Determined Arsenal secures outstanding victory over Manchester City

Arsenal showcased their determination as they secured a magnificent victory against Manchester City in a game that could potentially redefine the balance of power between the two clubs.

The match kicked off with City displaying their trademark intensity, and Arsenal found themselves fortunate not to concede an early goal.

As the game progressed, the Gunners steadily gained control, although Matteo Kovacic may consider himself lucky not to have received a red card during the physical exchanges of the first half.

Arsenal’s midfield maestros, Declan Rice and Martin Odegaard, played a pivotal role in dictating play and maintaining possession for a significant portion of the game.

Despite City’s renowned strengths, Arsenal’s second-half performance made them appear second-class, as they kept City pinned in their own half.

The turning point arrived when Gabriel Martinelli, coming off the bench, capitalised on Arsenal’s pressure with a deflected shot, sending the Emirates Stadium into raptures.

One would have expected City to mount a last-gasp onslaught, but they seemed bewildered and devoid of ideas in the closing minutes. Arsenal cleverly slowed down the pace and controlled possession as much as possible.

In the end, Mikel Arteta’s team accomplished a remarkable feat by defeating City in the league for the first time since 2015, all while maintaining their unbeaten record in splendid fashion.

This performance underlines the readiness of the Arsenal team to contend for the Premier League title this season. The only lingering question now is whether they can maintain their unbeaten run.

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  1. Arsenal players committed 20 tackles tonight. That must a record for us?!

    So happy for this win!!!

      1. Odegaard – 6 tried to wiped up the crowd but today wasn’t his.
        Saliba- 8 Haaland wasn’t allowed a Sniff
        Martinelli 8 – The game suddenly changed with introduction of the Brazilian, now I realize he’s a bigger player for Tossard.

        Magalhaes – 8 Was immense in keeping a clean sheet.
        Partey – 8 Arsenal will now win the league if we can keep this world class player fit
        Rice – 8 Performance is a consistent eight since joining, was in a goal line clearance that may have well save the day

        White – 7 another good performance from the England International.

        Zinchenko – 7 You cook see Pep Guardiola work to stop him.
        Jesus _ 7 Put on a workman like performance with his all round game.
        Jorginho- 6 Efficient but his legs are long gone.
        Eddie 6 Fought well and will be there when we visit the Bridge.
        Havertz – 6 Contrary to many an armchair managers he has a presence, did extremely well in feeding Martinelli for his assist.

        Tomiyasui – 6 Not known for his attacking talents but pinnick out the big German well before he layed it off for the winner.
        Raya – 6 Was a nervous wreck that, but will be better for the outing.
        Tossard- 5 Fail to spark but will be afforded easier opportunities.

        1. Rice was impressive, but Partey just played for a few minutes and Jesus was a major nuisance for Man City

        2. It’s crazy that Raya was exuding a sense of calm even as a nervous wreck. Let me make an unpopular assertion. We wouldn’t have won today with Ramsdale in goal because many of our balls out from the back would have been booted straight up to City to come at us again. It was risky how Raya played, but that is what playing against the big teams come down to, fine margins. Brilliant positioning by Tomiyaso to stay that forward and win the header that led to the goal. Partey in midfield is just what the doctor ordered.

  2. Don’t want to comment on the standard of the game but I will take the win with 2 hands. May be this win will drench us with confidence and start playing free flowing football again.

    1. Didn’t see the game unfortunately but when every season mid table clubs manage to beat City and we don’t indicate a mental block.

      A win like this not only romove the block but also put fear to anyone who play us. You put fear into an oppenent and it’s already battle half won.

  3. This might be the turning point that take us to the last step in being the genuine and expected challengers this and seasons to come.

  4. A key take away from the game:

    A good defense trumps a good offense everytime!

    And what a win!

    Happy for Gabi and super glad he’s back. We aren’t the same without him at all.

  5. Tactical masterclass. Barring the early couple of minutes City created nothing, completely nullified the best attack in the world. Justice for the Kovacic staying on nonsense in the 1st half. Big hurdle overcome.

