‘Demonstrable failure’ – Journalist slams Arsenal for considering Arteta pay-rise

Piers Morgan has claimed that Arsenal should be considering sacking Mikel Arteta at the end of the season, not offering him an improved contract.

It has recently been reported that the Gunners are lining up a new deal for the Spaniard before the summer, with his current deal set to run until the summer of 2023.

It has been a torrid month in north London however. We’ve seen ourselves dumped out of both domestic cup competitions by Liverpool and Nottingham Forest, as well as dropping to sixth in the Premier League table, with Tottenham sat level on points with us in seventh having played a match less, and our season is literally in the balance now.

Despite the fans worries about our current standing, the club looks set to stand by their manager, but Piers Morgan believes that his job shouldn’t be as secure as is being reported, and we should in fact be considering replacing him this summer if he doesn’t achieve the minimum of a top four finish.

“For all his tough guy talk and endless “trust the process” bull****, Arteta’s so far been a demonstrable failure at Arsenal,” Morgan wrote in his column at The Sun.

“He’s been in charge for two years and 114 matches now — and has a win record of just 53 per cent, less than Wenger’s, whose last decade was woeful, and Unai Emery’s.

“Yes, he won the FA Cup within months of taking over (thanks to two goals by Aubameyang). But for a club like Arsenal, it’s winning the Premier League and Champions League that matters and on which real success should be judged.

“In Arteta’s first half-season, we finished eighth. Last season, we finished eighth again and didn’t qualify for any European competition for the first time in 26 years.

“This season, despite Arteta splashing out £150million on new players, we’re sixth and already out of both domestic cups.

“If we don’t make the top four this season, and even that “achievement” seems such a lowly ambition for a supposed big club, then he shouldn’t be given a pay rise, he should be sacked.”

It’s a difficult situation. On one hand, you can claim that three seasons without qualifying for the Champions League for Arsenal is unforgiveable, and on the other you could actually take into account the gradual work that has been completed by the boss.

Arteta has done a lot of difficult jobs, offloading a number of difficult players, all under minimal transfer budgets, and the biggest achievement in my eyes is the fact that he has persuaded the owners to offer up a transfer budget that could well make us relevant going forwards.

Prior to this season, our spending hasn’t been anything close to what our rivals were offering up, and yet there was shock that we were being left behind, and while I can’t defend what we have had to endure in January, I do think it would be absurd to quit now.

Do you believe Arteta has done enough to warrant a new deal?


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  1. 4 spot Is a minimum now. If we dont get it, Arteta has to go. I agree.
    Our team is not bad at all, a lot of teams would love our attacking front, auba and laca included.
    The clean of the deadwood it’s not as impressive as they tend to tell us, since almost all of the players have leaved the team at cheap, for free ir even with us paying part of their salary.
    Damn how we are missing guendouzi now

  2. It reassures me that Morgan’s anti-Arteta as he’s always completely and utterly clueless about Arsenal. Anyone agreeing with him, by proxy, is equally gormless. So, that’s most of those who post on this weird site.

    1. So why bother making inane remarks, the clueless gormless armchair fan has to be you, now go and post elsewhere

      1. Cheers 4everN….you know you’re on the right side of any debate whenever you look across the table and you see little Jimmy and Herr Drier…they epitomize cluelessness

          1. HD, you’ve been on here for a cup of coffee and in that brief time you’ve already kissed JF’s “ring” and tried to compare Arteta to Fergie…enough said!!

            1. TRVL4e, so agreeing with someone means I kissed their ring 🙄. Wow, what strange thoughts enter that tiny brain of yours.

              I never compared Arteta with Fergie, I compared the jobs they had to do when taking on their jobs at The Arsenal and Utd. Both having to change staff, not just players but scouting and the youth coaches. If you have a problem comprehending the written word, ask your English teacher at school tomorrow.

              1. firstly, it wasn’t that you simply agreed with any one particular individual, as that would be of little consequence, it was that you purposely went out of your way to agree with JF after one of his holier than thou tirades…I can only assume that this was your way of falling in line after he called you out for your complete lack of understanding when it came to player bans(talk about your tiny brains)

                secondly, you clearly don’t understand how comparisons work, in that when you make a direct reference to a second individual when discussing the particular career experiences of another individual, in a very real sense you’re comparing these two individuals…I know this might sound terribly complicated to someone of your ilk, but that’s just how life works…it’s clear that your objective was to show how one particular manager overcame early “struggles” and came good over time, which might be true, but it just so happens you purposely choose one of the most successful managers in the history of football…by doing so the obvious implication is that if the powers that be provided Arteta with the same lengthy runway we could realistically experience a similarly epic run…even the most optimistic of observers would see this as an incredible reach…please think twice before responding Mr. Drier, as it’s clear that you’re in way over your head

    2. Agree @Jimmy B. It would seem that people don’t know/forget that Morgan grassed up innocent Arsenal fans in 2000. Despicable man.

      1. So you are agreeing with jimmy calling this a weird site and the gormless posters on here are you herr drier .

  3. Piers Morgan!shut up and try a coaching badge.Say Hi to Gary neivelle he can explain better and can sort out between a coach and a pundit.

  4. AFC may or may not be “lining up a new deal” for Arteta, but it won’t be put on the table until the season has progressed. Unlike Morgan, I don’t think a top four finish should be expected of Arsenal this season. But Arteta has serious limitations that have to be considered. For one, he is not adept tactically. He has his moments, but usually he’s out-thought when it comes to setting up the team. Secondly, his “my way or the highway” man management is a two-edged sword. We rid ourselves of Ozil and the young guys are mostly on board and producing, but he can’t deal with guys like Guendouzi who can be dicks but could really help us.

    I lean towards keeping him because the youth movement he’s fostered has a lot of promise. But another 8th place finish, which is certainly possible, ought to doom him. We need European football.

    If we finish 5th or 6th, which again is very possible, I’d make him an offer. We don’t need a season with the manager out of contract the next summer. Progress will have been made.

    Morgan is not someone to be taken seriously. He derided Wenger for years, but the problem was obviously not Wenger. The Premier League has changed, and rational people’s expectations have adjusted. Not Morgan’s. If we are to win the big prizes in the next few years, it will be Arteta’s way, not by canning him for a “name” manager who has no intention of staying.

  5. I don’t understand all the commotion about Guendouzi. He may be doing ok in a weaker league like France, but does nobody remember how he actually played in England? He lacks pace and dribbling. Most of his contribution came in the form of receiving the ball, using his body to shield, taking a dive and earning a free kick. He didn’t actually contribute much to the team. People who think that Guendouzi is going to be our saviour need to get their heads checked. He’s not actually good enough for England.

    1. It shows you don’t watch Guendozi when he was playing for Arsenal.
      He was better than all our midfielders even till date cos Partey is yet to proof himself.

      Bad Attitude, maybe. But if Marseille can manage his attitude and he somehow find his way into France national team, why can’t we manage his behavior?

      Not that we are saint either.

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