Did Arsenal boss really drop the ball with this transfer target?

The former Gunner and England international Ray Parlour knows a thing or two about what makes up a successful central midfield and another of his specialist subjects is Arsenal. So it is always worth listening to his opinion on the current version of the Gunners and what we are doing right or wrong.

Without laying the criticism of Arsene Wenger on too thick, Parlour did explain in a Daily Mail report why he thinks the Arsenal boss may have missed a trick and made a mistake with his transfer business this summer. And the Romford Pele is far from being the only Arsenal fan who wanted Wenger to beat our Premier League rivals to the transfer of the French international Morgan Schneiderlin.

The report explains that we were interested in the player from Southampton but for some reason we dropped out of the running and allowed Louis van Gaal to swoop up this talented and Premier League proven star. Parlour feels that Schneiderlin would have been great for the Gunners and he does not sound too convinced that the players we already have are enough.

He said, “Arsenal need a central midfielder who’s going to be sitting in front of the back four.

“Schneiderlin would have been good very good. Are there players in that sort of mould out there that Arsene Wenger can bring in to do that job? Or will he look at Santi Cazorla like he did at Manchester City away last season… can Jack Wilshere do that job?

“People say Vidal, but it looks like he’s going to Bayern Munich.

“I watched [William] Carvalho in the Under 21 Championship – he has a big presence, someone in that mould might be good moving forward.

“But again, they’re very hard to find, these top quality players – like Patrick Vieira when I played. That’s why the scouting system has to be very good and quick in getting into the reckoning and saying they’re the player we need.”

If Carvalho was the reason we cooled our interest in Schneiderlin then it has backfired as he has an injury and will miss around three months of the season. So did Wenger drop the ball or did he decide that we have enough and can use our transfer funds better elsewhere?

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  1. Use our transfer funds better elsewhere???? Where???if we are getting a 50 mil striker yes I would be happy. But it doesn’t seem that way, we are not even looking in the market. The bottom line is that the board and Wenger doesn’t want to spend the cash that was supposed to be spend on transfers. We missed on two of the best midfielderS in the game kondogbia and Morgan. We are not going to win the bpl with our current squad. A DM anandanand a striker and then only we might have a chance

    1. My fellow gooner Sean, with all due respect please get a mind of your own. I have observed you don’t have one that’s why you are this agitated at every negative comment by commentators. Are you telling me that this Arsenal squad is just mere shite? Is buying everything? You just joined the leave and football recently? For example, ManU and Liverpool bought more than us last season but we finished above them. Need I say more?

      1. Yengooner my fellow gooner, I’m not saying buying is everything. And I never said our team is shiate. All I’m saying is we spend that 70 mil we have on a striker and a DM cover for lecoq, 45-50 mil for a top draw striker and around 20-25 mil for a top class DM to rotate with lecoq

  2. There were so many players this window which could have improved our team but we never tried to sign them. Wenger firstly came out and said if we find players that would improve us we will buy and now he has come out and said we would only sign exceptional players. Later he will come and say we would only sign Rinaldo,messi and bale if they are available.I’m confused

    1. Sean, thank you for your coveted insight and on the ground experience as an Arsenal scout. We appreciate that you are aware of precisely who Arsenal have negotiated for this summer. Or at least directly know someone that is or does? Or at least read the tabloids? It really is too bad that we have not tried at all. Truly. Maybe I can offer some insight into your confusion, at least. Our team is full of exceptional talent, that is why it will take exceptional talent to improve us. Not just any one player that appears to fit the mold or that is otherwise written about during a lazy summer when all we have for sports is the British Open. Hope that helps. -fellow Gooner

      1. Our team is full of exceptional talent, really?? Arteta,flamini,rosicky, welbeck. These are all exceptional talents I guess. Im not an arsenal scout but I’m fkin sure if we tried to sign Morgan we could have nailed him.we are just not trying hard enough my friend.

