Dein on why Arsenal WILL turn Welbeck into goal machine!!

Everybody is talking about the new Arsenal signing Danny Welbeck, after the England international bagged a brace away to Switzerland in his first start since the transfer deadline day move from Man United to the Gunners. And while United fans and their former players are unhappy about letting the talented young forward go, most people connected with Arsenal are buzzing.

That includes David Dein, the former Arsenal chairman who along with Arsene Wenger made the Gunners such a force to be reckoned with and brought in the likes of Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp. Dein knows Wenger and his methods better than anyone and, as reported by Metro, he thinks that the Frenchman is the perfect man to forge Welbeck into a fantastic centre forward.

Half the battle, according to Dein, will be simply to play the 23-year old in that central role which he wants. That will give him the confidence that his manager is behind him and believes him and that should allow the player to reaslly express himself on the pitch for Arsenal. Of course4, bagging two goals for England will not do his confidence any harm either.

Dein said, “It will do him the world of good.

“It’s about confidence. I know Arsene’s bought him with the intention of playing him as a striker and strikers live on goals. His price has probably gone up.

“Arsene’s got a lovely phrase – the only thing certain about a big signing is a big salary to go with it. That doesn’t guarantee you the success. It’s all about a team effort. You have got to get the team working together, it’s about bonding.

“But [Wenger’s] so focused, so determined and he’s still got the fire in his belly, he’s a natural winner. He’s got a decent squad there now.

“One would expect they finish in the Champions League positions but it’s not guaranteed. Everybody wants the same thing today. Every club wants to win the league.”

If Dein is right about Welbeck flourishing under Wenger, will that make Arsenal serious contenders for the Premier League title?

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  1. Admittedly I was a little unsure about the signing, i’m sure quite a few of us were. But looking at his style, his versatility and his pace, we should have a formidable front line. I hope he settles in and does well.

    It’s also nice to see Arsenal getting more English players in now that City, Chelsea and United have abandoned that approach.

    1. How did United abandoned the approach? They have players like Ben Amos, Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, Mihael Carrick, Jess Lingard, Ashely Young and Wayne Rooney.this is in their senior players squad.And also in their under 21 they have a English players.Even though we support Arsenal getting the fact before commenting is good.

      1. @kam
        Did you not see United’s transfer business?

        Falcao, Blind, Rojos, Herrera, Di Maria, Shaw. You know almost all of these will be starting. Fair enough there is Rooney, Shaw and Young to pick. But Phil Jones has shown immense talent and potential, yet is still ridiculously inconsistent and rash in the tackle. Carrick has also not been up to the task. There are a few English players who could yet keep their starting places, but this is looking less likely. Especially since United want to buy a ‘Luis Suarez’ every season. Selling Welbeck was a statement of their new strategy.

      2. Of those only jones n Rooney maybe smalling are good enough for regular international

        Carrick is a good player but never really chosen for england

      1. master stroke my arse! all the” in Arsene we trust”” he is a professor “and the cleverest man in the world supporters will be on here next!!!!

        lets be honest, he didn’t turn down others because he knew Welbeck was available, it was last knockings and last chance saloon and he got potentially very very lucky!!!

        i agree Welbeck could be a right result! lets not kid ourselves though if he works out to be great, it was luck and luck only that manu decided to sell last knockings otherwise Wenger wouldn’t have bought anyone!

        1. So basically there is no possible outcome whereby you would be inclined to give credit to either AW or the board for buying DB. Gotta love you guys who cover all bases just to ensure you can stick the knife in.

        2. Not really luck. There are few factors contributing to such a move : the selling club, the player (especially if he’s under contract), other sensible information. It is very simple. Arsenal knew Utd was after Falcao so we shown interest in him although we wouldnt pay him that amount of money but you never know. Arsenal knew that United must balance the books instantly if Falcao gets bought (Di Maria alone would break FFP). So club had to sell but player must agree. Utd of course didnt wanted to sell to Arsenal but to Tottenham. Arsenal shown interest so that they can contact agent and negotiate. Player wanted Champions League and knew that Giroud is injured meaning play time in the central position. Utd had no choice but to agree.
          How is this luck may I ask?

  2. I honestly think Wenger will let Welbeck come off the bench. We’ll start with Sanchez-Sanogo-Podolski/Rosicky upfront, with Welbeck coming on in the second half. Hope Danny will start, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger wants to build up his hunger by letting him watch the first 45.

