Diary – JustArsenal Admin in lockdown in Spain (What the UK can expect)

I am watching the coronavirus developments in the UK with great interest, as the government over there are using a very risky “herd immunity” strategy that is completely different to the “keep everyone in isolation” stategy in force here in Spain.

The whole of Spain (like most other European countries) has been in lockdown for a week, even though there was not one death in Andalucia (where I live) up until that time, with most of the cases emanating from Madrid which is over 500 km away. Four weeks ago there had been less than 10 deaths in Spain, today we have passed 1000, with another 1100 in intensive care. This is not “JUST LIKE A FLU”….

This is the breakdown of cases and deaths by location…..
6,777 in Madrid (498 dead)
3.270 in Cataluña (82 dead)
1.190 in País Vasco (53 dead)
921 in la Comunidad Valenciana (24 dead)
1.008 in Andalucía (23 dead) (Where I am- zero deaths one week ago)
801 in Castilla-La Mancha (42 dead)
868 in Castilla y León (43 dead)
468 in La Rioja (5 dead)
482 in Navarra(4 dead)
453 in Galicia (4 dead)
292 in Asturias (2 dead)
281 in Aragón (15 dead)
241 in Extremadura (10 dead)
220 in Canarias (3 dead)
169 in Baleares (3 dead)
215 in Murcia
83 in Cantabria (1 dead)
23 in Melilla
1 in Ceuta

If the coronavirus has escalated like wildfire here, despite being in lockdown, I can’t imagine how quick it is going to infect millions in the UK after allowing it to spread freely thanks to the herd immunity strategy used by the Government in the UK. Here is a graph showing how quickly that that has turned into a pandemic in Spain….

As you can see Spain has the highest percentage of deaths (even more than Italy) at 5% of those confirmed cases, so it is possible the virus is becoming stronger as it spreads or it could be that (like Italy) we have a lot of very old people. I certainly know that if it arrives in my little village up the road then half the town could be wiped out because of the high percentage of aging residents, not to mention all the retired local ex-pats at risk. Many local councils are sending out teams to sterilize bank machines, roads and shop doorways. Any shop workers must wear masks and gloves and keep away from customers.

But despite the rumours that it “only kills the old and infirm”, just a few days ago a 37 year-old Guardia Civil man died of coronavirus in Madrid, and just yesterday we had a baby born in my local hospital to a coronavirus-infected mother and the baby has tested positive as well. We are waiting to find out if it is going to cause the baby any problems. The actual death rate is INCREASING by 33% every day and shows no sign of slowing down. England’s deaths are relatively low at the moment, but I am predicting you will be up to 1000 in a week’s time if you go the same way as Spain, or even quicker as the virus is being encouraged to spread freely. Just think about the fact that our thousand deaths have come from just 20,000 confirmed cases. How many will die when the confirmed cases go over a million. There are 10 million people in London alone, and you still haven’t gone into lockdown.

Now, I don’t know if the UK government have warned the citizens what to expect if total lockdown occurs, but here is a list of what we can actually do at the moment….

*All bars, clubs and restaurants and shops are closed except for from pharmacies, supermarkets, petrol stations and tabacco shops.
*We are not allowed to leave the house unless it’s to do essential work, buy food or an emergency.
*We are not allowed more than 1 person in a car to do any of the above.
*We are only allowed to walk our pets within 50 metres of our house and a quick walk on your own.
*We are not allowed to just take a walk or a bike ride to get fresh air
*All childrens outdoor parks are closed. Beaches are closed.
*At the pharmacy we must stay 2m apart outside door, only one person can enter at a time and only be at least a metre away from the counter
*The majority of us have suddenly found ourselves with no work
*In supermarkets and queues we have to stay in single file with a 2 meter distance between each person.

From tomorrow there will be Police and Army checkpoints

The deputy leader of the Policia Nacional said yesterday: “The first two or three days of the royal decree were a period of adjustment, of warnings and informing people, but we believe that period has come to an end.

“The time has come to implement fully the state of alarm.”

Now it looks to me that the UK government has not put you all in lockdown because they want you to catch it. England has now reached 10,000 cases which ended up as 500 deaths in Spain, and watch those numbers jump higher and higher every single day.

