Determined Arsenal grab a draw against Chelsea despite poor performance

Arsenal managed to secure a 2-2 draw against Chelsea this evening at Stamford Bridge, staging a remarkable comeback from a two-goal deficit. The Blues exhibited unwavering determination right from the game’s outset, with Mauricio Pochettino employing a midfield-heavy strategy that left Mikel Arteta’s boys grappling for opportunities.

Initially, it appeared as though Arsenal would be hard-pressed to find solutions to the challenges posed by Chelsea. The Blues further improved their day when they seized the lead through a contentious penalty due to a handball by William Saliba. Chelsea continued to stifle Arsenal’s creative efforts, with key players such as Martin Odegaard and Declan Rice struggling to generate scoring opportunities. Meanwhile, Bukayo Saka delivered a subdued performance and failed to showcase his usual brilliance.

Shortly after the halftime break, Chelsea extended their lead when a mistake by David Raya allowed Mykhailo Mudryk to capitalise on a poor cross and find the back of the net. Arsenal, spurred by tactical adjustments made by Arteta, increased their intensity and managed to pull one back, with Declan Rice taking advantage of a blunder by Robert Sanchez.

Leandro Trossard, who came on as a second-half substitute, played a pivotal role in Arsenal’s resurgence, netting their second goal with an assist from Saka, injecting a sense of style and excitement into the match. Both teams relentlessly pursued a potential match-winner, with Eddie Nketiah causing difficulties for Chelsea through his spirited runs and confrontations with Thiago Silva.

In the end, both clubs settled for a hard-fought and entertaining 2-2 draw.

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  1. Always disappointed when we don’t win a Derby but I’ll settle with a draw

    Well done to Chelsea for playing well. They fought hard

    We should start Trossard more often

    Anyway still at 5he top with Man City and no losses unlike Man City lol

  2. I suppose this is what champions do ,get a result while under performing.
    Why some players were keeped on for so long was a mystery,Odegaard,Jesus to name a few ,we saw what happened when they wer replaced.
    Less said about RAya the better .
    A point gained but Chelsea were by far the better team .

        1. he wasn’t fit the start. And by the time Mikel wanted to make a sub he favored dropping Rice deep and throwing on more attackers instead. So Partey wasn’t needed for how Mikel decided to change the game.

        2. The gaffer blunder with the starting lineup in my opinion, having gone behind by two goals in the second half Arteta is force to goes with more attacking players with his substitutions.

            1. In my honest opinion, I never expected Jorginho to start ahead of Partey in the first place. Seeing the starting line-up with Jorginho really dampened my excitement and expectation a bit but I still felt we should be able to secure an outright win. However, we saw what happened.
              It just makes me think if City had Rodri in the team when we faced them the situation could’ve panned out the way it did in this match or even worse. Because there won’t be a comeback against City.
              Just look at how Caicedo prevented Jorginho from making any meaningful impact with the ball and without the ball he was even worse.
              I put this entirely on Arteta.

              1. I don’t disagree with your sentiments Twinlights. I was assuming that Arteta felt that after playing for Ghana TP may have needed more of a recovery period. He has had a lot of injury issues

  3. Great comeback, but I think Raya was out of position. We’ve seen Ramsdale’s and Raya’s weaknesses, so maybe we’ll need to find another GK in the summer

    I notice that Arsenal under Arteta’s management are always awful after a long international break. He needs to fix that

    1. What was the advantage of playing him over Rams- I can’t still figure out. The only thing we could notice was more mispasses and wrong positionings.

    2. Gai, truth be said i am yet to see how Raya is better than Ramsdale his many risk taken is not even helping the team. I also hope you “ll remember how I posted under your comment on team selection that “Sterling at times plays from the right wing and he would worry Zichenko and that I prefere Tomiyasu” I hope you saw what today’s match. Jorginho didn’t help his course at all Pathey is still relevant in our midfield. Once again Arsenal bench made the difference when it mattered. Hope they pick form against Sevilla on Tuesday.

      This Epl season is obviously going to be highly competitive no slacking for any ambitious team.

    3. I do NOT think RAYA was out of position. I KNOW HE WAS! Several yards in fact and way way, disgracefully , amateurishly, out of position.

      No possible excuse for such a dreadful misjudgement. I want him GONE from us and ASAP!

