Despite beating Wolves with 10 men Piers Morgan still has problems with Arsenal

Piers Morgan is one of the more well-known Arsenal fans, but you cannot say he loves the work Mikel Arteta is doing.

The English TV host is always quick to point out issues at the club since the former midfielder became its manager.

One of the most unpopular decisions Arteta has made is banishing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from the club’s first team.

The Gabon star has since left the club to join Barcelona, but Morgan remains adamant that Arsenal is missing a top striker and a leader.

The Gunners secured an impressive 1-0 win against Wolves last night despite playing almost half of the second period with ten men.

It took a heroic performance from them to earn those points. Morgan appreciates that but says the team is still lacking.

After the win, he tweeted: “FT: 0-1. Excellent rearguard win by 10-man Arsenal. But our lack of a top striker, lack of a real captain/leader, and shocking lack of general team discipline all remain big problems.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Morgan will always find something wrong in Arsenal’s game as long as Arteta remains the club’s manager.

The Spaniard has done well by ignoring the critic so far while concentrating on the job at hand.

As long as his team keeps getting the results against all odds, we would continue to back the Spaniard.

Hopefully, we can sort out our disciplinary problems on the field sooner rather than later.

Mikel Arteta discusses the win and red cards

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  1. He did the same to Wenger and Emery, so at least he is consistent in disliking the managers; don’t think it is personal with Arteta.

    Maybe he can scout players then, or chip in with a few millions. Criticizing is fine, but offer solutions, or be part of a solution, don’t just be a Debbie-Downer.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking as I read the article. Morgan has a problem with Arsenal in general and not with Arteta in particular.

      Morgan is a fan, but never seems to enjoy being a fan. No team, across its history, has ever won all of its games or even the vast majority of its games. Pick any team that is currently winning consistently. When you examine their history, every single one of them has gone through previous periods (i.e. years) where they have not won cosistently. Being a fan is for the long haul. And in my opinion there is a certain joy that should accompany being a fan through thick and thin (maybe “should” is too strong, but for me personally it is certainly a desire). Even I find more fun in winning – but never the less I find joy in just being a fan through the good times and the bad.

  2. Morgan also found issue with AW and UE so its not as simple as an Arteta issue
    But apart from the leader bit he is dead right
    Discipline is a major issue
    Lack of a quality striker is obvious to a blind man.

  3. Has he ever kicked a ball? Just because he’s famous doesnt mean he knows anything about what he talks. Ignore him. So negative.

    1. STEVE, guess morgan knows only as much as us fans then.and we are entitled to our opinions, just saying.

    2. Like the majority of TV presenters, they rely on a research team and the production manager to put together their show for them. Presenters have very little, especial knowledge of any subject matter and are far from officianados, at best their just talking heads. Piers Morgan is just that….a shock jock. Can talk about a whole host of subjects across the board, give his opinion in the role of devil’s advocate, stir the pot…….but that’s all he can do.

      Thank god he’s has no real authority beyond his own celebrity to be making real decisions over the welfare and security of people.

  4. realistic commonsensical take on the situation, as he gave a nod to the 3 points and the required efforts of the players, then spoke to the obvious pre-window concerns that continue to exist for all to see post-window…it was neither bombastic nor over-the-top, which is a fairly uncommon approach for this particular unauthorized Arsenal spokesman

  5. Let Me. Morgan apply and replace Mr Arteta. It is as simple as that or he puts his pen down watch Mr. Arteta who is on the steering of AFC now. It is very simple. Mr Morgan is not complaining about the injustices being mettrd on Arsenal. His problem is Arteta. Please give Arsenal Fans Break. When the season ends apply and take his place. We’ll be behind you just as we are behind Arteta today. Yesterday we were behind Wenger and tomorrow we’ll be behind you. Morgan. Don’t be a crying baby all the time, Sir.

  6. If people want a manager like Wenger..then they will have a problem….if people want a manager like Morinio..those people shouldn’t have a problem with Arteta… opinion….waiting for the next transfer window…..I think Arteta will build a very strong team..we just have to have the patience..the money will be there…I hope we get top 4 to attract the best players…..!

    1. Yea I think we are finally going the right way after 12 years of underfunding I think the Kroenke’s finally realized that just having the great name Arsenal FC and buying average players don’t get you in to the CL

      I’m with Arteta I liked him as a player and I like him as a manager specially the way he handled Ozil and Auba

  7. Regarding Piers Morgan it’s nice to have high profile supporters and I’m sure he has advisors on everything before he posts

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