I am just writing this so that the people in England can imagine what they may have to go through in a very short time in the future. I sincerely hope that the UK governments strategy works towards making “the herd” immune to coronavirus, but I am also warning you that the price comes at a very high cost in lives….

Prepare yourselves!

JustArsenal’s Admin Pat


  1. The world war II killed 85 million people, the Spanish flu killed 50million people I think many believe we’re far from crisis because we have not hit those kind of numbers. Any death caused by a spreading disease without cure of even a single person in any country should be a cause for alarm to everyone living in the world.

        1. Hey admin Pat, I here you in Paris and we are all as one indeed, thanks for sharing.

          Hey Sue, GB and everyone; no, UK is already on lockdown, won’t take a week GB, it is on. Boris said, we’ll try to close early as possible tonight. Guess he doesn’t want to panic, but already announced and will more so by Monday the latest. No schools, nothing! Schools were first to close in France, not sure if it is listed in UK yet but it will before Monday. Young people passes it to older, without getting sick! Got to lock up the kids.

          Sure that all of you if not, please do so, take measures as cleaning hands and stay at a distance etc…

          Yes indeed, UK politics are slow and ridiculius as brexit’s handling.

          Unreal stuff; “Dude asking to please do your best to not to end too late tonight!” Talking to freaking bars and cafes at brunch! Has he been tested? Something’s up with that brother! Desperate for a last drink! Damn Bobo!

          Anyhow, glad we can vibe together here, confinement is natural and a pleasure here, we did not wait for virus!

          Again all support to everyone of you worldwide and our boy in Spain and all countries.

          He is right; get the good habits right away, be strong as it is lots more coming for all of us, everywhere.

          This confinement will be way longer as case go from 100 to 1000 in a day, when they announce 2 weeks, Spain is at 6 at least, France at 2 since Monday and will extend to 6 weeks by next monday. More people getting infectec, dying mainly, confinement adpats to daily cases’ rise.

          Spain have not announced it, but soon it will be extended to another 6 weeks. Italy numbers show that Spain and elsewhere and u fortunitaly more so UK slow reaction will last until September.

          6 weeks is May, then 6 more later we heading to August, September is right there then.

          Some companies are making billions from government they tied to; announcing a vaccin n a year when it should be now. Means they plan this to be back next winter or so, if it ends by September.

          I had a strange feeling last night waking up, felt like aftermath, as if something is really happening to this world with many losts… But this type of dreams mean it will be tuff but alright on the end.

          There’s already a way to treat and prevent, it is called nivaquine. But it is cheap and already available all over; not sure the one who looking into profits on this terrible issue, do not want this to be confirmed; they won’t make all these Billions!

          Trump and U$ approved it, the lost will be bigger with sick people, just as financial market….I’m positive with that nivaquine. Makes lots of sense!

          1. nivaquine is one of the key ingredients to the cure/vaccine

            its political and all about monetary gains….

          2. My daughter works at a school, Mogunna.. and they’re staying open as they have 50 pupils with ‘key worker’ parents. Providing they have enough staff, assuming nobody becomes ill, they will work 2 weeks on then have 2 weeks off. Covering every aspect of the school, from childcare, to preparing food to cleaning.

          3. There’s a treatment called Chloroquine, gets rid of corona in 6 days. Also called nivaquine. Very cheap, available all over. But it has been kept silent as billions are being invested to find a vaccin, available in a year.

            Point made is that unfortunately, money is privileged over people lives.. The US decided to make it available to everyone

  2. How on earth anyone can think we will be watching football any time soon after this story, must be off their rockers.

    Pat, we all know you have had health problems yourself, so take care.

    Take care everyone, this is becoming a nightmare.

    1. because its all about monetary gains….

      which is why the owners or the upper management to UEFA or Fifa insist on completion of the league

      Olympics still going on despite athletics having time off and insufficient time to train cause of the lock down

  3. Here in Northern Ireland that’s us nearly in lockdown now with Bars, clubs and my own work in Gyms tonight closed for the foreseeable.

    Pat, hope your well and keeping good, what’s this about police stops and army checkpoints you serious? Getting fined for a brisk walk!! Mental.

