Diabolical Arsenal fail to turn up as Liverpool run riot

Arsenal were diabolical this evening as Liverpool were allowed to run riot at the Emirates.

The Gunners came into this match with a great record over the Reds. We also came into the match with the better form, but of course that counted for nothing on the pitch.

We played out the opening 45 minutes in first gear, and the 0-0 scoreline going into the break was more than justified.

We lost Kieran Tierney just before the break, and Mikel Arteta really went for it after the break when deciding to throw Elneny on for Ceballos! (I jest of course…)

Liverpool on the other hand made the move to bring on Diogo Jota, and you can imagine which of these changes was the winning one…

That man Jota broke the deadlock, although he can’t take all the credit. Trent Alexander-Arnold put his cross on a plate for the Portuguese to head home, and we knew from that point that the game was gone.

Moments later that lead was doubled due to a fast-paced counter-attack. The centre-back’s long pass put Mo Salah in a footrace with Gabriel Magalhaes, who mistimes his sliding clearance to leave the Egyptian to run straight at Bernd Leno, before he placed his effort past the German.

Gabriel was again at fault for the last, as his lax attempt to pass to Cedric Soares from inside his own box was intercepted by Trent, and his pass is allowed to pass a number of players before finding Jota to fire home again.

I can’t remember a worse performance from Arsenal this season, and there has been some shockers.

Well done Liverpool for simply turning up, but it just goes to show how important Xhaka, Saka and Smith Rowe are to Arsenal.


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  1. Our excessive long clearances and no playing from the back have made us lose the ball. Arsenal weren’t confident, because of our previous mistakes in the back and Liverpool’s attackers are renowned for their pressing

    But Liverpool defenders easily won the ball because of that safe approach, since we didn’t have any towering target man to win the long balls. Aubameyang and Pepe seemed to have been instructed to do aerial duels with Liverpool’s fullbacks, but they aren’t gifted with close control skill and Lacazette/ Odegaard/ our DMs were too slow to get the loose ball

    We’ve got to stop making long clearances and we should keep playing from the back for the upcoming EL game, despite our previous brain farts. This is because Sparta Praha have towering CBs that would likely win all long balls from us

      1. Let’s support Arteta and the team until December, when it’s much cheaper to replace him

        1. We are having so many clear outs, the club must be having a laxative every transfer window and we are still playing c##p!!!!!

  2. Lol… Alright jokes apart, that was terrible. Wtf? 😂😂
    From the attack, all passengers today.
    Partey Odegaard the only hard workers.
    Gabriel couldn’t do it all by himself and some keep insisting we don’t need Luiz, lol okay, players biased as usual so that’s not surprising.
    Boy oh boy that was the best midfield performance for years now.
    And it was without Xhaka.
    Thank the good Lord he wasn’t there to slow our midfield and wasn’t there to make back passes. We didn’t miss his dictating and linking up the defense and attack. He needs to sit on the bench for the rest of the season, he brings nothing to this team😡😡😡
    Xhaka is the worst of the worst…
    Oh btw, when he gets back into the lineup on Thursday, y’all can choose not to watch it 🤣🤣.

    But in all honesty that was A very poor showing from Arteta and the boys.
    But still I’m behind my team and my manager.
    Moving onto Thursday!! Coyg!!!

    P.S: I’ve been singing it for the past two seasons. GLAD WE WILL FINALLY MISA EUROPA LEAGUE I’M.
    If it ain’t the UCL, I don’t want the shít

    1. I hope the fans have now realized that two right-footed DMs in double-pivot formation will only make our left wing dull. Xhaka’s forward passes along the left flank were missing today

      1. Come on stop with that…we missed xhaka because of His quality, not because he Is left footed…how many teams plays with two right footed dms or two left footed dms without problems…reallity Is no coach are thinking about it…that’s right for the left back Wing backs, not for midfielders…so pls stop

        1. Thiago and Fabhino are both right footed. Didn’t notice them get too much wrong tonight. Ridiculous comment from Got No Idea.

          1. Liverpool didn’t play with a double-pivot formation. You’ve certainly never paid attention to the players’ roles and positions

        2. And yet some fans have the nerve to look at Aguero and say he’s not good enough ?
          I trust now everyone accepts our top 4 chances are over ?
          Yes that was a thing last week lol

          1. Got No Idea- What the flying fck is a double pivot formation? It’s a midfield pairing. They had two players infinitely better than ours. Just wake up and watch the game PAL

          2. @Phil : 4-2-3-1 is a double-pivot formation and Liverpool played with 4-3-3. Liverpool’s midfielders weren’t better than ours, but their defenders were more confident in playing from the back

          3. aguero is plenty good. he’s always injured though, is only aging, and will be at a club that has far less ambition than City, and his effort will not match what it was at Etihad.

        3. Missed Xhaka?? hahahahahahahahahahaha
          Liverpool were running riot and you bring up Xhaka?? Why is our fanbase like this. I’m waiting for another person tosay we missed David Luiz too

          1. So true Kev…what exactly do people think these two players would bring to the table that would possibly allow us to overcome the negative tactics being deployed…if this somehow leads to the re-upping of Luiz and the keeping of Xhaka, come the summer, be prepared for a lot more of these types of insipid displays for the foreseeable future

    2. What did Arteta do wrong?

      I can’t blame him for anything, we simply lacked enough quality.
      God! Why is it always about the manager?
      Sometimes I just wish this is a video game where we can quickly bring in another manager and test him for a few months so as to see the difference.

      Well,maybe if the new manager won’t have to work with the team that played today or Kroenke, he’d probably make a difference

      1. Because he choose to give up with his principles against better oposition, showing lack of guts and transmitting that to the players, who played afraid and with no hearth….he was a passenger too, being uncappable of at least try to turn things around when there was pretty clear that we would loose the game at min 30…you can give the ball yo the other side, but in an organize way, with porpuse, not gabling but calculating, like minor teams has do it against us succesfully too many times

      2. @Goonerboy- are you seriously suggesting Arteta is not responsible for that abysmal embarrassment of a performance tonight? Who set up that team to play as it did? Who coached the tactics? Who sent out a team to defend on the edge of their box and what? Hope we catch them on the break? This abject display clearly shows we have an inexperienced novice managing the club and we will continue to have performances such as tonight for as long as he is employed. Which, god willing, will not be past the end of this season

        1. Phil

          From what I saw in the first half, we pressed Liverpool whenever they had the ball in their own half, but Pepe and Auba as usual contributed nothing!

          I understand we have been bad this season but we need to analyse each game differently. Our forward players couldn’t conjure anything, so many misplaced passes due to Liverpool’s insane pressure.

          How is it the manager’s fault that Auba and Pepe who were supposed to be our main guys could not even hold/pass the ball?

          No manager can coach that, that’s why a young Saka always start ahead of Pepe. Football brain!
          Arteta changed the approach in the second half because of the obvious lack of quality.

          I saw people criticise Ceballos and I just shook my head. How is it that they have been watching this team and still don’t know our best players?

          Elneny should be nowhere near this team, what did he contribute when he came on?
          Now we can see the importance of Xhaka.

          No Xhaka, Saka,ESR, Tierney means we are going to struggle and lose but all the blame is on the manager

          1. Gooner boy
            The players were set up to defend deep from the off. That invited Liverpool onto us from the very beginning and that is what cost us the game. We were just far too deep.
            So we pressed them. What did that actually achieve? We never got the ball back when we did press them. It was half hearted at best.
            Two attempts on goal says everything especially with one of them being a speculative attempt from Cedric.
            Why was Arteta so frightened of a team that has been so bad. They lost six of their last eight games. What do we do? We defend. Fulham never defended against them at Anfield. Brighton never defended against them Both struggling teams, yet attempted to win the game. What did Arteta have us do? He attempted not to lose the game. A pathetic performance that has finished this manager. Blame the players as much as you like, but it’s the Manager who is clearly in charge and who is ultimately responsible

          2. The Arsenal team is not really pressing. They employ a mid-block which usually invites pressure into midfield. I’ve said it time and time again that the mid-block we use is not good enough and we need to press more often and it need to be a sensible and a well organised press else it is rendered useless.

