Despite his obvious talents and potential, Arsenal fans may never see this loanee play for them

The Sun speculates that Arsenal is struggling to convince William Saliba that he has a future at the Emirates.

The Frenchman is yet to kick a ball for the Gunners’ senior team, yet he has thrived on loan at French Ligue 1 clubs where he has impressed against opponents like Kylian Mbappe.

The defender still has over two years left on his current Arsenal deal and the Gunners don’t have to press the panic button just yet.

However, they have given his number 4 shirt to Ben White and that is not a show of confidence in any way.

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Predictably, Saliba might ask to be sold because he hasn’t received the confidence of Mikel Arteta so far in his career.

It makes little sense for him to agree to stay if he wouldn’t be given an important role at Arsenal, considering his exploits out on loan.

The investment in Ben White also means Arsenal has almost certainly secured their left and right centre-back spots.

If Saliba is kept at the Emirates next season, he would play behind the Englishman and Gabriel Magalhaes.

With two years left on his deal, he could decide against signing a new contract, putting Arsenal in a difficult position.

If Arteta remains convinced that Saliba isn’t good enough for his team, then Arsenal should cash in on him in the summer. Although they might struggle to recoup the £27million they paid to sign him.

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  1. old news for those of us who believe that the whole Saliba situation has been horribly mismanaged by Arteta et al

  2. If saliba is as good as you claim, then why should ARSENAL Struggle to recoup the £27m they once bought him for, especially given his young age?

    1. Not only White Declan, but Holding as well striding forward at every opportunity?What is going on.?As to Saliba, I can only echo the point made by Henry.

    2. That’s because talent alone doesn’t determine your price tag. There are things like contract value and length, importance to parent club, COVID market, player’s wish, agent demands, competition at parent club, finances and needs of the buying club amongst others

  3. Saliba is as important to Arsenal as Gabriel and White. Every top team has atleast 3-4 top level defenders, considering form, fitness, suspensions, number of games, etc. Also if Saliba comes in we can shift to a back 3 when required, White could play as DM if required and overall the defensive strength of the team is increased.

  4. Another masterful performance by White last night, striding out from the back after making crucial tackles, and hitting glorious passes. I see him moving to DM and Saliba partnering Gabs at the back. With the way Saliba is progressing, the handling of him will be seen as a master stroke!

    1. Totally agree Declan.

      Ben White is a class act, who is rapidly growing to be a vital element of this team going forward.

      I compared him to Maguire when the fee paid debate was raging, and of course got a few of the responses you’d expect.

      I personally stand by my original opinion.

      Ben White will is well on the way to being a far superior C B to Harry Maguire, especially given how M A wants to play and the demands of the modern game.

      Also, I will be slaughtered for the following thought (and that all it is a THOUGHT that popped into my head when watching the game last night).

      Bobby Moore was one of, if not THE, greatest centre backs this country has seen.

      A player who played the game HIS way.

      STYLISTICALLY (and I repeat STYLISTICALLY only ) B W’s game reminds me a lot of Moore, in his reading of the game and his approach to playing the C B role.

      It was often said Moore left the pitch as clean as he went on, due his his reading of the game over 90 min’s.

      Arriving to intercept almost before the ball was played was Moore’s’ art – this is the aspect I see a lot of in Ben’s game, he has excellent all round vision.

      Apparently according to some, Whites not willing to put his body on the line ?????

      Strange that, we only have to go back to the Villa game to see a couple of excellent blocks he put in (fact).

      However, White’s superb reading of the game reduces the amount of last minute “throwing his body in” he has to do – he arrives to intercept on his feet.

      There is now doubt the fee paid weighed against White in many supporters eyes, and he got the “usual” reception (a la Ramsdale) from some quarters who simply could not see where M A was going with this player.

      Also, the move into a defensive midfield position with Saliba slotting in the back is a very useful option open to M A

      So again I totally agree. This kid is proving to be a very good acquisition with every passing game – and well done to M A for sticking to his guns on bringing him in.

      But hey, why didn’t go and buy Varane (yawn).

      However, simply

  5. I hate to pat myself on the back, unlike other unnamed individuals, but I knew I was right about you

    1. Was polite enough not to engage you as requested by yourself- are you some kind of stalker ?

      I was replying to Declan.

      Please in future feel free to exercise your right to ignore me, as I have great pleasure in ignoring you on here.


      1. obviously not, thus your unnecessary response…btw why did you think I was talking to you anyways, it’s not as if I sent a direct reply to any of your comments…the beauty of this honest mistake on your part, is that you displayed considerably more self-awareness than one would logical expect, so there just might be hope for you yet…Cheers to your personal growth and to any miniscule role I might have played along the way

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