Despite all the rumours, no offer has been made for Arsenal man yet

One Arsenal player that has been in the rumour mill for the past weeks has been Alexandre Lacazette.

The Frenchman is one of the top players at the club, but he has seen his position threatened by the emergence of Eddie Nketiah.

The young Englishman impressed Mikel Arteta after cutting short his loan spell at Leeds United and he has been sharing the number 9 role with Lacazette ever since.

Lacazette has entered the final two years of his current deal at the Emirates and the Gunners haven’t exactly shown the desire to open talks over a new deal with him.

He has been linked with a host of teams including Juventus and Atletico Madrid in this transfer window.

The Italians seem to hold a strong interest in his signature following the appointment of Andrea Pirlo as their new manager.

However, Standard Sports is reporting that despite the rumours of him interesting European teams, the Gunners are yet to receive any offer for his signature.

Arsenal has been busy adding new players to their team in this transfer window, but the Gunners will have to sell before they can sign their targets and a tempting offer for the former Lyon striker might be accepted.

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  1. Wouldn’t exactly say his position is “threatened” by Nketiah, the kid still has a ways to go on his finishing. However, if the article mentioned Martinelli as a threat to Lacazette, then that would be more realistic.
    Martinelli is miles ahead of Nketiah in terms of finishing and reading the game in general.

    1. Durand, how goes it?
      The big November date is getting close!!!

      I just wonder if there is any truth in the claim that the club want him sold anyway?

      There has been nothing official, just media rumours.
      Even the Atletico suggestion of him being part of an assumed swap deal for Partey was never substantiated by our club.

      Can’t see him wanting to leave anyway, with the MA vision taking place.

      1. Ken my friend! Honestly I hope Laca stays for one more year at least. Then I hope that Martinelli gets a good look for the starting ST spot over Nketiah. I’d rather we give out youth a shot at the gig rather than pay to get the guy from Celtic, I forgot his name.
        November date as in the Presidential Election? I think it’s going to be Trump re-elected; Biden is an absolute disaster, sponsored 1 Bill in 47 years, and was a disaster for the economy for 8 years as Vice President.
        Anyway, ready for Saturday, already have my TV set to record the game (7:30 am my time) and bet a friend Leeds will draw with Liverpool 1-1

        1. Durand, he will only have 12 months left on his contract then, so something will certainly happen then.
          Not sure that Nketiah is ready yet, but certainly has the potential to be a a great goal scorer.

          I’m going for a 3-0 win on Saturday for us and would love to see pool draw or, even better, lose, but can’t really see it myself.

          Your tip for Trump really surprises me Durand – the press coverage he is getting over here, is absolutely awful…one thing he has done though (in my opinion) is to make the western world realize we can stand on our own two feet and the need for USA protection is a thing of the past.

          Anyway, that’s enough of politics, hope you win your bet and here’s to a great season under Mikel Arteta.

          1. Durand, if you are right and the electorate chooses a lying, narcistic mysoginist racist multiple bankrupt over a honest man, I fear for the USA and the World.
            I thought his comments on John McClain, followed up by his reported comments on war veterans, would have finished his chances, apart from his welded on base.

            1. By the way, I was in the USA on the lead up to the election in 2016 and returned home, thinking he was a good chance. Unfortunately the swamp is now enlarged, not drained and the USA is not a laughing stock, so much as pitied. 4% of the World’s population with 20%+of the deaths from Covid19.

  2. Yesterday after being asked by a fan on twitter Laca tweeted back,STAY👊👍,I think that means he’s going nowhere!

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