Desperate player will leave Arsenal even if he loses millions in wages

Hector Bellerin enjoyed football for the first time in a long time when he played at Real Betis on loan last season.

The Spaniard had been surplus to requirements at the Emirates after putting in error-strewn performances at Arsenal.

Mikel Arteta reacted to that by bringing in Takehiro Tomiyasu, and Bellerin was sent out on loan.

He is back at the Emirates, and Betis is struggling to sign him permanently.

After his fine loan spell, Arsenal wants to auction him to the highest bidder, but the defender only wants a return to the Seville club.

This has put the Gunners in a difficult situation since the Spaniards cannot meet their asking price.

A report on The Sun claims the defender is now willing to lose millions in wages to return to the Benito Villamarín Stadium.

The report claims he will make £34,000-a-week there, far less than the £110,000 he gets weekly at Arsenal.

He is also willing to forgo the last year of his Arsenal contract worth around £5.7m to seal the transfer.

Just Arsenal Opinion

This is a stunning show of preference from Bellerin, and we probably should just allow him to return to the La Liga side.

The right-back has spent over a decade at the Emirates, and he truly wouldn’t get a chance to play for us regularly again.

So our best option is probably to allow him to leave for free and save on his wages.

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  1. I get mad when i read out best option is to let him leave for free. How is that even a argument they want him he want them let them pay whatever money we can squeeze out of him. Anything is better than giving him away for free as for wages even if they pay 5 M we will still save the wages. If he really wants to leave tell him to pay 5 M let them pay 5M everybody’s happy

  2. The sheer OBSCENITY of all Prem wages is now SO absurd that my heart (and MANY others too) is not ABLE to bleed , even metaphorically, for a “poor destitute player” who may now , seemingly, have to eek out a poor living on a “mere” £34k pw, instead of being able to eat properly and live in a luxury house on the £110000, pw he gets currently.

    So please raid your piggy banks and send all your spare cash to “poor, overcriticised, living on the streets” Hector Bellerin”! He really needs your help, so give generously.

  3. good on him,i say! but as expected no matter what he does,someone will still find a reason to have a dig at him.there is no winning with some,is there??

        1. What some are also missing, is the fact that players are desperate to leave the club!!!

          So desperate, they are changing their agent, foregoing legitimate contracted salaries and even catching planes to ensure they get a transfer out!!

          MY heart bleeds for this, once, respected, well run, admired and sought after club that players actually wanted to play for… where has it all gone wrong?!?!

          1. @Ken
            Players are desperate to leave?
            What type of players are desperate to leave?
            The ones that Arteta has clearly shown he does not want them / not in his plans? Ozil, Auba, Guendouzi, Bellerin, Willian, Mav, Pepe, AMN etc?

            The likes of Vieira, Henry, Cesc, Rvp, Sanchez, Nasri, Adebayor, Ashley Cole, Anelka, Ramsey etc weren’t all desperate to leave I take it.. Didn’t Cesc pay £5 million to end his Arsenal contract? Took a pay cut on top of that.
            The majority of those I mentioned forced their moves away from Arsenal even if we were desperate for them to stay..

            The ones that Arteta has clearly told they ain’t in his plans at Arsenal are the ones jumping before being pushed, isn’t it?

            Look at the ones that he wanted to stay, Xhaka, Elneny, Nketia, Odegaard, ESR etc. What happened to them? They renewed and extended their contracts. Isn’t it? When Arteta clearly told Auba the he was in his plans and wanted him to stay what happened? He stayed and renewed his contract in 2020/21. Isn’t it?

            *****MY heart bleeds for this, once, respected, well run, admired and sought after club that players actually wanted to play for… where has it all gone wrong?!?!*****
            I think you should ask Wenger, Kroenke and Gazidis that question.

            It all started in 2005 with Vieira desperate to join Juventus.
            Then 2006 when Ashley Cole was desperate to join Chelsea.
            Then 2007 when Henry was desperate to join Barcelona.
            Then 2009 when Adebayor forced a move to Man City.
            Then 2010 when Cesc and Nasri were desperate to join Barcelona and City.
            Then 2012 when RVP was desperate to join Man United.
            Then 2016 Sanchez was desperate to join United.
            Then 2019 Ramsey desperate to join Juventus..

            Can you please explain all that? Or you just want to continue your biased spins when it comes to Arteta?

            1. Weren’t you worried that Admin would not let you put all these details down in one post?
              After all, we, surely need all the facts to be clearly laid out don’t we?
              Not once did I mention Arteta or any other manager / coach did I?
              Why do you keep going backwards to try and justify what’s happening today?
              Despite all the players you mentioned, not one of them was given away for free and then paid for by the club to play for someone else were they?

