Despite outspending rivals Arsenal has just the 7th most valuable squad

Arsenal spent the most money of all Premier League clubs in the recently closed transfer window.

The Gunners splashed out around £121million on the likes of Ben White, Martin Odegaard and Aaron Ramsdale.

They brought these players in to strengthen a squad that finished last season outside the Premier League European places.

They had also signed the likes of Gabriel Magalhaes in the last summer transfer window and should have assembled one of the most valuable squads in the competition.

Understandably, Arsenal’s focus is on youth signings, but most players are also at their most valuable when they are young.

But the Gunners still don’t have a squad oozing with expensive assets if they want to offload their players.

Trusted aggregator transfermarkt via Sun Sports has revealed the value of Premier League squads and Mikel Arteta’s is only 7th in the ranking.

The report claims that Manchester City has the most valuable squad in the Premier League after signing Jack Grealish.

Their value is almost £1billion, which is around £100m more than second-placed Manchester United.

Arsenal is 7th with their squad valued at £493m and Bukayo Saka is their most valuable player at £58.5m.

Leicester City has a more valuable squad than the Gunners and is 6th on the rankings.

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    1. My oh my!Ben White is valued at 25M and Ramsdale at 10M,if those valuations are correct we have definitely overpaid for them.

      1. And how is Grealish worth £100 million.
        Sancho £77 million.
        Lukaku £97 million.
        Ben White £50 million
        Ramsdale £30 million

        It’s absolutely crazy how okay players since Abramovich came in in 2004 now cost so much.

        How much would the likes of Bergkamp, Henry, Vieira, Petit, etc be costing in 2021?

        No more value for money. Just okay players.
        If Grealish, Sancho, Ben white, Lukaku are going for between £77-100 million in 2021 then how much would someone like Santi, David Silva cost in 2021 in their prime?

        The quality keeps dropping each year and okay players that would have been squad players in the early 2000’s are going for ridiculous amounts.

        Pepe for £72 million?

        Crazy stuff..


    1. Yes Kev let’s hope!I don’t know what happened but the article says that based on the same metrics ,our squad’s valuation went from just over 600M in April to 493M??

      1. Around April 2021 we had these players in our books (approximate valuation in transfermarkt)

        Willock – 15
        Torreira – 15
        Guendo – 15
        Saliba – 15
        Bellerin – 20
        Nelson – 8
        Luiz – 3
        Willian – 10
        Runnarson & Iliev – 2

        Just add up all these to the current 493 mils and you’ll get your near 600 mils.

      2. That’s a big drop in valuation Siamois unless Joe willock was valued over 100 mil? And his departure means the squad is worth considerably less lol

    2. We can all hope Kev but all of these stinging facts just go reinforce the pickle this club is in and the amateur hour way the club and team is run.

      1. Absolutely Reggie, I think I’m just clutching at straws, trying to find some positivity out of a total mess, maybe they will turn a corner and surprise us but I wouldn’t bank on it unfortunately.

    3. Haven’t you noticed how many players are being classified as not up to standard under this management? Many will go down that line again. I don’t see anyone’s value increasing. So only used the transfer window to lift the floor and not the ceiling of this club

  1. The report doesn’t take into account the squad size. We are just a couple of mils shy of Leicester in terms of squad value along with a couple of players short in the squad strength. Our 26 against LCFC’s 28.

    Most importantly, the valuation of Ben White and Ramsdale in that report are 25 and 10 mils respectively.

    Simply a non-story, IMO.

      1. I’m not disputing the values, mate. Just the yard stick.

        Just check the squad size.

        ManC – 22 / ManU – 28 / Chelsea – 26 / L’pool – 27 / Tot – 24 / LECF – 28 / Us – 26 / Eve – 27 / Villa – 22 / Wolves – 24 / WHU – 25 / Leeds – 20 / BHA – 26 / NUFC – 26 / Saints – 27 / CP – 26 / Norwich – 29 / Brent – 30 / Burn – 24 / Watford – 26.

  2. Value of players doesn’t make us win football matches. What was Leicester squad worth when they won the EPL? So this is no sad news. It isn’t even news at all

    1. Well according to researchers from the center for economic performance they are”largely”accurate, their findings/words not mine.

  3. I just love the “Arsenal out spent everyone”.
    You might think we spent in the region of £250 – £300 million.

    The likes of United, Chelsea etc spend the nearly the same amout we spent in 2 or players.

    We had to strengthen about 6 positions with limited finds (About £160 million).

    Chelsea spent about £97 million on one player (Lukaku). Other positions in their team were already strong.

    United spent about more than £100 million on just 2 players. And their team was already strengthened in other positions.

    City spent £100 million on one player (Grealish).

    But our team was already very weak in most positions so we had to be very careful with the limited funds. Signed about 6 players for about £160 million while the other massive clubs were spending £77-100 million on a single player.

    Let’s calculate the overall squad cost value for the likes of United, City and Chelsea.

    On the other hand we should be doing better than likes of Leicester, West Ham, Everton, and wrestling with Spurs this season.

    1. Chelsea also made a lot from sales (cannot remember how much )which easily paid for lukaku ,problem for us is most of our outgoings
      we’re loans which shows that are club is so badly run when other teams are not buying from us .
      We have also keepers fringe players that probably won’t get minutes which will again see their value decline.
      We have players entering the last 12 months of their contracts which was supposedly never going to happen again which again shows serious problems onlems behind closed doors ,all in all we are losing monies like it’s no tomorrow.

  4. I think we got value for our money on Lokonga Tavares, Takehiro and somewhat Odegaard.

    Ben Whites £50 million just keeps baffling me every time I think about it.

    But for the other mentioned players above I think we got value for out money.

  5. it’s tough at this juncture to read too much into this sort of team valuation, in that we have a plethora of younger, fairly unproven players, on our current roster…if this valuation stays roughly the same come season’s end and beyond, we’re in deep sh** moving forward, as further investment, without European football, would likely require us to contemplate the selling off of our “blue-chip” assets…with this in mind, it’s difficult for me to envision a future world where we will actually make a profit from White, Ramsdale, Ode, Xhaka, Cedric, Holding, Bellerin, Lucas, Gabs, Laca, Auba, Pepe, Leno, Kols, Elneny, Chambers and Mari, which leaves only Saka, ESR, Lokonga, Nuno, AMN, Nelson, Balo, Tomiyasu and maybe Saliba…this certainly isn’t a favourable situation, as many of those within the latter group include either recent acquisitions and/or key players who we can ill-afford to lose

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