          3. Nice encapsulation of today’s events Phil…spot on, but we’ve seen this before, from 3 managers on the trot, so one might suggest this is a systemic problem that might never be remedied until we do something about the head of the snake…I fear as long as he owns our club great things will always be out of our grasp

      3. I felt the initial tactical setup was wrong. Mikel could have altered the tactics or the personnel. Like for the defensive setup, Mo is better than Ceballos.

      4. @Goonerboy, the success or failure of any club has a lot 2 do with the manager. Let me ask you, how many quality players had Leicester city when they won the league ? Remember Ngolo Kante was their club record signing at £4m at the time. Your continuous defense of Arteta won’t make him good cuz we all know he’s terrible. Arsenal has regressed under him. Whether you see it like that or not, it doesn’t change the truth. And you know truth is bitter, especially when one analyses it.

        1. Well off the top of my head the had Marhez,KANte,marguire,Vardy
          …som of thebest players inthe world

          1. Why do you people lie to yourselves so much that you bring this level of shallow thinking here??? Mahrez was that good that the Foxes bought him for peanuts(€500) from a Le Havre instead of the too European clubs?? He just told you how much an unknown Kante at that time cost the Foxes from Ligue 2 side also. Then you mentioned Maguire like who does that….was he part of the squad that won that epl trophy?…common…nice for you to say “off the top of your head”

        2. Using Ngolo Kante as an example to support your argument is rather odd. What your example actually shows is the importance of effective recruitment.
          To later learn that Arsenal could have signed him and went for Xhaka instead, ‘nuff said.

      5. Got No Idea- you have just said that Liverpool’s midfielders were not better than ours.
        This to me suggests the following

        1) You are totally blind
        2) You are totally blind
        3) You are totally blind

  3. We all know the EL is the go . Good result really. Great wake up call. Arsenal will crush Slavia.
    All good.

  4. Arteta has to go, we are not going anywhere with him. This Liverpool team is average but yet Arteta came with a defense tactics.

    1. Lenoangry

      The Liverpool team is average with Fabinho and Thiago in midfield and with that front three + Jota?

      Arteta didn’t defend in the first half, we pressed well but Pepe and Auba were useless, you can add Ceballos to the list, Partey, Ødegaard and Lacazette were the only players we had in midfield/attack. How is that the manager’s fault?

      1. Please spare me the front 3 rubbish, this is the same Liverpool team that everyone is having a go at, and for once stop blaming the players, the manager made a choice to either attack or defend.

        1. If we didn’t defend in the first half, how many attempts /shots on goal did we have Goonerboy?

          1. ken, some people just can’t see that if you set up to allow a team like Liverpool to run at you after conceding two thirds of the pitch, there will only be one result.
            As for the comment about Liverpool’s quality, despite injuries this is the same squad that won the League in a canter last season.

          1. It’s not about who was on the bench, it’s about how the team was set up to play, can’t you see that?

  5. Replica performance of basically what we saw the entire first half of the season. Lethargic, slow, aimless. Never in the game at any point. We’ve seen this so many times all season. I don’t think a single fan on this site is surprised. Getting a manager who i dont know… actually has experience, would be a good first step to make next season a better one.

  6. There’s no manager who is constantly so shite that will ever change that to a top 4 team. He ‘leads’ a team that has no mental ability whatsoever. Wenger had much worse squads and always top 4. I regret saying wenger out. Useless board missed Ancelloti who would’ve guaranteed top4. Art dosent need time the players don’t believe or trust in his ideas anyway.

      1. Wenger went NINE seasons without a trophy. Get your facts right you mug. Quick with all the comments but you speak nothing but rubbish,
        I am really angry tonight and idiots like you are just what I need. That performance had nothing to do with Wenger and nothing to do with Emery. It was all on Arteta and nobody else. You obviously have never been to an Arsenal game in your life have you? Because I can tell you that Arteta would still be hiding himself away in the changing rooms if a capacity crowd was inside the Emirates tonight. And he would have deserved everything he got plus more. TWO attempts on goal? How embarrassing is that? An improved defence? Really? I didn’t notice one.
        A gutless, embarrassment of a performance from a novice manager who is single handedly guiding a squad of a minimum Top 6 players into mid-table mediocrity

        1. @ Phil : It was more than fifteen years without EPL, CL and EL trophies. Those competitions are more difficult than FA Cup due to the participants’ extra efforts, hence we didn’t get any of those major trophies in the last fifteen years

          I can’t blame anyone for our excessive long clearances tonight, because we were afraid of making mistakes in the back. I believe we chose the safe approach because of the players’ brain farts in the previous games and Liverpool attackers are famous for their high pressing

          1. error but we did make mistake at the back…gabriel passing to Cedric…are you a Troll Got an idea?

          2. I will contact the Stadium on Tuesday and ask they remove all records of our FOURTEEN FA Cup wins as they do not represent a major trophy. When they ask who feels this is correct I will just say “ Got No Idea “ from the Just Arsenal forum. They will no doubt agree it’s just another crackpot comment from someone who really ought to engage his brain before posting.

          3. So now, to defend Arteta, the fa cup is not a major trophy?

            Why was such a fuss made about his fa cup win then?

            Time to start judging him on HIS performances GAI – look how many points we are behind City and in front of the bottom three … that’s how our previous managers were judged.

      2. @gotanidea, Wenger won three more FA cups, the same cup MA won and you lauded as a major trophy!

    1. Wenger had much superior technical players than the dross in display now. Tell me one midfielder in recent years who is even close to Cazorla? And if you go back to before 2012 Arsenal’s midfield was killer and the defence was a shitfest

      1. Carzola had been injured for very long but yea No1 as good. Overall arteta has a much more balanced squad. Odegaard looks like he will be amazing n Saka too. both already are

      2. Wenger should’ve left in 2008 but he is one of those coaches who can make a team with poor form look great. That is, he is great even with poor players and that is just a talent. Some coaches for whatever reason can do that. In the EPL only him and SAF could effectively do that.

      3. Can we stop comparing Wenger with Arteta please. Arteta is just a small fish in wenger’s big ocean

        1. So true, in the grand scheme of things, but over the most recent past, the comparisons, albeit both poor, does have some merit…here’s what was written about Wenger following a 4-0 drubbing, by Pool, on August 27th, 2017,

          “the manager creates the system and the discipline within the system. If there is no discipline and no work on it day in, day out, then players are not going to be able to fix that during a game…I don’t think he knew what to do as Arsenal were being overrun or what was wrong. That’s the crime in it. It’s not making the mistake, it’s not knowing what it is.

          the same could apply today…

    2. Why did it take Arteta 75minutes to take Auba off for 23 minutes I did not know he was playing Leno tried to punch the ball for the first goal the second was a nutneg Martinez would of saved both I cannot remember seeing a one sided match Arteta has not got a clue

  7. “I can’t remember a worse performance from Arsenal this season, and there has been some shockers.”

    We have Saïd so many times this against so many teams

  8. We were outclassed from the beginning to the end…… We could have still lost this game with other missing players or draw or maybe win but the point is Xhaka happens to be our best midfielder at the moment if we are honest with ourselves. Saka and ESR was missed too..

    Poor In every department…..I can’t rate any player today.

    1. Lacazette’s effort was commendable. He was fouled too many times, yet he was still fighting

    2. Bro you see that your Xhaka statement.. it’s been the truth for the past one year but some will still never still see it

      1. Xhaka’s problem has always been brain farts at a nuclear level. He’s also not going to take the game by the scruff of the neck. But a very useful player for Arsenal in the current circumstances

      2. Fact… well said xhaka is still our best midfielder for now….I hope all of you calling for is head watched the game today…

        1. we are deflecting from the real issue, we loss not because xhaka did not play but because we were very poor. if xhaka had played it probably would have been the same outcome. cant think of a game that xhaka totally boss and GAI is just shifting where the blame should be at the players who played and at artetas feet.

