Depressed Spurs know they must improve to beat Arsenal

The great North London Derby Day is upon once again for the third time this season, and it stands at one win each so far, but both those games were at the Emirates. Right now though, the impetus is with Arsenal, who have creeping up the table with a good run of wins, while Tottenham have succumbed easily to both Burnley and Chelsea recently.

The Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino admitted that his players were not in a good place after losing at Stamford Bridge, and they need to pick themselves up and regain their confidence. “The team was so down but now is no time to cry, it’s time to recover and be ready.” he said in the Spurs official website. “I think it’s a moment not to talk too much because it’s more to act and show our quality in the game. We know and all the people know that we need to play better if we want to win.

“We know very well what it means to play against Arsenal, what it means to our fans and for us and we need to be sure we arrive in very good condition. Like I said, it’s not a moment to talk too much, it’s time to act and deliver on the pitch.

“Of course, it’s going to be tough. Arsenal have a very good team, it’s a derby and when it’s a derby, it’s not only a game of football, it’s more than that.

“We know that very well, our fans know very well, we will have their support and it will be decisive. All together we need to create a very good atmosphere to help the team to win.

“It’s so important and the pressure is on them too. Always when you play a derby it’s a pressure for both teams. We are four points clear, we need to keep that advantage and it’s a good opportunity to increase it on Saturday. We need to perform in our best way.”

When we played them at the Emirates the Spuds were in extremely confident mood while we were in a state of turmoil, but we still managed to take the points. The boot is on the other foot this time but we must take advantage of our confidence and go for the kill right from kick off. I want to see them crying again at the end of this game too!!!



  1. Nothing would make my weekend perfect (Sports-wise) than to see us beat them today. I really stopped putting my emotions into our league games. But today I am expecting and hoping we win, because it will damage their Chance of playing in the UCL.
    If we win today, they still have to play Liverpool and City, and I believe they will lose those games because Liverpool/City can’t drop any point from now on.
    It will be a delight to know we ruined em completely and they go back to playing in the Europa while we return to the UCL.
    I’m hoping to see us win, Arsenal please don’t fúck this up

    1. If today’s match is a draw, Arsenal needs to win Man U to have a better chance of a UCL place.

  2. They might well be depressed, but all that will be forgotten about come 12.30!
    Yes they’ve lost their last 2 (in spectacular fashion hey Trippier?!) but they’ll be up for this big time! Kane will want to add to his tally against us.. they’ll want to get back to winning ways, especially in front of their own fans!
    Our away form has been pretty awful, so to play well & come away with something would be fantastic!
    The players know how important this game is to us, so another performance just like the reverse fixture would be a joy to watch!! The St Totteringham’s Day banners would be back out ready & waiting ? COYG

    1. ….@Sue i agree completely…
      and (pre-match) no matter which way we dress things up , or approach today’s game OR how we look at it – the team that needs to raise their game is “ours”. And let’s look at it another way they don’t generally do draws …

      so going in to this fixture with dreams of salvaging a point are quite naive. Their plan is to discredit arsenal (completely) as a force and our plan (for them) needs to be the same. #COYG

    2. Or more accurately “Hey Lloris”, surely Sue? He had Szczesny syndrome! If your keeper suddenly dashes out for no reason then it is HIS fault, not the fullbacks. Anyone reading this might think I care, when the truth is I am still laughing my head off.

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