Diaby’s Arsenal return to earn a place for Chelsea clash?

After suffering an amazing and unlucky number of injuries, around 40, in his eight years as an Arsenal player, it is pretty incredible that Abou Diaby has not just thrown in the towel. And many other clubs and managers might have given up on the Frenchman, but not Arsene Wenger and Diaby could be about to repay the faith of his manager.

An ESPN report shows that Wenger is set to start the 28-year old in the Capital One cup clash with Southampton this evening, in the latest step on his recent road to recovery. Diaby did manage to get on the pitch for the final game of last season and has had all summer, pre-season and the under 21s games to build himself back to full fitness, so this game against the Saints is a very important one for him to see if he really is ready for action with the Arsenal first team.

Wenger said about him, “Diaby played 90 minutes at Villa Park for the under-21s last week. He was with us at Villa Park again on Saturday and he will play against Southampton on Tuesday.

“He is a giant, mentally. To do what he has done, with the severe injuries he had, he comes back every time, is dedicated and he deserves a lot of respect.

“I am a huge believer in his quality and I am sad as well that he couldn’t show it more. If there is some justice, the future will be much better for him.”

And it is not sentiment that has caused Wenger to bring Diaby back, because the central midfielder has the qualities to be a significant boost to the Arsenal team, especially in the sort of big game that we struggled in last season. With his injury problems, Wenger is never going to play him in every game, but if he can find his form, the boss could use him sparingly to great effect.

And just by chance there is one of those big games coming up, with the visit of Chelsea next weekend. If Diaby completes the game tonight with no problems and looks good, I would not be surprised to see his name on the team sheet for the Chelsea clash, where his energy and tackling in the middle of the pitch would be well appreciated. What do you think Gooners?

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    1. to honour Diaby’s 565 days without a start- I shall wait until the 565th minute of the match to cheer him.
      all seriousness, hope he does well and stays fit

  1. I feel for for him, but we just can’t afford to sit and pray that he stays healthy, because most likely he won’t. We should definitely use him in less important games, like today against Soton, but I would be very hesitant to start, or even play him as a sub in a very important game against Chelsea. We need a DM regardless of Diaby’s fitness.

    1. i would be cautious playing him against chavs
      ramires would prob end his career
      dirty fook
      great to see diarby back though hope he stays fit but wont hold my breath

  2. Great guy, very unlucky. Hate to say it but I cant see him playing a lot of games at top level anymore without getting hurt.
    This year is his last chance, he knows it and he will want to use it.
    Good luck Diaby, may the force be with you.

  3. If i remember corectly he score in carling cup final against chelsea in 3rd minute and than went on to kick terry in the head full strength..thought he killed him back than..we did lose that game but would be worth it to see part 2 of the leg vs head encounter(even though terry has been kicked plenty but is still around while diabys legs arent)

  4. Hope this is the year we finally get to see Diaby shine, and not for a game or two but for most of the season.

  5. will he be fit for the Chelsea match, who knows? Let’s just take it one game at a time and hope he gets through this one.

  6. My fantasy Arsenal 11 😉

    Sanchez Ozil Walcott
    __Ramsey Kondogbia
    Gibbs Koscielny Hummels Debuchy

    1. My fantasy Arsenal 11



  7. Diaby against Chelsea? Tllk about people having no clue about football at all. He will never shine bec he never shined in the first place. His career is finished, and all what he is doing is tormenting himself with all these never ending injuries.

    He is moe of an Attacking midliefielder then a Dm. Get this into your heads.

    1. Diaby plays a similar role to Ramsey, Khedira, Toure and Ramires. To think he can shield the back four a la Fernandinho, Mascherano, Martinez or Matic is a big joke :). He might be tall, but he’s not really that strong. Unfortunately, injuries have prevented him from developing his game, for example, he still has the tendency to dwell on the ball too much. His decision making in the final third is still suspect. Lets hope we see a stronger and more matured Diaby tonight. Most importantly, a Diaby that will go the entire 90 minutes without pulling off….

  8. My team for tonight as we don’t have enough senior defenders we have to rest mert,kos what a joke chambers the only cover we have might start today.
    Coquelin hayden chambers bellerin
    Diaby zelalem
    Campbell Wilshere Rosicky

  9. i Honestly stand by my previous comments that a fit diaby will drastically improve our team, injuries halted his career. Imagine if he had injury free season, im sure he’d give yaya a run for his money. Truth be told the guy is injured all the time, hopefully he’ll get over sooner rather than later(de ja vu).
    How can I watch the match tonight, its not broadcasted in Soth Africa, they rather displaying Liverfools on DSTV.
    gutted!!! always a pleasure watching thee arsenal play thrice a week

    shout out to the SA GOONEERR!!

  10. Hoping he gets out of this game unscathe and witha victory, would live to see him and coquelin in the midfield today, i think both compliments each other.

    I think Hayden should also be looked at as a Defensive Midfielder, i think he has all the qualities arsenal need and should be allowed to develop in that position

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