Diaby to get new Arsenal contract? You must be kidding!

I appreciate the fact that Arsene Wenger has always looked after the Arsenal players and shown them great loyalty and respect. It has often been said by current and former players that the Frenchman is like a father figure to them and that is great.

But there must be a limit and there comes a time when Wenger must do what is best for the club rather than a player and that time is long since past for Abou Diaby. With just two appearances, neither of them in the Premier League, in the last two years and just 22 in the last four years, Arsenal are just not getting any use out of the French international midfielder.

I feel sorry for him for the way his career has gone but we have been paying him something like £65,000 a week so I am not going to cry too much for him. The fact is that we need a top quality central midfielder and Diaby is not it. So I was amazed to see the Metro report that reveals Wenger is planning to discuss a new deal with Diaby next month.

Wenger said, “Diaby is progressing in training, step-by-step, but he is not in a position to play yet.

“I will have to talk to him soon (about his contract). I plan to do it in March.”

Come on Arsene you cannot be serious.

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  1. Greg says:

    What? You gotta be kidding me? Let me pinch myself and make sure im not watching “saturday night live”!

    1. Mick The Gooner says:

      The Metro said it, therefore it must be true.

      1. almostawinner says:

        headline: utter click bait.

    2. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Diaby’s new contract is what happens when wenger gets a new contract….. I feel for diaby, but 2 salvage his carrear, he shud quit the prem and play in a less physical league….

  2. Hafiz Rahman says:

    talking about his contract but is he offering a new one??

  3. Champagne Charlie says:

    Can’t see him getting a new deal. But….IF Wenger offers a contract that will underline just how out of touch he is with the competitive edge modern day football requires.

    I mean yea I get the merits of sticking by a guy, but that’s 50k a week deal that a good player could be on. Mourinho booted out Mata because he didn’t track back….and we’re potentially signing up a guy that can’t play 5 games a year.

  4. GOONSTER says:

    I love Diaby, he is such a talent and I have been one of his biggest backers, I have always wanted us to give him chance after chance to get his fitness back as I think he is very very good when fit.

    But time is about right now, the likes of City, United, Chelsea etc are spending big money on good players, we can’t keep allowing yourselves to be left behind by retaining players that will not help us, that squad space should be given to a player that we are confident he will play at least 50% of the games…

    The £65,000 a week he has been getting for 7 years of not doing anything is enough for him to live on and not worry about money for the rest of his life.

    Lets make active that squad place he has made dormant for 9 years. Lets get a player who will contribute to the team.

    Good luck Diaby and all the best.

  5. Hafiz Rahman says:

    well pay as you play contract……if he cant play he cant get pay!!! thats a fair deal…..

    in the mean time lets a get a new manager first

  6. Toni balle says:

    There is a whole website, the actual club website, that delivers information, interviews and articles directly to us fans, for free! Yet we continually go to metro and other stupid websites that twist scenarios at the club to suit their agenda. Going to these random websites knowing the amount of bullocks they post and then taking their word as true is just ignorant. Reposting it on this Justarsenal website for other fans to become hysterical, well thats just insulting. Stop insulting fans that come here with garbage, and start looking for more creative ways to get views otherwise you’ll completely destroy the reputation of what was once a very commendable website.

    As for the Diaby quote, Wenger was asked by a reporter if Diaby was close to returning and what his contract situation was. Wenger replied by saying that although Diaby progresses well, he’ll be in no condition to play anytime soon. He then went on to say that he has a decision to make concerning Diaby’s contract, but he plans to do it in March. If you watch the actual pre Monaco press conference, (which I reiterate, is on the clubs website for free!), then you’ll see from Wengers expression that he’s most likely going to let him go. Metro have just twisted his words, as usual to suit their own agenda.

  7. Sumo says:

    If we are to talk of Diaby, let me engage in a hyperbolic situation for a moment.

    I went to work for one of the best construction company in the world as an engineer. I was one of the most promising engineers around. During my first year at the comapany, while in time of duty, due to some freakish accident, i break my leg. And I am unable to work for one year. But I come back to work again and impress everyone. But due to the nature of my first injury, i keep getting niggling injuries all the time that prevents me from working. I have a career of ,say, 15 years. But i was injured during the 3rd year of my career and now I am in my 11th year. I haven’t progressed since. Other people in the same line of work with less talent than me earned a lot for and personal honours. But now comes the interesting question. I am in thr dying end of my career with 3years left. But this company is willing to let get a contract “Earn as you work” which i am happy with. But they are getting undue criticism from the stakeholders. If they let go of me no one else will hire me and I may have to end my career 3 years early. This company has lot of money. What they may pay me is 0.01% of their income.

    So the question-
    “Is it unfair if i earn a living? I lost my career while working for this company. So is it not in their responsibility- as a global leading company- to see that I atleast make a decent living?”

    1. sabelo says:

      @Sumo, no it’s not. For one that engineering company example u make is out of tune. They don’t have to meet quota regulations and maximum employee size regulations. Diaby is eating up squad space, wages we could use to finance a player that can actually play for us. If the same scenario happened to say Cazorla or The Mozart in the twilight years of their careers and the kept renewing his deal then I’d understand but Diaby ? What has he actually done for our club ?

  8. samuel@justarsenal.com says:

    Diabi, sorry. You must be going through a psychological trauma. Because if you can’t become fit to play for Arsenal again, Arsenal may not offer you another deal. People talk of the purported 65K you earn monthly. Even if you earn that much, don’t you spend the money to eat, take care of yourself and your family. People talk as if you are just banking you salary without using it. Can such thing ever be possible? When you went to France for that long treatment and rehab, were you not using your money? I pray for you to miraculously get well and play for Arsenal again.

  9. Diaby deserves a new contact because of that kick he did in John Terry’s head. Let him stay while Wenger stays.

  10. Simon_MrMac says:

    Depends on the contract – if its a pay if you play contract – I don’t see the drama. Wenger is perhaps the most cost sensitive manager in the game – so I don’t see him handing out cash for nothing-

    I was told Diaby didn’t collect any wages when he wasn’t playing – is that true?

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