  6. Very happy with the 3 points but that game was bery forgettable for all especially the neutrals.

    Well done to MA and the team….maybe a win without Saka will help him realise he can utilise the squad even when he’s fit.

      1. Big time!Haaland didn’t even take one shot during the game.the first time since he moved to the PL,having said that Gabriel and defense deserved sime credits too.

    1. Not just any win but one against a team of city’s statue and without Saka too. He’s go to try that more often even Saka is fit to as to help prevent his recurrent tail end of seasons burnouts.

  7. Arteta made very good substitutions, because Havertz and Tomiyasu made Martinelli able to score. We could’ve controlled the game sooner if the referee gave Kovacic his second yellow card

    Jesus was my MOTM, for his tenacity, skills and movements on the right wing. He managed to win some duels against Gvardiol and we didn’t miss Saka at all

    1. Jesus was a menace. Motm surely for me as well.

      And subs were well done. All of the subs were involved in that goal and Havertz finally got his assist in the big game.

      I bet if it was Nketiah instead of Havertz, he would’ve attemped an impossible shot and never woul’ve spotted Martinelli.

      1. If it was Nketiah, he would’ve lost against Man City CB because he looked tired and his hold-up play isn’t good

        Saliba was also excellent at keeping Haaland quiet. He must be worth at least £80m now

        1. Yes, Saliba was Superb. Also Gabriel as well. To keep someone like Haaland quiet like that isn’t a small feat. And our CBs have done it twice now.

          We probably have the best defense in the league right now, considering substitutes as well. If Timber was available, our defense would be second to none.

      2. Today’s MoTM should go to our defensive unit who nullified city potent attack. But our attacking unit was not clinical going forward. Jesus did hard work but was not clinical enough. We mostly carried ball too much rather than releasing earlier. But that doesn’t matter, because this was the game of tactic and we came on top. Mancity were lucky that they avoided red card and we were lucky not to concede a sitter earlier in the game. Can go into international break with content heart and wait for next big match against Chelsea who are coming into life.

    2. My MOM was Rice by a mile Jesus and Odergaard worked hard but Jesus failed a couple of times, to deliver easy passes in the box because he kept his head down. Odergaard had a quiet game as far as creating. But Rice was peerless in his game management and ran the midfield.

      1. Ramsdale must quickly return to our starting lineup. Raya has made us realize how good was Ramsdale. Raya was brought for ball distribution which turn out to be his worst attribute. It must be so frustrating for Ramsdale that Raya is able to keep is place despite serial poor performance.

        1. Agreed… fans said Partey was an experiment. But Raya also seems the same and clearly not as.good as everyone thinks. It would have been better he played Cuo matches. Ramsdale didn’t really do anything wrong

        2. Fully agree
          Can’t see what he offers us.
          Small goalie
          That Lens goal Ramsdale would have saved

    3. Gai, I agree we didn’t miss Saka much. But not “at all” I say No. Jesus did well but his cut in and into midfield not compared to Saka; Jesus didn’t even make a single cross in. And sometimes he doesnt release the ball in time. Zichenko would have a serious competition in Tomiyasu. I don’t see Jorginho displacing Pathey anytime soon, Pathey brief time on the pitch shows he is a midfield maestro . His combination with Rice in midfield was top notch👌

  8. We created little but kept City quite, and had one crucial thing go our way. We had really no chance of winning with Eddie up front, but the arial abilities of Kai and Tomi gave us some edge. Think Kai is wasted at midfield and can better contribute in some games as a CF.

    1. Spot on. He’s best game for us imo was the community shield game against City and he got his first assist against City playing in the same position. I think he should be one of the center forward options for now. Seeing as he offers something different from both jesus and nketia. That would also help him gradually build up confidence as the pressures would not be on him to deliver in every match played.

  9. I’d say that’s a fair reflection and if City had not been off their game, the dodgy shenanigans in front of goal could have been disastrous for us.
    It was far from a classic but was indeed a classic result and how did Kovacic not get a red?
    I agree with previous posters on an earlier thread that the substitutions were well timed and very effective
    Well done to Martinelli on his return. Much missed- as was Partey

  10. When last did we have keep a clean sheet at home?

    What on earth was wrong with Raya early on? OR was that part of the tactics? Maybe we needed to draw City out.

