Did Alexis Sanchez just disprove Arsenal exit rumours?

After the disappointment of seeing another Arsenal title challenge wither and die, the Arsenal transfer rumours suggesting that our star striker Alexis Sanchez had lost faith with Arsene Wenger and the club in general and was ready to ship out to pastures new was like pouring salt onto an open wound for Arsenal fans, but judging from the way the Chilean put himself about against Man City today, perhaps that salt should be taken as a pinch rather than added to those wounds.

To be honest I did wonder about the motivation of the football media in suggesting that the reaction of Alexis to being subbed off last week might be a little bit dubious. After all, how many top class players really want to leave the pitch early? And do we not always hear about how much Sanchez wants to play and win?

Add to that the theory (or fact if you feel like I do) that the media has an agenda against Arsenal and will jump on any chance to criticise and demean the club and create tension where there is none, and I think we need to take a step back and see things more objectively.

I certainly think that the all action showing from our striker today was not what you would expect from a player that was disillusioned and possibly planning to leave. Do you?

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  1. I think we need to realize therez nothing much arsenal gives the media to talk about I.e no ucl and epl fo how many years what do u think they can talk about? thats why we end up getting allitle dig from media.sanchez played well today but its out of my head why sub elneny and keep ramsey In…main thing we got a point and ucl so far luks safe.still think wenger should step down but that we will question after villa game.coyg

    1. It is quite simple. Ramsey and Giroud will always get pitch time even when form and logic dictate otherwise.

      I had that old familiar feeling of dread, frustration, and sadness when Wenger started Ramsey and Giroud for the 3rd game in row.

      Even when you think he has worked beyond it, Wenger always returns to the same nonsense. It is just maddening. The entire world can see problem – but not Wenger somehow.

    1. Yes. He was not bad. But he should have replace Ramsey but Ramsey stayed on the pitch, naturally.

      1. Thanks I’ll watch the highlights, lol I don’t understand why I have thumbs down for asking an innocent question

    2. By the way…….. I don’t understand the “thumbs down” for asking a simple factual question. Strange.

    3. When people say I didn’t see the game today, or I’m not going to watch it, I think they should let us know why. If it’s because they just couldn’t be bothered anymore, well then why bother commenting on an Arsenal site. I couldn’t care less of someones opinion on Arsenal if they’ve lost interest.

      1. what the heck.seriously??no one here owes anyone anything talking about an explanation lol

  2. @Redlondon.. Yea,he played and did well imo

    I thought there will be a quote from sanchez judging by your title

    Anyway, I hope Sanchez stays!

  3. @Redlondon.. Yea,he played and did well imo

    I thought there will be a quote from sanchez judging by your title

    Anyway, I hope Sanchez stays!
    Have been wanting to see Cazorla play in the no.10 role,was sad he couldn’t play today

  4. He did his job, and advertised his abilities doesn’t mean he isn’t looking at new positions.

    Kind of put his cv and portfolio out there.

    Hope he stays, but it is AFC!

  5. Sanchez scored a good goal today…Whether he stays or not, that’s another topic for another day. We’ll know by summer/transfer window. You can’t judge a player reaction/character recently concerning rumours and the likes. A player can kiss a badge today and leave the club in another transfer window. This things are unpredictable sometimes with some of this players.

    However, I want Ozil and Sanchez to stay. That means hoping we get some quality players in the team…We have to show ambition.

  6. There is the serious reality that pep could be coaching an Europa League bound man City!

    1. What if Villa beat us (God forbid) and they beat Swansea? We have not secured top 4 yet, we and our players should know this. No complacency against Aston Villa.
      But I thought Sanchez was not at his best today barring the goal especially in the 1st half. Credit today to our worst? player Giroud, he was the best on pitch today IMO.

      1. All true. Arsenal just need to take care of business at home. That said. It takes ALL 4 of these things to happen for Arsenal to miss out on CL.

        1. ManU must WIN at Wham
        2. ManU must WIN vs Bournemouth
        3. City must WIN at Swansea
        4. Arsenal must LOSE vs Villa

        Even a draw in any of these 4 games is enough to secure CL for Arsenal

    2. There is! Maybe he will get them next season and reach a final too.

      And our reality is also very serious..

    3. There is! Maybe he will get them there next season and reach a final too.

      And our reality is also very serious..

    4. i think its criminal that kdb an aguero arent gonna be in champs league.
      incredible players

      but now europe gets danny simpson an ulloa…
      so fair trade!!

    5. City in Europa league would be awesome. Pep thinks he is God’s gift to football. His ego is now approaching Mourinho-like levels. The Europa League would be just perfect for him.