  3. What’s with all this hype.He hasn’t even touched a ball as Arsenal plater yet but every body talk about him as if he is dropped from Mars or something to save Arsenal.He is Welbeck, he used to play for Man U.Yes I know playing regularly will do him good but we should calm down.

    1. I totally agree. ..we have to watch him for the first few matches before we start talking about him becoming the next henry imo

  4. What’s with all this hype.He hasn’t even touched a ball as Arsenal player yet but every body talk about him as if he is dropped from Mars or something to save Arsenal.He is Welbeck, he used to play for Man U.Yes I know playing regularly will do him good but we should calm down.

    1. After giroud for 2 years everyone is just excited at the fact we’ve got a ST that is lightning quick and can dribble.

        1. It’s poor because he basically played as a left winger after he graduated from United’s academy. Henry’s scoring record was even worse at Monaco and Juventus. He scored 20 in 105 at Monaco and 3 in 16, playing as a winger most of the time. Danny has huge potential as a centre forward. He’s strong, fast, suits our style and can dribble well for a big man. He has potential and Wenger is the man to bring the best out of Danny.

          1. @junweiseah

            Sorry dude, just repeated what you said :/

            But 10 goals in 28 appearances for England is nothing to be sniffed at.

  5. I hope dein is right and welbeck does indeed become a goal machine… would be good for arsenal and england. Furthermore SANONO is nowhere near a footballer and when giroud returns would be a good option to bring off the bench once welbz has done the business!

  6. As long as Wenger plays him up front and not on the wing, he’ll do very well, in fact better than Giroud. He has much more energy and is prepared to work for the team. The finer points will come with time. With Özil behind him (NOT out wide) watch the sparks fly. Would love to see him play with Sanchez and Walcott on either side. That pace will have opposition defenders sweating.

  7. I dont see we highly rate Welbeck to be the next TH14 when we said and wished the same thing about Theo Walcott…being played as a winger and yet can be so deadly with pace, dribbling and finishing TW14 can be our next TH14….But having

    Welbeck -Walcott -Sanchez
    – Ozil –
    Ramsey – Arteta
    is pretty good if you ask me

  8. For me, if Welbeck is played as a striker and plays most games he WILL score. The question is, how many?

    I would rate as follows:

    < 10 goals = Fairly good

    10-12 goals = Good

    12-15 goals = V.good

    15+ goals = Excellent

    20+ goals = Amazing bargain!! 😉

    1. less that 15 is a disappointment I would say ;( It would mean that wenger has failed to score an out and out striker. Besides, Sanogo or Campbell being put in the striking role could probably do as much..

  9. i think we actually have a squad right now of playing the quick counter we used to love seeing.

    I suspect that Wenger will probably use Welbeck like he did with Henry, playing him as CF but operates more on the left.

    If that’s the case, we should be seeing this against City
    Cazorla Ozil Sanchez
    Flamini Ramsey

    and then wenger would evetually want the squad probably to look like this:
    Ozil Walcott

    1. the bottom formation should be:
      Ozil Walcott

      Gibbs Kos Mert Debuchy

      much like in 03/04, or how City now plays. Except they have 2 power house CMs in the middle, who can also win balls.

      1. ——–Welbeck——————–
        Ozil———————— Walcott

        sorry, didn’t know spaces don’t work anymore.

        1. this is what we would all love to eventually see, but sadly i think we are still way off being able to see wilshere and ramsey owning that midfield together.

  10. “If Dein is right about Welbeck flourishing under Wenger, will that make Arsenal serious contenders for the Premier League title?”

    It will make us finish 9th in the league if Danny Welbeck flourishes.

    Just like it will make me dry if I fell in a pool full of water.

  11. it also seems that dein has put to bed those rumors that the board and not wenger bought welbeck, and also saying that wenger will make him a great striker a great double from dein there now come back all is forgiven and make it hatrick. i am in agreement with him i think wenger will enjoy the challenge of making welbeck a big name striker and show he still has the coaching magic to make the big names himself.

    #go wenger #coaching guru.

  12. i am thinking maybe wenger should consider deploying a diamond formation for us this season sometime as i think this would suit our team and mix it up with 433 and 4231 and 4141 a bit of tactical variation could help our chances on the road this season

    md lk pm kg
    | |
    ar jw
    ^| /^
    tw |^ dw
    / |
    this gives us a balanced midfield and allows us to play jw and ar together in to b2b roles and mf holding and mo at no 10 and tw pealing off to the right and dw playing c/f bingo!

  13. oh no my tactical master plan layout is ruined because the screen wont let me set it up that way nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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