  4. Unfortunately the number of deaths you can register as “Corona deaths”, doesn’t cover it.
    As countries reach their max limit of intensive care patients, because of the Corona Virus the death toll from other illnesses will also rise.
    So, it is very much about math. Are the measures taken by the authorities sufficient not only to limit the number of infected in itself, but will that number be kept low enough not to overload the system.
    If you look at the limited experiences from different countries, it is not just a matter of how strict the measures put into effect are. It is very much a matter of how early those measures are taken.
    It is my guess Spain has simply been too slow to react, and that is the reason for the current state. Unfortunately, I don’t see any evidence that the UK has reacted quicker.

    1. I am in Spain. They DID react quickly. England certainly were not caught on the hop as they had a few weeks of watching others react, but they have chosen a different strategy.

      Who knows? They may be right. I’ll do an update next week eh? Then we’ll know who’s strategy was right….

      1. If medical establishment so well organised in developed countries are saturated then God help us.

      2. @Pat
        As I understand the UK has changed strategy now, and is now more on the same path as other countries.

  5. Truly frightening Pat and so take good care and good luck. But Boris has denied that we in Britain are being told to use “herd immunity” and though, personally I think we were slow to act, HAD we been set up for “herd immunity” then we would being encouraged NOT to isolate, which is not the case. I like to be fair and do not, by and large, blame this government. They have, right through, been guided by the. medical experts and Boris is holding daily public news conferences fielding searching questions from respected journos. And Boris and the Chancellor have and are throwing HUGE sums of money to help us all get through.

    Surely the fair minded truth is that this Corona virus caught pretty much all countries on the hop . And though it may seem faintly ridiculous right now , there will be long lasting social benefits about how we treat each other, once we come through this thing.

    I am taking the time now available to educate myself on other things than hitherto. Football seems miles away at present and almost certainly is. I see no way the Prem will be concluded before late Summer at very best, if then!

    1. Jon
      You put that very well
      The Govt. have been guided by the scientists and I have every reason to respect Prof Chris Witty and Sir Patrick Vallance as well as those top brains at Imperial College.
      My concern over the last few days is lack of urgency shown by a lot of the young who had until yesterday carried on as usual.
      I moved from London 15 years ago and even our village pub in south Leicestershire was open till the bitter end last night and as I walked the dog round the green at closing time , cars were still outside
      People have to learn the hard way
      Like or loathe Boris, he and the scientists had repeated the same message all week
      Socially distance yourself for the benefit of all. Not adhered you. Maybe the Govt were trying to let the population get used to the idea to then face the inevitable shut down
      As Admin Pat has reported we as people of the world can expect it to get worse before the tide turns
      My husband is classed as vulnerable so our lives will be changing for the foreseeable future


      1. Sue, if you respect Sir Patrick Vallance, then you are aware that he would be happy if the UK had less than 20,000 deaths. He also said it would be “Remarkable” if it was less than the 8,000 killed by the flu virus.

        “There are 8,000 or so deaths from flu in an average season,” he said at a press conference.

        “It can be more than that in a bad season.

        “And if we can contain this down to the sort of level where it looks comparable to that – which would be a remarkable achievement – then that would be an outcome which is really quite remarkable.”

        1. Admin Pat
          The scientists are desperately trying to manage this crisis in a way that doesn’t completely overwhelm the NHS. Italy and Spain where you are are, are truly suffering and I expect that we will follow. All deaths whether from flu(where there is a level of immunity) or from Coronavirus which is new, are hard to take
          The thought of 250,000 to 500,000 deaths without the correct intervention would be devastating. Approximately 500,000 people die in the U.K. annually so that puts it into perspective

          Vallance’s figure of less than 20,000 deaths would be remarkable bearing in mind the danger that it poses to the public, particularly the elderly and infirm, coupled with the NHS being under strain already from winter related illnesses

          Hubby and I are keeping our distance from others to protect him

          Take care yourself

  6. That’s horrendus Pat, but it’s how I would expect Spain to react to a threat like this. Italy has announced that 98% of those that have dies had other medical conditions could that be the same in Spain? Keep well and keep safe my friend.

    1. Ron – That is THE main question. It will probably be found that it is the same in Spain (and everywhere else too) and it is little, hardly publicised, truths like this which should help people to calm down a bit. Unfortunately they don’t and they’re not helped by the headline makers in the media who bury such truths well below their hysteria-creating headlines.

