Despite numerous interested parties Arsenal hasn’t received an official bid for wantaway star

Arsenal has been looking to offload Hector Bellerin in this transfer window and the Spaniard is also looking to leave the Emirates.

He has been at the Emirates for the last 10 years and remains one of the leading figures in the squad.

The full-back has been linked with many clubs in the last year including PSG, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid in this transfer window.

The Daily Express reports that the full-back wants to leave Arsenal this summer and he has interest from several clubs around Europe.

However, Arsenal is yet to receive an official bid for him at the moment.

The report says his departure from the Emirates this summer will also depend on how Arsenal wants to be paid.

If the Gunners accept a loan-to-buy agreement, it would be easier to find a suitor for him than if they insist on full payment.

The report adds that Bayer Leverkusen is one of the clubs looking to sign him this summer as well.

Arsenal has Calum Chambers and Cedric Soares as two other players who can replace him in their squad.

However, the report says they would target a new right-back if they eventually cash in on him.

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  1. It seems to me that nobody really wants him. After all it’s been public knowledge for ages that both him &, Arsenal would be open to him leaving, but there just doesn’t seem to be much interest.

    1. No one wants him. Including me . I have never seen what any of our fans ever saw in him.

      Yes, he once had speed but nothing else at all. Now his speed has gone and he is left with nothing else. No wonder no club wants him, including ours!

      A defender who can’t defend at all has no business being at our club. Simple as that really!

  2. What a shame. And he was so promising. He’ll most likely leave for no more than 10M £.

    As far as selling the surplus players, if they manage to ship half of them, it’d be a miracle.

  3. He was great going forward with amazing pace before his injury but wasn’t a great defender and now, unfortunately , isn’t great at either, though his crossing has improved immensely.

  4. Not surprising there is such limited interest in Bellerin. A defensive player who’s achilles heel is defending.

    Always been a sub par defender, and since he’s lost his pace interest has dropped.

    Should have been sold several years ago when he had value, now Arsenal is stuck with his declining value and high wages.

    He can’t seem to displace Chambers at RB which speaks volumes.

  5. The problem we have with all these players sales/value is we are a mid table team and have been for two seasons. If we had finished 3rd or 4th players we are selling off would be more of a proposition for other teams. These players are seasoned pros and are not pulling any trees up. If they aren’t good enough for us in mid table, why should they be for anyone higher/better.

    1. I’m afraid I do not understand your logic.The calibre of the individual player has nothing whatsoever to do with the League position of the Club when it comes to transfer valuations.The fact that a Club has not come in for Bellerin is due to a perceived lack of quality in the player who never regained the pace he had before his long term injury.It has nothing whatsoever to do with Arsenal finishing in 8th position last season.

      1. Grandads, you have just answered my question, because we finished 8th the value of our squad players go down. We have a couple of individuals that hold their own value but the rest are perceived lower quality because we are a mid table team city, utd, chelsea, Liverpool and Leicester, would have no problem shifting their squad players, goalkeeper, RB, LB, CB, Midfield, Forwards because they finished higher. They are perceived as better players because of. If we had finished top 4, Bellerin would be snapped up for 20 mil plus but he has underperformed so his value has dropped. When we were in the top 4 xhaka and Bellerin were valued far higher, they are still the same players as then but now we can’t give them away. If a striker one season scores 25 goals and the next season sores 5, he will be worth more after the first season and less after the second, its all common sense.

  6. With respect Reggie, you are talking nonsense.As someone who has been a scout when I stopped playing I can tell you that the position of a team in the League has no bearing whatsoever on the value of a player.The abi!ity of the player is paramount and the only other major factor can be the precarious financial position of a Club, when they are obliged to unload players to stay afloat.Barcelona are an example of such a Club and where did they finish in their League?

    1. Grandad with all due respect i am not talking nonsense. Yes individual players in teams will hold value, wherever they finish but because a team under achieves, that is down to other players not performing, so ultimately you finish lower in leagues and players like Bellerin who is not a top player, then becomes less desirable. Top teams pay top dollar and lesser teams dont, do if a top team wont/doesn’t want ie Bellerin, it would then be down to lesser teams, who dont pay as much. Success breeds success and influence, failure deminishes it. If a top club wanted Bellerin they would pay more but because we are finishing mid table, top clubs dont want him or to pay for him and mid table teams don’t pay as much so fees are lower selling to a lesser club. Form of a club and player makes a big difference, as does loss of form and saleability. If Mbappe played for Brighton, he would be worth 125 mil, because he plays for PSG he is worth 200 mil, big clubs pay more because he is playing higher level football at a higher level club.

      1. We will have to agree to differ on this one Reggie.All I will say is the reason teams are not rushing to sign Bellerin is because he is a fairly mediocre RB .The fact that Arsenal finished 8th in the EPL does not change that fact.If Arsenal somehow managed to win the EPL , Bellerin would be the same mediocre player and because of his lack of quality other sides would not be rushing to buy him.As for your assertion on the Mbappe differential, we are living in the real World not the one portrayed in stat sites which label footballers like a dwelling house in the window of an Estate Agent business.A player is worth what a Club is prepared to pay for him not the figures quoted in the fantasy World you seem to live in.There is not a Club in the Planet who would pay 200m for Mbappe nor anything near it.

        1. Ok Grandad, answer me this, the most expensive players go from the best/better teams in my view not yours. Just look at the most expensive players tranfered from the prem, the championship, league one and league two and see how the lower the team the lesser the transfer fees. Why is the same Bellerin we reportedly turned down a 25 mil bid for, 5 years ago (when we were a top 3/4 team) from Barcelona because we wanted 40 mil, now not worth 20 mil in his prime.

        2. And Grandad, we are getting off subject but Mbappe was bought for 135 mil and is believed to have release clause of over 200 mil. So not so fantasy. Thank you.

          1. Without being a great defender, Bellerin was a marketable commodity 5 years ago because he had searing pace which he no longer has.A release clause is a form of protection , and in the case of Mbappe, who was disappointing in the Euros, 200m is pie in the sky.

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