Despite interest from outside, Arsenal fears the worse with expensive flop

Despite not appearing for Arsenal in the last nine months, Arsenal fears that expensive flop Mesut Ozil might not be ready to leave this month.

The German hasn’t played for the club since March and they froze him out of the squad for this season.

It is unlikely that he will be registered this month, even though the Gunners have the chance to do that.

The midfielder is now being linked with a move away from the club so that he can play some football again.

But Arsenal fears that he will remain with them and earn the remaining £8.75million that he would be due by June, according to Sun Sports.

The report also said that the midfielder will be paid a loyalty bonus if he remains at the club until the end of this season.

It adds that a team from Turkey and one from the MLS want to sign him, but Ozil’s £350,000 per week salary can hardly be paid by teams in both competitions.

If he leaves Arsenal this month, the Gunners would likely continue to pay a part of his wages, even that would bring some relief for them.

His agent, Dr Erkut Sogut has, however, maintained that he wants to stay at Arsenal and why would he not? His pockets will be lined very nicely.

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  1. I saw the David Ornstein Sky TV interview an hour ago when he said that nothing is yet decided whether Ozil wil leave this month or not. But, when pushed for his gut feeling , he thought it likely Ozil would go to Fenerbache . But he was unsure, even so , So we MAY, just may, have to suffer this divisive character a few months longer. If so, SIGH!
    Congrats to JA, today, for beating their own daily record for OZIL ARTICLES. I PREDICT ANOTHER FIVE AT LEAST TOMORROW.

    1. I’m surprised that Ozil is not being blamed for Arsenal taking a loan of 120M from the bank of England I mean with him earning 350 000/week and all!

      1. siamois, ODD THOUGH, ID SAY HOW THE THOUGHT HAD CLEARLY OCCURRED TO YOU! The expression no smoik ithout fire come to mind.
        In all seriousness though, the undeniable fact tht OZILS HUGE WAGE IS COSTING US SO MUCH, IS BOUND TO HAVE SOME EFFECT ON WHY WE NEEED THAT £120MILL LOAN FOR DAY TO DAY RUNNING COSTS,. NOT THE MAIN REASON BUT ONE AMONG MAN . YOU CANNOT IN HONOUR DENY THAT TRUTH. (Which is why you brought up the subject BEFORE anyone else has done, interestingly!)
        CAN YOU?
        Peoples actual words reveal so much more than most can ever suspect about their true thoughts. Yours are a prime example siamois!

  2. Just keep him frozen away again if he won’t leave. That’s all I wanted before the season started.
    Keep his divisiveness away from the pitch.
    We have waited for more than 6 years for him to be moved on due to his underperformces and poor attitude. So 6 months frozen away is nothing.

    June / 2021 is not too far away.

    Keep him away.

    1. Goonster- you are right. We will survive 6 months and he will be GONE for ever. I will drink to that in June

  3. If true, this is where it becomes very difficult to defend Ozil and accept that he has been a victim on all this.

    He is certainly within his contractual rights to stay and pick up his loyalty bonus but he will be fully aware that this is the antithesis of the intent of the loyalty bonus. It becomes difficult to understand why he would do this if his option is to go somewhere where he is wanted to do something he professes to still want to do – play football.

    And before someone says that we’d all do the same, no we wouldn’t and there are many examples of professional athletes who have chosen playing time over more money then they will ever need.

    For Ozil’s sake, I hope this story isn’t true.

    1. Trudeau:

      Before you come to any conclusion, listen to what MA said today.

      Arsenal created a monster, the monster spoke and the monster is not wavering.

      1. I don’t doubt for a second that there is plenty of blame to go around and MA isn’t excluded. I guess what I’m saying is that, simply from a human perspective, I dont understand Ozil’s motivation to stay.

        I was once “performance managed” out of a job and felt persecuted, humiliated and unfairly treated. It was hell and I couldn’t wait to go somewhere else where I could contribute and feel valued. Money, and believe me at the time I had a young family and was pretty skint, was the least of my considerations. I just find it hard to believe that it is Ozil’s primary one. Maybe I’m naive

        1. Trudeau: Good discussion.

          We are all different. We have different experiences, wants and needs.

          Contributing is the key word here. Maybe Ozil is just satisfied staying put and contributing to his charities, building his business empire or just standing his ground.

