in many areas for years. There are far too many players who should have been shipped out years ago.
      Finding world class midfielders is extremely challenging and any of the known ones will be the subject of interest from many clubs which will increase the cost and complexity of any transfers.
      Your view would have left us with defenders like Holding and Chambers as regulars.

      1. Not saying transfers were a waste. My point is they were not used efficiently/effectively to address blatant weaknesses in the squad. Don’t forget it was Arteta’s mistake to blow 50M on White despite having the young, impressive Saliba.

  3. Auba is a shadow of himself at the moment and doesn’t and hasn’t deserved his place for a while. I really don’t get how Arteta things Auba and Weak Odergaard can lead the front line. They are powder puff players so far this season.

  4. Sadly I cannot remember one memorable goal by him!
    He has scored, but if he doesn’t he does nothing.
    I remember all our passed striker wonderful goals.
    World class? Bergkamp, Henry, Wright, Kanu, George, Wiltord old Trafford, Nicholas, Anelka, Ray Kennedy and many more.
    Everyone of those players scored, never to forget goals.
    The last two year post contact nothing!

    1. Agreed
      I remember Emmanuel Adebayor’s Turn and smash Volley against Tottenham hotspur at White hart lane in 07,08 season!
      Aubameyang does not have any Memorable goal Arsenal fans will remember him for!
      Maybe his 2 goals in the 2020 FA cup finals!😒

  5. Oh come on, just because he isn’t scoring now doesn’t mean his goal aren’t memorable. Go back to youtube guyz

  6. I agree his not hungry enough anymore we need a youthful striker who’s trying his best to be the best this guy had his time

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