‘Delighted’ Tierney signs Arsenal extension – Now we must secure Smith-Rowe

Although everyone has been talking about Ben White and other possible arrivals at Arsenal this summer, Mikel Arteta and Edu have been quietly securing Arsenal’s future by signing up all our young stars to long-term contracts.

So far in the last year they have secured Bukayo Saka, Falorin Balogun, Rob Holding and Gabriel Martinelli, and yesterday it was announced that Kieran Tierney has also joined the long-term club, and the left-back could not hide his pleasure in signing on the dotted line.

He told Arsenal.com: “It feels amazing,”

“Firstly, when the manager came to me and said, ‘We want you to extend your deal, we’re so happy with how you’ve come along’ it was just amazing for me to hear because I’ve worked hard since I joined.

“I had a hard first season with injuries and COVID, but last season it really picked up for me, and the club have been brilliant with me, so I am more than happy to extend it. I’m absolutely delighted.

“I think the vision of the club, where it wants to go, and the expectations of the club [are why I signed[. Where I want to be in football is at the top. There’s no doubt about it, we’re not where we want to be just now, but we’re going in the right direction.

“The way the club is run from the inside is amazing. I love everyone. I love all of the staff, I love all of the players, I love the manager and just working with them is an absolute joy. Being happy in life speaks for a lot and I am happy, so I was more than happy to commit my future [to the club].”

Now the only really important youngster that needs to join that illustrious list is our new exciting Number Ten Emile Smith-Rowe.

We all know he loves the club, but the longer we wait for him to commit himself then the longer we will get jittery, especially as we keep hearing about Aston Villa trying to convince him to move to the Midlands.

Please Emile, make us all happy please and sign da ting!

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  1. The future is bright, when you have a bright young manager and strong hardy lads playing for the pride of the badge. Just waiting for the merchants of doom – Leno, Xhaka, Elneny, Willian, Kolasinac, Torrera, Laca, Eddie, Soares to pave way for genuine footballers and we will challenge anyone one for the title 2022-23. Wishing you all the very best Kieren!

    1. I don’t think you are writing from planet earth
      Well it is good to dream and be hopeful
      I salute your optimism though far away from reality

    2. LC, what is your rationale for sagging off Arsenal players like Leno, Lacazette, Soares and Elneny, who unlike others haven’t let the team down and gone on like spoilt brats?

    3. @LC, it’s your opinion but it’s flawed. First who calls Arteta a bright young manager unless bright in your dictionary means failure. Second you don’t need strong hardy lads it’s not rugby it’s football. I mean look at the most successful teams they had some hardy players but talent is more important. I mean how many hardy players you see in current Liverpool and City teams. I don’t understand this as well playing for badge, footballers are professionals and they should do the job they are payed for. It should not be this way that they should only play well when they have passion for badge, I mean there have been and are so many world-class players who play amazing but do not kiss the badge everytime or change clubs but their performance level does not dip. Nationality and passion for your club is not a bad thing but it’s should not be criteria for making a team.

  2. Now we need some good headers to connect with Tierney’s long crosses

    About Smith-Rowe, I’m afraid Maddison, Aouar and Sabitzer rumors are affecting his decisions

      1. Smith-Rowe started in many games last season, so why should he be worried about a loanee and Martinelli who’ll get his turn this upcoming season

    1. I think it’s the work of his agents who could make him feel he has better options than Arsenal at his age 20years.
      He sholdn’t have been worried by people coming in, Arteta already showed interest in him by putting William on the bench.

      1. If I were him, I’d be worried too. Because in addition to the new CAM, Willock and Nelson might stay to compete with him

  3. Why should their rumours affect him? What makes you think those aforementioned names would take the Epl by storm?. But his injury record might be a problem, there are no guarantee that he shall stay fit all season long. If he is so confident of himself (which I believe he is), he shouldn’t be scared of little competition in the team because he had already shown us he could only get better. He stepped out of the shadows last season and lit everywhere with his skills, so I personally don’t think he would be scared of them but rather uses them as an inspiration and platform to get better

  4. That’s actually great news! He’s one of the 3 best players at the club. And I don’t see why ESR wouldn’t sign the extension, he’s been praised left and right and gotten minutes.

    At least they’re handling internal dealings well. Unless they sell Saliba, ofc.

  5. Xhaka to Roma is a done deal at £15.5m. He will leave to Rome after Euros to sign. Lets all just bid farewell to him. Good bye Granit.

  6. The best left back since Ashley Cole, who in my opinion, was the ultimate left back ever to wear the shirt in my lifetime.

    My only concern with Tierney, is his injury record.
    It has plagued him from the day he signed for us.

    What we desperately need, is an experienced and adequate cover for him.

    Well done to all involved for getting this over the line and Tierney will be our captain in the not to distant future…. as long as he remains fit.

    1. I agree with you about Ashley Cole Ken, I’ve never seen a better left back at AFC.

  7. So so excited with the news of KT signing the dotted line commiting his future to the club & I have NO FEAR about ESR not commiting to the Arsenal future too.
    It’s just a matter of time it will come to light.

  8. As Ken states above, hopefully Kieran Tierney can put in a strong preseason and overcome the disruptions to playing time that have plagued him due to injury. The best player in the world is not much use, if he is always injured. Arsenal can only benefit if Tierney plays most games.

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