        2. how many games have we lost with Xhaka in the squad? Give me a break. The thinnest of straws you folks are clutching to.

  9. Just karma for how yall treated Wenger. Only getting top 4 consistenly, only won a few fa cups, and buying tons of average players when he’s given limited transfer budget. The fact is even with these deadwoods yall said Arteta’s left with, Arsenal still play better football under Wenger.

  10. I need to apologise to Ceballos. I thought he stood out as being really poor. Turned out he was.no poorer then anyone else…

  11. As soon as the europa league is wrapped up the club need to find a new manager ASAP. That performance was beyond pathetic… Rampant Liverpool against 11 statues! That was easily the worst performance of the season and there has been many, I don’t think a league 2 side would have been that bad! Peps cone man can go back to city I think we’ve seen enough of this sh#t show now.

    1. Let’s wait until we get Giroud 2.0 in the summer. I believe Arteta’s system just needs a towering CF, if we keep playing with long balls

      1. GAI it doesn’t matter if we get Messi 2.0 with Ronald McDonald in charge we are going to be staying mid table or worse! His football is atrocious.

        1. Let’s support Arteta and the team until December, because it’ll be much cheaper to replace him and we could use the money to buy a popular player in the summer

          1. If we wait to December mate next season will be over before next season has begun lol. I don’t think sacking Arteta will break the bank he’s hardly on a kings ransom like Mourinho is. He’s out of his depth and if you haven’t seen that by now you will never see it.

      2. I was told that artetas game Is about posession and start from the back and no long balls….but to he honest I’m not too sure what is artetas philosophy

      3. and who may giroud 2.0 be GAI? or do you mean Giroud 0.5? because we surely will not get haaland,Lewandowski or any of those players you may think is Giroud 2.0

  12. Liverpool could’ve used a hologram of VVD in defence today and still been comfortable. I only hope not to read comments about us missing Xhaka and David Luiz because the outcome would most likely have been the same. Also these two are error prone players and no one would be shocked if they made mistakes leading to goals in this game. But if I may ask what just happened??

    1. Bro if you still insist we didn’t miss Xhaka or it wasn’t obvious today he’s our beat midfielder then I’d have to start doubting your football knowledge.
      Even CIES or what their name is have him as our best player

      1. Oh I have no problem with anyone doubting my football knowledge. It just doesn’t sit well with me that people think he’s crucial. Yes, I have come to appreciate that a player with his qualities is needed in the team but he is not the right choice for me. A better version of him would be great. I long for the day we would sell him. Before you question my judgment on players remember I told y’all Pepe was not that good even before he kicked a ball for us as well as Leno who I warned was error prone. Its so easy to judge players once you stay honest from the eye test. I don’t care about stats and rocket science explanations.

        1. Xhaka can be good,sometimes very good but xhaka will always have errors in his game. we need a better dm in our team than xhaka to partner partey. and partey is another one that needs to improve vastly and I dont believe arteta is the coach to improve parteys game play.

  13. This was truly a pathetic limp embarrassing display.
    I have seen us beaten by Barca in NouCamp.
    In Munich at least we were outclassed but fought.
    Tonight was gutless.
    Where do we go from here.

  14. Which of these players can actually keep the ball and pass when under pressure? Yep not many. Now change the manager, but how do you rectify that?
    Most of them aren’t footballers anymore. Get rid of the pensioners asap. Pointless to argue about the manager.

    1. Spot on!

      Exactly what I saw in the game. Only Partey and Lacazette tried to evade an attacker and play a dangerous pass. Pepe and Auba utterly useless!

      I wonder what the manager can do about that?

      1. manager can do a lot. if the manager teaches lathargic passing in training it will come out on match day. play slick passing, move the ball quicker. confidence breeds bigger ego and confidence and if you have no confidence in what you are doing it will show whether in football or other worldly activity. arteta is the captain of the ship, if he teaches crap thenplayers will do crap. Just look at his eyes when they zoom in on him, he looks so lost and out of his depth. he is doing a poor job and it shows in how the players adapt to his game plan.

        1. 👍 ken, agreed. About time to give opportunities to others. Give youth a chance, can’t be worse.

  15. Liverpool has clearly improved,a dominant performance
    And that cross from TAA💯
    And whats diogo jotas position in that team,dude seemed to be everywhere….

    And about Arsenal,not taking advantage against that liverpool backline is gonna build some huge pressure for the team.EL must be the top priority now….

  16. Was watching some Arsenal highlights early today..and I saw us beautifully beat man u 2-0 ..in that team we had Sokratis in defence,AMN started,There was ceballos and a washed up Ozil…Since then arteta has bought more midfielders and defenders..With the addition of Saka and ESR who are just beautiful youngsters..I wonder How this man managed to get worse with a better squad?..

  17. What a joke.
    This is all on Arteta. Just pathetic.
    The worst game ever. He were dominated from minute one to the 90th.

    The Players looked clueless, lost, nervous, panicky, unintelligent, uncomfortable in and out of possession.

    This game exposed Arteta as a rookie to be honest. He looked lost himself.

    I don’t know where we go from here.

  18. I am flabbergasted that arteta started with 10 defenders and no midfield player or forward. we sure would have done better with auba,laca,odegaard and pepe in this team today and even partey, cause I surely didn’t see any of those players today. we sure do have lots of new defenders one called lac,aub,pep,part ceb and others. Corny jokes aside we were piss poor today from staet to finish. but hey all hail the great Arteta!!

    1. Here Here Kori. This season’s over for me. This game was all about Arteta and his philosophy. He just couldn’t manage it with the big boys. A bunch of clueless, frightened lazy rabbits against real footballers.

  19. I am livid!! After failing to turn up for the first half an hour against West Ham, they decided not to turn up at all tonight! Terrible performance all round, can’t defend any of them.
    Can’t believe I thought they would win! How embarrassing….

    1. Me too Sue you’d think we’d be experienced enough to know better by now. Honestly so angry by that.. we weren’t outplayed because we didn’t even play that’s what makes me so angry 😡 turned it over after the 3rd goal the first time since we lost 8-2 that I done that.

      1. I was done after the first goal, Kev, had seen more than enough.
        We make it so easy for teams.. it’s so frustrating. Jota comes on and scores straight away, ends up with a brace, you couldn’t make it up!!
        Where was our fight? Didn’t look like scoring, didn’t look like doing anything! And to think some people think we can win the EL! Playing like that?! You’re having a giraffe!!

        1. They could have sent origi on and he would have got a brace too. We just love giving presents Sue we are famous for it. Let’s just save the heartache Sue we aren’t winning europa league we are crap in europe and now crap domestically. Arteta has to go.. you can’t get rid of an entire team, although I would like to after that, so the buck stops with the manager. Embarrassed tonight. We are a complete laughing stock.

          1. Everyone looks forward to playing us, Kev! And to think I couldn’t wait for the PL to return after that dull interlull… 😳 they do it to us every bloody time!!

          2. Big time Sue
            If you haven’t scored in 2 years you’d be licking your lips to play us, if you haven’t won in 2 years you’d be licking your lips to play us 😂 I usually just go dormant during international break, I might have to do the same now domestically.. so so poor Sue I mean they just don’t look like they are bothered.. Arteta is a lucky man crowds aren’t allowed in the stadium he would be booed to kingdom come! We need an experienced man to take charge of that team because next season will probably be even worse with fans in attendance. I don’t think I can even bring myself to watch another 90 mins of Arteta ball.

          3. Too right, Kev, it’d be toxic!! (It’d also be a quiet train journey home 😄)
            The Blades away next Sunday… Burke brace? Or Mcgoldrick?

          4. Jags hasn’t scored in about 10 years so maybe it’s time for him to get on the score sheet again ? 😂. Omg imagine traveling home after that ? 😂😂. I might as well get my mind off it now and go get a shave I’m starting to look like edmond dantes from count of monte cristo it will be the highlight of my night lol.