    1. Could be nerves!

      People talk about why we lost the title last season and the reason was our 2 losses to City. Had we won at home like today, we would’ve gained a 6 pointer and the race couldve looked much different

  11. Massive three points, not a bad game at all to watch, but not a classic. One more goal and we would have been top of the league, very happy for the win though. As we won, I’m not expecting a post from Konstantin.

  12. The chance to beat City today was there and we took it. Firstly the goal, all 4 subs involved and Partey doing what Jorghino failed to do, play the ball forward into a dangerous area. Secondly and not really mentioned Rice was unbelievably good today and was everywhere in midfield. The minus, never got punished (Raya) looked decidedly dodgy in the first half and nearly cost us. He didn’t so good for that. I dont know what Arteta said at halftime but the second half was totally better and the subs were spot on. Arteta outfoxed Pep, who outfoxed himself, playin Silva so deep. I do hope Arteta can see how good Rice and Partey can be moving on. Great to see Martinelli back. Flukey goal but you dont score, if you dont shoot.

    1. Arteta probably told Raya, “Don’t you dare make me do what I said I would to the media when I brought you here!”

        1. I just think Arteta wouldn’t have brought Raya if Aaron was the kind of guy to take serious offense. I think he knows his players better than we do. He brought Aaron himself and Aaron is such a passionate and honest individual and if he wasn’t such, Arteta wouldn’t have gambled upon Raya. I genuinely think Aaron is the kind of individual who cherishes competition and he will comeout better off with his duel with Raya.

          But hey, stranger things have happened in football so can’t say.

      1. We are indeed very lucky today and also the composture of our team amazed me. Kudos to all of them. My regard to everyone. We must keep up the tempo after the international break. Cheers…………

  13. Must admit, given our history and missing both Saka and Martinelli (albeit on the bench) I thought we would lose this.
    Very impressed – it wasn’t the most exciting game but sometimes you just have to dig in.
    I am just glad they didn’t play Haaland lol
    Saliba is some defender…

      1. yeah another case of tactical genius outfoxing themselves. I think we’ll only see it vs very weak teams with low block like burnley luton

      2. For any fan complaining we need a plan B when struggling, maybe they’ll start appreciating what MA was doing in those first few games.

            1. It’s very simple. Different tactics. Obviously you didn’t watch the game given your question, but those tactics were not used today.

              Although very impressive tactic pushing Tomi high and centrally. That was something different, unfortunately some on here will be furious with MA for trying something different – even if it did result in the winning goal.

          1. Well it got us 7pts from 9, and we did more than enough to beat Fulham. The other two games we were easily in control as well. It was poor individual errors and finishing that cost us, not the tactics.

            1. Using a world class midfielder as right back hardly constitutes different tactics or plan B, it was an experiment that didn’t work.
              You can keep saying we got x amount of points, but the games when Partey played RB bear no comparison to the influence he had when he came on against city.
              By the way, I’ve been at every home game and watched us play some mediocre football – it’s amazing how round pegs in round holes can change everything, in my opinion of course.

  14. Both teams locked the other out tactically especially in the build up phase hence the “boring” race. These games are mentally stressful and very happy how the team played clean with no errors.

    People who were heart in mouth about Ramsdale, prepare yourselves its gonna be worse with raya

  15. Woohoo we won!! So glad to have my prediction gone wrong. BTW if Partey plays, we can still play Shy Havents as our big boy CF to receive aerial balls. I feel inspite of all the defensive work he does as a midfielder, if he could transition up the pitch he would be more valuable as today…as they say in AGILE, even if we fail we fail forwards, lol.

    Apart from that as other posters have mentioned, a tactically superb showing by MA, clever subs, Raya needs to either cool off in the bench or given an arm around the shoulder if he is to be our No.1 this season. Time for some Rambo action.


      1. I thought it was deliberate haha. He is shy to be fair.

        Well he finally got an assist to boot, and in such a big game.