              Only two of your “etc” players Cole and Ade have not said they regretted leaving the club – can you imagine Bellerin, Aubameyang or Pepe saying that?
              Get your facts right regarding PV, he didn’t want to leave – have you read his biography?
              Arsenal wouldn’t pay Ade the same money as Henry, despite the player thinking he was worth it – do you think he was?
              Nasri? You must have a short memory, because he, just like Sanchez renaged on a verbal agreement when more money was offered – different circumstances to Bellerin, Aubameyang and, probably Pepe, wouldn’t you say?
              Ramsey? Dear oh dear Goonster, your details regarding FACTS are off beam. He was offered a contract, agreed to it, but then te club rescinded it. (rightly so as it was grotesque).
              The club and player then run down his contract, he received an award at the Emirates from the club – an award he received in tears, as he never wanted to leave… don’t you remember that?
              Do you also not remember Sanchez saying after his first day at United, asking if he could reverse his decision, as he knew he had made a mistake?

              No this wasn’t about MA – it was about the club and how it’s run TODAY under kronkie and the transfer policy under Edu – I’ll let Mikel’s squad do the talking next season.

              Of course, as I’ve previously experienced, you won’t answer my questions so don’t bother firing any questions back, as you usually do.

              1. I would have replied him myself but I decided not to waste my energy.
                You can see the players he was comparing to each other, then you will realize there’s no need for discussion. Like you said except for Ramsey and Sanchez who was swapped, every other players were sold for good money.
                In fact we were known for profit organization then. Unlike now where we are known for charity club that give players away for free, or have them run out their contracts or pay them to leave.
                Most of the players he listed got a better payment at the club they were sold to, unlike now where players got paid less to the club they left for .
                Some of them see the truth in front of them, but they will never admit it.
                This is Arsenal forum where we all can share our view. He can’t even defend all he stated against a rival not to talk of fellow gunners.
                We are not blind from the truth, it’s left for you to admit it or not.
                And to them calling this management out means calling Arteta out.
                I forgot it’s only Arteta that runs the club.

                  1. @Ken and @Kay
                    I don’t know if you are just being dishonest on purpose or not.
                    Ken, Why are you now including “They were sold for money” kind of talk?

                    I thought your whole spin to start off with was about how you arw very saddened for once in your life by the way players wanting to leave and not play for our club?

                    But when I exposed your typical politician kind of spin you then changed the whole thing into “But we got a transfer fee for those player”.

                    Lets finish the “Players don’t want play for Arsenal anymore nowaday” rhetorics.. It’s not recent because it goes back as early as 2005 starting with Vieira, then Cole, then Henry, then Adebayor, then Cese / Nasri, then RVP, then Sanchez, Ramsey etc.. We were desperate to keep those players but they did not want to stay.

                    On the other hand you have the likes of Ozil, Auba, Bellerin, Guendouzi, Kolasinac, Mustafi, Mav etc that were clearly not wanted by the manager / club, so they were forced out or jumped before they were pushed..

                    They don’t want to stay because they were not wanted anymore..

                    The ones that the manager and club wanted to retain all renewed their contracts with us..

                    And if you wanted to talk about which players fetched us a transfer fee then you would never have gotten any push back from me.. But clearly your comment was trying to carry on with your negativity toward the manager / club nowadays. You guys try to manufacture any negative outrage in order to keep yourself outraged at the current regime.

                    Stop spinning the 2 situations..

                1. @Kay
                  So now the comment has been spun into which players fetch money for the club and the clubs they were sold to?
                  I thought @Kens original point was about how he is saddened for the first time in his life as an Arsenal player due to players not wanting to play for our club. Him saying “Where has it all gone wrong?”

                  That’s why I wanted to remind him that it has not just started going wrong in the last 2 seasons. It has been going on since 2005 and all throughout the time we have been at the emirates..

                  And that the players he is currently talking about not wanting to play for us are the players that the manager/ club wants out of the club.

                  The other ones from 2005-2019 the club / manager were desperate to keep but they did not want to stay. They were desperate to leave our club.

                  The other category the manager / club clearly wanted them out of the club..

                  So I did not understand stand why @Ken was trying create the nonexistent doom and gloom out of an unwanted player getting the message and trying to move to where he is wanted..

                  That’s all..