          Trust me, as an older person ,what was once very important to me is now silly.

          Regardless, we should respect other’s decisions because it makes sense to them and they are entitled to it.

        2. Trudeau, I doubt you are naive, merely a good and decent person, who correctly, NOT naively, expects others to also be decent. All decent people should make sure, by being pro active in life, that others in their circle are also behaving decently by actively challenging poor behaviour and making it clear it is never acceptable.


          There are in life a vast majority of people who are decent and moral. And there are a fewer amount who prize money and material benefits above doing what is right and decent.


    2. Trudeau- I 100% agree with you. If Ozil like Arsenal, he knows he is a burden to the club, he should leave and go play football and get some money . But he is stubborn as donkey and he will not leave. In 6 months though, he will be history.

  4. Never has so much been written about a footballer who earns so much without ever kicking a ball. Will he be guaranteed a mention in the history of the EPL as the man who never was!A fictional character who was loved by some and vilified by more.A player, who surprisingly, was only considered worthy of one page in the autobiography of the man who signed him and who made him the highest paid employee at our Club. The man who considers him an “artist” and yet admits that he is not suited to the speed of the Premier League which he likens to an express train.And where will it all end?In a first class carriage on the Orient Express or in the former democracy known as the USA.The saga will continue to run and run until the final episode is played out in the Summer of 21.And with that I shall enjoy a glass of red wine.

    1. GRANDAD, A mesmeric post to read, as it hits the spot exactly right. This deliberately decisive character, who has in my serious minded opinion been cheating his club and us fans for many years past by refusing point blank to give his best endeavours on the pitch, is fast losing support on JA, even from many who until recently refused to see this truth themeselves.
      Examine thepro and anti Ozil comments and see how many MORE , very recently, HAVE NOW TURNED AGAINST HIM.
      The main reason for this change is that it has become blindingly clear, even to some former deluded fantasists who adored him, that he is harming the club we all love and is actually delighting in being as obstructive as he can.

      And in thr midst of this world pandemic too I confidently, though in sadness, predict that once he is finally gone, he will be the single most scorned ex- player to have ever worn our shirt.

      1. Can you please give me details of your claim that “many more have turned against him recently” please Jon?
        Shouldn’t be too difficult if there is that “many” should it?


  5. I will give you you’re dues Martin ,you know how to reel in the morons with your headline and photo ops .as seen from the victims above ☝️Mind you it’s always the same dullards who fall for it

    1. And the really funny thing is Dan, they are the ones who moan about having so many Ozil articles… then are amongst the first to comment 😂😂😂
      I have this sneaky feeling they are actually his “fan boys”, such is their fascination with him and the articles involving him.

      1. Always the same few Ken ,like clockwork you can Put your house on it every time .
        I’m eager to see whos next one their hitlist when Mr Ozil leaves ,my bet is on Auba because he’s next down on the wages list .
        PS Ken your not aloud to use Emojis if your over 10 years old 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  6. Just 136 days of the season left or 139 if we get to the Europa League Final. Seeing he hasn’t played for more than twice that time already, he would need his head testing to leave for anything less than his wages and his 1.5m loyalty bonus.

    Him, Macey, Sokratis, Mustafi and Luiz can basically call the shots.

  7. Ozil has been disinterested in playing football for years, so I can’t see him walking away until his contract is.

    Fingers crossed he takes his legion of fanboys with him! I’m sure once at his new club, when he gets his first assist (might be waiting months for that by the way), we will hear the usual drivel of he’s a world class player, we should have kept him! Haha

  8. Well TMJW- if this was the case and his “fanboys” left the club with him then this site would go downhill pretty fast I would think. Was it 78% of support Ozil received when a poll was carried out? Something like that figure I believe.
    It shut Fox up pretty quickly as he spouted continually about the supposedly ever decreasing support the player had. But then again he’s the same as you PAL. Plenty of gob but don’t get your facts right too often do you.

    1. As usual, no context from you Phil!

      That poll was taken before ESR was given his chance, and in only a few games, he’s already done more than Ozil did for the whole of last season!

      Take the poll again now, and you’ll see a big difference.

      Get your context sorted, before running your mouth, because you continually make yourself look stupid.