          5. Sue, I will be thinking of you when you go back to work!!!

            Poor old Montreal was not considered good enough for us as well Sue, what a back up he would have been for Tierney.

          6. Ken, in all honesty Monreal returned to Spain for family reasons, not that he was rated not good enough. I am pleased for his success, because I always rated him.

          7. Thanks Ken… dreading going in today, nothing I can say to any of them!! ☹

            Yes, Monreal would’ve been a decent back up. I’m glad it’s worked out for him though. Not always the case when they leave…

      2. Funny thing I took that 8-2 like a man, at least those boys had balls. Game like this with arteta at the helm I sleep soundly. this rubbish just doesn’t make me feel anyway,I just shrug and move the hell on.

    2. Well embarrassing is an understatement was looking for auba today and I managed to see him on three occasions , during the warm up, running to a cross that went out and when he was subbed 😭😭 no one showed up !

        1. Sue, Aubameyang will not be “captain” material, while his backside points to the ground.

    3. how much longer it will take to realize we have no coach,?

      How many games it takes to get that Auba cant play as LW?

      How long it will take to not play Ceballos against a hard working & attacking team.

      Do we need to be relegate to get that we need a top coach !

      Come back to reality, on earth, our coach has no clue, in learning process…

      1. Auba has been great at LW until this season. He scored most of his goals from that position. It’s not the position that’s the problem, it’s him. For some reason he’s just not paying like he did in previous seasons

  20. Yes we played crap tonight but Leno was at fault for the first two goals, and we really missed Luiz and Xhaka.

    1. I believe the right phrase given this time of the year is …, Jesus christ !!!! We are in this mess coz a novice manager has relied on these two clowns along with bellerin and aubemayang to rebuild the team … no creativity no imagination no skill …

      1. Mention five top clubs in europe that ever wanted to sign abumeyang?when the rumours were going on that time that barca wanted to sign abumeyang the barca present coach at that time made it clear to that barca can never sign abumeyang because he doesn’t fit in their style or philosophy of play ,which is creativity. Talk of more signing bellerin
        lmao . if u check all barca signings they are very creative, even their defenders play like mildfiders and full back plays like strikers, very creative set of things. My point don’t expect anything more from abumeyang and bellerin becos they are not creative and know only how to run
        run run shoot or give poor crosses. smh

  21. Hello Mikel Arteta. Thanks for the FA Cup Trophy
    The experiment is over. We need to move on.
    Arteta Out. Allegri In.

  22. “Liverpool always dubbed Arsenal during Wenger”.

    One of the many lies manufactured post 2018. No one mentioned that three heavy away defeats in as many years never made an “always drubbed”. In about 18 years (2001 – 2018), Liverpool won only twice at Arsenal in the EPL and once in the FA cup.
    In the so called Wenger drubbing years (2010 – 2018) Arsenal beat Liverpool 6 times and lost 6 times to them.

    1. Yeah fans make things up
      Tonight was only Liverpool’s third win at the Emirates
      So no Wenger didn’t always lose this fixture
      Plus mate , when did they beat us at Emirates in Cup ?

      1. You are right. The FA cup defeat was even at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff.

        The many lies told against Wenger are really annoying. The only big games Arsenal lost most fixtures (home and away) in the last 3 – 5 years of Wenger was City. Spurs ( Arsenal mostly drew), Chelsea, Liverpool and United Arsenal lost, won and drew many times, but as my country men say “agenda must agend”.

        1. One day TH14, the truth will out and only if we keep challenging the lies and misinformation, will that happen… keep up the good work.

        2. Too many lies posted about too many managers by people who don’t even bother to read up on the history of this Club or check their facts before writing.
          One person in a recent post stated that Arsenal under George Graham were a dirty rule breaching team. Yet Arsenal under Arsene Wenger over 18 seasons incurred 118 red cards, for reasons explained by Phil and myself. Arsenal under Wenger could not be considered a dirty team, only standing up for themselves, when the opposition tried to kick them off the park, with the acquiescence of referees such as Riley and Poll.

      2. It’s the boy from Utah again.
        Care to comment on the game for once and it’s good to see your not having verbal diarrhoea in your comment for once LOL
        How’s the article coming along?

        1. I knew you enjoyed that back-and-forth last evening Ken…far more eventful than the match today…imagine how boring it would have been if we had employed the same tactics as Arteta did against Pool…talk about shots on target

  23. Tonight will be seen as the game that made Artetas mind up to get several players out of Arsenal asap. I believe that Auba and Ceballos are history after this debacle and will be gone next season. Auba was a total disgrace and needs calling out as a lazy git!

    LACK OF EFFORT is a football crime and these two, plus several others, are guilty as hell of lacking guts and being idle layabouts.

    We got our bottoms firmly smacked by a team who simply wanted it more and I WAS DISGUSTED BY THE GENERAL LACK OF FIGHT.


    1. If football selections were based on past performance, Aubameyang would’ve been benched long back. But since footballers aren’t obviously the most objective lot there’s a lot of social dynamics that influence team selection and the manager’s choice. Blaming Arteta for this can be done but it isn’t fruitful since almost every manager has their bias unbeknownst to them.

      1. True talk… Aubameyang should be on the bench from now on…till when he decides to play football with is heart for arsenal fc..he is so worse than ceballos now..

    2. I don’t think we lost the ball possession because of the lack of fight, but because of our lack of confidence. Liverpool CBs easily won the long balls from us, because we did it in the first seventy minutes and no playing from the back at all

      It got worse because Aubameyang and Pepe don’t have the skills to keep the ball. I predict Arteta would bench Lacazette and start Aubameyang as CF in the upcoming EL game, due to our problems in the last two EPL matches

      1. Bench Lacazette, who has been putting in a shift every game and scoring recently for a player who wanders around like a lost lamb?

        1. Alan, why mention Ozil?
          What on earth has he got to do with the performance?
          Why are you following him anyway, he is no longer a Arsenal player, so it shouldn’t matter one iota!!!

          We have just been presented with the stats of the last 50 games under the three previous managers… there is the decline in the last four seasons from bad to worse.

          Before that, what decline are you talking about?
          Consistent top four and going from 4th 3rd to 2nd is a decline?

          If you want to argue that there was a decline from AW’s first decade to his second, then you are only measuring trophies won and not league positions.

          Did we ever talk of relegation issues in the decade you refer to?
          Did we ever lose games as ineptly as this one?
          Nearly all the players that “fans” classed as dross have now gone and MA himself has signed seven players and gazidis, once he took charge of buying and selling, a other ten at least.. where are we TODAY?

          We can’t keep blaming everyone from the past and use that to disguise MA’s mistakes.

          Tell me one area we have improved on:
          Defence – Tactics – Attack?

          None of them… so what has MA actually done with all the changes he has made?

          Alan, I so want MA to succeed, why wouldn’t I?

          But until we stop using others to hide his own inadequacies, he will never be held accountable.
          Can you imagine what the atmosphere would have been like, if 55,000 Gooners sat through that debacle against Liverpool?

          Time for a reality check… and I also respect your opinions my fellow Gooner.

    3. @Jon.
      Arteta has to look at himself too.
      We can’t just keep blaming players and try to cover for the manager.

      Gotta put your personal pride and bias to the side and look at the whole picture.

      This was on Arteta. What coaching has he been instilling in these players to be this poor? We did absolutely nothing all game. Liverpool just cruised like Man City did. That first half against West Ham and that pathetic performance against Olympiacos were warning signs.

      No more excuses for Arteta. He needs to start showing better than these continuous inconsistent pathetic performances. He has to take responsibility now.

