Despite interest in Maddison Arsenal hasn’t given up on La Liga ace

Arsenal remains interested in a move for Martin Odegaard despite their recent bid to add James Maddison to their squad.

Odegaard spent the second half of last season at the Emirates and he was one of Arsenal’s best players.

He returned to Real Madrid this summer after his loan deal expired and the Norwegian intends to make a name for himself at the Spanish club.

It is a difficult task considering the players he would compete with for a spot in their midfield.

At the moment, he seems to be in the plans of their new manager, Carlo Ancelotti and that will make it hard for Arsenal to sign him.

However, transfer insider, Fabrizio Romano, delivered an update on the Gunners’ pursuit of his signature recently and claimed that they hope that he would become available in this transfer window.

He says that they will try to sign him permanently also, however, it is up to Real Madrid to accept such an offer or not.

He tweeted: “Arsenal are still keeping an eye on Martin Odegaard. He’s always been the main target as number 10 – if he decides to leave Real and Real decides to sell him, Arsenal will bid for Odegaard.

“Arsenal would be ready to try also for a permanent move… but it’s up to Real.”

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  1. Durand says:

    ESR had far better stats than Odegaard last year, personally Odegaard failed to impress.

    2 fantastic games really, that’s all; at least it’s more than Ceballos or Willian can claim.

    For 1/2 the price Real Madrid are asking maybe, but for the rumored fee it’s an easy pass for me.

    Almost criminal not to address the lack of creativity from the midfield last couple years. To compound the error they extend Xhaka with a raise, hoping somehow a leopard will change it’s spots.

  2. Oldman-58 says:

    I believe Ode is a fine young player to be fair to him. Whether you agree with Arteta’s tactics and setup or not is one topic but what is clear is that Ode does not fit in with Mikel’s style of play.

    1. Voyageur says:

      Why don’t you think Odegaard fits in with the way Arteta wants to play?

  3. PJ-SA says:

    We could sign Messi and we’d still lack creativity.

    The problem is the system more than the players we have (no I’m not saying the players are perfect).

    1. Adajim says:

      I agree with you but it’s one for the other, it’s either we pick Wenger attacking football with loads of goals conceded or MA conservative approach.
      The let down so far has been our ineffective attackers, when playing such tactics as MA’s , attackers needs to be highly efficient because they wouldn’t get lots of chances that’s why I feel it’s time to drop Auba and play Saka, Pepe and Laccazet

  4. Websurfer says:

    It make me sick of reading Arsenal STILL are going for unrealistic targets. Maddison, Vlahovic, Martinez, Ødegaard. As far as I am concerned Arsenal do not have the cash, as we haven’t sold many of our fringe players.
    Go for realistic target instead, please.

    BTW it was wrong to let a goalscoring midfielder, a future star like Willock go.

  5. RFrancis says:

    Mark my word, another example of how another club sets a trap to force our rookie manager to overpay again for a mediocre player, close to the deadline window.
    Here are a few statements planted in the press (presumably by RM): Odegaard is part of the manager’s plan; Ancelotti will make it hard for Arsenal to sign him.
    Now, compare these statements to Ancelotti’s direct quotes about the players when he was first signed by RM: (1) the signing of Odegaard was a public relations stunt (2) (Odegaard’s signing was not motivated by footballing reasons.
    So there it is, straight from the horse’s mouth. Let the buyer beware. (Caveat Emptor).
    How do we expect to compete for top 4, when we allow ourselves to fleeced openly by more ambitious and smarter clubs?

  6. Jasa says:

    Ode stats is not good enough for me and why are we chasing for his signature. 14 games, 1 goal and 2 assists.


    we should go for Aour

    1. Clemento says:

      I am totally with you Jasa. I have never seen anything special from Odegaard that makes him out most wanted signing. Aouar would be fantastic. Forget about the poor season he had due to injury. In addition, he is available at a very low price. May be Arteta does not want the players who play direct football. He wants those playing sideway and backward passes

  7. Esteban says:

    Odegaard like Ozil, will give occasional great passes, and a lot of inconsequential ones, and never give his all in tackles, pressing and instinctive interceptions. So the rest of the team has to do the work. Most are mid table fill in players they come in, play in their best mediocrity then leave as expendable extras for 40 to 60% what was paid by the “team”. I saw Hazard and said get him, Arsenal did not. I saw Van Dijk at Celtic and said Please get him (for around 10m). Fire whoever got Pepe and Saliba. Owners don’t need to sell, just but out. I have seen the pattern for 20 windows.

  8. gunnerforlife says:

    We need not go in for Odegaard when Aouar is available, a much better player. When he was expensive last season, Arsenal were after him, now when he is available for half the price, Arsenal are not bidding for him, just cant understand what MA and Edu are thinking.

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