Arsenal boss admits to striker targets…

Arsene Wenger gave his regular pre-match conference, and was unconvincing when talking about a possible striker arriving this summer.

In January, the Arsenal manager said he would not sign another striker to his squad because there was no players ‘better’ than the returning Welbeck available. The England international has now been ruled out for another nine months, further enhancing the need to bring in another option up front.

Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott have both failed to impress in the last six months, and fans had been calling for a top striker prior to the forward’s confirmed absence, and now failure to bring in another striker could provoke even more unrest amongst fans.

Despite the concern over the available options, Wenger was coy on the possibility of a new arrival to cover for the England international, citing he will ‘try’ to bolster the position.

“we will try”, He said. “When you buy you want to buy top strikers, [You do it] by finding the right person. We have targets, and hopefully we can do that.”

Both Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott have also been linked with the exit door, but the duo surely cant both be sold following the loss of Welbeck, and I can envisage us being stuck with both of them beyond the summer.

I remain a fan of Giroud despite his lack of consistency this term, and I know many of you will disagree that he still has a big role to play for us. Walcott’s Arsenal career appears to have played its course, and with any luck, we will find two forwards to bring in for the former Southampton youth product, as well as covering for the loss of Welbz.

Could Wenger really go all summer without bringing in a new goalscorer? Will we end up stuck with Theo because of the absence of Welbz?

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  1. Hello gunners, just because our demo didn’t go as planned, does it mean we are done with the demos??

    1. If Arsenal get second.
      But if Arsenal get 3rd
      behind Spurs you could
      try having a mock 3rd place trophy parade
      featuring lots of $3 signs on images of
      Wenger Gazidis and Kroenke.

      1. Are you saying that an anti arsenal demo taking place is dependant on how tottenham play newcastle?

        I would expect it to be dependant on how we have played this season, the numerous missed opportunities and the number of points we are behind leicester.

  2. Giroud Walcott Sanchez
    Campbell Iwobi Oxlade
    Ramsey Akpom Sanogo
    Ozil Wilshere Toral Elneny
    “when fit and in form”
    can amass many goals.
    But that hardly ever happens.
    To be fair though if Arsenal get second especially
    when 4th place is the club’s goal Wenger can say
    “why try to fix something when it ain’t broke”?
    …and I will now sign that contract extension 🙂

  3. After hearing that we’re the 5th richest football club in the world according to Forbes.

    That’s followed up by articles saying we only have £54M to spend from the original £150M – £200M cash reserves reported.

    To add to that after Welbecks injury blow I’m hearing that Wenger said Walcott is staying. Seriously he should be sold regardless and we need a ST and a RW player.

    These yes no Xhaka articles are annoying as well. If we’re getting him just do it quick like how Bayern and Dortmund took care of business especially before the Euros.

    These journalists sure do milk the opportunity of adding pain to Arsenal fans knowing how bad and long we’ve been asking for top signings.

    This could and should be 1 of if not the biggest transfer windows during Wengers rein.

    1. Also I really hope Ramsey doesn’t feature as much next season as he did this. He has good moments but I don’t rate him and I’m absolutely sure we can find better out there. Granit Xhaka is a perfect start…

  4. It’ll be a crime not to get a Top Striker. Not someone who will be on the bench or someone who will be the 2nd or 3rd striker. We need a Top striker that will be our main striker next season. Giroud being the 2nd striker and he can compete with the new striker. Remember Giroud loves competition and he performs well when his position is under threat. Remember Giroud-Walcott competition earlier this season?

    Even with a fit Welbeck, this team is crying out for a Top striker. It will be a crime, I repeat a crime if we don’t get one and trust mi fans will be devastated if we fail to get one.

    1. I would keep a soon 30 y.o. Giroud over a 27 y.o. Walcott but also as a backup or to start the odd game here and there depending on the opposition. The true crime will be keeping Walcott for another season after 10 years of mediocrity on that salary he held the club at ransom for.

    2. Not only will be a crime , I think it was a crime not to have signed a competitive striker after having spent for Ozil and Sanchez. What a waste of money and talent, imagine if Suarez was bought instead of mocking Liverpool, what could have been the consequence of that move, we would not be talking 2nd or 4th. And how about steeling up the defense, like a Gilberto kind of player to hold that position which is of utmost importance.

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