    4. Eh Jon- I would suggest the first one out the door after THAT performance is Arteta. A gutless, spineless, abject embarrassment of a performance by a “ Manager “ who is proving himself to be the novice that he is.
      This inexperienced beginner is taking a decent Squad of players, with SEVEN of his own signings to depths we never imagined possible.
      You really do need to wake up to reality. This novice is costing this club and he needs to be gone at the end of this season

    5. Hopefully tonight will be seen as the game that made Owner’s mind up to give a big kick on the back of Edu and Arteta, one is a master of transfer market failure and other master of failure on field. Unless Arteta is secretly back mailing the board I don’t see any logical reason for keeping the person in a role where he has broken major failure records.

    6. Jon you stubbornly and blindly leave out Arteta in any shape or form in your post. Please tell what he has done physically to our league form and performances to not include his innept tactics and poor training skills. The team has progressively gone down under him, not up and he constantly makes errors of judgement that costs this club.

      1. I do think you’re correct to point out that Arteta should take responsibility for this.
        When we go into these kinds of matches, he’s either got it spot on, or we’ve been awfully passive and rolled over.
        Jon’s point is fair imo – too many of these players cannot be relied upon and don’t seem committed, but you are right, a large part of that responsibility has to fall on Arteta. It’s not just now that these players have been exposed. Has to be said though, a lot of the selection was based on player availability, but we have a real problem in midfield, not sure if anyone is up to standard now.
        I’m not going to go calling for Arteta to leave now because this kind of thing is absolutely expected – we’re rebuilding, so we’re going to have some bad days like this. As I said, we’ve had some excellent performances as well, where MA got it spot on, so I think patience is needed here.

        1. But Arteta does rely on them and he is failing to train or motivate them also. He is failing.

  24. I am tired of being positive.

    Did it in the later Wenger years.

    Again backed Emery and tried to look for positives.

    Then been doing the same with Arteta.

    All just let downs. 😫

    1. Goonster, what I will not accept is lack of effort and application from highly paid “professional” footballers.
      And this display on the 20th anniversary of the death of David “Rocky” Rocastle, who played with pride and passion for the badge.

  25. Poor. Remnant of our setup last season, but in the makeup of this season’s 4 2 3 1. No wonder we were poor! I am disappointed with Mikel’s tactics today. If he had to play a counter setup, could have tried Mo with Partey. That would have provided more success in the physical duels I believe. Regarding the attack, we were stiffled with no one to pass towards the left, with the primary ball carrier Ceballos and CAM Ode playing on right half space. Pepe pressed, but offensively was lacking. Same for Aubameyang whose workrate unfortunately dropped as the game went on. I hoped to see Martinelli brought on at the same time around Mo, maybe that would have provided our stiffled attack an outlet? But well, we lost badly and most players performed poorly. Partey, Lacazette and to a certain degree Ode and KT were only milfly better than the rest.
    Please shale out the performance from the system and concentrate on the EL. All the best for Thursday.

  26. I just knew as soon as I saw our line up it was gonna be a bad night for us. In other comments I made earlier I singled out Pepe, Partey and Aubamayang as being the weak links in the team. I knew Holding and Chambers were going to struggle with Mané and they did. Aubamayang is lazy and innefectual, Pepe and Partey between them have a work ethic but neither can make a succession of decent passes if their lives depended on it. People will lament at the fact that there was no Saka or ESR but you can’t tell me just because they were missing the remaining eight outfield players couldn’t take stock of the game. It was a really poor showing. We couldn’t do anything right tonight, bad distribution, no ball retention, horrendous decision making, no technical ability, no fight. I know a lot of people knock Arteta, whilst others berate the players. Tonight, manager and players should equally share the backlash of what was a desire performance. Okay, we didn’t have the automatic right to win tonight’s game but if you are gonna lose, put up more of a fight.

    1. I’ve read the dozens of comments before yours LtDan, and yours are the first I completely agree with. Blame for that bilge is neither solely with players or manager – tonight they all deserve to be slaughtered. Carbon copy of the City game – no desire, no fight, awful performances, negative tactics. I was praying Ceballos got nowhere near the ball. Gabriel is a class act until he makes a mistake, then he falls apart. Did Aubameyang make one successful pass? Pepes FIRST atttempt to beat a player in their half came in the 89th minute (he tried unsuccessfully many times on the edge of his own box though). Leno is a very poor keeper. Partey impressed in the first half, but again ran out of gas in the second. Arteta must take blame for the negative set-up, and quite frankly failing to instil the confidence to attack. At least thats the alternate bad game gone, so we are due to play well on Thursday. Spleen vented – off to bed.

      1. 👍 👍 Lt Dan and guy, and Liverpool have a Champions League game away in a shorter turnaround than Arsenal, who play at home. Slavia Prague must be shaking in their boots!

      2. Stop making it look like partly did anything useful with the ball. Partly is not a good player at all. He can’t survive in the premiership. He was awful and kept giving the balll away yesterday. He was as bad as Pepe and the non performers.

        1. Who’s “Partly”?
          Thomas Party must be thinking the money he was paid wasn’t enough to leave Atletico Madrid and join the “sb#t show”. He’s probably on the phone to Simeone asking if he will take him back, if Party buys out his contract from Arsenal.

  27. Hi GAI, Truth be told, Arteta has no business managing arsenal next season. We should be talking about a replacement. Allegri, Luis Enrique and the Atalanta coach(Gasperini). Anyone of them would do a better job. The players imo are not the problem. The issue is the manager.

    1. I’ve seen how Luis Enrique managed Barcelona for three seasons and his tactics were the craziest I’ve ever seen. I don’t know about Allegri and Gasperini, but Pochettino’s Spurs used to pin Allegri’s Juventus down in CL and Allegri was lucky to get past Spurs

      Let’s support Arteta and the team until December, when it’s much cheaper to replace him

    2. Just seen arteta on sky taking the blame for this performance, really sad seeing a bloke taking the blame for a load of cowards who were hiding today. Aubameyang needs kicking out

    3. Skills1000

      I was amused to read your comments on who we should appoint once you have given him the tin tac but I think that you are deluding yourself if you think the likes of Allegri, Luis Enrique and co would take the job on
      Is MA a top manager ..definitely no
      A good coach learning his trade being a manager
      Has he the players at his disposal to make the change ..definitely no
      He has inherited a bag of rubbish and it takes time to clear them out and move them on
      The front 3 today Are pants
      Our captain has lost his desire and work rate and rarely shows up now
      Will MA go on to do good things in the game. I believe he will and I hope he does it with us but sacking him and bringing a new face in to start again and again and again. I always felt it would take 3 or 4 seasons to get this club back on track with a new man
      Let me ask you a question . When was the last time we won the league and when was the as time we were pushing for the league
      We have been in decline for a decade or more
      The past and current owners are to blame as they have made the rash decisions that have cost us…
      The past as they sold out on us and the current as they are running the club as a business not a football club who wants to win things which cost’s
      Onwards and upwards

      1. Oh, I do so agree
        We all get red faced and angry after a woeful defeat but you hit the nail on the head for me

      2. Alanball08, the decline we are talking about is NOW my friend and while we keep hiding Arteta behind Emery and Wenger, there will be no accountability.
        Look at Jon Fox’s response above – not a mention of Arteta, yet his record is the worst of UE and AW in the last 20 odd games.

        I was told that we should live in the present and not the past recently… so for goodness sake let’s just do that.

        1. Ken
          You are missing the facts
          Yes we got so taken apart tonight and have so for the past 10plus season
          Our beloved AW lost the plot due to be maybe stubborn or having his hands tied behind his back and restrictions imposed
          UE comes in. The best of the bunch from the 2nd tier management scale
          Freddie for a short while
          The management skimping on players, structure and a clear vision on how to take this club forward.
          Everyone bleating on MA has to go which is they have the right too will be bleating again if a new man takes over now or in the summer a few months later
          A lack of investment will be given to get new ayers in
          The new man who comes in might not like some in the squad and again the cycle starts again.
          Same people bleating here when they said 4th isn’t good enough..and it wasn’t.. but AW has to go…
          This isn’t a quick fix . New man will sort it out…. it runs. deeper then this and again the problem is party the manager, partly the players but mostly the board who has squandered millions on inept players
          Decision making
          Stop being blind side by now results, this stems back for years and If not a decade plus

          1. No it doesn’t go back years and I’m not arguing that AW should have stayed either.
            Our present predicament is down to the current playing and recruitment staff.
            How on earth can you compare the last ten years with the talk of relegation in the last two?
            The money spent during this time dwarfs any previous equivalent period in our history.
            Again, I suggest that by using the past to hide or try to explain Arteta’s failings today, is a smokescreen that benefits no one – including MA himself.