  4. Today we learnt that there is s different dimension to this team. The one where we don’t need Odegaard, Saka and Jesus to play well.
    It was Havertz and Trossard who changed the game in my opinion.
    Havertz is good at winning headers. He won almost all. A decent sub. Trossard was a poacher’s finish. He should start more games.
    Still unbeaten. On we go.

    1. Agree, ive given Havertz tons of flack but his sub was a huge boost for us and allowed us to keep our attacks going consistently. And yes, some off form players, and I was glad to see Eddie on the pitch. Sometimes you just want a striker to be a striker, as much as I love Jesus. Chelsea also made it a game where having a normal CF occupying their CB’s would’ve been more to our benefit too.

  5. Have to be happy with the point and have to commend the fight back to earn it. Facts are the international break got a bit rattled along with Poch getting this Chelsea team very organized to negate our attackers from doing any. Declan Rice MOTM by a long shot for me, he has An amazing work ethic. We need Odegaard back on form now and Saka fully fit. Well done to the manager for making positive changes when the game called for it too. I don’t think we’ve lost our momentum, just need to reorganize and prepare ourselves for the next one

  6. Ramsdale never made back to back to back mistakes like these in an Arsenal shirt. I don’t know anymore what makes sense in our goalkeeping department

    1. This experiment with David Raya needs to end. We were lucky in the Man City game, unlike the the champions League one and this one where he has cost us points.
      I am yet to see the hype about this guy at this point.

  7. I am very proud of the AFC players for showing fight and getting a point from a game where we deserved nothing. Chelsea were by far the better team. This performance gives me more hope than the win against Man City.
    Congratulations to the manager for the substitutions.
    Objectively, Ramsdale needs to be between the sticks.

      1. For Amos
        It is less faith but more about how I saw it yesterday after over 4 decades of watching AFC.
        I criticise and praise the team in equal measures. But I try to be objective on each occasion. Let us hope onwards and upwards.

  8. Awful performance and really lucky to get the draw but we did. The Raya situation is verging on embarrassing and really, so is the Haverz one, for obvious, different reasons. So many players, Odergaard, Saka, Zinchenko, Jesus and White did not turn up today. The football was so poor today, from both teams but especially Arsenal. The plus is we stay unbeaten and move on.

      1. Haverz is embarrassing because we gifted 65mil to Chelsea for a player, not good enough to start. Oh and i forgot about how bad Jorghino was, another Chelsea reject.

    1. I don’t think we was lucky today, more possession more shots and more corners, if anything Chelsea was “really lucky” that we didn’t show up today….. 🤔💪

    2. Agree on almost all points Reggie – we were bad across the team, with the exception of Rice second half, who single-handedly was trying to drag us back into the game. Partey – who played an hour in each of Ghana’s two games – should have played at least half an hour, Zinny (for Tomi), Jesus (for Havertz), Jorginho and Raya should be dropped as they’ve been poor for a few games, but we all know that Arteta doesn’t think like that… We got out of gaol today.

    3. Reggie, good thing Saka “turned up” for the pinpoint cross for Trossard’s excellent finish for Arsenal’s second goal.

  9. 1st half performance was not good at all. Still, penalty wrongfully given to Chelsea..
    1) Unintentional handball.
    2) Header was off taget.

    Chelsea keeper fault Tommy inside penalty box off the ball, still no penalty given.

    I cant figure out what is the exact rule for handball. I don’t even know when will the inconsistent decision making on the part of different officials will be fixed.

    1. Yea I don’t like the Saliba call but if it were the other way around there’s not a doubt in our mind we would be complaining. But if it’s true VAR is saying that Saliba is stopping a shot on target then they’re blind and it’s embarrassing. Even from one TV angle it was obvious to me that shot was definitely NOT going on target. But I can’t really argue with the call in the end because most of us would feel hard done by too if the shirt colors were switched.

      Totally agree on the Sanchez foul though. It’s just become acceptable for GK’s to get away with murder now. He was nowhere near the ball and just punched Tommy. For all the Raya flack, at least we don’t have Sanchez between the sticks.

      1. RSH, definite foul by Sanchez taking out the Arsenal attacker Jesus’s nowhere near the ball. Foul in the box is a penalty! Two footed studs up challenges sometimes don’t even warrant a yellow card, let alone a straight red!
        Where is the consistency in interpretation of the laws in the EPL. The officiating onfield and poor application of VAR in the EPL verges on incompetence and is the reason EPL referees are overlooked for officiating at major football tournaments.

