Despite the chaos Ozil attempts to leave Arsenal in a positive manner

Mesut Ozil is set to end his association with Arsenal after a turbulent last few years at the Emirates.

The German joined the Gunners as one of the best midfielders in the world in 2013, and he helped them achieve some of their recent successes.

His performances began to drop after he signed a new big-money deal at the Emirates in 2018.

He hasn’t played for the club since March after Mikel Arteta realised that playing him was holding his team back.

Arsenal failed to sell him in the summer, but it seems that they succeeded in doing so now.

He is closing in on a move to Fenerbahce, a transfer that should be made official before this week runs out.

Mirror Football reports that despite the chaotic way that he is leaving the club, the German asked for some mementoes to remember his time at the Emirates.

In truth, his first few years at the club were fantastic ones, as he was the leading light in Arsene Wenger’s team.

Even when his performances began to drop, the German remained adamant that he loved the club.

The report says that he wanted to remember his happy times at the club and asked for some Arsenal shirts as precious keepsakes.

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  1. Must be joking when you say his first few years were fantastic. He was a lazy passenger from day one, and I believe he’s caused a lot of resentment and an unwillingness to give their best, from the other players in the dressing room.
    His lazy, Prima-Donna attitude, and the stupid contract Arsenal gave him, including his original signing in the first place was the worst thing I’ve seen my team do since I first supported them in 1947! Good riddance to a bad egg!

    1. I think u just start supporting arsenal what ozil have done here in arsenal Will never be forgotten..go look for his stat and tell other arsenal creative players who have accumulated such greatness during their staying as arsenal player

    2. oh shut up. so many fickle fans forget what the guy has done for us and how he transformed our team. every team finally started showing us some respect when we got him in, and he showed his quality over and over again for us.

      He had bad games just like everyone does, Aubameyang didnt score in 7 games but no one was onto him?! Ozil is an easy target because he made things look effortless.

      The club has let him down and the fans have been a big part of this, same with the demise of Wenger, supporters are not real if they dont value and show respect to those who have built what we have.

    3. And for those defending him, even Wenger himself said, Ozil was given special treatment. Which as you say, would have definitely caused some resentment.

      The amount of times this guy missed an away day, or a fixture beneath him, with a bad back, but miraculously was always fit for a home game or one against a top team, was ridiculous!

      I never thought we would end up with a player with his attitude at Arsenal, let alone accommodate him for a whopping 8 years!

  2. Wow you’re sure you watch in ozils second year he was robbed off the pfa poty awards with over 25 assists in all comps and gave the league one of its best ever midfield performance in a season apart from the last year of the Wenger years he and Sanchez were our go to guys by a mile

    1. Mezut Ozil must be a bit short of money, as one would think he could afford to buy his own mementos of his Arsenal stay?

  3. I feel like i am bereaved as i see Ozil leave the club.,i will forever miss his Majic which he treated us to in his 8yr stay with in the Leicester, Watford and Ludogorets games., He is a professional and wants to leave quietly and start a better life in Turkey… Therefore as i come to terms with the reality, i hope he does what he does best and have double figure stats and put Arteta and the rest his haters to shame.!! Farewell Mr Passer
    Master Mesut Ozil👏👋

  4. As long as he’s gone, I don’t care whether he leaves in a good or bad way. We’ll have peace of mind at Arsenal. Next on the radar will be Willian

  5. My recollection is that he was good when he came. Here is an extract from the media

    Ozil’s assist record will live on long after the man himself has shuffled off his mortal coil.

    The German playmaker is the only player in history to have topped the season assist charts in the Bundesliga, La Liga and the Premier League.

    This weekend just gone, he recorded his 50th assist on English soil in his 141st game, making him quickest player to reach a half-century in the premier league era.

    Ozil deserves plenty of praise for reaching the landmark quicker than Eric Cantona (143 games), Dennis Bergkamp (146), Cesc Fabregas (165), David Silva (166) and the other great creators of our time.

  6. A player whose time here can be divided in two phases- a good overall spell from 2013-2017, and an average to bad spell from 2018-2021. I like him as a player and hope he does well. I also hope now Arsenal would be better at handling transfers and selling players who do not fit the needs of the manager.

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