Arsenal make HUGE mistake with Francis Coquelin

I must admit I was very surprised when I saw the latest post on saying that the Gunners have decided to extend Francis Coquelin’s loan period at Charlton. The original deal was to send him to the Valley for a month until this Sunday night.

He has impressed everyone at Charlton in the three games he has played so far and seems to have cemented his place in the side, but with Mikel Arteta and Jack Wilshere succumbing to injury this week we thought it was a certainty that Coquelin would be brought back as emergency cover, at least until the winter transfer window opened.

But Arsenal have made this announcement: “French midfielder Francis Coquelin has extended his loan with Championship side Charlton Athletic until December 30.”

“Coquelin has featured three times for Charlton since arriving at The Valley earlier this month.

“The 23-year-old, who has made 43 Arsenal first-team appearances, spent the 2013/14 campaign on loan at Freiburg. Shortly after returning to Arsenal from Germany, Coquelin showed his versatility when he played 90 minutes at left back against Southampton in the Capital One Cup.”

I don’t want to teach Arsene Wenger how to suck eggs, but right now Arsenal need as many able bodies around as possible, especially one that is capable of playing as a defensive midfielder as well as in our depleted defence. Surely it would have been a no-brainer to bring Coquelin back, especially as he is match-fit and in form. Just imagine if we get ONE MORE defender injury this weekend.

Does this make sense to anyone else out there?

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  1. I always loved this kid…I remember that game he starrted at white fart lane really impressed me….give him a chance plzzz..I this he can better than what we got now

      1. How the wind changes wasnt that long ago he was an example for AO of AW always keeping French deadwood and he wasn’t AFC class. Now. He is the best defensive mid we have. Either way AW is called clueless by experienced highly intelligent AO capable of building teams to compete at the highest level. Try not to break the barstool.

      2. at this age, Coquelin is just an average player. Even when he is loaned to small teams, he couldn’t make outstanding performance. Why do you want to have him in our first team? It is good that he has chances at Charlton. When we play average players 2 seasons ago, you called them deadwood. Those players like Coquelin and Denilson will never make us to the top. Each year, get a player like Sanchez and we will become a world class team

  2. I dnt think wenger has or ever will recall a player. That being said, I rather have cazorla and ramsey in the middle anyway in a 4-2-3-1 formation. That way campbell or podolski can finally get a run of games on the left, with any one of our strikers in the middle, alexis on the right, and oxlade right behind them. I think this would be our best option for the weekend, and there’s a chance boss will be back in def so I expect a solid performance.
    N I dnt wanna sound like a broken record, but I do believe this will be the beginning of a good run of games, and not because we played well against dortmund, but because wilshere will not be in the team. I dnt wanna take away from Jacks contributions this season but the team plays better without him and in particular, our most important player Ramsey plays better without him so I suspect much improved performances from aaron. This team finally won a trophy with Ramsey playing at the top of his game and this season the system has been changed to accommodate players that do less than him.

    1. So who scored the beauty against Man City at the beginning of the season. Who is the best player in the Chelsea match?
      He still cannot put a consistent run, but every time he played he always put in 100%. His injury is also because of him trying too hard. Why we always have to point finger at someone when the result does not go our way? Calling him liability or dead wood is highly disrespectful to him

  3. That explain a lot.
    We are always trying to follow the rule book and never like to work with greedy agents, while other teams dont mind playing dirty to get their players. Not sure spending crazy amount to agent, who does not even need to kick the ball to pocket the money, is the right thing to do in UK but anything to improve our chance in the transfer market should be considered. Dick Law and co should take note of that

  4. How does ManU only end up with a spend of 10 million? They made a bunch of high priced signings without many high priced sales. DiMaria, Mata, and Herrera alone cost over 125 million.

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