Departing Bad-boy Guendouzi will regret his fallout with Arteta (Opinion)

So, it seems to me that us poor Arsenal fans are going to be spending the day talking about outgoing players rather than new arrivals, and we will see our wage bill dropping by the minute. If we can even sack our beloved Gunnersaurus to save a few quid, then I am sure the management team will be working their socks off to get as many more overpaid deadwood out the door as possible.

It was always unlikely that we would see Matteo Guendouzi in an Arsenal shirt again after he embarrassed Arteta after our defeat to Brighton, and he may one day regret that when he finds he spends the rest of his career at much lower-level clubs than Arsenal.

According to Charlie Watts in Goal, this will start with a loan move to Hertha Berlin, who finished 10th in the Bundesliga last season, although they did give Bayern Munich a shock yesterday when they only lost 4-3 to a 93rd minute penalty from Lewandowski (he scored all four goals!).

It is evident that Guendouzi’s silly antics have deflected any interest from big clubs in his talent, despite the promise he had shown for a newly arrived youngster from Ligue 2. It is also telling that Arsenal were so happy to get him off the books that there is no loan fee or any option to make the deal permanent at Hertha.

He will have to sort his attitude out and play out of his skin this season in the Bundesliga if he ever hopes to resurrect his career…


  1. Your final paragraph summed it up perfectly Pat.Regardless of his youthful misdemeanors I hope he has a successful season and goes on to prove his many doubters wrong in terms of his footballing ability.In due course he may prove to be a valuable asset even if he never kicks another ball for Arsenal.

  2. I think Arsenal let him go like that to free up space for Non home grown quota.
    Edu and Arteta wouldn’t let LT and Douzi go without bringing at least one midfielder in?

    1. Eddie, i thought MT is still under 21, so the non Home grown rule does not apply to him. he could easily be named among the under 21 pool of players

  3. Kind of harsh on the young guy, don’t you think. He did what he did, I’ve seen players do worse and it not affect their footballing career one bit. The only thing for certain here is, you haven’t got a clue as to how Matteo’s career is going to turn out. That’s all up to him…

    1. Agree.. he played some really good games for us and some bad for us.. nobody can predict how it will turn out i can imagine that one day he will play for Juve PSG etc. or at worst clubs like Marseille, lyon etc. and even then, i dont think it’s really a downgrade to arsenal now..
      And what matteo did at brighton, wasn’t even that bad.. for my taste i even liked that hunger and passion

      1. Is the disrespect he showed to Arteta and the team for acting out so unprofessionally and when asked to apologize to the team for actions unbecoming of an Arsenal, he refused. To this day, he still refuses to acknowledge his wrong doing and what Arteta is trying to instill at the team. These so called “passion” can potentially be quite costly within a game.

  4. Lol i dont think he will regret it, its not like arsenal finished as number one last season.. maybe its better to play for Hertha Berlin and then getting to a real Top club where he can win more than Fa cups and community shield and a club where the board really cares about the success of the club..
    I dont know what his problem with Arteta was and i trust arteta that it was something serious but the thing about brighton was overblown.. i thought we wanted players who had a bit fight in them? I like some of these players more than 11 goodie-goodie players in the team

    1. Krish, I agree with you. I just wonder what it is that Arteta wanted him leave regardless of his great talent. He was my favourite in the team so I am sad that he has left.
      My only hope is that he works his way back and he might be signed by a English team again.

    2. Krish, never denigrate the FA Cup, the oldest knock out competition in world football. Some clubs in England and Wales never manage to reach a final let alone win one. If you don’t think a player doesn’t cherish an FA Cup winners medal you are greatly mistaken.

      1. No no I personally DO like the FA cup but its really not like the FA cup is or should be the final aim.. at the end the main targets should always be either the title or the champions league cup.. The FA cup is a nice cup but it isnt the main target

    3. It’s his lack of respect towards Arteta and the squad that has him in this position. I loved the fight he showed in his last game and we all love that sort of passion but you have to be accountable to your team mates and respect your manager. He refuses still to apologise for his actions towards Arteta and has made that very clear so what option does Arteta have? Regardless of talent Arteta must demand discipline and if someone wants to not comply then he should be shown the door. Set a standard and hold all too it that’s how you build culture and how you win.