    2. The current handball rule is ruining our great game I’m afraid.Our performance in the first half was woeful and from what I have seen so far this season, we should not be taking up our option to buy Raya.

    3. Handball no longer exists! It has foolishly and wrongly been REPLACED BY BALLHAND, by the pygmy brains who run football -, meaning FIFA, not the refs who are only doing what they are, stupidly and unfairly, instructed !

  10. Wasn’t convinced about our starting line up as we all knows, but it is what it is.

    Paul Merson was dead accurate again with how the spoils should share.

    When the going get rough someone have to step up and hold the game by its scuff, Declan Rice does that for us tonight, with that amazing interception and made them pay.

    In the end this feels like a win, the former West Ham man is my player of the match

  11. Hardly a poor cross from Mudryk, more like he saw Raya off his line and scored a worldly. A good result I the end as we were way off but Chelsea weren’t much better. Still unbeaten, onwards and upwards. COYG.

        1. Not for me, he looked embarrassed and gave a wry smile, after his goal celebration. He looked at Sterling before the cross and duffed it. A few players today miss kicked, maybe the weather.

          1. Reggie, You, along with Lineker on MotD, have it correct. It was plain to anyone who looked PROPERLY that it was intended as a cross and was sliced into the net. But not an excuse for Rayas dismal and joke positioning.

            It is a long time since I have see a supposed top keeper be SO FAR OUT in his positioning from where he OUGHT to have been. I have already seen more than enough of RAYA and do not appreciate whatever our manager apparently sees in him, not even one litlle bit. IMO he is markedly inferior to the far better RAMSDALE.

    1. It was a mishit cross all day long, he didn’t look at Rayas position and was trying to find Sterling at the far post.

    2. 100% a mishit. Never looked once towards goal. Even if he’d wanted to fake a cross, he’d have checked the goal at some point before hitting the ball.

      Tbf, Saka scored a similar one a few seasons ago.

      Still, a non-penalty and a mishit cross. Smh

  12. Arteta is unnecessarily complicating things. The goalkeeper’s situation is his own making. If you want to replace Ramsdale be frank about it and stop putting pressure on them.

  13. Where are the Havertz haters? In two consecutive games he has come off the bench and changed games. What many of his detractors didn’t realise was the fact that his size is a great asset because of his hold up play and winning aerial balls. Since Giroud’s departure we have been lacking such a player. I believe this is the main reason why Arteta signed him. It is this point which many of the armchair critics failed to appreciate.

    1. NO sensible, rational thinking Arsenal fan “hates” HAVERTZ. But many rational thinkers cannot possibly understand WHAT MA sees in him!

      Nor in RAYA, to be clear!

        1. I don’t harbor any ill feelings toward Havertz; I just don’t believe he meets the standards required for our squad. He hasn’t had a single game that convinced me otherwise. Offering praise for his performance today, which I consider to be average, seems undeserved.

    2. David am going one foot further, had Havertz started the game or came on much earlier, things could have been completely different.

      For one, Raya would have afforded more options, Tomi, Partey and Havertz should have all figured prominently in a game of this nature.

      Think we had overthink it but was save by the bell in the end.

    3. What some of us dubbed “Harvertz haters” are saying is, he should not start games. He is a great squad player. Two: he should not play at the midfield. He doesn’t have the energy to mark ball.

    4. No haters David, it’s just that we want him to contribute more, and it’s not working in midfield. When he plays further forward his impact is far greater, and last two games his presence has noticably affected the game.

    5. David, about time he had a fair game after costing £65 million. EsR played as well when he came on and cost virtually nothing.

    6. That’s fine. I certainly welcome Havertz’ contributions. However, I think the point you’re missing with the Giroud comparision is that Ollie cost 12 million quid and Havertz cost five times that much. I know inflation is out of control, but 67 million gpb for an impact player off the bench seems a bit steep. I sincerely hope this is the beginning of him coming into his own as a player for us, but at that price tag, anything less than 10 goals and 10 assists this season (and every season he plays for us) is simply not money well spent.

