Dick Law to leave! Can Arsenal pick up the pieces following change?

Dick Law will finally step down from his post at Arsenal by the end of September, but can the club turn their fortunes around in his absence?

The chief was in charge of the club’s transfer business, as well as previously being in control of the club’s contract talks, but the latter was taken off of him back in March after failing to close on any agreements with a number of key players.

Law’s failures can ultimately be blamed for the Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain departure, as well as the current sagas revolving around Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, although the entire circumstances which have left us in limbo can not be completely blamed on the American.

Law was part of the process which brought the duo to the club in recent seasons, and has done plenty for us in his eight-year stint with Arsenal, but his work has failed to bring us any closer to a first Premier League title since 2004, and we must now hope that his replacement has the power to make some big changes to our current operations.

This summer our club only brought in two players to our first-team squad, a return far lower than any of our rivals, but it was us who needed the most improvements after finishing outside the top-four for the first time since Arsene Wenger joined in 1996.

We were promised an important transfer window, and as far as the fans are concerned, none of that has happened, and while Alexandre Lacazette is the type of player we have needed for a number of years, the team as a whole needed much improvement also.

There is now talk that Mesut Ozil may well be persuaded to sign a new contract, and with changes at the club there could be reason for optimism, but unfortunately I believe that the problems stem from way above Law, and that Kroenke is the only person who can give us the changes needed.

Will Law’s departure see a big improvement in our business or will we not even notice he has gone?

Pat J


  1. gmv8 says:

    Hmmm .. not sure about the Oxlade Chamberlain thing, I think we are better off without him, as long as we spend the money well, as Wenger was messing up the whole team structure to fit him in, which earned AW little appreciation, both from AOC and fans. Something seems very odd about the AOC transfer, if he really wanted to leave Arsenal, why wouldn’t he go to the league Champions? Klopp has said he’s not guaranteed to play, and if he does, it could be at any one of four different positions – so he’s not been guaranteed a CM position, as he led us all to believe. Then you have AW saying he’s been tapped up, and Liverpool have been caught out tapping up a lot of times this year, but seemed to have escaped with little harm, apart from to their youth team. If the FA had any gump, they would be closely studying all transactions around the transfer, because something doesn’t seem above board to me.

  2. JJ Pawn says:

    “Something seems very odd about the AOC transfer, if he really wanted to leave Arsenal, why wouldn’t he go to the league Champions?”

    This happened to Southampton, too.

    Pep does the same thing with Sanchez. Maurinho is seeking to undermine the Spurs.

    Disgusting, of course.

    1. Nothing changed says:

      I don’t understand why choosing Liverpool over Chelsea is odd? Maybe Ox preferred Klopp or the way Liverpool play or the sales pitch they made to him.

      1. Jonm says:

        At least Liverpool is a proper club not a billionaire’s toy

        1. Nothing changed says:

          Well, Liverpool seems to have something good going on right now and I remember many of us here hoping Klopp would come to Arsenal. I definitely think he can the type
          of manager who can convince a player to come play for him. He seems like a passionate guy who could teach Ox a thing or two.

        2. gmv8 says:

          Of course they are a billionaires toy – heard of John Henry? They are run on a self-sustaining model same as us, and have been heavily involved in tapping up, but at least John Henry is aware of the fans and won’t abuse the club like Kroenke. Arsenal want to strictly abide by the rules and be ethical, while the owner runs the club in a non-ethical way, so we are snookered from both ends. The reason why Chamberlain choosing Liverpool over Chelsea is odd, is because they offered him less money, have NOT offered him a starting CM position, as he said they had, Klopp confirmed that, have not won any trophies for over a decade, unlike Chelsea, or indeed Arsenal, are valued at around 50% of Arsenal and 60% of Chelsea. You said it yourself – ‘sales pitch’ – they shouldn’t be making a sales pitch to him, it is illegal, tapping up, which Liverpool have been heavily involved in, plus he has the same agent as Sterling, who seems very dodgy – the FA should be over this guy like a rash, but the dear FA seem very reluctant to tackle anyone with money, as you can see by all the dodgy people they allow to be owners of football clubs.

    2. Vish says:

      Oxelaide Chamberlain instructed his agent to seek out a new club before the FA cup final . He decieved the club and Wenger into believing he would sign a new contract only to tell them he wants out after being confronted by Wenger . Wenger wont come out outright and say Liverpool had tapped The Ox up but it’s pretty apparent from his previous match statements

      1. Nothing changed says:

        Would not surprise me if they did tap him up. Part of football. But I think most clubs tap players up, normally it is hard to prove.

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Dick Law out.
    Wenger, Kroenke and Gazidas hopefully will join him in a couple of years time.
    The current system is not working. Hasn’t been working for years. We need new systems, open mindedvthinking and different techniques

    OX was an excellent squad player. That’s why Liverpool and Chelsea jumped at the chance to sign him. We lost some quality when he left. I think OX was one of our best squad players.

    But anyway OX is gonw
    Its Reiss Nelson time to shine now.
    Can’t wait to see more of him. Was very impressed this summer.
    OX leaving will also give Theo a chance

  4. John Ibrahim says:

    Dick Law are meant to negotiate good deals with the agent and the selling club

    however he does not seem to do a good job….

    Since Dein and his team left, we seem to be unable to close 80-90% of our main targets

  5. Big G says:

    I’m not really sure about the full role of Dick Law at Arsenal but if the stats (if any exist) on his performance as chief negoatiator show that he has been poor then he should go.
    But was Dick at any time told not to go beyond a certain amount of money for any of the negoatiations he handled by kroenke or Wenger or is he really just inept at his job.
    Then comes the question of who replaces him ? Will it be another American or someone closer to home.

    1. Nothing changed says:

      Supposedly Gazidas will get more involved and take an active role which he didn’t do before.

  6. Nothing changed says:

    Who knows maybe Gazidaz will do a better job that Law?

  7. Jonm says:

    In summer 2013 we signed ozil. In summer 2014 liverpool sold suarez to barcelona. Barcelona were selling sanchez so Liverpool were in a good position to do a swap plus money deal with barcelona and they definately wanted sanchez. However Sanchez would not agree as he wanted to come to Arsenal. Wenger had apparently convinced him whilst at the world cup.

    Wind forward to this summer transfer window and OC wants to leave arsenal and chooses Liverpool. Sanchez wants to leave. Ozil is not signing a new contract. How times have changed.

    So coming to the issue of Dick Law, him leaving and being repaced, I cannot see it making any difference. It is arsenals performance on the pitch and ability to pay the transfer fees and wages which will determine whether we can attract top players.

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