Despite no Champions League football Arsenal ready to fight Tottenham for midfielder

Arsenal have not given up on their determination to sign top quality players despite missing out on Champions League football yet again.

According to reports in the media today they are looking to pip arch-rivals Tottenham to the signature of Barcelona midfielder Andre Gomes.

Spurs have been in pole position to sign the 25-year-old for some time now, however, it is being reported that we are confident of winning the race to sign the £26 Million playmaker.

Gomes had a good season with the Toffees and there is still a chance he will return to Merseyside on a permanent basis but it does appear that it is between us and Tottenham as things stand right now.

It is clear we need a shakeup in the midfield, we cannot claim to have any high calibre midfielders and Gomes would be an upgrade on what we currently have playing for us.

He comes with proven Premier League experience which is of the utmost importance now that we have a limited budget to spend, we simply cannot be taking risks on unproven players anymore, we just do not have the money for that.

It is obviously a huge disadvantage not having Champions League football to offer potential signings but from what I can gather that does not appear to be a major issue for Gomes but that does not mean it will not be a deal breaker.

Put it this way, considering our financial limitations if we can sign Gomes, we certainly should.


  1. And so it begins..

    There is no way on Earth I am paying too much attention to the media about who Arsenal are going to sign! God knows how bad you feel when the summer has gone all the gossip turned out to be a big pile of doo-doo..

    No, when I see them in an Arsenal shirt I will believe it!

    1. Exactly. This summer is going to be a disaster. To expect anything better means you don’t pay attention to this club and how poorly it is run.

  2. If Gomes wants to come to Arsenal it means Spurs were never interested in him in the first place, which is quite possible as most of these transfer stories are just made up. Think about it, the only thing Arsenal have going for them at the moment is they have historically paid higher wages. They currently have a higher wage bill than Liverpool and that’s not really sustainable. So I doubt they would offer Gomes any kind of deal Spurs couldn’t match.

  3. I’ve been a Gooner for over 60 years and that will not change, whoever owns Arsenal, whoever manages Arsenal and whoever plays for Arsenal. Success goes in cycles and we will be back but you have to accept that presently, spurs (small s) are better than us, have more money, a better stadium and a better team. We cannot compete with them presently and I sincerely hope Liverpool thrash them Saturday but we will rise again and they will bottle it again.

    1. Not sure Spurs actually have more money even now, though the champions league income closes the gap and eventually the new stadium will make a difference. What you can say is Spurs use their money much more effectively, Liverpool too. Arsenal’s problems really come from bad management not a lack of income

      1. Spurs have a stadium debt much higher than Arsenal’s ever was due to the higher cost of construction. This debt naturally has to be paid down.

  4. Lets be honest if you were Andre Gomes who would you sign for Spurs with Champions League Football or Arsenal?

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