    4. Krish, Ballotelli had all the talent in the world but never reached the top levels expected after leaving mancity. Geundouzi could have shown the passion by taking down dangerous players on the pitch; Insulting an opponent and getting in a fight (after the game) was just plain unprofessionalism, and he could have just apologized at the disciplinary meeting and all would have been well. His refusal to do so points to a lack of self-awareness and maturity that will be detrimental down the line (and it wasn’t even his first clash with MA). So I wish he would go on to mature and have a great career, but I’m not torn he’s leaving.

  5. Good man NY-Gunner
    It’s amazing that all who wrote on Guendouzi are harsh in judgement. As a dad I feel sympathy to the young man and think Wenger wd have done it differently coz he is still a kid. I too have seen many with worse behaviours who made amends and are successful players after that. We are worse off after his departure.

  6. Grandad
    Attitude is everything. You may be the best player or the best brain, a stinking attitude won’t get you anywhere

    Where is Nasri, Adebayor and Song. They were done by bad attitude. So we’ll see same hit Ozil. Ozil had the talent to be a household name but attitude has prevented him to his highest level.

    1. hmmm well lets look where they are:
      Nasri: Premier League: 2012, 2014; POTM Dec 2010 France POTY 2010;
      Adebayor: Africa POTY 2008; BBC African POTY: 2007
      PFA TOTY: 2008
      Song: La Liga 2013;
      i will leave özil out because i will believe you know what his honours are..
      so whats your point again? i accept that attitude is very important but your examples dont work for you
      and i think its silly to talk about matteos attitude i have seen much worse

    2. A good example of Bad attitude ruining a career is that of Mario Balotelli. No big team is going to sign Guendouzi if he does not change his attitude especially when you have not yet proven to be top talent. He will also miss out on the french national team so the stakes are not in his favour.

  7. I hope he gets lots of game time in Germany. I’ve always liked him, he has so much potential. So with minutes and coaching, he could very well become a top, top player! Whether he’ll play for us after the loan, who knows, but if not we could make a hefty profit,. Win, win!
    Good luck, Matteo 😘

    1. Well said Sue. We still don’t know how bad his behavior was for MA to write him off. Hopefully this will be a good lesson to get him back on the right track. Like you said he has great potential and hopefully he can reach it.

    2. Nicely put Sue.
      We cannot really judge what happened between him and Arteta. Also, he’s a young kid and it’s his first mistake like that; let’s not compare him to Balotelli so fast.
      Everyone’s a loser here for now, but let’s wait and see.

  8. His talent and performance will determine if he ends up in a big or small club not his fallout with Arteta. Gnarby didn’t go straight to Bayern, van Djik didn’t start his career at Liverpool and many more.

  9. Big big fan of Gouendouzi, i dont think he has had much help from Emery or Arteta, maybe he is a hot head, maybe he has an attitude problem, i dont know it all. But, i do think that he has been ostracised very harshly over a few incidents that pale into insignificance, when you consider what utd and Arsenal players got upto during wengers era. Those players didn’t do badly for having an attitude. It is possible tha Gouendouzi will disappear down a sink hole but it is very possible we can end up with egg on our faces, let’s hope its neither.

    1. Same here I am big fan of the boy. For me he is talented and plays with passion. Things can happen when you are going and blood can boil over. It’s good we are not selling him and sending him on loan with no buy option. Hopefully with one more year under his belt he will mature and Germans are normally known for their discipline stuff so he has a great chance to learn and develop his personality as well. Next season he will come back stronger and prove his doubters wrong.