        1. It was lol. I made the nickname but then thought lets not banter him today as he has been playing good slowly.

            1. Ooo well I think my nickname is more on the banter and less on the insulting side lol. Havertz has been growing on me with each game slowly..

    1. Might have been a fluke discovery but I think Arteta finally how to play all his new players in the same team without sacrificing partey’s midfield role. Guess we will be seeing more of this in the future. Finally I think we finally do have a plan b for when things ain’t going our way. Sacrifice the flair of zingy and any of our short center forwards for the heights of Tommy and kat.

  16. Today it classic celebration man. what a game, and what a goal man. the only thing I can say is that Nketiah is too heavy man. Trossard is better than Eddie at no 9 because of his two footedness and He’s quick in turning. anyway, let’s celebrate this one at least we’re on top of the table.

  17. A vital win to bring us back to winning ways, never in doubt. Now we’ve got the int’l break, Goodluck rooting for your respective nations, We return in two weeks time to continue our journey. Enjoy the break my Dawgs.COYG!!!

  18. After Saliba gets home tonight he will take out of his pocket his keys, his wallet and Erling Haaland 😂😂😂😂

  19. Thank you Ake’s face. We finally beat Pep’s City in the league. Credit to the lads for putting up a great fight to the very end.

    Rice and Jorginho worked well today. Hope it convinces MA that Rice should play Xhaka’s role with either Partey and Jorginho as DM. It sure looked better than previous games when Rice was DM and Havertz was in Xhaka’s role. Happy with how the midfield clicked today.

    Though the goal may be a lucky deflection, we played better than City today and deserve the win

    1. Lucky deflection? Did you watch the game? Do you agree that we outplayed Man city today and deserved the win? Anyone who watched the game cannot doubt this fact.

      1. Did you watch the game? If you did, you would be aware that the goal was a deflection.

        Did you read properly? If you did you, wouldn’t be asking a bunch of ridiculous questions

  20. Nice assist by Kai.
    Great impact from Martinelli.
    Saliba is just the very best!
    Captain Øde is the boss.
    Raya had an off day.

  21. I praise Aesenal for this their first much awaited victory in the Epl over a Pep Guardiola’s Man City coached Citizens team. More grease to Arteta and the Gunners elbows as the await Chelsea at the Ems after the international break.
    Us are 29d in the table behind Tottenham Hot spurs but on the same 20 points after playing 8 matches each. Spurs are ahead of us in head to head after forcing us to a draw game at the Ems last time out. For, us have the same +10 goals difference each.

    1. Without KDB, Haaland can’t make things happen on his own against good defense. And we do have a premium of a defense right now.

      If anything gives me hope about our title chances this season, it’s our defense.

  22. I praise Arsenal for this their first much awaited victory in the Epl over a Pep Guardiola’s Man City coached Citizens team. More grease to Arteta and the Gunners elbows as they await Chelsea at the Ems after the international break.
    Us are 2nd in the table behind Tottenham Hot spurs 1st but on the same 20 points after playing 8 matches each. Spurs are ahead of us on head to head after forcing us to a draw game at the Ems last time out. For, us have the same +10 goals difference each.

      1. A big thank you to the J.A family. You have been relentless in pointing out obvious mistakes that were making us retrogres .I bet Arteta follows J.A and he reads our opinions and I believe he will keep rectifying his mistakes as the season goes by.
        Some comment from the Sky reads, “the idea of not playing Gabriel Magalhaes at the start of the season was an experiment that won’t happen again. Those two centre-halves – Gabriel and William Saliba – were pivotal against City, they were outstanding playing against the best player in the world in that position [Erling Haaland].”

        1. Exactly Cliff, an experiment, along with Partey at RB, that obviously made no sense.
          Our defence was incredible against City and Partey, when he came on, was pure class.

          Water under the bridge now and we march on.

          1. I wonder what Arteta’s rationale for doing that was?
            Flummox us and everyone else or did he think it would work?

            1. Sue and Ken, I was shocked, stunned and amazed at Arteta wasting a world class midfielder. Arsenal in the past has been bullied in midfield, but hopefully the Partey experiment has been consigned to the “dustbin of history”.