          2. Ken, I agree with you and Allan that the money allocated for transfers and wages has been mismanaged. The financial and player asset management by the Board and senior managers has been abysmal.

        1. Hi Ken
          I respect your opinions and views but I am afraid you have been living with your head in the sand for all these years if you didn’t think afc were in decline for many a year then we will agree to disagree.
          So I will humour your wish and let’s say you and the MA out brigade do get rid of the manager
          Who do you think should replace him..let’s be realistic now ..I don’t want to hear pep name up there. Other question, who do you think is willing which is completely different then would like. By the way I want brendan and so did many others when there was a chance he was leaving celtic. Tony fickle fans on here said he’s not good enough for us…he doing OK now at Leicester
          What funds do you think he will need to bring in fresh blood and who should go and bare in mind please take in to consideration contracts, who willing to take on the dead wood. Look how long it took to move ozil on and wow all the ozil fan brigade wishing he stayed 😃.. he’s really pulling up trees in Turkey..not

          1. Alan, for some reason, my reply to you has appeared further up!!

            ozziegunner, I’m not ignoring your replies my friend, they just make complete sense to me.

      3. Alanball, Thank God for the sane voice of reason and PERSPECTIVE, when all around- well most anyway – are being hotheaded and reactionary.

        Expectations from MOST Gooners are completely unreasonable and they are not interested in real explanations for our plight , which DO go down to our present and past owners who sold out to Kroenke. No business can properly thrive when the owner is uninterested, absent, non caring, and not watching closely what goes on by those ruining his business, like GAZIDIS!

  28. Came to see d wailings all over did Site and had a laugh, honestly..
    When Mr Konstantin Mitov criticises Arsenal’s shambolic performance in games, lots of u here bash him as a pessimist!!
    Did Club is deteriorating Everyday but some of u still tell us dat Pepe, Luiz, Auba, Laca, Xhaka, Ceballos, etc re Good players..
    They are unproductive, washed our players!!
    Only players we have re Martinelli,saka, ESR,Holding n Gabriel!
    As for Arteta, he has some potential but he is a Big Weakling!! Too much Fear and Cowardice!!

  29. On the positive side, Odergaard might have deliberately played so poorly so as to get his market value down, the others have no excuse whatsoever. It will be interesting to see the ratings. 0 for the manager, 6 for Tierney and four for the remainder?

  30. Since 2003, Arsenal have managed three or fewer shots five times in the Premier League – four of those have been in games under Mikel Arteta. enough said.

    1. Kev82, these kind of examples are exactly how we should be judging where we are today – those stats are so mind boggling!!!!

      1. Absolutely off the scale Ken considering the premier league began in 1992 that is almost 30 years.. that just can’t be put down to empty stadiums and bad luck.. Arteta needs to look at himself, those stats are extremely worrying.. and also I think we have only won 6 times at home this season and Arteta once spoke about making the emirates a fortress I think he meant circus..

    2. If you sit back and concede two thirds of the pitch to the opposition, what do you expect to be the result.

        1. We are not making progress as a club. There is a fundamental problem with this club. Arteta in my opinion is at his wits end. We need an experienced coach.

        2. Arteta is worse than Rioch. I thought Rioch at least changed our style of play from a long ball side constantly pumping the ball up to Wrighty to playing on the deck.
          As for Arteta. We had two free-kicks in the first half near the halfway line that showed the tactics Arteta employed. Both times the ball was passed back to the feet of Leno inviting pressure from Liverpool who eventually won back the ball. Negative tactics. Other teams with lesser quality players have put up more of a fight against Liverpool our performance was dismal.

      1. Yes Rioch has to be commended for bringing in DB10 but he couldn’t manage him and it wasn’t until Wenger arrived we saw the real deal. Arteta? Well he’s given us Partey, who was going to be our saviour but looks shell shocked and bemused by it all. Perhaps Arteta’s replacement will turn him back into the midfield monster he once was.

        1. Declan, if you watch interviews with DB10’s team mates like Tony Adams, Ray Parlour, Paul Merson, Ian Wright and Martin Keown, it took DB10 a while to instill his professional approach. They were amazed that someone with his talent, skill and ability trained and practice as much as he did and paid attention to lifestyle and diet. This was before the arrival of Arsene Wenger, who was of like mind regarding lifestyle and diet. These players openly admitted that if it was good enough for Dennis Bergkamp, it was good enough for them. As Ian Wright said “the best signing Arsenal has ever made, or likely will make.”

  31. Some are saying we missed xhaka but I tell you its inexcusable. How many points have we dropped in a game where xhaka played? If my memory serves me correctly, he was worse against Watford with 31 shots on our goal.

  32. Patrick says the worst performance THIS season – trying hard to remember a worse performance since the UE debacle against the same team… when we were told that UE was the answer, just as the same set of fans are telling us all that MA is the right choice!!!

    Now I’m a patient fan and give everyone my full support for as long as possible.
    Arteta had injuries to four regular first team players, he had our best player in Tierney injured, so there are some excuses.

    BUT I have never seen such a disjointed, uninspiring, lethargic and clueless performance since our europa Cup final defeat.

    When are we going to start judging MA the same way as UE and AW?
    The same goes for the players as well – the money that has been spent since gazidis took over is mind boggling and how can anyone think we have improved the last three years?
    Sky has just showed a stat of the last 27 games of MA, UE and AW and, across the board, MA is the worst of the three of them… I won’t say who is the best, as I will be accused of being a Wengerite!!!

    Those infamous words, dross, mentally frail, lazy, bleeding the club dry etc etc are coming back to haunt those who used them so frequently.

    As a supporter I am desperate for MA to succeed and I hope we can react on Thursday evening, but there has to be a day of reckoning and, as those sky stats showed, to keep blaming UE and AW just doesn’t wash anymore.

    1. Ken, I believe Sky’s stats are for the last 50 EPL games for each manager. I think today’s game was his 50th PL match in charge. Enough matches to judge his progress in my opinion.

      1. Thanks Andrew, I was so furious with the performance today, I tried to write down the stats being shown, while typing my response on JA.
        In actual fact then, it’s even worse than I thought – what a nightmare we are having these last three years.
        The real hurt, on a personal note, is that Mikel is such a passionate and nice guy… a real Gooner through and through.

    2. Ditto Ken. I’m starting to tilt that way myself. My tear ducts simply can’t take much more.

    3. KEN I do not in any major way take issue with any of what you say and lots of it makes sense. But given that we both agree that Kroenke is a long standing handicap – going right back to 2007, when he first came, we need to look at the primary cause of why our long standing regression from 2007 has happened YES, we do disagree on Wengers last decade(savehis final two seasons) but even he was fighting against the tide , financially. But also fighting the fact of an owner who cares nothing for his club, save its investment value AND the millions he has made personally from all those CL years which his own disatrous appointment – agreed by Wenger, ie Gazidis, SO DISASTROUSLY WASTED.

      This financial mismanagement and what also looks suspiciously like misappropriation of funds by Sanllehi, given his very sudden exit once the new auditor came, in has led to us not being able to attract an Allegri or a Nagelsman, Tuchel, etc.
      Hence we had Emery, then MA. Even now I still think Emery is a fine manger who had no real chance here, given the lot he inherited and that he could not bring in his own players too. Plus the language problem, which was largely his own fault.
      That is why we have Pepe not Zaha.


      With Kroenke, past mismanagement(or worse still) of funds, Gazidis , unrealistic expectations and reactionary non thinking fans all against ANY new manager who does not sweep the honours board, we are hurting , not helping the club we love. This explains KEN, WHY I will always support a manager until like Wengers latter years, it was long past obvious we needed a change.

