Deschamps pushing Mbappe to snub Real Madrid in favour of Arsenal?

The fantastic Arsenal transfer rumour linking us with the Monaco wonderkid Kylian Mbappe was thought to be dead in the water with the news of Real Madrid coming in with an even bigger bid that Arsenal’s 100m euros, but the latest news means that perhaps it is not so cut and dried.

The French manager Didier Deschamps has advised the youngster to go to a club where he will definitely be first choice striker, and with Madrid’s amazing array of talent he certainly won’t be guaranteed anything, except perhaps a starring role in the future. Even Arsene Wenger has admitted that Deschamps is right, and Mbappe would definitely be ahead of Giroud and Welbeck at Arsenal!

Wenger said: “Where do you think he might finish? Somewhere where he has a good chance to play and is sure to play. That is why I think Deschamps made that statement.”

“He thinks that he needs to play but I would say as well on the other hand that the boy has made enough impression to be basically sure a club who spends a 100 million for you is basically to make at the start at least the red carpet.

“Nobody will buy a player for a 100 million and say, “Come on, sit in the stands.”

It would appear that Deschamps would prefer Mbappe to come to Arsenal, and it reminded of something the France coach said a couple of months ago when he called up Mbappe to the national first team squad, but left out Alexandre Lacazette, another possible Arsenal target. He said: “I wish Kylian to have the same career as Thierry Henry. Titi was very mature as a youngster, but I think Kylian is also a mature player,”

“Kylian has made the squad because he has shown over the past few months that he has the quality. Quality has no age.

“Everyone will ask if this is the right moment, but I am looking forward to seeing him with the group, he has a very specific skillset. Other youngsters have walked this path before him and I think this is the right moment for him.

“What makes him such a strong player, apart from his ability, is the way he always remains calm. That is very rare for someone his age.”

Deschamps added. “Lacazette is one of the players who could have made the squad,”

“He has been performing well, but I have to make some difficult choices. I can only tell him to keep going, even though I understand that he must be disappointed.

“But I have to make choices. We have a lot of attackers and I cannot include all of them.”

So it would appear that Deschamp believes that Mbappe is the better striker of the two, and he wants him to “emulate Henry”, and go to a club with guaranteed first team football. Step forward Arsenal!

Also, the Lyon hitman was also asked about Deschamps advice, and he said: “The advice of [Deschamps] counts. That will not guide my choice, but it will count. I do not think I will go to his office to ask. But there’s plenty of time to think about all this. There are important matches for France.”

So is this development looking good for Arsenal?



  1. gotanidea says:

    If Arsenal can really get Mbappe, that will mean Arsenal staffs are very good in player transfer. We had better be more realistic, as this kid’s price doesn’t make any sense and he could be a flop like Ozil and Xhaka.

    Is he able to score from outside of the penalty box consistently? Can his dribblings and movements disrupt the opponent’s defenders to release his teammates from pressures? Is he good in the air?

    If the answers to the above questions are yes, then Arsenal should get him, even if he costs more than 60 million. Otherwise they had better chase another proven finisher like Aubameyang or Lacazette.

    Or if we cannot get a big name striker, I hope we can get Patrik Schick instead.

    1. Frank says:

      For £42million, Ozil is a massive flop. Such that no other club in the world has even asked about him even though he only has 1 year left on his contract.
      We have to give Xhaka time. It was his first year in the PL and he looked like he was finding his feet at the end of the year. Judge him this time next year.

      1. gunner 71 says:

        Its apparent you don’t know too much about Ozil or football. Back up your statements with fact not hearsay.

    2. Gary says:

      Have you ever seen the boy play?? A take it by what you have wrote you haven’t the boy is going to be class spend the money on him before someone else does them yous will all say Wenger was sleeping how did we miss out on him

    3. funkyrith says:

      Real can give him 30 starts and bench, Arsenal can give maybe the same, or max 40 starts in all competitions. If Real comes with offer and sell James+Benzama, he will join. 100M is nothing if he becomes the star they want, Ronaldo sold 100M worth of shirts in his first year at Real, they recouped his money in 3 seasons with interest and now paying his salary from his media right percentages

  2. ArseOverTit says:

    For me Wenger has just said that a club that plays €100 million for a player isn’t gonna just leave him on the bench but will start with him. He didn’t say Arsenal would be that team, only that the player would be used. I’m sure he would more than get his chance at RM.

    Again for me that’s Wenger saying we have Giroud, we have Wellbeck and we aren’t paying 100mil for a teenager who will sit on the bench behind them.

    Not the idea you all want of course but it’s my 2 cents (would have been English pennies but we are so Americanised these days;)

  3. Matt says:

    I’m sure you mean Monaco wonderkid. But great article man

  4. Janssen says:

    Mbappe is not a Lyon wunderkind. He plays for Monaco.