      2. Nope we have 10 goals apiece but better head to head result since they got a point at the Emirates

        1. Sorry but you are wrong, we do not have 10 goals each, that figure is the goal difference. spurs have scored 18 goals and we have scored 16 goals. We have conceded 6 goals and spurs have conceded 8 goals, therefore if we had scored one more goal we would be top on goal difference instead of spurs currently on top because of more goals scored. The fact they got a point at our place has got nothing to do with it. Hope that explanation helps.

  23. Well, the “cone man” outclassed his tutor not once but twice this season. Can we say we have a new Professor (not a masquerader) at the Emirates? The EPL is now tilting towards North London after years of Manchester domination. By the way are the naysayers hiding in their “Dans”?

  24. Fabulous win
    Martinelli changed the game.
    Still can’t work Raya signing out.
    But will give the boss his view.

  25. I couldn’t watch the game but saw the highlights. However, no matter how much Partey is praised it will never be enough. If you ask me of a composed and calm footballer I would immediately say Partey

    1. Second that!

      I think it’s nature’s choice that Partey is injury prone otherwise he would be absolutely unplayable. He would just break all midfield tactics. He is just so natural in the midfield it’s scary.

  26. The decision to play jorginho alongside rice was very brilliant.
    The substitions were spot on and came at the perfect time.
    Rice man of the match for me, followed by the duo of saliba manghales.
    Good win I’m so so happy.
    Now unto yet another boring week of int games.

  27. Partey makes passing so easy.
    The timing for the subs were perfect..

    I just wish I could trade my fitness level for partey’s..

  28. Arsenal has gotten 7 points from playing against Man City, Tottenham and Man United this season.
    Matches that we usually would come out from with maybe 2 points in the past.
    This particular Arsenal is Special

  29. Can we take a moment to appreciate that Arsenal won against the best team in the world, with a CLEAN SHEET!

    I don’t know how good or bad Raya will turn out to be against Ramsdale, but he sure seems to be luckier one. Raya has won 3 times against city, twice with Brentford and now with Arsenal.

  30. Delighted with the win,it shows that we can win without SaKa.also,City have already lost 2 games,I wouldn’t be surprised if the next champions were to lose more than 5 games this season.i know Raya had a couple of nervous moments but MA should stick with him and his nervousness will go away very soon especially after this win.Rice is the guy we were missing last season,i want to see Rice and TP play together in midfield.

  31. A very good second half performance by Arsenal and also good tactics and subscriptions by the gaffer: but in all honesty Raya was horrible in the first half and that would have made us concede early in the game. And again I think Partey should be have started instead of Jorginho .

  32. Tactically at the end, bringing on tomi to play left back when defending then join up as a LAM with Rice and Partey sitting made all the difference. It was going to be small margins at the end as both teams, pound for pound looks to cancel each other out.

    Huge for arsenal because for both Tomi and Havertz to be involved in the build up is so big for arsenal.

    Leagues are won by a squad not 11.

    Some top top performances today, back 4 especially but for me Ben White was my MOTM

    1. Kudos to the lads, congratulations to us, A through gunner should always believe in his team, my predictions will always go to my team , Arteta is taking us to a new level, we are lifting PL trophy this season.
      mark my word, up Gunners

  33. We are on the rise!!

    There would be no better story than us winning the Epl title at exactly 2 decades.

    I pray all our players stay fit throughout the season and we will be a force to reckon with.

    Partey and Rice might be our next Gilberto and Viera.

    I’m happy for this long awaited win against City.

    Now unto the next one, Chelsea. We beat them and we sound a firm warning to the rest of the teams that we are very serious.

      1. I hope he scores. He would be good as a CF if we use the route one tactic more often but I understand its effectiveness peaks in late game situations more….
        Btw regarding your question on Nketiah’s assisting I think he last assisted Nelson for the winner against Brentford…but agree with your point that he is more of a head down, shoot first look later kinda guy, lol.