      1. Well TMJW, there’s context there if you are intelligent enough to understand it PAL. You, along with a few others were constantly spouting Ozil had no support, while 78% totally disagreed with you. That alone is context.
        ESR? Well it shows just how badly Arteta got things wrong by playing a side with no CAM or a No10 don’t you think? Sure ESR has done well, and deserves all the credit he is getting, and I’m not saying Ozil would have done as well or worst given the opportunity.
        My whole gripe is when I am being told that when Ozil eventually leaves Arsenal a certain type of “fan” is suggesting all Ozil supporters should be following him out the door. That’s pathetic, childish and juvenile, and if you don’t agree then clearly these labels are pinned directly on you too PAL.

  9. Phil- whatever you are saying , the fact is in 6 months this lazy guy is gone forever and no more discussions about him. And if his fanboys go with him-even better.

  10. @JPS- why even better if his fanboys go with him? You see this is where I have an issue. I have been a season ticket holder since 1971, which was nine years following my first live game aged 6. So just because I personally believe Mesut Ozil is a very talented footballer, you feel it’s better I go and support whichever club Ozil goes to. Is that what you feel? And do you seriously believe I would even do that? What you spout is the same moronic drivel that some on here do, without actually realising what you are saying. I am fairly fortunate in what I have in life. I am also able to stand up for my views in things, certainly when replying to someone like you who feels I would even think for one second about not following Arsenal Football Club when any player left, no matter who that player is/was and whatever anyone else thought of him. Especially when it’s some mindless follower like you who seriously needs to engage a brain cell when replying to anything someone else has written.
    I never have any issue with anyone who feels differently about any certain player. But I refuse to accept that I am ever going to back down and accept the type of comment you have just written without replying. So, I accept your view on Ozil is different from mine, and obviously 78% of others that polled on this site. But you should respect the fact that your view is exactly that, your view.
    And I would also t you know that the 3 times Arsenal played Fenerbahce in European games, I was both one and away ties in 1979, 2008 and 2013. I say this as this is one club Ozil is heavily linked with.
    Ozil is also reportedly being linked with DC United. If you didn’t know that’s in the American League. Did you know Arsenal once played a pre-season friendly v Real Madrid in Washington? Guess what PAL. I went to that game as well.
    Do you honestly believe I will stop supporting Arsenal when Ozil leaves?

    1. What a lame excuse for bragging about yourself…btw you obviously do have an issue when someone feels differently, which is clearly expressed in your reply, and you clearly don’t accept his view on Ozil, or you never would have responded in such a fashion…he wrote two lines and you provided a drunken journal entry that should have stayed as such

      1. Not bragging at all PAL- just getting over the point that I have followed this club through thick and thin for over 50 years and I have seen hundreds of players come and go. Why would I stop following a club because one player left, no matter what I thought of that player? Pretty simple and I don’t need to big myself up at all PAL, but if it makes you feel better to get your name up here then knock your socks off.

          1. Don’t waste your breath Phil.
            So called fans who believe that, because they slag off ANY player makes them a diehard fan, is the type of fan you are arguing with.
            Spouting off on a website, doesn’t compare with your support… but as the saying goes “Empty vessels make the most noise”.

  11. @Ken 1025- it really rules me Ken as I know it does you. Like quite a number a number on this site we have experienced worst times than we have these last few seasons, and seen players at the Club that were just not good enough. But we are all still here are we not?Supporting ourClub through thick and thin? Good times and bad?

    1974-77 How bad was that period?
    1981-84 Probably as bad if not worst
    1995-97 Not as bad but we were drifting with Rioch and that was with Platt and Bergkamp in the side every week.
    The 1960’s ? Ivan only really remember the later years of that decade and we were in two cup finals in consecutive years but although things were improving we were a million years behind the likes of Leeds and Liverpool.
    But we are all still here Ken and will be when Ozil goes so why do these juveniles feel we should just up and go with him? Pathetic comments from a child like mind mate.
    Your nigh on 1000 mile round trip to every home game shows your diehard commitment to the Club, and are you likely to stop this every other week just because of one player?

    1. You know the answer to that Phil, of course I will
      I wonder just how many of these “diehard” fans actually SUPPORT the club with more than just keyboard rhetoric?

