Arsenal v Tottenham is the perfect time for Wilshere to make his mark?

Jack Wilshere has continued to improve his fitness and form with Arsenal this season and has not had any setbacks to his latest injury free period, and he has impressed quite a few football pundits and Arsenal fans in the eight games he has played in so far this season.

The midfield star is still waiting patiently (or impatiently perhaps) for his first Premier League start and has, in fact, played less than half an hour of EPL football over just two appearances from the bench, but could his wait be about over as the Gunners prepare for the north London derby this weekend?

We will have to wait and see, of course, and some will say that a game of this importance against a direct title rival as well might not be the best time to put a player back in the first team. I reckon there are a few reasons why Wenger should at least consider it though.

Jack has been with the club since he was a little boy and knows more than most how much it means to beat the spuds, so he would certainly give his all, and that is not something we can be sure of with every Arsenal player in the squad.

I also feel that the 25-year old will have a massive point to prove after the latest snum from the England national team, many of whom are in this Tottenham side, so a good performance against the likes of Alli and Dier would surely send a message to Gareth Southgate.

And finally, Wilshere can make things happen on the pitch when he is on it that few others can and that sort of thing is exactly what we need to get the win we so badly need in this local derby. Would you start him?



  1. ks-gunner says:

    Wenger is going to do a masterclass and use him as a goaly

    1. GB says:

      Really stupid comment

    2. Tony says:

      wilshires signature move is getting injured

  2. gotanidea says:

    Nope, Wilshere is not as creative as Sanchez and Ozil, also not as physical as Welbeck and Iwobi. He could compete with Xhaka and Ramsey, but he should improve his first touches and his work rate.

    It would be better if Arsenal get a more hardworking and more skillful central midfielder like Lemar and Sergi Roberto.

  3. Ian wrights bruva says:

    If you were going to play jack you might need to think about dropping Ozil as I am not sure we have enough steal in the midfield with both of them. I wonder if Wenger is going to start with Ozil and Sanchez in the side seeing as both of them look dis-interested. At least jack will want the gunners to come out on top, can’t say the same for Ozil and Sanchez.

    I hope we get something out of tomorrow’s game, not overal confident


  4. Jaydawg says:

    Listen this is Arsenal Vs Spurs I am sure Wilshire would want to play but him being a true Gooner he will accept if he is on the bench. He along with others will make them aware of the importance of this match to the fans and the club.

    I am not the biggest fan of Wilshires attitude off the pitch in fact I don’t like the guy for a personal incident he had with a close friend of mine. But as a player you can not question his skill and commitment specially in these games. Bring him on from the bench

  5. wilshegz says:

    drop Ramsey for Wilshere in his favourite CM position; he is way more disciplined positionally n wont leave Xhaka isolated against Dembele,Winks,Alli,Eriksen n co ..on d counter.

  6. Simon says:

    PlayIng Jack would be a huge call – but also tempting as hell

    I like the steal, and movement he can provide in the middle

    So I personally would play Jack in defensive midfield instead of Xaka

  7. Eat Pie says:

    I think we need a 433 tomorrow.

    Bellerin Mustafi. Monreal. Kolasinaic
    Ramsey. Coq. Jack
    Welbeck laca iwobi


    Welbeck. OG. Laca

    Ozil n Sanchez must just be dropped

    1. wilshegz says:

      Monreal struggles in CB in a back2… better in a back3

  8. sol says:

    Jack W. in the startting lineup is not a gamble. It is abrave choice…does the mannager have that unpredictability?…..NO NOT SO FAR

  9. Arseneout says:

    wilshere is far better player than ozil [right now] and ramsey [ever] he is more dangerous and more surprizing can shoot dribble and sometimes pass well, and more importantly he have the heart and the soul and the grinta, charesma he is a leader on the pitch

  10. jon fox says:

    I would now start Wilshere regularly in place of OZIL, who has just ONE good game this season against Everton. Jack is far more committed and will fight, whereas Ozil is completely stricken with Walcottitis, ie laziness and hiding, just not turning up except very occasionally . That is no way to build a warrior type team- and is the main reason I have been actively calling for Walcott to leave for very many years now. Spurs won’t be carrying passengers, as we all realise. So nor can and nor should we. OZIL HAS TURNED OUT AFTER 4 AND A QUARTER SEASONS TO BE AN IMMENSELY TALENTED BUT MOSTLY LUXURY AND UNCOMMITTED, IDLE PLAYER. And that is no good at all. Wilshere now and all season long for me. Ozil? Sold in January I sincerely hope! I would be delighted if Weed Walcott also finally left his gravy train club which believes in paying shirkers and idlers for virtually no energy or productive return, which is scandalous and catastrophic to our hopes of success.

    1. Simon says:

      You know that Walcott was our leading goal scorer (per minute played) last season right?!

      1. soccerboy says:


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