  14. Our worst performance since I can remember, is this the same arsenal that took mancity to the wire for the title last season? Very poor, very poor.
    I love and respect Arteta and I’m proud and glad he is our manager, but sometimes he overdoes things too much for his own good. I hope raya doesn’t start against Sevilla and our next epl game, his ball distribution is terrible as far as I’m concerned and what a silly way to concede that second goal, lost all his bearings and routine positioning.
    Lucky, we need to thank pochetino for this draw . Every cell in my body dislike our performance today,
    Rice motm. He was the only one that can keep his head high in today’s game closely followed by havertz (surprisingly).

    1. Raya wouldve played no matter what in this game, Ramsdale was unavailable because his wife gave birth. I agree though, Mikel needs to start questioning David Raya. It hasn’t been a good start for him and he’s not convinced anyone he’s better than Ramsdale. It would be a massive mistake to lose Ramsdale for a GK that looks inferior so far. I also don’t feel like Raya is really going to be making any fantastic saves for us. Even the shots that Chelsea hit over the bar, it didn’t seem like he had them covered if they were to be on target.

    2. This was one of our poorer performances in recent times. Raya has made some bad mistakes. However, I disagree that his ball distribution is “terrible”.
      Pochettino set up his team very well. If not for a goalkeeping error we probably would not have picked up a point.
      It is also noteworthy that the bench was important in this game and was used pretty well by Arteta.

  15. I take the point that post international duty we look ‘off’
    I was absolutely certain that Raya was dire but he then did a wonderful grab when a goal could have ensued
    He wasn’t great but then neither were the rest of the starting 11
    Rice scoring settled things but the substitutions made a massive impact and Trossard’s goal was a bit of understated joy for me.
    We need a target man
    Cole Palmer was a very useful addition for Chelsea
    To finish, I do think the penalty was iffy but we are not the only ones who fall foul of the edict.
    I’m not saying we were lucky it overall a draw was a fair result

    1. Yes we absolutely needed a target man, though am not the biggest fan of Havertz , he won all his arial duels convincingly one of which that had lead to goal.

      The sharing of the spoils is more than a fair result and when you consider how Jesus was clobbered in the box by their goalie without touching the ball

  16. Still unbeaten and second on the table till at least monday night. Goes to show the stuff this team is made of, i can only feel sorry for those who have no idea how massive this come back is to our mental strenght. We are very much on our way of achieving something special. A trip seville next,COYG!!!

  17. Can anyone explain in intelligent manner the apparent thinking of MA, who for whatever rmysterious and unfathomable reason sees something in RAYA that is invisible to me and I suspect to most Gooners too?

    In one respect I am pleased to see RAYA, WHO I HAVE NEVER RATED ESP, play so badly. That is because I HOPE AND BELIEVE THAT RAMSDALE WILL REGAIN HIS PLACE AND that we will NOT make RAYA’s loan a permanent deal.

    I never understood why we dropped Ramsdale in the first place and consider it a huge and hopefully not too long lasting MISTAKE!

    Keepers need a huge personality. RAMSALE is as huge a personality as we can ever get. Raya looks terrified and like a rabbit caught in headlights.

    1. Jon
      I agree that Ramsdale’s presence is so important but there were times last season when I feared the worst. Maybe a bit too over confident?
      Raya doesn’t always look comfortable- and Ramsdale never gave that impression at all.
      Neither are tops in my book but I love Ramsdale’s aura

      1. So on whose side do you come down on then Sue? You have not actually said definitively , one way or the other.


        1. I suppose- but with no real confidence based on the later stages of last season- that Ramsdale deserves another chance
          However, I’m not convinced by either which may make Arteta’s decision making more difficult



    2. The heart wants what the heart wants, but Arteta will eventually use his brain, once gets past his blinkered stubbornness of course.

    3. Hi Jon. At first I got why Raya was bought – his apperent calmness and distribution. Ramsdale could be superb in big games but against lesser teams made too many careless mistakes. When he did he made the whole defence nervous. There is more to personality than encouraging the crowd and giving interviews. Raya came in and it was apparent how well he controlled his box and his calmness made the whole defence better. Fast forward to the last couple of games – he now looks as nervous as Ramsdale on a bad day, his positioning is getting found out (not good for small keepers) and his distribution has deteriorated. Ramsdale for me.

  18. Chelsea are on the ascendancy and that may turn out to be a bigger point than may be appreciated today. Happy with a point on the day, but disappointed with Odegaard, he can be brilliant, however, sometimes he doesn’t show up. I am also preferring Tomiyasu ahead of Zinchenko against classy wingers.