      (I have never understood why succeeding with the biggest clubs, with the most money, with the best players, somehow makes you a football genius. I could manage Bayern to win the league – they win almost every year – THAT is not spectacular – it is very common)

  7. Alexis Sanchez is a vital key player for arsenal fc, it would be devastating to see him leave the club!

  8. Well, if Sanchez was furious and wanted to move, he is at a club to rich to force a sale. He has no chance. He also have a very good and respected reputation and dicking Arsenal around while under contract trying to force a move because the team did not do well, something he is largely responsible for – that reputation will be gone.

    Plus he will still be at Arsenal next season.

  9. Just saw a video with a fan saying Özil’s absence today wasn’t because of injury but because he really doesn’t get along with Giroud. Apparently Alexis feels the same way about Giroud too but he’s just that type of guy that wants to play every minute regardless of who’s on the pitch with him. That’s the reason why we’ve been hearing about them stalling on a new contract which ties into the Wolfsburg interest with Giroud. Long story short they want Giroud gone. Anyone has any info on this???

    1. Really how about provide some feedback instead of just thumbing down as I do not live in England. I just shared what I heard and have a legitimate question. Does anyone closer to the club have any insight on what’s going on with Özil, Alexis and Giroud?

  10. Talks of him leaving based solely on his reaction to been subbed is laughable at best…like he can just choose when to leave or stay as the club has no say whatsoever…he is under contract need I remind the gullible folks who are so easily misled by press looking to create news out of nothing….fine he might be unhappy with a few things going by his interviews the last couple of months but that does not mean he is ready to jump ship right away….Wenger will have to show some.ambition in the transfer window no doubt to show players we are heading in the right direction and that include dumping some players he has been overly loyal to at the detriment of the team, an issue am very sure players like Sanchez and Ozil find flabbergasting to say the least..lastly Sanchez’s contract is up for renewal, so one cam assume his agent is sending out feelers to the press to enable them get a stronger bargaining position

    1. Sanchez hasn’t stopped moaning about his team mate’s, etc etc since he returned from injury.
      According to some reports, he has already asked his agent to get to work on finding him a new club and apparently Sanchez is keen on a move to Manchester City!

      I’m sure that we will hear more about this in the following weeks, leading up to the opening of the transfer window.

  11. Poor old Pellegrini ?
    At the end of the game he went to wave goodbye to the fan’s but they had already left ?

    As for Sanchez… Is he staying or going?
    Don’t let a half decent performance fool you into to thinking that he wants to stay! ? That could also be interpretated as ‘putting himself in the shop window’ ?

    Its Ironic that the Spuds are playing away to Newcastle on the final day of the season, As that’s where we leapfrogged them, on the last day, a few year’s ago.
    It would be great to celebrate that anniversary in style! ?

    For me…. that has more value than a community shield or Emirates cup victory ???

    1. It should be. First St. Arse Day for over 20 years? All London gooners who’s brave enough to show their face will get massive humiliations. I guarantee that!

  12. How about that lob from Walcott? Lol, at first I thought it was a deflection but to see he really did that was incredible. He can add that to his resume for his next employers along with the running into players and falling on his a** and skipping over a 50/50 when the goal was wide open. Lol poor guy his displays actually now make me laugh because it’s now expected every time he takes the pitch.

  13. There are all these comments about manc in europa league. The situation is that only leicester and tottenham are guaranteed CL football. Manu, manc and ourselves are fighting over the other two places.

    If we draw or win our home game against aston villa then we get third place or possibly second ( if we win and tottenham lose).
    If we lose the game against aston villa then we get third, fourth or fifth place, depending on manc and manu results.

  14. I don’t like the Ozil thing … if a player is not that badly injured, don’t they usually turn up to watch the match anyway?

    1. dude if you were sick from your work, nobody should demand from you that you still turn up similarly if he doesnt play i could care less if he watches the game or goes to a restaurant/hotel with his girlfriend or whatever

      1. He had a slight hip injury, so say. You always see injured players turn up to games … Welbeck, Wilshere etc. It doesn’t really bother me either, but players do it to engender team spirit.

