Did Arsenal boss just suggest Mourinho is killing Chelsea?

Arsene Wenger may only have been talking about the things that are happening in the Arsenal dressing room and discussing how important to our hopes of winning the Premier League title it is to keep the team spirit in the group as strong as possible.

However, with all the head scratching and debate going on in the English football media this season about the incredible loss of form of the reigning ELP champions Chelsea, and the possible reasons behind it, the words of the Arsenal boss seem to be significant to more than just our club.

And with the history between Wenger and Jose Mourinho over the years, would we really be surprised to learn that the Frenchman was revelling in the internal problems being felt at Stamford Bridge and the likelihood that Mourinho´s management style may be behind it all?

Wenger was talking to Arsenal Player about team spirit and how important it is to the success of any team, but he also spoke about how fragile it can be and the need to look after it properly in order not to lose it, like maybe not going around dropping you captain and best defender and abusing the medical staff that the players have a lot of respect for.

Wenger said, “Can you be successful without team spirit? If I asked you that question, straight away you would say no. That just shows you how important it is.

“It’s difficult to put a percentage on it, but you know without it you have no chance. Afterwards, what is interesting is to know how big the team spirit is. You can have different degrees of team spirit, because without it you have no football at all – everybody would just do what he wants.

“But how far can you go in cultivating and developing that team spirit? That’s our target. We know that to have a chance of being successful, we want to be more of a team than any other side in the Premier League. Therefore, I believe it’s a little bit like a flower.

“You have to take care of it and look after it every day, or else it will slowly die. But as well, you can make the flower bigger, better and prettier if you care for it. We believe that part of the responsibility of the players and the staff is to take care of team spirit.”

What do you think Gooners, am I reading too much into these words of wisdom from the prof or is he really having a little dig at Maureen?

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    1. They best way for AW to avoid this football politician is by ignoring him. That exactly what he’s been doing. But I think it’s right if we say that Moaninho himself is coincidentally killing his own team. They ‘re in the process of ripping apart. Their last year title euphoria seem unfinished, and even increased after that 2-0 won. Jose is busy talking about himself and brutally trolling AW. No wonder Chelsea seem out of focus. Jose is never under this circumstances before anywhere. He get sacked from Chelsea after 0-1 lost over Roosenborg, but hilariously end up as UCL runner up, and finish fourth with caretaker Avraam Grant. We can say Jose is taking the lowest point of his “special” career. I hope Roman doesn’t sack before this season end, and we’ll see a different Jose at the end. He’s a complete SNUT anyway!

  1. In fairness, team spirit and cohesion was a theme of public discussion amongst Arsenal players and staff long before this dip in Chelsea’s form. I think it’s perfectly fair to suggest he was speaking entirely about the internal condition of Arsenal’s morale and its importance.

    1. I think it is entirely obvious that Maureen has lost the faith of his players and they have lost the will to fight for him to the death, which they had in bundles last season. In fact Bob could be right, because the ONLY difference between Chelsea this season and last is their lack of team spirit. But what a difference!

  2. I think over the last few years AW has got rid of a few names because of the dressing room crap. One of them iPod I don’t think he had that in him. The days of tony Adams I think have gone now with the shouting. But at times I think we need it. Think to much talk of Chelsea tbh. They will be there or there snouts. Man city have just lost there best player so let’s see how they do but we must win games simple

  3. Mourinho tried every trick in the book to get team spirit this year.
    Most years he creates a them against us mentality to grind out performances.
    This year it appears he tries everything. I wouldn’t be surprised that taking off terry and the criticism from the media and fans was a trick to get his team bounded and grouped to perform so to say ‘no we back our managers decisions’…

    Unfortunately that didn’t work for him, created a division if anything.
    Team spirit is like teen spirit. It’s youthful, unpredictable and innocent. Nothing you manufacturer, you just create the settings for the chance to occur…like at Arsenal with beautiful football.

    Chelsea, mourinho on the other hand, well it’s something they need to learn…

  4. You aren’t just reading between the lines, you’re making up the lines. Wenger’s best response to Mourinho’s increasingly shrill attacks on him would be to completely ignore him. Not only is it the high road but it robs Mourinho of attention, something he desperately craves.

  5. Just listened to Klopps first interview and conference to get an insight on the guy having never heard him spoke before.

    He seems like a really straight ahead, emotional guy with no nonsense talk or riddles given when speaking. When asked what he would call himself in relation to maureenho calling himself the special one, he said the normal one.

    Wish AW was more like him. Or perhaps I just wish it was Klopp who was our manager and not he. I’ve come to the notion that as well as his footballing based ineptitudes I just don’t like his aloofness and arrogance.

    I’m just hoping Pep doesn’t find himself a club before AFC come calling.

      1. Noooooooo.
        Is this not just a rumour? Besides verbal agreements aren’t worth an awful lot really..

        I think Pep would be great for AFC

  6. There’s nothing like mourinho in this whole statement, may be just coincidence deep inside the writer’s head.

    1. This author is known for linking pretty much anything with Chelsea. It got so bad at one point that I touted the idea of admin removing all Arsenal branding from this website.

      1. LOL Rationally though most of those were in the week leading up to, anf the week following, our massively contentious game against Maureens men, so it was only to be expected. Next you’ll be saying that all the stories last week were about Man United!

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