  7. 630 people have died in Italy today due to this Chinese virus, the numbers keeps on going up.At this moment no one should be talking about football that’s madness.No one should dream of a ball being kicked until this virus is contained..Everyone take care in 1918 50 to 100m people died follow the health guideline seriously.Personaly I went for screening without even meeting the standard case criteria of the virus,governments are doing massive testing to know the extent of the infections as many could be in incubation period.

    1. GB, the local population here in the Philippines appear to love everyone – except the Chinese. Maybe this isn’t the time for levity but what the hell . . .
      According to my wife, a Filipina, the latest joke among Filipinos here is:
      ‘Why all the fuss about the corona virus? It was made in China – so it can’t last long!’
      Hope they’re right.

      1. Let hope she’s right GunnerJack. You’re right by the way, sometimes we need a chuckle to take a little break from all the doom and gloom.

  8. Bloody hell! Every day when I leave my house, I notice something different.. from hardly any cars on the roads, to less people about, very few school children around to very little ‘noise’ When this started, I never for one minute expected it to be like this and so soon. People are panicking and it’s only going to get worse. I just hope we all come out of it the other side, when (or if) that will be I have no idea… stay safe everyone. Look out for each other.
    Thanks for the article, Pat… very scary stuff indeed. Look after yourself.

    Just out of interest, how are you all spending your days, particularly people who are self isolating?

    1. Golf course Sue- been playing every day this week and will be there all weekend. Plenty of fresh air and exercise. And at the moment no mention of the Club closing the doors. Very strict hygiene rules imposed but it beats sitting at home with the Wife.Thats her words not mine.
      Sue-am I right in understanding you work for the NHS?

      1. That sounds alright then, Phil.. hope you’re able to keep that up!! I know it can’t be helped, but I’m really missing the football and darts and now they’ve cut Eastenders to just twice a week 😱 I think I ought to start reading that pile of books I’ve been meaning to for the last couple of years hahaha, mainly Arsenal player autobiographies 😄
        Yes I do Phil.
        Hope you and your wife stay safe 🙂

        1. If you’re into thrillers Sue a good book would be Robert Ludlum’s ‘Hades Factor’.

          It’s all about a terrible virus being unleashed on the world and . . . oh!

        2. I thought you did Sue-it’s at times like these that ALL NHS Workers are put under even more enormous pressure than they usually suffer, and that is bad enough. Make sure you remind everyone just how much you are respected Sue, as and may you all stay safe and well.
          We ♥️ you Sue

          1. That’s really nice of you, Phil. Ours is a small hospital (elderly/vulnerable). It’s been crazy, I’m knackered… but as long as the patients are looked after.. is all we can do and hope for the best!
            😊 thanks Phil….
            I must say, you’re such a funny guy, I love reading your comments 😜

      2. Phil, I’ve just had the good news that our Sunday afternoon pool tournament is to go ahead on condition it doesn’t drag on and that we’ve vacated the pub by 8pm when the pub has to close.
        From that it seems the authorities think that you won’t catch the virus at five to 8 but have a good chance of catching it at 5 past.
        If anyone can explain that to me please go ahead.

        1. GJ-how is that even possible? Is this the Landlords decision? If so, I would think he could be in a touch of trouble.
          Stay safe and well GunnerJack

          1. It’s the local government’s decision. The landlord would probably stay open until at least midnight. Some people here routinely drink until the early hours normally. If I go to the pool comps early, say 11am (start is at 1pm) for a bit of practice with a couple of other guys before it starts we’re fairly often joined by people coming in from the night before. That’s going to stop now of course.
            The attitude of the ex-pats here is ‘stuff the virus, and if I get it no big deal – do people think they’re going to live forever?’ Those who’ve looked into it a bit more say the figures show that even if they get it AND have an ongoing disease they will still battle through it 85% of the time. Good, optimistic attitude I think. Yet to see any sign of hysteria.

  9. Thanks for the update Admin. If you get some good info on it, such as ages and what, if any, diseases they had that would be most helpful.
    This ‘herd’ thing sounds just like when we had measles parties back in the ’50s – 60s when just about every kid in England caught it – on purpose. Can’t see the uk gov. giving the go-ahead for that though.
    If someone had the measles virus all us kids were taken there and had the time of our lives making new friends. The sales of calamine lotion peaked I think, to splash on all over our itchy bodies. There were no vaccinations for measles at the time. Amazingly, the vast majority of us survived. Maybe measles is a relatively weak virus. I haven’t looked into it, just quoting from memory.