      If we sacked MA NOW, WE WOULD END UP WITH SOMEONE LIKE EDDIE HOWE(maybe not him but that level) at best and at worst someone less able NO top manager will take this job under KROENKE . Is that or is that not reality Ken? You tell me please!

      1. Jon, the reality is that you blasted AW from 2008 onwards and he was working under the same owner as MA is today and with the same workload, but that’s where the similarities end

        Since AW was relieved of the duty regarding contracts and the buying and selling of players, the club have spent over £300,000,000 on transfers in to the club, while releasing over (I believe) twenty players not deemed good enough.

        Kronkie is not the type of owner needed at a top club, because he has no interest in the result… as long as he is making money – but it is false to say he has not given money (doesn’t matter where it came from) to the club, in order to compete.
        Everyone from Wenger, gazidis and his three horsemen, Edu and Arteta have failed miserably to use that money wisely… I do not include UE in this, because he was a coach only.

        Everyone bar MA and Edu have now left the club, so I see no reason why these two shouldn’t be judged in the same way, regarding the actions that are down to them.

        Do I see any light at the end of the tunnel, with kronkie around? Well, if he keeps backing us up to the tune of an average £100,000,000 a season, I have no argument with that, but he is a soulless owner and we need better.

        As for who would be better than MA, I have to ask you, who would be worse… and I ask that full of regret for I believe he is a passionate Gooner.
        Keep him at the club, but bring in a top manager for a top club… allegri as an example.
        Let’s be honest, at this moment in time, we have improved nothing… in fact we have gone backwards and for all those who say it is a long term project, Mikel is making it even longer.
        I am now after yesterday’s game, of the opinion he should go at the end of the season and if he proves me wrong… then I will be absolutely delighted.

  33. Arteta is on Industrial Training (IT) at Arsenal as a student of Man City Coaching Academy……..
    The stats speaks for its self
    Played 30
    Win 12
    Lose 12
    Draw 6
    Goal For 40
    Goal Against 36
    Goal Difference 4

    The starts don’t lie Arteta has successfully made Arsenal an Average Team even with better players than Emery and Wenger last few year at the club. I don’t know who told some of us here that Arteta is a genius and our messiah as none has seen him coach before coming here on IT.

    I actually don’t blame Arteta but Arsenal board for lacking any ambition cos if they do Arteta was not the option and should have been sacked long ago.

    Lampard was Arteta type experiment it failed and an ambitious Chelsea realized on time and sacked him now with no new addition same lazy Chelsea players Lampard left at 9th position are currently 4th after losing this weekend, I repeat no new addition

    Arteta has signed 7 players of his own yet the team has now improvement whatsoever.

    Arteta Out is the only way forward and those thinking EL is the way to remedy this season sorry it won’t happen as Arteta has made Arsenal the most Consistently inconsistent team in the whole of Europe.

    1. Worse loss record than Terry Neil (10 games) and he was sacked. However we don’t know the performance criteria and end of season targets set for any Arsenal manager/head coach.
      Wenger missed Champions League 2 seasons, finished 6th, semi final of Europa League.
      Emery 5th in EPL, final of Europa League, second season lost 3 in 8 games, Arsenal in 8th position.
      Arteta finished 8th part season, now lost 11 games in second season?

  34. Simple, move Arteta back to assistant manager then get a top manager..

    Everton did same with Ferguson…
    Get in some ex players as assistant managers to help our clueless manager….. Since ljunberg left, we have been having issues..
    Arteta is brilliant but needs time to get to the top, this shouldn’t be at a club rebuilding at all…

    We can’t have 11 players play poorly to the extent of failing at the basics of football.. It shows poor management..

    Played 50 EPL games
    21 wins
    17 losses,
    12 draws
    72 goals scored
    56 goals conceded since taking over..

    Terrible stats, God help us

    1. But his followers will say stats are useless, they see the progress and greatness of the man ☹️

  35. That was on par with Emerys performances here ,and that’s not a good thing .
    So we set up to press against a team that have just lost 6 on the trot at home why the fck didn’t we have a go at them ,absolutely pathetic from the manager and the players he sent out .
    Laca and Auba together just does not work ,you don’t need to be a football expert to fcking see that.
    Ceballos? I mean what is there to say ,lost for words on him TBH
    Tierney ,whenever he faces speedy wingers he looks like a little boy ,great going forward but weak in the challenge.
    Martinelli gets 15 mins again , can’t really get a enough minutes while Auba who was shocking gets to start nexts week game while all the time seems more concerned what hairstyle to show off in training .
    I honestly thought Emery had returned to the touch line watching that shite tonight .
    Double our passes
    ,65% possession
    25 shots to our 5
    The stats are an embarrassment to read .
    Bye bye end of season please ,let’s actually get someone in who isn’t goi g to embarrass the fans ever times he sends his team out .

  36. I refuse to accept this arsenal,God forbid&some will still be singing about improved defence&best tactical manager ever to be seen…arsenal of old don’t give up easily&that was the reason for change of manager&if that can’t be achieved,let there be another change

  37. I didn’t see the game but based on d comments its good to know ya’ll see auba is a charlatan n highly overated can’t hold ball nor make simple passes pepe on the other hand is a waste of money, why can’t the board n coach get a sublime player a player that can play the arsenal way coz we lost our identity long ago owing to their stingyness. We are never bidding for any seasoned player. Save for saka laca Tierney ESR no top team wants d useless rest. I don’t blame arteta much I blame d aubas who are supposed to prove their worth instead of cowering. We need to send our useless captain out of the team I hope the club we’ll be brave enof to do it. He drags us down n our performance his much better without him. Arteta sees this too n Its why he has elevated laca( one of the few true ballers in d team) recently. May God help us coz our standard of football has deteriorated and to fix that we need to start from our wingers. Thank God for saka but we need one or two more. Other departments are still decent. Still guted we sold Martinez..

  38. Plan and simple Arteta should be sacked, I am baffled how many chances will the Baird give to Arteta. We have become a laughing stock, Arteta is failing one after another test but board and some ppl think we are progressing. I think it’s time for more realistic and sensible fans to start asking what have they been smoking at Emirates, looks like some strong shxt 😂🤣

    1. The most cowardly display I have seen in my life as an Arsenal supporter. Nobody can say Arteta is the manager for Arsenal….he hasn’t got a clue. He ‘talks the talk’ but has no idea how to ‘walk the walk’. Anyone can big themselves up like Arteta, but it’s about producing and Arteta has no idea how to produce…he’s all talk.

  39. I will say this just one more time!!! How about some criticism of EDU!!!. He has assembled an Arsenal squad that is “Mid-Table” at the best, with a host of very average players. Without the magic spark of Saka and ESR, they look like Cinderella at midnight, and at the moment that includes Odegaard and Tierney. It will take several years to get Arsenal out of this funk, and that is assuming we can attract some good players, which in itself might prove impossible, because it will cost a lot of money. There needs to be a very big investment in the playing staff, from Owners who seem to be “Takers” rather than “Givers”. I am really worried this could become a downward spiral for Arsenal football club. I do hope I am wrong, but…….

  40. Actual stats last 50 EPL matches:

    AW: W27 (54%) L16 (32%) – 88 pts
    UE: W25 (50%) L13 (26%) – 87 pts
    MA W21. (42%). L17 (34%) – 75 pts

    Doesn’t make good reading whichever way you look at it. AW’s EPL win percentage over his whole 22 years is 57.5% and losses, 18.5%. Not bad eh?

  41. Player ratings:
    Leno 0
    Chambers 1
    Holding 1
    Gabriel 0
    Tierney 1
    Partey 1
    Ceballos 0
    Odegaard 1
    Pepe 1
    Lacazette 1
    Aubameyang -ve’ 10
    Cedric 1
    Elneny 1

    Manager rating
    Arteta -ve’ 10

  42. Martinelli had more touch than Auba by minutes. Pls throw this scum bag away ASAP.

    He is not a captain on or off the pitch. He is a fraud. He play went he likes and need only.

