Despite the turmoil Arsenal players DO have a match to win

I have absolutely no problem with the protests planned by Arsenal fan groups for the home game against Norwich City tomorrow. Despite counting myself on the side of those fans that still respect the prof for his years of service I do agree that something has to change and it is our right to let the club know how we feel.

In the modern world of football with all the TV money and global corporate sponsorship it often feels as though we mean as much to the powers that be as junior doctorsโ€™ concerns do to the health secretary Jeremy (H?)unt, so anything we can do to make them feel our frustration from their ivory towers is welcome in my book, especially with an owner like silent Stan Kroenke who has all the warmth and charm of a week old kipper.

At the same time I do worry about the effect that the protest and the negative atmosphere inside the Emirates stadium will have on the Arsenal players on the pitch. Hopefully they will be able to ignore the turmoil off the pitch or even use it as inspiration to give us fans something to cheer about with a performance.

We badly need it because anything less than a win over the lowly Canaries will be a big problem as it will open the door for Man United to move to within one win of us in the table and we have the small matter of a trip to Man City up next. Norwich will be fighting for their lives and the Gunners need to be on their toes and up for the game to cope with this, but will they be able to focus with all the fan frustration on show?

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  1. I feel as if we’re sleepwalking out of the top 4. We’re effectively only 2 points above Man Utd since they have a game in hand. Plus we have to play Man City at the Etihad, and given the form they’re in, we could easily drop all 3 points there.

    United have to play Leicester and go away to West Ham. So they should drop points, but nonetheless the risk of failing to qualify for the Champions League is real.

    On a side note, people who say that failing to qualify for the champions league would be a good thing really need to rethink. We’d struggle to attract top players in the transfer window if that happened, not least because we’d lose tens of millions in revenues. Plus it’d hit Arsenal’s stature among the top European clubs.

    1. You are talking as if we will sign top players. Last season was the perfecct time to sign a top striker and DM and we were screwed. What makes u think they will buy top striker and DM next season? I expect Wilshere and Welbeck to be our new signing.

      1. True we really only have
        one top top player in form
        and thats Ozil.
        Cech is still good and Sanchez
        was good last season.
        But overall we do not sign top players.
        Wengers reputation and Champions
        league football have attracted
        Cazorla Giroud Ospina Monreal
        Mertesacker Gabriel Kalstrom Podolski
        Chambers Coquelin Girvinho Chamakh
        Wellbeck Debuchy Elneny Campbell
        Park and Sanogo over the last 5 years.
        Are these Premier league winners and ECL
        semi finals every year players?

      2. The pressure is ON in a big way to make those signings,
        But the real issue is the mangerial side of things.

        I personally don’t think that new signings will make much of a difference, whilst wenger plays out his stale approach on matchdays, along with his favoritism to certain player’s.

        What has Ramsey done ‘exactly’ to justify his position in the starting 11? And what did Campbell do so wrong to end up stuck on the bench? ?

        1. Campbell is paid 30k p/w
          Ramsey is paid 80k p/w.
          Ramsey sells more
          merchandise while Iwobi
          is English, again meaning
          more merchandise.
          Campbell is a non entity
          in the market place.
          Its all about the dosh
          the dosh the dosh
          no trophies ๐Ÿ™‚

        2. The favorites Mertesaker, Ramsey and Giroud will always be first choice under our manager.

  2. Yep it’s back to business against Norwich so let’s get behind the team and support them towards getting that important 3 points! Coyg!

    1. Norwich are awful right
      now and any thing less
      than a 3-0 win will
      be disappointing.
      Home ground advantage a full squad
      to choose from and the motivating factor of protests
      should mean a walk over victory to Arsenal.
      But that will not change the fact that Arsenal failed
      to win the easiest league in 50 years.

  3. The results we’ve been getting clearly show that the Arsenal players are no longer interested in playing for Arsene Wenger,change is needed,a new manager with fresh ideas and willingness to spend the club’s money is needed!

  4. There has got to be trolls on the site! These guys make me sick to my stomach with their negativity!

  5. I really want us to qualify for the Champions League but I I’d like Spurs to win the title. Mediocrity and fence sitting has lived among and divided us Gunners for far too long and spurs winning the title will be bring a jolt of reality back to us, there’s nothing we hate more than the chicken getting one over the Canon.

  6. If Wenger refuses to buy proven 20-25 league goal striker again next season we will struggle again like last 4 seasons and top players like Alexis and Ozil will leave. Giroud is the worst first choice striker in Arsenal history. I mean he does score 10-12 league goals but he should be converting more chances that Ozil creates. He is very predictable to play against no pace, no creativity, tries to play one touch flicks every game as if he is Bergkamp and no movement.
    Alexis completely struggles when he plays with Giroud. Alexis record of scoring goals is very good when he plays with pacy players like Welbeck and Theo. Ozil is also having hard time due to Giroud missing sitters every game.

  7. No more excuses next season please. Sell useless Giroud and Theo and buy top striker. Pay extra 10-15 m and do whatever if takes to sign him. Dont repeat that dumb 40 m plus one offer again

  8. Although I don’t really care whether we win or not tomorrow I would like to see this lineup tomorrow.
    Cech Bellerin Mertesaker Koscielny Monreal Coquelin Elneny Ozil Campbell Alexis Welbeck.

  9. If I was looking for charm and charisma, the Siphon wouldn’t stand a chance against the week old kipper. ESPN are running articles on how much the Americans hate him, and apparently are deserting clubs they’ve supported for decades, rather than put up with the mediocrity he brings.

  10. A point has reached where i dont care of any result we get today against norwich…too bad for me!

  11. Like some of the posts above , I actually really care whether we win or lose. How can it be that a fan of 45 years has come to this ?

    Yes, you guessed it…2 men

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