  15. almost everybody here has jumped onto the ramsey bandwagon… he is nowhere as bad as you guys are making him out to be.. the coq-elneney partnership wasnt even better than ramsey-elneny and ramsey has been making a lot of great tackles in the last matches.. dont just spout the same comment continuously if its not even right.. you blame that wenger has favoritism but some guys just love some comments here… it was the same with mertesacker.. a lot of people didnt even think if mert was bad or not.. they just wrote it no matter what kind of performance he delivered

    1. no idea what games you have been watching but the idea of ramsey as a defensive enforcer is comical … missed tackles galore, slow in to tackles and weak first touch define his game …though to be fair only wenger thinks he is a renasiance footballer qble to play any position … the ramsey bandwagon was for some time based on the barca cant have him ay any price delusion … the man should be part of the summer sale crop along with mert walcott and gibbs … its fifty fifty on campbell and giroud …both are decent squad players but the need for quality attacking options is palpable

    2. Very true, I’m amazed sometimes how quickly people just blurt out half the stuff said. Ramsey was our best defender on the pitch today bar the back line. He made more defensive actions than anyone, and anyone watching the game would have known it was a good defensive display which was called for. He also touched the ball more times than anyone, attempted the most passes. One of the highest passing accuracy’s too I think. Elneny was much poorer than Ramsey today, but they have their go to fall guy so who cares about truth.

      I think this all set in because Ramsey more often than not will attempt more passes than most, and never hides, always calling for the ball. Every player errs, and if a player is seeing more of the ball and attempting more plays, well then it is obvious he will err a little bit more than someone who is trying less. Of course there are times when he’s been truly poor, but no-one is exempt from this.

  16. think Cech was below par, could have done beta for both goals, still want giroud gone even if he hve a nice game

  17. Did anyone check out Leon Bailey – Arsenal & Chelsea target, among half of the CL regulars. This kid is one tricky little customer, awesome dribbling abilities. If he masters end product, he will give many defenders sleepless nights.

    Holding was left out of Bolton squad the morning Arsenal are said to be heading the queue. I’d like us to add some English grit to our defence. One for the near future though, along with Calum. Leic are said to be keen on this player too, so if the rumour is true, I reckon our new scout we nicked off Leicester might have put us onto him. Time will tell as always.

    I know he may not be the answer, but I’d like us to get Vincent Jansen from Holland. He looks a very decent prospect. You never know, he might just become the real deal.

  18. I have a feeling that if Giroud scores in the next two games and during the summer friendlies, Wenger will be satisfied with Alexis, Oliver, Danny, Theo, Joel, Ox. He will keep faith and not get another forward

    I hope I’m wrong

    I would personally like to see Theo and Ox go and sign a Top CF or goal scoring winger.

    I feel that Ozil, Alexis and Cech talents are being wasted with us not having a Top CF, another top CD and a Top DM.

    We could easily afford quality CF, winger, DM and CB for less than £150 million, perhaps even less than £100 million

    Morata £25 million
    Reus £35 million
    Nante £20 million
    Howedes £ 15 million
    Total around £95 m


    Lewandowski £50 m
    Greizmann £50 m
    Nante £20 m
    Hummels £30 m

    I know this is just dreaming but with a supposed £200 mil war chest we could develop an amazing team around Cech, Koscielny, Bellerin, Cazorla, Alexis, Ozil

    1. A list of fine players. However the key word in your comment was “dreaming.” That 200 mil war chest is always just talk – it never happens.

      “We really wanted to spend the money but we just could not secure the deals for the players we wanted.” Sound familiar?

  19. Let me figure this “Alexis wanna leave things” in simple words.
    We all knew Alexis is kinda workaholic.
    He get plenty of minutes play, scored many goals, and then get injured (gosh I wonder why?)
    He return then, and still get plenty games but with fewer goals (gosh I wonder why?)
    At Norwich game, Arsene replace him at second half after (more than) one hour of none existing stuff (gosh I wonder why?)
    He walked out unhappy (gosh I wonder why?)
    And then…KABOUM!!!!! The media blown up the atomic bomb.
    Next, he still named as starting eleven and scored an important goal and celebrate it (gosh I wonder why?)
    For me, this wasn’t sound like a player who wants to leave. It was a gesture of frustration, as simple as that. It’s obvious that our duracell rabbit didn’t satisfied with his teammates and specially his own performances. No wonder he jumped like crazy to celebrate his goal (his routine really).

  20. I’m still not sure about whether Sanchez wants to leave or not, at the final whistle yesterday, all the Arsenal players came to thank the fans except Sanchez who headed straight for the tunnel.

    If he want to stay and signs a new contract, brilliant, if on the other hand he tells Wenger he wants to go, get rid as soon as possible to get the most money for him we can. I don’t want any player who isn’t 100% committed to the club in an Arsenal shirt, no matter who they are, or how good they are. As caveat to what I’ve said I’ll add that I don’t want him sold to another Premier League club.

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