    1. Everton adding Godfrey was scary for the rest of this league. I think Ancellotti can smell a chance at top four and even possibly a title but knows he needs depth to do it and after this start it seems the club are going for it and backing him. How goods this season so far with results??? Early signs are a open race amongst a few.

      1. Been a long time coming, Matthew. I’m glad for them and have really enjoyed watching them.. bar Pickford, they’re looking really good…and I’m hoping after the break they finally beat their neighbours!!
        Loving the league so far… so many unexpected scorelines! So many excellent players coming in! Was looking forward to watching Rodriguez and he hasn’t disappointed. Can’t wait to see Cavani -.really like him – pity he’s gone to OT..
        Next up… Partey 🤞

  10. His downfall is how he behaved towards club officials and team mates during Dubai trip last season. Its also rumoured his attitude stinks. UM bought him and so tolerated him but he overstepped MA’s nonnegotiables hence his fate.

    No player is bigger than Arsenal so is Ozil and Guendozi and so was even Adams, DB, Viera and Henry.

    He can leave and become the greatest, who cares. Rules and regulations are to be obeyed, simplicita.

    1. Bravo for speaking the truth Howard, It seems, from reading ALL this thread, that your truth (and mine) is unpalatable to the majority on here But it remains the truth and needs to be acted upon. As it has been, correcty too!

      1. Stay with your truth Jon fox, you guys seem to act like you went with the team on that Dubai trip. I didn’t know you and Howard play for Arsenal??? Or does MA invite you for drinks when ever he needs to discuss something important. If MA never came out and neither the club about his behaviour and what extent he went to then how do you guys know. Bravo for going against your own player for on no valid grounds and so called love n support for your own players by saying no player is bigger then club…why do you guys cry and moan when the players then leave the club to look for personal glory or more money. Respect should be both ways.

  11. Krish
    Nasri was a bench warmer at City till Pep sent him out on loan before his demise

    Adebayor ended up Spurs and where is he. He’s in Ghana now having fun

    Song, how many games did he play for Barca before they got rid? Bad attitude did them in

    1. if they had better attitude MAYBE they could have even better careers but as it stands they had a very good career in which they won a lot and earned a lot so i dont understand how they are examples of stinking attitude which got them nowhere?
      and how did it go for arsenal in the same period?
      are we going places for our “good attitude”?
      i think the probability that MG ends up more successful as us is high (sadly)

      1. We still have him contracted for three years!!! He might go on loan and pull his head in and play out of his skin and show Arteta he has his head screwed on and then we decide what we want to do with him. If he is still unwanted then we will get a great transfer fee for him and move right along. Plenty of talent out there and he certainly isn’t going to make or break us.

    2. Senseless examples @Howard, how does Adebayor or Song come into this. They did not have attitude issue when they played for us and as far as I remember they never had such issue playing for any club. Nasri did not have attitude issue when it came to club football he just could not keep up with physical fitness and as result of over weight was mostly boy available for selection. If a manager can not rely on player to be available for selection and has to keep changing his plans then no matter how much talented that player is, he is deemed as surplus. There is a reason why Ronaldo and Messi are such big players because on order to achieve what they have you have to be fit and able to play week in week out. …again how all of this is related to MG is beyond me.

  12. Guys much as we want to sympathasize with Gouendouzi the buck actually stops at his table. Firstly he is not the only youngster at the club ( compare with Saka). Secondly non of his mates have said anything with regards his situation. Thirdly Xhaka did worst but he manned up but douzi is being stubborn. Lastly Arteta would have given him the opportunity to grow if he WANTED, but Douzi is just too stiff necked. And if his departure ushers in the likes of Partey, then I am all for it. Talent without proper attitude ends up wasted. Enough said.

  13. Better late than never. But, there are many others that should leave too, including ,Sokratis, Mustafi, Torriera, Kolasinac and Chambers .

  14. Krish
    Ozil? He hasn’t achieved to his talent. Ozil should be at par with Messi, Rinaldo and so on but not hold up in his North London mansion only interested in his 350k contract and retire from playing football.

