Despite injuries, Man City will not make it easy for Arsenal

Will City’s injuries be a blessing for Arsenal!

Reports from the Manchester Evening News, are circulating that Manchester City are awaiting results to see if they will be without some of their key players over the weekend or not.

The likes of Kevin De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling, Gabriel Jesus and Sergio Aguero may all be missing for Guardiola. Sterling and De Bruyne pulled out of international duty and may not be fit enough if this game comes too soon for them, but no matter if those particular players are out of the squad, City are a strong side and always have the ability to bounce back and produce on the day. Even if we think they are not “quite there” they cannot and should not be underestimated.

So even if these few players are missing I am sure City will give us a tough game, and for us playing in an away fixture after an international break where many of our players have been flying all over the place is never an easy feat, but if we have a fully fit team, and the tactics are bang on, then I have no doubt that we can grind out a result and even come away with all three points.

Strangely enough, despite Man City having a very poor start to the season, and Arsenal looking very impressive, the bookies are making Pep Guardiola’s side the hot favourites at 1/2. I am amazed, considering the strange results lately without fans in the stadium, that the Gunners are as high as 5/1. In a two-horse race with results going as they are that is an incredible price. I’m going to go to and see if i can get a free bet that will give me a very large return if Arsenal beat Man City again, especially with their weakened side.

City will be a tough task for us on Saturday, but we have beaten them only a few months ago so we know we are capable of doing so, and after our team gets assessed today and tomorrow we will have a clearer insight into who is fit from our boys, who has had an injury free international break and who needs more time to recover.

A lot of our players are due to come back into the side after hopefully returning from injury, and I hope that we have more positive news than what it looks like City will have as I want us to really kick off and stamp down some authority in the league, especially against the big guns! Gooners?


Shenel Osman

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  1. Adajim says:

    ‘IF’ those 4 guys are unavailable, then anything short of winning is unacceptable

  2. Danny says:

    Wont happen you will see all 4 make this miraculous recovery just in time to face us!!

  3. jon fox says:

    As a realist I always dislike over optimism – as Shenel always shows – AND over pessimism. Shenels words read thus “…….then I have NO DOUBT that we can grind out a result and even come away with all three points”!

    The difference between a realist such as me and a super over optimist such as Shenel is that realists DO have such a doubt.
    I do not say its impossible but to have ” no doubt” is IMO, the position of a self fooler.

    I also realise that total accuracy in words is more important to the likes of me than the likes of Shenel, which is one prime reason why I do not consider him an able writer, in general, even though he does have good ideas.

    In all walks of life the devil is in the detail; get that detail wrong and you fail to tell the real truth.

    1. Sid says:

      I agree with your point about having some doubts in every seemingly true statement. It helps in better planning, even though I am guilty of being an optimistic fan.
      Oh, and by the way, Mr. Fox, Ms. Shenel is a lady as clarified by Admin.

    2. soccerboy says:

      @jon fox You seem to place more emphasis the words or may I say the use of words than the messages entailed in the articles. This forum is intended for fans who love arsenal and want to contribute to discussions after games, or share in the transfer gossips.
      Some of us are not English neither do we live in England, but we follow the day to day activities of our beloved club (Arsenal). I personally do not come to this forum to learn English, rather, I come hear to share my excitement about games and view opinions of fellow gooners. I do not come hear to be thought how to construct a sentence or how to build paragraphs, though English is my second language. I know which site to go if I want to learn English. It’s better we argue each other’s point of view than criticize someone’s writing ability. This will non-English speaking arsenal fans problem in making contributions to the site ( Just Arsenal)
      Love Arsenal, love all goners across the globe.

      1. Tony says:

        Well said!

  4. AUBA_14 says:

    De Bruyne will miss it for sure: that’s the best news for me
    I just hope to see us attacking more than against Liverpool and let’s hope for Lacazette not to miss clear chances (fingers crossed)

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