      The support Ozil was given by the fans who were actually THERE at the games, bears no resemblance to the pure hatred on this site and MO knows that, as do you and I…. along with other fans who go… just ask Sue.

      As for these people who suggest we put a player before the club, they are just pathetic individuals with not an ounce of savvy between them – If they knew what supporting a club through thick and thin meant, they wouldn’t even think of saying that to a REAL supporter like yourself.

  12. “Arsenal fears the worse” Come on Admin headline writer, you at least should have a better command of English!

  13. Declan-I think what AdMartin fears is the day Ozil actually leaves the Club. What or who will he write about then?

  14. Declan- you’ve been going as long as myself I know. Do you remember those lean bleak seasons? Compared to now they were as bad as it could get were they not? But I bet you never once thought about leaving the club behind.
    I remember Charlie George being sold. How was that allowed to happen? Yet we were all there next game. And he really was the star player at the time and the fans hero.

    1. The problem is Phil, these “fans” think they can say whatever they like and insult those with a different view, along with any player they take a dislike to as well.
      Unlike said players, we can answer back and question their thought processes (if they have any!!) and THAT’S when the name calling starts, as they cannot answer simple questions.
      How many times have your questions gone unanswered and /or simply ignored?
      I’m certain that you and I will meet up again for a drink next season inside the Emirates and fully support any player wearing our shirt – it’s those fans who don’t, who are the plastic fans.

      1. Pot calling the kettle black much…I’m not some snot-nosed kid that just starting following Arsenal yesterday…I’ve been a fan since the late 70s, but I certainly wouldn’t use that as a point of contention within an argument that had nothing to do with that whatsoever…sometimes age distorts perspective, instead of enhancing it…but thanks for letting us purposefully overhear your two old men sitting on a porch diatribe…btw I have no problem answering questions, but unlike Phil I tend not to answer rhetorical ones

        1. So then TRVL- in that time you have had supporting Arsenal I have no doubt there have been players you have liked in the team that others haven’t. It’s natural. We all have different views on football. I will give you two instances.
          Firstly I am convinced that had David Hillier been fit for the FA Cup semi final v Spuds in 1991, we would not have lost that game. Hillier divided opinion. He was a poor mans Gilberto at the time who did the scruffy stuff very well and let others do what they could do so much better than him. But Hillier was another divisive figure at the time. Very few rated him, but he was effective in the role GG had him playing. I always liked him as a player, but saw why others didn’t. Did that make me wrong? Would we have still been beaten if Hillier had been fit that day? We will never know of course, but I feel he would no doubt have made us tighter
          Another instance is Tony Woodcock. In my view he was a far far better striker than Ian Wright ever was. That still to this day has arguments within my group of mates but I’m convinced I am right. He was an England regular, had a very good scoring record, and turned down Liverpool at the time because he wanted to play, in his words, for The Arsenal.
          These are my views. Am I right? In my opinion I am? Am I wrong? Others will say I am.
          The point I am making, and this is what angers me, is when so called supporters feel I should up and leave the club, the one I have followed all my life, the second Ozil is out of the door.Do you feel that is right? Is it that simple? So leaves and any fan that likes the player should go with him. Seriously ?
          That’s what irks me and I feel,as any other fan who would have preferred Ozil to have at least been in the squad this season, will no doubt feel the same. And I would be very surprised if any decent fan saw that differently.

          1. Firstly, it’s not your opinion that matters, as that falls within the realm of subjective conjecture, especially when it comes to an issue like Hillier who was injured and obviously didn’t play, it’s the way in which you react to anyone who doesn’t hold your opinion…your responses to both TMJW or JPS were overkill and probably unwarranted as they were addressing “fanboys”, which in my opinion are those individuals who put the interests of one particular individual over the interests of the whole…I don’t believe you to be in that category, although I could be wrong…let’s face it Ozil has been a polarizing figure for much of his time in North London ad as such he’s going to naturally evoke strong opinions, both good and bad, from the fanbase, but those who have experience on their side should use the wisdom that ofttimes comes with that experience to not further inflame an already divisive narrative by lashing out at someone who was likely trolling you anyways…as for Tony Woodcock, there’s no doubt he was a talented striker, who I believe was our leading scorer for at least 3 years(plus that absolutely stellar Villa game), but I would be hard-pressed to call him a better striker than Wrighty, let alone “far better”…I do appreciate that Tony’s gig was cut short due to some serious injury concerns and the arrival of GG, but whenever I’m evaluating the overall greatness of players longevity matters…finally, no one should suggest you leave simply because you like Ozil or favour him over our other options, which btw doesn’t necessarily make you a “fanboy”, while in the same vein you shouldn’t suggest likewise to those who hold differing views to yourself…maybe you don’t understand the perceived tone of your comments, like when you say “I would be surprised if any decent fan saw that differently”…you might be simply referring to the general decency of others, whereas it sounds like you’re suggesting anyone who doesn’t accept your opinions can’t possible be a decent human