    Oizil has underachieved

  15. Going out on loan seems a sensible solution to me.

    There must have been more to it than a spat with Maupay of Brighton. Guendouzi was clearly at fault, but that was not sufficient to have caused such fall out.

    Personally, I thought he had gone off the boil from what had been a very promising start. If he can mature at HB and return a better player then that is a good outcome

    1. Agree SueP. No one knows what went on in the back ground but because of his age and he is an arsenal player we should give him benefit of doubt. Give him a chance, if he is still deemed as surplus then we sell him next year. But why do the fans have to be so harsh and negative towards one of our own players ..this is not the first time and he is not the only one. Some of us don’t even respect ppl who have done so much for the club, we are all humans and can make mistakes….it’s not like he has commited murde or run away with clubs fortune. This should not be the way to behave and we should respect everyone who is identified with our club. Fans should not be classless.

      1. Mohsan
        You’re right as we are not flies on the wall and only get snippets of gossip and half truths
        I do think he was silly not to have apologised (as was reported) because passion without a purpose won’t get Guendouzi very far
        He seems to have divided opinions on his ability so I really hope he does well in Germany and fulfills his potential

        Others have mentioned Balotelli who was a prime example of what Guendouzi needs to avoid becoming

  16. The punishment didn’t fit the crime in my opinion. He is a young lad who lost his head for a moment and I wish him well in Germany.

    1. but if he did refuse to apologise……. therein lies the problem….. I do like his passion as well, but it’d cost him nothing to apologise, and if he’s being headstrong, I don’t think that’s good for him

      1. I do wish him luck on loan though….. hope he matures as a man and as a footballer during his loan spell

      2. I get your point about an apology, but does anyone know what Maupay shouted out at him? Depending on what he said does he deserve one? Check the video.

  17. Guendouzi Torreira and Ozil that’s a whole medfield frozen out….Arteta seems to have communication problems even though he has done wonders so far

  18. Douzi and TL is better than the midfielders arsenal have.come to think of it,the quarrel btw douzi and artete should not be a reason for him to be banned from the ter, performance and what him bring on the pitch should be the first priority

    1. Wen If you think so, you too have a big problem. If he failed to apologise to his boss and to his fellow players how will he work with them? Was it a first time? No, there was another issue in Dubai.
      Let him go there on loan, work with another manager who will show him what he has to do. Hopefully he will come back a matured man.

  19. Guendouzi’s loan may be as Eddie suggests to free up a foreign born spot. However the main purpose is to give Guendouzi the opportunity to rebuild his reputation, confidence and quality without the pressure he was under at Arsenal with Hertha Berlin. It also gives him an opportunity to reflect on the situation he is now in after going from St Ettienne to Arsenal. We do not know what discussions have occurred between the parties. If he does well there is no saying (given he is under contract and his young age), that he would not be welcomed back to continue his career with the Arsenal.

    1. Well ozziegunner I think exactly as you do

      Whatever was going on behind the scenes it still wasn’t sufficient even after the wiping of the slate, for Guendouzi to get game time. A mid ranking German club might do him the world of good

  20. Douzi and TL are better than the midfielders arsenal have.come to think of it,the quarrel btw douzi and artete should not be a reason for him to be banned from the ter, performance and what him bring on the pitch should be the first priority

  21. I may well be well out of step with mainstream opoinion on Guendouzi but I have ALWAYS remained of the opinion that any club is better off without a bad apple in the club. Simple as that and it seems MA thinks so too! Rotten apples can infect others if left in the barrel, so to speak. Ignore that warning at your peril, I say. MA has NOT ignored it mercifully!

  22. Arteta doesn’t determine the destiny of Gouendouzi. The guy managed to adapt to EPL within a short time. Imagine coming from French league 2 to Arsenal and playing very well. Gouendouzi is still gonna prove you wrong, with his skill and athleticism. He managed to adapt quicker than big name players like Pepe. I’m very sad that I’ll spend a season without seeing Gouendouzi playing

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