Desperate Barcelona hopeful that they will agree a deal with Arsenal

Barcelona is very hopeful that Philippe Coutinho will be the next player that Arsenal sign after they have landed Willian, according to Spanish media outlet Sport.

The Spanish paper ran an article in which they discussed how desperate Barcelona is to get rid of Philippe Coutinho.

The Brazilian has become a liability for the club after his move from Liverpool in 2018.

They sent him out on loan to Bayern Munich this season and the Germans didn’t see enough to get them to agree to make his move permanent.

The Catalans are in need of cash as they chase their own transfer targets, and they also want to trim their wage bill to adjust to the changing times due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sport seems to add to the rumours that Willian is on his way to Arsenal after they claimed that Barcelona is hoping that the Gunners will look to sign the Brazilian midfielder after they have completed the transfer of the Chelsea winger.

Coutinho enjoyed his best seasons as a footballer when he played in the Premier League with Liverpool.

The Brazilian has since suffered for form after leaving the competition and his agent, Kia Joorabchian, who also represents Willian, has been tasked with getting him a new team.

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  1. Don’t think it would be good to have him and willian coutinho is a good player but I prefer Willian also having the 2 may stop
    The progression of the younger players

    1. We actually need many players.The league is only going to get a one month break,so fatigue will kick in,and injuries will be rampant.And we are in europe so its alot of games to give yound players enough play time

  2. If we have another creator in mind to sign who is better then I’m all for it but if we dont then what’s the harm in a loan deal if its possible plus get Mesut out on loan or please sold if possible….

    Same with Guendouzi, Papa, Miki, Elneny, Mustafi and Chambers. If Torreira wants to leave then make sure Partey is the replacement and we are good to go.

    Things can be done here without us spending alot.

    Willian is a cert on a free plus Aubas new contract is just wages being paid to the both of them. Aubas extra 60k a week or so then Willians 150k a week. That’s 200k, when Miki leaves that covers that basically.

    Get rid of Papa, Mustafi & Chambers will bring in money to buy Gabriel and pay his wage with some money left over. Gabriel, Saliba, Luiz, Mari & Holding is enough…

  3. Arsenal hold all the cards in this
    hand with Barca. The Catalans
    are desperate to wash there
    hands of the Brazilian but AFC
    are the only club atm to show
    any interest in the former Pool
    man. Regardless of what
    information you may stumble
    upon Raul and co. arent going
    to sanction a big money move
    for PC, and imho would only
    entertain a potential swap or loan
    deal with Barca than makes
    ecomomic sense.

    Guendouzi and a little cash or
    PC on a £10M one year loan and
    Barca pay half the wages.

    If Willian is signed and MA plans
    on utilizes him more as a #10,
    then the PC discussion becomes
    a moot point

  4. Agree with most of your points,
    ESPECIALLY the notion that AFC
    can significantly upgrade the talent
    on there roster without spending
    big like Chelsea, City and Manure.

    A few examples:

    Offer Barca a £10M one year loan
    deal for PC. (£8M fee upront and
    pay £150K of his weekly wages)

    LOVE Laca but explore possible
    swap deals with both AM & Juve.
    A straight swap for Partey would
    be ideal but Demiral and Rabiot
    would be intriguing options as

    If Torino is seriously interested in
    LT then sell him back to Siere A
    forca reasonable price..£25M.
    That money could be earmarked
    for signing Gabriel from Lille.

    Sign Willian on a free.

    For basically £10M AFC could
    line up like this next year…

    Mart or Leno

    1. @Ace I have read that Barca want 20 M as a loan fee and that Coutinhos wage is 10 M.

      Also read that we have offered two players to Atlethic but both have been rejected, I would guess Laca and Guendouzi. Partays release clause is around 50 M. Gabriel has been said to be valued to 30 M.

      So these transfers could be as expensive as 110 M. Of course this is guess work, but I believe 10 M is a bit on the low side.

  5. So Barcelona and Bayern don’t want Coutinho. But we are being encouraged to pay £60 million for him?

    I swear if they pay that stupid money for a player that is struggling at these top clubs then nowonder we are a joke.

    We paid too much for Ozil, paid too much for Pepe, paid too much for Laca, took a struggling Mkhitaryan on stupid wages. We are paying ridiculous wages to all these over hyped average player.

    Nowonder our spending and wages are always near the top but looking at the players makes one think “Who gives out this kind of money to be wasted?”

    Spending too much on overpriced average player and paying them too much.

    Nowonder our financials are in a state.

    1. Can you name one Midfielder in Arsenal that can match Coutinho skills. Can u name one midfielder in Arsenal that scored and assisted more than him last season. Even at Xhaka’s best he is no match for Coutinho. All of u shouting Partey up and down, u think once he comes to Arsenal our problems are solved? Left for me I will sell Xhaka and buy him and Coutinho plus Ceballos. Bcs I don’t see anything Xhaka does that Partey cannot do better. I am very sure that if Willian comes, Lacazette and Saka will be benched often. Especially Saka. Its either front three of Willian, Auba, Pepe or Auba, Lacazette, Pepe. I come in peace.

    2. We’re in complete agreement here goonster. Why overpay for a guy that couldn’t cut it at Bayern or barca? He really didn’t even get close to succeeding. His wages are way too high, deal would take all summer, and his best position is actually left wide/ left mid anyways. Always thought this guys drifted out of games too mich also and just made up for it by scoring outside the box. Not sure that’s good enough. Would rather Arsenal go for a young talented playmaker that won’t break the bank. There’s a decent amount floating around Europe right now for prices that aren’t too absurd. Build the team around these players and not loan stars. Is Kia Coutinho’s agent? I bet he is and he just wants a payday yet again. We need to stop relying on super agents…

      1. He is… as well as Luiz’s and Willian’s… he’s done alright out of us recently then!! Sheesh!!

  6. I’m pretty sure Mikhi is on loan again this season to Roma.
    its being touted that Willian is only 100k pw.
    coutinho can jog on imo, i would have him sure but not for the cost loan or buy and salary is a joke

  7. Barca plans to pay half his salary, they just don’t want to handle it all alone. Arsenal on the other hand won’t go on with the deal if they don’t move Ozil on. That’s the issue right now. Arteta would be okay with Coutinho by they’re trying not to add to the current wage structure.
    Mhki is leaving, so his wage will be off the table. Sell a few others too, the most important they’re trying to solve is Ozil’s issue. Ozil ain’t interested in moving on now, the club don’t want him.. They’re both helpless on what to do since one can’t force the other

  8. 4 new players, then , we are ambitious,
    1. William
    2. Partey
    3. Coutinho
    4. Gabriel, though not a necessity
    Let us be prudent and wise in spending.

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