    1. JBGS, it wasn’t a case of Odegaard “not turning up”, but the efficiency and effectiveness of Chelsea’s midfield in cutting off supply to Odegaard.
      Chelsea’s midfield definitely outplayed Arsenal’s midfield in the first half and much of the second.

  19. All Our london derbies except palace have ended in 2-2 draws. Not sure what mikel is driving at with that.

    1. Yeah, except palace. Not sure what MA is driving at with that. it’s certainly not coincidence if you ask me.

  20. But to think of it and to be honest as well. Shouldn’t Arsenal have beaten Chelsea in the match to claim all the 3 points at stake in it?
    I think the Gunners ought to have as they are fully aware that Tottenham Hptspur who at home play on Monday night against Fulham will gazzumb us by 2 points at the top of the table if they beat Fulham as Arsenal currently sit on the table on 21 points.
    Us can only now hope that Spurs will also drop 2 points at home against Fulham on Monday night. Or be beaten by the Cottagers in the match. A match result that can happen.

  21. What I didn’t understand was how when we crowded the ref in a previous game, we were given a yellow card, yet their players were continually crowding the ref asking him to show yellow cards, yet he did nothing. Thought the rules were to show a card?

  22. What I didn’t understand was how when we crowded the ref in a previous game, we were given a yellow card, yet their players were continually crowding the ref asking him to show yellow cards, yet he did nothing. Thought the rules were to show a card?

    1. Yes, that Palmer guy should be sent off for second yellow when he ask referee to show yellow card to Declan Rice.

  23. So boring today. A rather poor arsenal made Chelsea look good today. Posh set up of his team was criminally too defensive. A more accomplished team would have taken the game to Chelsea. Arteta got the dm position wrong asking jorginho ( who incidentally irritated me the most today with his slow build up play) to Marshal Enzo and caicedo . Odegard was a waste today. Arteta should have know that his wingers would be doubled upon and partey was needed to free space for the wingers. The less said about Raya the better. Arsenal needs to buy Ivan toney asap. White would have relished the prospect of crossing into the box for him to feed on. Harvetz is at best play better when. Coming from the bench. He is not a starter. I think the international break has an effect on energy level of the team. Arsenal won’t be so generous when chelsea come calling in the reverse fixture to come. That is a promise.

  24. Ramsdale’s place was given to Raya for conceding cheap goals. Has Raya not conceded cheap goals? Would this be liken to an African proverb, ” selling dog to buy monkey” ? There’s no clear difference between the two. Infact, I would prefer Ramsdale to be restored back to his position. It seems he has the swagger and passion as a Gunner.
    Again, kudos to the boys for that determination to fight back. In my opinion, we still need RWB. Much as the hype may go for White, he is still far from being the dream guy at position. I think it’s time for Tomiyasu start games.
    All the same, well done boys. One point is better than no point

    1. I think the Raya situation is turning into an embarrassing situation and has solved absolutely nothing and caused many more questions.

      1. True , it’s becoming embarrassing and I hope Arteta acts . I really thought if Ramsdale starts today he could have been fired up to keep a clean sheet!

  25. A big sign of the ability of a team when they don’t turn up for 80 minute and yet get a result.

    I had a feeling we wouldn’t win today. You can’t win every game but then you cannot loss.

    Arsenal were lucky today, but they were also tenacious.

    Must say, a general comment. It’s looking more and more evident that we need a top striker.

    1. So you are complimenting not turning up for 80 minutes and somehow getting a draw? Clutching at straws, let’s call a spade a spade.

      1. I applaud My team for the fact we didn’t lost when being way below the standards we have set.

        The truth is, that was chelsea’s best performance this season (even with 2 flukey goals) and our worst performance, yet we didn’t lost.

  26. People are going to compliment the comeback to draw

    Nothing to compliment, should never have been in that position against a poor Chelsea team.

  27. This is disgusting;we got out of Havartz trauma and now we’re on Raya. For sure he haven’t yet adapted to arsenal system. I mean he’s not as professional as Ramsdale. Raya should either be the 2nd choice or go back to Brentford. He is really embarrassing arsenal with his unprofessionalism. in today’s game I just say congratulation arsenal for coming behind 2 goal down and equalise. Mike Arteta is now too much with the poor decisions he is making in selecting the squad .he should think twice what he’s doing.

