Did Arsenal boss make a big mistake with Arteta?

I am not trying to put all the blame for the Arsenal result on our club captain Mikel Arteta, by any means, even though he did give away the free kick that led to the equaliser and scored the own goal that denied us any points at all.

I feel for the Spanish midfielder I really do and he was dead right to complain to the referee about the free kick for their first goal because he clearly won the ball. But apart from his bad luck, which extended into him picking up yet another knock after having come on to replace Coquelin, he does look off the pace.

If it had been Cazorla that needed to come off then I could understand Arsene Wenger turning to the passing and technical ability of Arteta but it was the tackling and running off the ball of Coquelin that we needed to replace and Flamini was much better at that when he came on.

In fact the Frenchman even tries to get forward and make Aaron Ramsey like runs so I do not understand the managerĀ“s decision there. We will have to wait and see how long both Coquelin and Arteta will be out of action for, but can you see Arteta being preferred to Flamini again in the near future?

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  1. Alusine says:

    I think is about time for Arteta to go mistakes after mistakes i don’t know it might be do to his age. Don’t get me wrong, his one of the most outstanding and talented player Arsenal ever have but that was the past i believe 7 out of 10 Arsenal fans loves him including me.

  2. Mo1 says:

    Arteta = Lol
    Over the hill long long time ago yet constantly gets n will get again a contract extension . Club captain wat a disgrace

  3. GOONSTER says:

    Wenger said the team was a bit too sure of itself and that was why we conceded..

    So why did he wait until West Brom scored 2 goals? He should have seen this and then been on that touchline screaming at to keep them on their feet..

  4. Greg says:

    No disrespect but i would have gone with flamini!

  5. almostawinner says:

    Let arteta have some dignity and retire when he can. Buck for this screw up still rests with Wenger for believing arteta and flamini are adequate. I’m sure Wenger does not do this (lack of buying adequate backups during summer) to deliberately sabotage our chances at PL but effectively that is what he has done.

  6. Twig says:

    Arteta had a mare
    But Ozil was as much to blame for the second goal as Arteta

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