Dennis Bergkamp seemingly rules himself out as future Arsenal boss

Dennis Bergkamp appears to have ruled himself out of the running to take over from Arsene Wenger as Arsenal boss, whilst claiming he has no intention to take charge of Ajax.

The former forward is enjoying his post-playing career as he works in the backroom of Dutch giants Ajax as a coach.

Dennis had been working under Frank De Boer as his assistant manager, but since Peter Bosz has taken over the main role, the former Arsenal man has been forced to take a less hands on role, and is now coaching and training with the younger players.

The 47 year-old has now moved to rule himself out as a future coach of his current club, insisting his love for his current role allows him to be free of stress and distraction, a luxury he is keen to keep.

“I have no ambition to become head coach of Ajax,” said Bergkamp.

“I think my role is pleasant as it is. When you are the head coach you are busy 24/7 with football.

“But I want to finish my work as soon as I step into my car to go home.

“And when I’m home, I’m the father of my children and the husband of my wife. Football just does not exist.”

Bergkamp added: “I want to eat dinner with my wife without headaches. Take my children to sports clubs.

“My kids keep me sharp. When my heads not completely with it they see it immediately. They say ‘Dad what’s going on? You are a little different today’.

Was any of you hoping he would be the next man in charge of Arsenal? Could he change his intentions when his kids get a little older?

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  1. No on really knows except God. Even Fabregas said someone should kill him if he ever joins Chelsea, he is at Chelsea winning trophies, and still alive

  2. I do not know what to make of our situation, we are the laughing stock of the whole footballing world. Fans of the opposite team are chanting for Wenger to stay. If that is not humiliating enough then I have no idea what is.

    This club will sink even further if nothing is done to solve the dilemma of whether Wenger should go or leave. I just hate the way Arsene goes about his business, how vague he is about his contract situation. For goodness sake just tell us if you are signing the damn contract!

    However, the biggest problem in my eyes is the next generation growing up and seeing what a joke the club is. Do you really think they will want to support a club that charges some of the highest ticket prices and in return they offer top 4 and if they are lucky, the FA cup.

  3. No I knew he wasn’t interested in management as he made that clear before now. He has that flying fear also so it never looked on to me. I was hoping he’d take the academy job but that has allot of overseeing responsibilities so this looks doubtful now. Thought he’d make a good no2 but again this is allot of responsibility. Looks like he just wants to coach with not much pressure.

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