  28. Funny how Martin Odegaard only shows up when playing smaller clubs and when it comes time to sign new contracts. His last international match for Norway, he hid behind the referee for the entire match. He was more like the referee’s shadow. I would like to see Declan Rice as Arsenal’s captain come next season

      1. @GB. I watched that match. You either have no football knowledge, or you simply need to do yourself a favour by making an appointment to Spec Savers

    1. pjennings, the problem with Martin Odegaard today against Chelsea, was that Chelsea’s midfield effectively and efficiently cut off supply to Odegaard. He was always receiving passes under pressure.

  29. Funny how fans throw their toys after any set back, i personally don’t like to see us drop points in derbies but it’s not up to me, the reason why i enjoyed the run we had in london derbies last season as it helped shut their mouth even after loosing the tittle the way we did. Gotta see that this is up to us, not even city or pool can stop us, but first you have to have it at the back of your mind that nothing good comes easy. this is just a phase in our journey of achieving greatness. COYG!!!

  30. Always a tricky affair after internationals. Too many players no turning up, Raya, white , ode, Jorginho, Jesus.The changes were Spot on Could have been better. Unbeaten it is and on we go.

  31. The positive is that we’re getting a point even when not playing well and our rivals are going to have to play each other so we can make up for any lost ground later. From this game I can only say thankfully Rice is wearing an Arsenal shirt, Ramsdale never deserved to be treated as a scapegoat and we needed to spend the Harvertz money on someone who could make a stronger contribution.

  32. Given the circumstances, a draw was welcome. Many Arsenal players played in the international break and many Chelsea players didn’t. They were fresh and fully motivated. A typical Pochettino team performance. Full of energy, aggression and direct play. This is our worst performance under Arteta in memory but we got a point.

  33. Last campaign this team played really good football with Partey in midfield. Why has Arteta decided to destroy what he built instead of building on it?
    Why can’t he just play Partey and Rice when both are available.
    Jorginho should only play when Partey isn’t available until we have a viable replacement for him if he must be sold.
    I don’t just understand this guy. What’s Raya there for?

  34. One of the best draws I have seen us get, because we were terrible!

    When they went 2-0 up I thought that was it, because I couldn’t even see us getting a shot on target, let alone actually scoring. So to get a draw out of that, shows how good we are these days, and amazing resilience yet again.

    Still unbeaten, still getting results against the top teams, and a point in our first big test away from home in the league. Very happy in the end.

  35. Poor performance after the international break. But a good point against a Chelsea team that played its best game of the season so far. That is a derby—-so you don`t expect a walk in the park.

  36. Raya has made some bad mistakes in the last few matches. Having said that some of the comments here are unnecessarily emotive. Ramsdale has also made poor mistakes so this narrative that he is better is debatable at least.
    The team’s overall performance was below what we have come to expect. Some of our usually consistent players found it difficult to get to get into the game. Pochettino should be commended for their setup which we struggled to cope with.
    The refereeing was also questionable. The interpretation of the handball rule is quite problematic. Saliba’s arm was not in an unnatural position and it was not certain that the ball was on target. Arsenal probably should have had a penalty.

  37. David Raya has created quite the conundrum for Arteta. If indeed he’s all about a culture of accountability and performance (which I believe he is), he’s going to have to take a long look at a keeper who has made some really shocking errors in the last few games. If Ramsdale isn’t between the sticks next week and Raya continues with the schoolboy errors, it’s going to look really bad and it’s the type of thing that unsettles a locker room.

  38. Hate dropping point but What I liked about this point we got is that we didn’t deserve it
    The other 2 draw fulham and spuds we should have had all 3 and let it slip
    Played below par yesterday but dug deep and got some something from a game we shouldn’t off
    In my mind a sign of a good team
    FEW SEASONS back we would have gone home with nothing.
    Dust our self’s off and on to the next one
    A lot more twists and turns to come and a lot more unexpected drop points for everyone
    Onwards and upwards

    1. How did you determine that we didn’t “deserve it”?
      Chelsea got one goal from a questionable penalty and another from a fluke.
      Arsenal had good shouts for penalties that could have gone our way if referees are consistent.
      The xGs were similar with only a slight edge to Chelsea.
      Despite what is being denounced as a poor performance we had more ball possession against one of the most possession oriented teams in the league.

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