      2. He has opened his account last week.
        An assist this week.
        But agree, wouldn’t mind him scoring against Chelsea if he plays

  34. A huge monkey off our backs. Both sides were poor first half – us to an extent because Raya struggled, but our tactical set up nullified them almost completely. Second half Raya tightened up, both Rice and Zinny moved further forward, Martinelli came on and we were the only team that was going to win. Trossard looked lost in that position, Jesus fought hard but was disappointing with the ball, and Eddie was…Eddie! Ode ran his heart out, the back 4 were all magnificent, Rice bossed the second half, and both Martinelli and Partey showed us what we’ve been missing.
    Well done Mikel – tactically and subs-wise you redeemed yourself (even Havertz looked good). Normally I’d squinny that it wasn’t free-flowing, but I will take this one!

  35. Let me tell you guys a story that I encountered today. Around 3 hours before the today’s kickoff, I was on the balcony with a cup of tea. And the neighbour’s small kid passed me by when I noticed his tshirt. At first I just noticed the letter 11 and on second glance I saw Martinelli. I was like whoa, way to go kid! I had never seen that kid in that jersey before.

    Didn’t know it was a glimpse of what was waiting ahead lol. And when I saw Martinelli in the bench, a cold sweat went down my spine and I had an almost fleeting thought, could it be…?

    Now I can’t put my thoughts off it.

    1. I was in a supermarket in Bedfordshire today Daulat. Maybe 40 people in the store and FOUR were wearing Arsenal shirts – an old guy, middle aged guy, teenage girl and a boy. I soke to two of them and it was like a family gathering. And that was just the obvious fans. Surveys only count attendance, supporters clubs and merchandise sales but there is absolutely massive support globally for Arsenal. You are never more than 100 metres from a fellow Gooner it seems, so we always have a friend nearby!

      1. Totally agree Guy. About 10 years ago I had just made it on a hike to the top of a minor Japanese mountain. I thought I would be the only one there but when I reached the peak there was a young Japanese man and his dog sitting on a ledge admiring the view and eating his bento lunch. I was wearing a maroon Van Persie Arsenal away shirt and after that it was instant recognition.( I don’t often wear the colours) It broke the ice. He told me that he was also an Arsenal supporter and that we had just beaten the Hammers that morning Japan time. He even offered to share his lunch. As you mentioned Guy it is a large family and the pride comes from a shared awareness of the club’s achievement through good and not so good times.

  36. Finally a great win!!!
    I think 1-0 would burn them more that if we totally dominated the game and scored a bunch of goals.
    Three things that finally MA whether by design or need did made a difference.
    1. Playing Jesus on the right . They guy is a monster.
    2.Bringin Partey in to secure midfield with Rice late in the game
    3. Having Tomi in as soon as Doku came in to cover the back.
    Maybe he is learning. I hoe he learned the Eddie is a hustler but offers not much more .
    A Rice/Partey midfield must be the way to go.

  37. Arteta and the Gunners travel across London to the Bridge to play against Chelsea in another big game after the international break. But not play at the Ems against Chelsea as I erroneously commented above early on after we’d beaten Man City..

  38. I’ve been harsh on Mikel most of this season, so I will give him FULL CREDIT TODAY. He did everything right, this result is because of him. WELL DONE BOYS, WELL DONE MIKEL!!! BEST GAME OF THE SEASON!!!

        1. Great win based on team effort, but particularly centre back pairing of Saliba and Gabriel and midfield of Odegaard, Rice, Jorginho and Partey. Raya is a concern.
          De Bruyn and Rodri are big losses for Man City and recent games show how much they are missed. How did Kovicic survive a second yellow given how freely cards have been given in other games? Arsenal has to play the opposition in front of them and won (better 11 against 11)!

  39. With Saka (starboy) , Jesus (all round), Martinelli (pace), Odegaard (work rate + creativity), Rice (tackling) & Partey (composure) as our front 6, I will not feel fearful whichever big team we meet in Europe.

  40. Massive result… I had zero hope. Consistency is what we need now.. I hope Arteta don’t screw up.. Deserve celebration

  41. Great win and a massive 3points. Still a long way to go, but it’s win like this that build the confidence. Congratulations to the boys and gaffer for the win. Now heads down and maximum concentration away at Stamford bridge

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