  43. Andrew Elder,
    Thanks for the stats.
    Just goes to show that Arteta is in over his head and needs to go ASAP.

  44. I think it is pretty obvious to anyone that Arteta isn’t the second coming, he isnt up to the task and hasn’t improved our league form. In truth our league form is the worst it has been for a quarter of a century and it looks like he is out of his depth big style. Out both cups with a whimper, he dismantled the team that won the FA cup for him and built a stinker. The way we are plummeting down the league every year has to be a worry and im sorry, the man with far to much black hair is not cutting it at all, in fact he is failing badly. Kronk must look at Artetas record and do what he did to people with far better records and this time get the right man RAFA.

  45. I am happy that regular scapegoat players were not in pitch, like Xhaka and Luiz, we are awful with them or without them but they are not the messiah/saviour.

    I cannot believe, some people are still having the Wenger, Emery debate,…Lord, they are gone,
    Just focus on how it took 45 minutes with no real chance, or any chance. Of course the 2nd 45 minutes was not any better but I switched off after the 2nd goal.
    We are at least 9 points from 4th and 16 from relegation at 9th/10th. This is where we are. I really hope they turn up for the rest of the season.
    Team sucks without Saka and ESR.
    -Pepe at the left is a failure at that level, do not get me started at Auba and I am very happy Dani is a loan player, Madrid’s problem but thinking ElNeni is the answer, is absolute stupidity, and I am Egyptian!

    In the first 45 mins Lacca and Partey made a huge effort. Cannot speak of the 2nd, I was angry, sleepy and disappointed.

  46. we have no coach ; no game plan nor style anymore. We are looking lost as Arteta is…How long does it takes to get have no coach…

    Look at Leeds zo pleasant to watch, a real game plan with average players, wins it..

    A top squad with assistant coach is what wz have

  47. How any honest reporting could conclude that 0 0 at half time was a fair reflection of game beggars credulity … they were obviously the better team and squandered plenty of chances .. all that happened in second half was they didn’t … we are watching a slow motion train wreck … the driver should have been removed 3 months ago when many of us pointed out that we were heading towards a derailment … the fans (ie fanatics) frothed at the mouth and talked about the long game signs of improvement another couple of transfer windows and big improvements once the toxic Turk was out of the dressing room … all bs of course because it avoided the underlying managerial ineptitude .. another couple of months of this and we will hopefully see the end of this inept era … though with the greedy yank still there I can’t say I am optimistic about getting it right third time … but luck is a funny thing!!

  48. Inept and pitiful are words that come to mind to describe our performance.As I said in response to an earlier article yesterday, we have numerous defenders, but all but one are lacking in quality.There is a glaring lack of pace and energy throughout the side which was exacerbated yesterday by the absence of Saka and ESR and the fact that Martinelli was again left on the bench for much of the game.I felt sorry for Gabriel who had a good first half but collapsed in the second.I’m afraid he may get prove to be another bad acquisition in line with a chain of other centre backs.Six goals conceded in our last two league matches demonstrates our defensive weaknesses, but the same applies in midfield and up front .Yesterday our Captain and our most expensive signing, contributed nothing to our cause, and while not wishing to over-react, there must be a good case for moving them on, one way or another, to pastures new.Arteta faces a huge challenge , in that most of our players on view yesterday, cannot be improved.The likes of Chambers and Holding I admire for their attitude and defermination, but they are not too quality and never will be.The same applies to Luis, Mari,Elneny, Bellerin, Cedric,etc..I do hope Arteta learns from the drubbing yesterday.He cannot make drastic changes for the Europa Cup match, but he will, I am sure, be aware that we cannot improve materially with the group of players he selected yesterday, including our goalkeeper who is having a really bad run.Big changes are needed,in every area of the pitch, and without financial backing, we as fans may have to realize that next season may be another difficult one for Arsenal.

    1. Grandad, the picture you paint is a depressing one which I happen to agree with. Our ‘captain’s’ loss of form since he signed his mega new contract has been alarming and we can’t blame Gazidis for that, it’s all down to Edu and Arteta. But that’s water under the bridge, the question is who is going to buy him? On current form coupled with his enormous wages I just can’t see any big club coming for him. If Arteta is true to his word, and selects players on form, captain or no captain he should drop him for his own good. How about young Martinelli? He was more or less forced to play ESR and look how that turned out.

  49. We will hopefully have Saka and ESR back for Thursday’s game but after yesterday’s shocking display our heads will be down and confidence low. Leno badly at fault for two of the goals and a right cock up by Gabriel as well. Arteta needs to show some balls and play Ryan and Mari, also drop Aubamayang and play Martinelli. It’s shît or bust Thursday and everyone is severely underestimating a very good Slavia side.

  50. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear having just read thru the diatribes above I’ll now get my views off my chest.. last night was cheap, spineless attempt by the majority to kid the viewers and fans – and it fooled no-one. If there was a plan too many didn’t know it and if they did they couldn’t execute it.

    Having Saka and ESR wouldn’t have paid any difference – this was about effort, commitment, work ethic, determination, pride; not turn up, get paid, go home and don’t care if I get picked or not.

    I’m wondering now if MT is weeing in the wind and that he’s lost the dressing room. Trye he would have had some say in transfers but doesn’t that sit mostly with Edu.

    Why would good, young, eager, up and coming players want to come to us – unless it’s for the wrong reasons, like money.. Sorry but like Auba is looking like.

    I mean why play a centre forward at left half. Why not change it at half time, apart from the KT loss..

    Must stick with Gabriel, he’ll be better for last night. Bring Saliba for next season, just about keep Holding, unload the other centre backs, sell Bellerin, Chambers, send back DaniC, who’d buy Auba ?? so sell Laca, sell Torreira, Sell Guendozi, sell AMN and Willock and NKetiah and Nelson.

    Unfortunately, MA wouldn’t take a back seat now and Allegri has no Prem experience and not sure he speaks English either. Ideally, I’d get Benitez in for a couple of years, with MA and get a few sleeves rolled up. Thank you..

  51. This is always the case – when we play well half the fans say “see! Look how great Arteta is!” And when we play like this the other half say the opposite.
    After the Chelsea win, which really was a turning point of sorts a lot of people were thinking we could kick on and go for 4th because we’d found a way of playing well, but that was never realistic. We have big problems that won’t be solved so quickly. Sorry but patience doesn’t mean in 3 games we’ll be world beaters, we are moving forward but we will have these kinds of performances in the short term. I’m disappointed but honestly not surprised. Still believe Arteta can be a success but he needs time.

      1. So how long Davi and how many personnel changes?

        I believe it’s 20 players out and 17 in since gazidis took over the role in January 2018.

        Over £300,000,000 spent on new5 players, two sets of backroom staff, two coaches /manager, the decimation of our scouting team, over 55 redundancies and resignation / appointment of board members.

        NOW, with all the above, can you name me one area where we have improved on the field?

    1. What part of the last 15 months represents moving forward??? Not results obviously not football style not removal of deadwood not player attitude … enlighten us please

    2. How on earth are we moving forwards ?
      Why do people fabricate facts to try to suit, its not true!

      1. Reggie, your post is so true and happens all the time on JA on MANY different subjects – they just have to be looked at and proved that it is false information.
        I would add though, sometimes it is not deliberate, just a mistake.

  52. I agree with a lot of fans here that our manager needs to be accountable.

    But I have 1 problem of practicality. If we sack Arteta, the new manager will want his own players.

    Rightly, or wrongly we have invested financially in MA’s team. Unless you can find a manager willing to work with MA’s team with no further investment or investment only if we are able to flog the existing ageing assets, a new manager is unlikely to happen.

    If it were to happen the only name fit for purpose is Rafa Benitez (whose name I have mentioned in the past) as he is experienced and has done it before albeit a while ago.

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