Details of Arsenal v Liverpool Community Shield clash confirmed

Arsenal will take on Liverpool in the Community Shield this season after they won the FA Cup for the 14th time last month.

Mikel Arteta’s team will get a chance to win yet another trophy when next season’s curtain-raiser is played, and he will hope that his players can replicate their recent victory over the Premier League champions.

The Reds have always been a tough team to beat for the Gunners, but Arteta was able to mastermind that impressive win and fans will hope that he can do the same in this game.

For a long time, we have all known that the game will be played on the 29th of August. However, the other details had not been confirmed yet.

The event had been planned as one that fans will be allowed in as a test event ahead of stadiums being back to full capacity before the end of next season.

However, revealing the details of the game on their website, Arsenal noted that the game will be played behind closed doors.

The match is slated for a 4.30 pm kick-off time (UK time), it will be played at Wembley as usual and it will be shown live on BT Sport.

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  1. Wonder if we will have any new signings to showcase by then?
    Possibly Willian but it looks certain now that Gabriel is off to Napoli☹️

  2. OT. Arsenal are masters at dragging their feet when it comes to transfers. At this rate, we might end up not getting Thomas Partey or Gabriel anymore. Even the Willian signing (if it is one, which I’m starting to doubt) is taking forever to announce. Liverpool where linked with a player in 2 days and got him. Man City, the same. Chelsea wanted werner and ziyech. They got them without stress. Why are we so different at Arsenal? It pisses me off so much that we drag our feet on virtually everything. If Aubameyang has agreed to signing a new deal as claimed, what is taking them so long to announce it?. We’ve been linked with Thomas Partey for as long as I can remember but still we’ve not gotten him(and may never do by the looks of things) instead we are looking for cheaper options. Sometimes I just hate the loyalty I have towards this football club.

    1. I agree, Kstix. We’ve seen a lot of transfers done and dusted within no time… but when it comes to us, the complete opposite! I mean what’s the hold up?! It is frustrating to say the least.. at this rate, all my excitement will have gone down the drain!!
      I will be exasperated if we miss out on Partey after all this time!! Atletico play tonight, so if they bow out, let’s hope we get the ball rolling tomorrow!!
      These transfer windows can be torturous 😂😂

      1. Sue that is understating it. We are probably the most unpredictable football club in the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get Partey and we go for some cheaper option that’s not in the same class as Partey. Funny thing is it might not even be cheaper. It might even be within the same price range but of less quality. We are ridiculously used to that now. When we needed to buy a kante, we bought a xhaka at a more expensive price, we needed to buy suarez, we bought a lacazette at a more expensive fee, needed a Zaha, bought a pepe at a more expensive fee who would take longer time to adapt to the physicality of the league than Zaha. It would be nothing new if we went and spent 50m or more on a player of less quality for the same position. Just watch..
        I have a feeling Athletico would win tonight, they have more experience than liebzig. Then they go on to meet Psg and that could go either ways especially with the brilliance of psg last night to come from behind and score 2 goals within 3 minutes of stoppage time.

        1. 👍 and when we needed defenders we just bought Cech 🤪 you couldn’t make it up!!
          Ha, but over how many years will the installment plan be?! I swear in 20 years time we’ll still be paying for someone that has long since retired haha!!
          Yes because we want Atletico to lose, they’re bound to go on and win!!
          That would be a hell of a game between them and PSG though 👍

          1. 😂😂😂 Sue… Cracked me up on Arsenal still paying for a player that has long retired. Oh Arsenal, what am I to do with you?

    2. I even wish there was no transfer window bcz it really harts when other clubs are buying and we are speculating untill other clubs buy the player so i dont blem teams like man-u who always wait for Arsenal to start the speculation then they jump in and just buy.

  3. If we can complete partey deal and get Aubameyang renewal done,then my loyalty to Arsenal will start to melt

    1. Mine too Allstar because for the love of me, no one seems to understand what’s going on at Arsenal anymore

  4. Who is really the delaying factor at the club? I wish i had the power to drag him out of arsenal coz the longer he remains at arsenal ,the more speculations than reality at the club

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