              2. @Ken
                The mental gymnastics from you as always.. There is no way you can spin the likes of Vieira, Cole, Adebayor, Cesc, Nasri, Sanchez, Rvp, Henry, pushing move to get out of our clubs as anything else. They did not want to play for our club anymore. You can’t spin it..
                So those player were all desperate to leave starting with Vieira in 2005 to Ramsey on 2019..

                Your mental gymnastics and spins are always funny. That’s why I will always try to expose them.

                All those players wanted to leave, they pushed for moves away. We were desperate for them to stay as a club and fans, but they never wanted to stay..

                You can try to spin but most of us were all there during that time. Those player were desperate to leave even if we wanted them to stay, and they did leave..

                But now you are trying to spin and equate it to the current situation where players that the manager clearly does not fancy, the players that he has told are not in his plans etc are being pushed out by the club or are jumping before they are pushed..

                The ones that he wants to stay Elney, Xhaka, Nketia, Odegaard, ESR etc all stayed.

                What a misleading person you can be @Ken.

                1. No need to “expose” my opinion, so let’s try again
                  Ramsey did NOT want to leave the club, that’s why he agreed to sign the contract that gazidis had drawn up.
                  Vieira did not want to leave the club when he did read his autobiography.

                  We have NEVER let a player leave the club and still pay his salary. That phenomenon has only begun under Edu and, I assune, with the blessing of kronkie and Mikel.
                  We have, also, never let a player sit at home or on the bench, watching him devalue his transfer fee, as was the case with Ozil and Aubameyang.

                  Finally, if you are happy with the way we are conducting our business in the transfer market, then that’s fine with me – I simply disagree.

                  I didn’t bring up the transfer fees we had received for the players you mentioned, that was an excellent observation from kaay of course… and so important when we look at how the club is being run today as to the AW time that you look back on so fondly.
                  I notice that you did not address the fact that every player you mention, apart from Cole and Adebayor, all regretted leaving the club.

                  1. @Ken
                    So Vieira wanted to stay but the club wanted him gone?

                    So then he was in the same situation as the likes of Auba, Ozil, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Bellerin, Guendouzi, Mav, etc? The club did not want him anymore so he jumped before they pushed him?

                    If that’s true then I will hold my hand up and admit I was wrong on Vieira..
                    I thought he wanted to go to Madrid in 2004 but the club blocked the move due to Madrid not wanting to pay the amount Arsenal wanted..

                    But on the other players they wanted to leave, pushed for the moves away. No way to spin it.. Ramsey was already set on leaving and earning £400,000 a week as a free agent. He ran down that contract refused to renew it, was asking for ridiculous amounts of wages as a deterrent. He was going to recieve in the region of £300,000 a week at Juventus, so he kept playing games with the club, hence why the club realised his little game and pulled the contract off the table. He was bent on going to Juventus and earning £300,000 a week that Arsenal were refusing to pay..

                    So you spin that players never wanted to leave but wanted to join Arsenal are not working here. Henry, Ade, Cesc, Cole, Nasri, Sanchez, RVp, Hleb, Song etc all wanted to move to those more serious clubs, and they pushed for those moves even if Arsenal and the fans were always so desperate to keep them..

                    And they regretted leaving Arsenal? What exactly were they regretting? Fighting for the Top 4 trophy each and every season? Going 9 years without winning a single seriously trophy apart from our own made up “Top 4 trophy?”

                    Didn’t Vieira himself come out and say that looking back he regrets not going to Madrid back in 2004?

                    So those players regretted leaving? Now you do agree that they wanted to leave? You can’t regret something you did not do with your own free will. You regret things you did out of your own free will. Isn’t it?
                    So you are admitting that players wanting to leave did not start during the last 2 seasons. Right? It goes back as far back as 2004?

                    1. Of course one can regret something that was not of their doing – you must live in cloud cuckoo land if you haven’t regretted something that happened to you, that wasn’t of your doing.
                      What the likes of Hleb regretted, was the fact that they thought the grass was greener, then found out it wasn’t.
                      That is what every one of the players you originally mentioned, apart from the two I singled out, regretted leaving the club.

                      However, what you have, quite deliberately done, is move the discussion from the club giving players away… paying their salaries meanwhile…allowing players to run down their contracts…banish players to the bench, or even worse, ban them from the club, therefor reducing their sell-on value… and compound these errors, by telling the world they were surplus to the club… then advertising the fact that they needed to replace these players, driving up the price for those players they were interested in.

                      As I say, my heart bleeds for the amateurish way we conduct our transfer business and I challenge you to name one other club that acts this way.

