Deluded Gary Neville predicts Tottenham to finish ahead of Arsenal in Top Four race

Football expert claims Arsenal will lose out on top four

Arsenal didn’t have much to show for in their embarrassing three-nil defeat to North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

Despite making a few chances for themselves, they looked like a side short of ideas. A shadow of the image they created in the current campaign.

Everybody knew that a win would guarantee Arsenal’s entry to the Champions League. But very few would have imagined the Gunners collapsing so awfully.

Despite the result, Mikel Arteta’s men still have the destiny on their own hands. Win the next two games and the North London outfit will be listening to the Champions League anthem next season in their own garden.

However, former Man Utd star and current Sky Sports pundit is less optimistic of Arsenal’s chance of finishing in the top four.

Speaking on his podcast, the Sky Sports football expert Gary Neville said, “You’d want Tottenham’s games – Burnley at home and Norwich away. Newcastle away [for Arsenal] on Monday Night Football, that’s going to be really tough, especially if Spurs have won on the Sunday.

“Everton at home on the last day, if Everton need points, then they’ve got two really tough games.”

He continued, “”I think Tottenham will beat Burnley and Arsenal will have to win their last two matches – but I’m not sure they will. Tonight was a really big blow – I might be wrong and I’m neutral between these two clubs – but I do feel now if I had to put money on it, it would be on Tottenham.”

Everyone is entitled to have their opinion but the former England international is overlooking a lot of stuff.

Arsenal have looked a better side in this campaign and more importantly, judging by the current form, the Gunners still have an edge over their archrivals.

But it’s true that the Gunners’ fixtures are more difficult than Spurs. Many still don’t believe that Arteta’s men have what it takes to finish in the top four this season.

Maybe it’s time to turn the doubters into believers.

Yash Bisht  

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  1. Football is not played by analysis is being played by 11 players either side if someone told Garri Neville that his old club with the type of players they have will suffer 4 nil defeat in the hand of Brighton he will not believe it I saw him as sentimental naive bais football talkertive I want to see him in the pitch tomorrow 12 noon to help Tottenham win Burnley by then I will know he is up to something for now I don’t regard his analysis

  2. That’s his own opinion! Football game is not played by mouth. Whatever the situation is, Arsenal needs an upgrade in many departments.

  3. I don’t think Gary’s deluded. I think it was very telling that many of us didn’t expect to come away with 3 points and as a result the pendulum has definitely swung in their favour; their confidence will be sky high, they have the ‘easier’ fixtures and have no injuries to key players. Yes, they’re partial to a brain fart (must be a North London thing 😉) however, I’ll be surprised if we see one.
    As for us, Newcastle don’t have anything to play for, but it’s their last home game of the season, so will want to put on a show for their crowd and then there’s a certain Mr Willock!! It will be tough – injuries, away from home on a Monday night (!) I’ll admit the doubts have crept in, but all is not lost.. I just hope we turn up!

  4. iF Neville is, wrongly of course, considered to be “deluded” just because he doubts we will finish fourth, then that delusion applies equally to many Gooners on here.

    Disgracefully wrong headline once again and whenever will the headlines on JA do justice to the many fine artIcles which the headlines SO OFTEN traduce, distort and DELIBERATELY MISREPRESENT??

      1. I also feel these kind of headlines are inappropriate. It does not speak well of the site.

          1. Neville is giving an opinion on something that is debatable. He is not disputing an irrefutable fact or something that is generally known to be true or otherwise.
            In my view, it is inappropriate to describe someone as delusional simply because they do not agree with your point of view.

            1. Haha, yes it’s my opinion and Neville IS delusional, and yes it is my opinion is as I believe Arsenal will win both games easily. But you are welcome to have a different opinion, and until the FACTS happen we are both possibly right.

  5. The only easy game i think they have is norwich,burnley is a banana skin not a walk over and i’m sure we will beat at least one of newcastle or everton.

  6. What an awfully put together article and a totally deluded author. Neville has an opinion, with very strong reasoning and he may be right or wrong but he isn’t at all delusional. Saying that we all hope his opinion turns out to be wrong but even then to say he is delusional, is delusional.

  7. If Neville is deluded then there are a majority of deluded fans on this site, me included.

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