    1. Admin says:

      Sorry got confused with Lacazette after speaking about both.

  5. yagoonersya says:

    No player is worthy 100m thanks Deschamps winning premier league fetches only 38m.Lacazette is better than Giriod Mbappe is the best but, we can easily afford Lacazette.

    1. PK says:

      Sorry but i believe you are one of the boo oh boys. Demonstrating mid season and claiming that that AW didnt go for the best No.9. Let them pay for the boy. If he can reach 80% of Titi’s level then he is well worth the price. He ill only grow and become better. 4 Seasons later he will be worth 200m plus change. What else would we ask for.

  6. yagoonersya says:

    I want a player who is loves our club ,Mbappe if you are hesitating to join you can stay.Lacazette welcome you are at Sanchez level number spdak for you

  7. Juan says:

    Why do we aways dump on Giroud his France’s first choice striker. We want big names like Lacazette who never played in the EPL before and forget that Giroud is not that bad if you look at the states properly and his willing to sit on the bench if needs be, do you think that, that will be the case with Mbappe and all of those high profile player. I do agree we need a marquee player to galvanise the team but lets be realistic. Only my thoughts.

    1. ManMulo says:

      Then who do you think should come in, coz i think Arsene has given Giroud more than enough time to prove himself but i think we all know he’s not the 20 goal plus striker that we need.

  8. Nebsy says:

    Mbappe is just too much of a risk. I’d rather bid ridiculous money for Auba.
    But then I remember all this transfer talk in the media is sponsored by Arsenal to increase new kit sales.

    1. McLovin says:

      The 3rd kit looks nice. I might buy it, next year, in -70% sale

      1. bran99 says:

        Kroenke is happily waiting for your transaction

  9. ManMulo says:

    I think Mbappes build makes him a better fit for the EPL than Lacazette, he is big and quick, can head the ball and dribble past players and a composed finisher for his age, wish we take a risk on him even if its 100 million, worst case scenario is he ends up being a better version of Giroud.

    1. bran99 says:

      the kid is good, we should get both. keep Sanchez and Ozil, the attack will have Sanchez (left), Mbappe (right), Lacazette (center) and Ozil behind them, even the bus parking Mourinho will sweat in his pants when facing us

  10. Napersie says:

    If Arsenal gets Mbappe better, I think he will be better than Lacazette. He has a lot the necessary features to be a great striker, tall, fast, excellent dribbling, good positioning and for Lacazette, I think he only wants to choose us because of the failed Madrid move. But I fear after 3-4yrs Real will come knocking, then boom 250 million

  11. John Ibrahim says:

    Mbappe has only sign a 3 yr deal….he still got 2 left

    He will be cheaper next season

  12. JasonP says:

    Lacazette has said cl place would not be a dealbreaker for him to move to pl he would have to consider if he would be benched etc too thus is arsenals chance that is a plea for us to go all out for him in my opinion

  13. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Wenger could have signed Mbappe for £230,000 last year, infact Wenger claims that he was around the kids parents house when trying to sign him, but in the end he decided to stay & renew his contract with Monaco.
    It’s mind boggling to think that Wenger would actually bid £100 million for this young player a year later, surely he must be kicking himself? Anyways’ the latest reports suggest that Wenger will offer Mbappe the number 9 shirt and make him our main striker at the club.
    Of course it’s a big gamble paying that kind of money for a teenager but from what I’ve seen he has a mature head on his shoulders & most certainly has very big and bright future in front of him, Let’s hope it’s at Arsenal.

    1. Abel says:

      Will you all stop kidding yourselves?
      Arsenal will not sign Mbappe! Not now, not ever.
      Wenger will never sign a player over 50 million.
      In fact Mbappe will not leave Monaco this summer.
      Real will buy him next summer to replace Kazeem Benzema. ( Morata would be sold this summer)

  14. Dexter says:

    Why don’t we get aguero… With Gabriel jesus in man city, aguero’s place is uncertain. With aguero and giroud as our strikers, we have little or nothing to worry about. Plus an aguero-Alexis partnership would be great. We could even use Alexis and aguero up front in a 4-4-2 system or 4-3-1-2 with ozil as the attacking mf. Believe me arsenal will be unstoppable

  15. Yossarian says:

    Despite what Deschamps says, surely the club that Mbappe is currently contracted to has the biggest say in where he does or doesn’t go?

    If Real Madrid are offering a lot more money, then he may not have a choice, even if he did prefer a move to 5th place Arsenal… Rather than a move to a League & Champion’s League Double Winning team coached by a footballing legend!

    I like Dexter’s suggestion (Above) of going for Sergio Aguero. A front-three of Sanchez, Ozil, and Aguero would be enough to terrify anybody. Don’t know if he’s for sale, but I really like the sound of that.

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