                      Back to Ramsey – no matter how you try to spin it, the club wanted him to stay and offered him a contract that he accepted.
                      That was then taken off the table and no further offer was made, despite Ramsey stating he wanted to stay.
                      Both parties the run down the rest of the players contract and this player, values at, between, £25,000,000 and £40,000,000 left for….. FREE!!!

                    2. @Ken

                      You are absolutely spinning as always..
                      You are the one that keeps moving and trying to deflect all the time. You keep introducing irrelevant nonsense like “But the players regretted”. Since when did you include that in your original comment that I replied to? You also introduced “But we got money for them blah blah”. You were high fiving @Kaay for also going on about how it’s different because we got some money for those players thay wanted to leave..
                      You started off doing with the fake cry “you were very saddened at the state of the club nowadays where players want to leave blah blah”. All because the likes of unwanted Bellerin were willing to take pay cuts and jump before the club pushed them. I refuted that misleading spin from you by clearly listing the likes of Vieira (even of you corrected me by saying he wanted to stay but the club and wenger wanted him gone). So Vieira was in the Auba, Laca, Ozil, Mustafi, Guendouzi, Kolasinac, Bellerin category). And didn’t Vieira a few years ago said his biggest regret was not joining Madrid in 2004. Minutes

                      But you keep trying mislead the obvious situations about the likes of Sanchez, Cesc, Nasri, Rvp, Hleb, Song, Henry, Cole, Adebayor, Ramsey etc.. If they really wanted to stay then they would have stayed, because the club was always desperate to retain them, but they all were playing their typical disingenuous games playing with our emotions knowing every well that they were pushing for moves away. I just love how you keep trying to rewrite history. As any genuine unbiased Arsenal fan (Not your fellow Arteta doomers), ask them for their opinion on Vieira, Hleb, Henry, Cess, Adebayor, Nasri, Rvp, Sanchez etc.. What answer will the vast majority give?

                      A) Those players engineered their way out of the club even if the club and fanbase were desperate for them to stay.

                      B) It’s the club that wanted them to go.

                      My answer is (A). And I can bet with you that the vast majority of our fans would also choose A.

                      And then a very small dishonest group would choose B..

                      @Ken we all went through those times. Why do you think a lot of our fans hate the likes of Hleb, Adebayor, Nasri, RVP, Cole etc? And even Cesc..? People to this day still label “RVP as Judah. People still label Nasri as a snake. People still can’t stand Adebayor. People could not stand Hleb for going behind the clubs back and making contact with Barcelona etc..

                      And you never addressed my contentions. The players that Arteta and the club wanted to keep all stayed and signed new contracts (Xhaka, Elneny, ESR, Odegaard, Nketia etc) Auba stayed in 2020/21 when Arteta wanted him to stay. The ones he did not want are the ones that have been flushed out..

                      So you can regret a decision that you were not invested in? Self regret is a personal reflection of ones actions enacted without coercion / force.?

                      And we still have players that want to join our club, stop the unnecessary Doom and Gloom. We have near new team, got rid of the dead weights. So the players we signed last summer, how did that happen? You said that players don’t want to join or stay at Arsenal.
                      This season we have signed Fabio Vieira, rumours that we are going in for G.Jesus and he wants to join too. Others are willing to also join as long as we meet their parent club’s valuations etc.. So this notion that everything is going wrong at the club is a myth..

                      And I actually don’t care about how the Kroenkes are dealing with our dead weight players. As long as they provide enough funds for the manager to strengthen the squad then I couldn’t give a toss about them letting dead weight and
                      trouble causing weasels for free. In life we all sometimes have to make very painful decisions in order to take different paths.. kroenke os multi £Billionaire, he is not a dumb businessman, you can’t be dumb at business when you have amassed £Billions in personal wealth.. He is a more successful businessman than you and me will ever be.. Sometimes I business you have to make tough decisions, you might lose money in the sort term but it’s about the long term..
                      so I don’t actually care, the dead weights had become weights around the clubs neck.. More than 90% of them had zero value and appeal to potential buyers, and the ones that we could sell were very low in value..

                      Isn’t it..

    1. Are you trying to tell me that you don’t mind having a wantaway player in our team? Cos for me any player who don’t buy into our manager’s plans can make use of the EXIT.

  4. I can’t feel sorry for Bellerin but his personal happiness is what counts in the end for him. If he can afford to, then he should go with his heart.
    He can also do what other players have done and hold onto the massive contract until it finishes. . How many times did I read during the Ozil saga that he was only going along with what was negotiated? Bellerin at least values his playing time from what I can see.

  5. He is a good player compared to Cedric and in my own opinnion, he should be left as a backup for Tomiyasu

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