      1. Didn’t think it was. That was just an example. What we need is the victims ages and pre-virus medical conditions. Just flat out saying that a certain number are dead is the headline makers dream. He/she attracts a lot of attention to their employer’s site. The truth of the matter comes later, buried deep in their article.
        A good example is the young football coach also from Spain. He was 21 and just before he died the poor guy was told that apart from the coronavirus he had pneumonia and leukaemia, undiagnosed until then. A quick search will bring up the details if you’d like to check it out.
        And that’s the problem. Saying a number of people have died with no explanation creates panic. Let’s see how this latest catastrophe pans out.
        By the way Pat it sounds like you’re in an area likely to be hit hard if younger members of those elderly people decide to visit in order to ‘help out’. They don’t know they are bringing death to their loved ones because they have no, or only mild symptoms, like MA.
        For me, that is the most important message world leaders should be getting across.

          1. The second case is open to dispute:
            ‘Francisco Javier died from pneumonia caused by coronavirus today in Herrera de la Mancha in Ciudad Real.’
            Who knows how long he’d had pneumonia?

            The first case does not appear to have pre-existing conditions. However the poor young Spanish football coach who died recently didn’t even know he had leukemia.

            No matter what victims medical conditions are, the media always say it was the coronavirus which killed them. Not pneumonia, leukemia, common flu etc. Always the coronavirus.

        1. Gunner Jack, I notice how in your posts since the other day when I “cleaned” you(told you offin no uncertain terms) you are slowly attempting to write less horribly and without any sensitivity. I still disagree with your take on “folk will battle through it 85%* of the time” and that is a horrible thought if you and we and our loved ones are in the other 15%. I counsel that emotive phrases are important and more than ever so at this bleak time and urge you to think and think more compassionately than your words APPEAR to show you as being so. PLEASE !!!

          * thankfully the survival rate in general seems to be far higher than your 85% BUT not always among elderly and infirm folk and it is THOSE folk, mostly, that find your comments so repulsive . And I note that you are not young yourself , which seems all the more surprising then that you chose to speak as you did.

          1. Jon, for you to think that any of your remarks whatsoever have any effect on me is laughable. It is just your narcissism coming out. Again. You have disregarded the truth of what I’ve written so often that I don’t take anything you say as sensible and rational, rather they are just the rantings of someone who, as I mentioned above, regards himself as the centre of the universe and that anyone who doesn’t agree with your distorted ramblings is, in your mind, an idiot.

            Previously I’d complained to admin that my reply to an abusive post to me (I can’t remember if it was you or not) had been deleted. Admin said:
            “I was actually impressed with the calmness of most of your responses to be honest. One thing worth mentioning is if the reply you’re talking about was in response to an abusive post that I deleted. It would also disappear at the same time.”
            So that explained it. Basically my responses to your very nasty comments about me have been met with me simply asking you for the facts about what exactly I have written which makes you think as you do. I’ve never yet had a reply from you, and there can’t be, as there there are nonsuch.
            Here are just a couple of your wild, excessive and ill thought out comments, based on absolutely nothing I’ve said.
            Bearing in mind that I’m over 70 (in a dodgy group) and that I take immune suppressing medications (another dodgy group) you still wrote:

            ‘. . . you propogated this immoral nonsense about “sod the elderly” who you laughably and ignorantly call “the over 60s’ not, more sensibly, the over 90’s.’
            ‘Gunner Jack,I despair that any human being can be so callous and “I’m alright Jack” as to even think, let alone write for all to see, the disgusting inhumane nonsense that Gunner Jack has.’

            So, yet again, I challenge you to show me the ‘immoral nonsense’ or the ‘disgusting inhumane nonsense’ which you say I’ve written.

            BTW why aren’t the over 60s classed as ‘the elderly’ in your opinion? Why do you think that appelation should only refer to the over 90s?

            I await the proof of your allegations against me. Again.