      2. Well Ken- old Foxy never answers the direct questions he has put to him, simply because he would embarrass himself even more than he has done recently.
        But Ken, I always acknowledge many fans simply cannot get to games for so many different reasons. This does not make them any less fan in my opinion.
        We all have different views, we all have different ideas on the game. It’s being TOLD what we should believe that irks me. What, I don’t have an opinion of my own? As everyone else does?
        You and I Ken, along with many many other fans,have a friendship that has developed because of our support for the Club. That disguises the fact we have very different view on a number of points and issues.
        If others actually stopped and realised everyone is entitled to their own thoughts snd interpretations then you would get a lot less toxic replies and more debate.But some, they just cannot help themselves can they?

        1. I wasn’t implying that fan’s who couldn’t get to games were any less important regarding their views Phil – what I was saying was two fold..
          There are plenty of opportunities to get to a game it seems that some do not make that effort, but give their views as if they have.
          When Jon used my s/t, he was asked if he heard the chanting going on for Ozil – to my knowledge he has never answered the question and I have to ask why?
          It has been said many times that Ozil’s name is /has been chanted, but its never been recognised and that is why I feel that some of these Ozil haters never go to games.

          Look, it is the insane name calling and childish taunts about leaving when a player one admires goes, that is so ridiculous and immature.
          It shows that they have no regard for another fans views and that, in my opinion makes them the ones who should leave.

          1. Yep Ken- totally agree. What will happen when Ozil does go is somebody else will be in the firing line.
            We are now seeing Aubamayang being called lazy. This is the same player who single handedly won us the FA Cup last season yet now he is bone idle and some are calling for him to go. The worlds gone mad Ken

    2. Phil, those lean bleak seasons are etched into my memory. A true fan would never ever say bollox, I’ve had enough. As you say we went back next game and still do, whatever happens.

  15. Mesut should never have been treated like dirt by Arteta
    he’s been a bloody good servant to this club, okay the wages bill he is on has been massive, now whether or not if he leaves to sign for Fenerbach or if he leaves to sign for D C United, there’s going to be many a Gooner crying if player leaves.

    1. “He has been a bloody good servant…” So what have the other players been?? This guy Ozil is the laziest footballer i have seen. He can choose to play hide and seek in a football match and guess what ? No one can find him. You can’t even play him on fifa PlayStation coz he is definitely going to dissapoint you. He will hide when you need him. Trust me.

  16. TRVL- but in answer to what you say, this is the issue. What exactly is a “Fanboy”?.
    I am on record for always having your best players in the team. Good players make a better team. So I always stated Ozil should play as he was in my opinion our best player. Let’s not forget he was voted Germany’s International player of the year 6 seasons out of 7, and won a World Cup while playing for Arsenal so we are not talking about a limited player here:
    I defended the player at every opportunity and was in the firing line from all who did not like the player: The biggest brain fart they come up with is that Emery and Ljungberg both dropped him. They also very quickly reinstated Ozil as soon as results went against them.And do not tell me Arteta had not regretted Ozil not being available to him during the recent dire performances and results.
    So yeah- I stand up for myself PAL with what I believe are fair arguments. If someone gets personal with me then I am more than capable of trading insults with the best of them. If they want a debate then I’m more than pleased to do this as well.
    Ax for two old codgers in myself and @Ken 865BC then yeah that’s a label I don’t mind and I’m sure he doesn’t either. We disagree on many things Arsenal but have many long talks off this site and always will .

  17. I don’t hate Ozil but he is the laziest player Arsenal have ever had. Also his transfer to Arsenal is financially the worst in Premier League history!

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