Despite reports, this Gunner will not be returning home

Aaron Ramsey is being linked with a return to the Premier League this summer, and while Arsenal are linked, he definitely will not be coming back.

Manchester United are supposedly most likely to sign him according to reports, with some kind of swap deal including Paul Pogba, but the financial ramifications tell me that Juventus will not be able to part with him.

Regardless of whether Aaron would be willing to return to our club, which I don’t think he would unfortunately, there is no chance that Arsenal would be willing to pay anything near his current wage, rumoured to be around £400,000 per week.

The Italian giants did make a huge saving by not having to pay for Ramsey’s signature, which must have been a huge bargaining chip for the 29 year-old.

It begs to be seen whether United would be able to agree terms with him this summer, although the financial ramifications would surprise me, and if I was a betting man, I would bank on him staying with Juve until 2023 unless the Old Lady agree to cover part of his wages at his new club.

Aaron has found first-team opportunities slim so far this term, but does seem to have seen an increase in action since the turn of the year, but should Paul Pogba arrive in the coming months then he could well find himself as a very expensive fringe player at the club.

Could United agree to pay a large chunk of Ramsey’s wage? Would Pogba and Ramsey fit into the same side? Should Arsenal offer him an Ozil-matching £350,000 per week to tempt him to return to our first-team?


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  1. Nor should he.

    One of the most interesting things M.A. stated upon arrival for me, was his intention to “change the dynamic” within the squad.

    Let’s not look backwards.

  2. OH DEAR ! yet another naive article that refuses to accept the massive world wide financial sea change in all player new contracts and wages. You have never deigned to answer even one of my regular correct comments about your constantly naive -financially speaking- articles Patrick.
    Have you been advised not to answer or do you simply not care? Which is it ? I would accept an answer from PAT or from MARTIN on your behalf if necessary!

    1. Okay John it’s time for me to come clean My son Patrick has been deaf, blind and dumb since birth and has no idea what is going on in the world around here m.
      I was hoping no longer be would notice….

      1. And you call THAT an answer PAT! How about a proper answer as to why his continued naivety? Is he actually aware of this virus at all!

        1. My Lord.
          Junior does what I tell him to do. And as I said many times, many readers love transfer rumours. We all have our own comfort blankets…..

          1. Well Pat I tried, I really tried. But for whatever reason you wish to avoid giving a proper answer. I and others can therefore only draw the obvious conclusion. Money for the site from adverts and the more atricles then the more money and no matter if they attract virtually NO posts, which we can all see thy don’t. People will not keep on reading nonsense, they will simply decide that person knows nothing and avoid reading his articles. Evidentially! I suppose money is a comfort blanket, as you say!

  3. Personally speaking, I come on here for a little relief from what we all know what is the most serious threat to the human race in recent times.

    Rather like mentions of religion, politics etc, I have a self imposed rule of not posting things “Virus”.

    Does this make me less of a caring human being – absolutely not.

    Many of us will by now beginning to display signs of “cabin fever”. Others will undoubtedly be facing vastly worse scenarios, and of course our thoughts are with them.

    I simply use outlets such as “Just Arsenal” for very specific reasons.

    I visit the site to chat all things Arsenal with like minded people – although not always in agreement !

    Stay safe & well all.

      1. You too Sue (and now for the “cheesy” but well intentioned bit), and the same to all members of the world wide Gooner family – stay safe & healthy all.

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