  10. Scary stuff, but I am still completely baffled why there isn’t this kind of reaction to the flu, that kills a crazy amount of people year-on-year, with even more falling ill. It’s as if Corona is trending, and barely anyone outside the health industry cares!

    It makes me so angry! CAN WE PLEASE START GIVING FLU THIS KIND OF ATTENTION, if we want to save lives. I expect calls from everyone for another lock-down in 9/10 months.

    1. I’m with you TMJW. No idea why flu deaths are ignored so its extremely hard to get figures for it. Searching the NHS and Public Health England websites is hopeless, just a complicated mess. Seems they just don’t like giving us straight answers.
      Flu has probably killed more than corona since the corona virus appeared (at about the same time as the flu season started) but finding actual numbers with which to do comparisons is extremely hard.
      Perhaps it’s because corona is new and everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon, while everyone already knows about the flu and just takes it in their stride. You get remarks like ‘Ah but we have a vaccine for flu and we don’t for corona’ but this is incorrect as we have a new strain of flu every year for which a vaccine has to be developed. We also get remarks such as ‘flu only kills 0.1 of it’s victims and corona kills 1%, 2%, 3.4% depending on where you look. The confusion continues 🙂
      Worldometer has plenty of info about almost everything if you want to check it out and is good for corona stats but not for flu.
      They report that so far the UK has had 3,983 total cases of corona and 177 deaths. Deaths divided by cases is roughly 0.04132
      (Could find nothing for UK flu.)
      For the world they report that corona has 275,864 cases and 11,398 deaths. Dividing the deaths by the cases gives us 0.0444 so pretty similar.
      For flu the worldwide figures are not given for the number of cases but the deaths are 107,074 as I write this, giving us well over 9 times the chance of dying from flu than corona.
      Interesting site if you want to take a look but could be better. They seem to be fixating on corona at the moment. Hope this all makes sense.

      1. My concern Ken1945 is that if this awful worldwide health scare carries on unabated for months, then will public order be compromised? Society is fragile and law and order may well come into play

        I agree about your view on football but wonder if playing behind closed doors eventually comes about as a means to give the football fraternity someThing they enjoy to focus on as the weeks and months go on. Public order is vital

      2. Gunner Jack and Third ManJW, It is distressing and repulsive to try reducing this diseases affect by using stats and the salient fact that you are giving little credence is that with seasonal flu there are effective vaaccines . I, as an older man, have successfully had a vaccination each October, as have many millions of vulnerable folk – and yes the disease does change but the vaccines keep pace with this – but right now there is NO, repeat NO, effctive vaccine for Corona and that is scary.

        Do you not see that crucial difference and if not, for Gods sake, WHY NOT?

        1. It could be because IN THE SAME TIME PERIOD the flu has killed about 9 times more people than covid19 but is ignored because a) there is a vaccine for flu, which some people think gives them absolute protection (it doesn’t) so makes them feel safe and b) we are all so used to seasonal flu that no one takes it too seriously any more.
          After all the media headline writers would not be attacting much attention to themselves by saying ‘Another 20 cases of flu in the last 2 days’ would they?
          Nah! Let’s write another coronavirus scare story! That’s what pulls readers in!

  11. I believe this Corona Virus war-like onslaught specifically on humans but not animals, fishes, birds and plants will ruthlessly be fought against by the same humans who are being seriously attacked by it. And it will eventually be delt a big knockout blow that will knock it out for goods from human activities. For, humans will not relent in their counter war efforts against Coronovirus until it’s end on earth comes to a permanent end. But when will this more sort after and urgently sort after end will arrive is what I cannot tell. Hmmm.

    1. The human body’s immune system in healthy people usually kills it with ease. That’s why so many don’t even know they have it or have had it. One of the main problems with that is that even after they have recovered e.g. 14 day or a month later, they could still infect the elderly with it with fatal results.
      Another thing we don’t and can’t know is whether or not this is a one-off like the measles virus where you are immune forever once you’ve had it, or a yearly virus like the flu. In the case of flu you can’t create a once-and-for-all vaccine. Let’s hope it’s of the one-off type.

  12. Wonder if this would work. Please checkout:
    YouTube – Dr Dan Lee Dimke – Coronavirus.
    If you’ve tried it before e.g. for a cold, did it work?
    I’d already read something like this months ago when the subject was colds. The aim of the article at that time was to prove that your parents were right when they said ‘Don’t go out in the cold and rain – you’ll catch your death of cold.’
    I didn’t put 2 and 2 together until I saw this just now.
    If you give it a go and it works out well for you please let us all know – and also let us know if it is giving us false hopes. Hope for the best. Thanks.

  13. May all friends on Just Arsenal be well, free from suffering, and manage at this most difficult time. Keep your immune systems up with lots of Vitamin C and D. In China they use Qingfei Paidu to help treat some symptoms of coronavirus and they have brought the rate of infections now to zero. They are a couple of months, at least, in front of us , so our peak is still coming, but will hopefully subside soon after. This is the web link to the interactive coronavirus map. My heartwishes go out to all of you and everyone else too.


    1. Pat, I am please to see that ther now apper to beno restrictions on this site about debateing afr more importanrt matters than merely Arsenal related ones. A connected observation tis that ther is a huge drop offinposts about Arsenal , as we would naturally expect a this time. My request is that once we get back to normal times, whenever that be, we divide this site into two. One section for folk who are only keen to write and post about Arsenal and another section for Arsenal AND all socially related comments. It is apparent this THIS thread concerning the disease dwarfs countless other merely Arsenal thread put together in comments made.

      As somone who through my adult life has practised and preached INCLUSIVITY, I beg you to give serious thought to this request.

      I have composed several serious articles , most but not all of which are chiefly Arsenal related but wish to reach a wider and more thoughtful audience than those ONLY interested in Arsenal. Your thoughts would be gratefully received Pat.

      1. I’m always happy to take guest posts, you know that Jon, but I think they must be sport-related in some way i think. Or virus-related lol…

        1. Jon-maybe you could post an article about the workrate required while playing Bowls.And how you suffer nobody who doesn’t apply themselves in trotting you the green after release, thus speeding up the game and highlighting the physical effort the game DEMANDS from all who play

          1. TOUCHE PHIL! And if you don’t mind I will not rise to this rather humourous put down, EXCEPT to suggest that OZIL would be very suited to the sedate pace of bowls.

            Once you have bowled your woods , and unless you are skip or the preceding player, it is common to stand around perfectly still before “trotting” up the green. Not that many bowlers even “trot”. Have you ever played, as I see you are a golfer but of course golf takes more time?

          2. Phil, replying to you lower post, what handicap do you play off? I have been playing almost daily til last Thursday and am a bowls junkie; it almost rivals AFC as my first love , apart from my wife. In fact,, now I COME TO THINK MORE SERIOUSLY ABOUT HER…….!

            Without any bowls or football or pubs to distract me, I began talking to her again. It seems Woolworths has made her redundant!

        2. Thanks Pat. I am a bit of a jack of all trades man where life matters are concerned and in my younger life especially, I was particularly politically active too, not for any particular party though. As a free thinker I see bits and bobs in most of them which I like but also the opposite. I will take you up on your kind offer though and send my first post which is on current fan/ player relationshios to our club and the practical and era differences between when we were young and todays “worshippers.” How many words would any article be allowed, as I am , as you “MAY” have gathered, not the most brief of writers? It could always be written in Parts One, Two, etc!

          1. No Jon, I have not played. However, I appreciate that you took this in the lighthearted manner in which I intended.
            I try to play 18holes of golf at least 4/5 times a week, but fresh air and exercise is the important issue, no matter what form this takes.
            And as for Ozil on a Bowling Green, the pace would inevitably be too much for him.

          2. Normally 300 – 1000 words is about as much as our readers attention span can handle. I usually see complaints when they are longer…

  14. Jon- I now play off 11 and quite pleased with that. I was down at 4 in my prime 25 years ago but age does catch up in the end and the joints aren’t as supple as they used to be.
    But I religiously play as often as I can every week and will keep doing so as long as I’m able

    1. Phil, Wow. I’d have been very proud to have EVER played off four. Eleven is still good though! Sadly, on the few occasions I have hacked round a golf course, all I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED IS TO FRIGHTEN A FEW RABBITS DEEP IN THE ROUGH. But I love top level golf and for the Ryder cup, I shut myself away for the three days watching the box and ignoring the wife and all else , save Arsenal, natch!

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