        1. Rosicky is an exceptional player. As for Morgan, what do you want to do with him, bench coq so he plays? He’s a 20m player that means he plays every week, you can’t spend that much on a squad player. We could do better than flamini and arteta off the bench but not by much.

          I know that you’ll say our rival have better, but do they really have subs that much better? Would you want Ramirez, Fernando, manures aren’t even worth mentioning. We are not Madrid, we don’t buy 30m substitutes.

          1. We can’t rely on Coq to be fit all the time, and in some situations you need to play two DMs – we certainly have. If Schneiderlin is so worried about sitting on the bench, do you think he’d agree to join a side that’d just signed Schweinsteiger? His preferred destination was London, he didn’t want to go to Manchester, so we certainly had the advantage, Wenger just didn’t want to spend the money for some reason – probably the same reason that he didn’t want to spend the money on Suarez, and we can all see how right he was there…

    2. Heh, kinda funny, truly. Look at you following logical progression Wenger put forth.

      I nominate you most clever on this thread; but it’s early still

    1. ….or like most sensible people, he doesn’t eulogize about someone after a 6 month stint in the prem and call them a “solution” in an important role for a supposed title challenging team.

      1. What do you want a year maybe 2? How long have your preferred solutions performed at a level that warrants a mention.

        1. Oh I’m sorry so a player proves himself after just 6months does he? Schneiderlin has been top drawer for 3 seasons, with someone of his merit in the squad you safeguard an important position in the team.

          Let’s ignore the fact Schneiderlin is better than Coquelin for just a second, what if coquelin simply fails to repeat his performance level from last year? (something Wenger literally just came out and said was his biggest challenge). Then that’s not even considering fatigue, injury, suspensions. Glad we have Arteta/Flamini though…..

          1. Now, for another second, what if le coq had a fantastic season??? What would now be the use of signing Schneiderlin???

            1. The same use pedro has for barca, the same use Jack has for ozil……you don’t win titles with a good first 11, you win them with a great squad.

              I also mentioned fatigue, injury, suspensions….none relate to form, but all are applicable to a DM. So when Coquelin is injured/suspended/tired, would you play Schneiderlin or Arteta?

              Go ahead and tell me Schneiderlin or Coquelin wouldn’t want to be on the bench, one played for Southampton and the other was at Charlton 6months ago….at Arsenal you sit on the bench next to internationals. You don’t accept, that you don’t want to be at a successful club.

              Schneiderlin just joined United where he’s vying for a spot against Bastian/Fellaini/Blind/Carrick, I think he would have fancied it against Arteta/Flamini/Coquelin.

              1. If Coquelin is not good enough for Arsenal then who are you to tell him he ought to be happy on the bench? Most player of modest talent would prefer to be at a lesser club with the prospect of playing every week rather than feel a warm glow from sitting next to international players on the bench. He came back from loan, he tried his best and it didn’t work out.

                And Schneiderlin will on the MU team sheet every week. Carrick and Schweinsteiger may play a whole season between them. You won’t see Blind and certainly not Fellaini anywhere near a CM/CDM role again.

    2. As usual what was said and what is reported in the head-line are two very different things. And as per usual JA makes no effort to re-adjust the anomaly between title and content.

      The Express shouts:
      Ray Parlour: Arsene Wenger should have done more to sign Man Utd midfielder Schneiderlin
      and goes on to claim “RAY PARLOUR insists Arsenal have made a huge mistake by not signing Morgan Schnedierlin”. Actually he didn’t. He just says MS is a very good player, he ponders on how AW will deal with the CDM position/role next year and says how hard it is to find Vieira quality players these days (no kidding).

      Anyway if we are going to listen to old legends like the Romford Pele then just as well bring the Magic Man in to provide his take as well from a few weeks ago.

      “They need a holding midfielder. Do you go and get Schneiderlin? We saw what happened with Liverpool. They bought three Southampton players and nothing happened. It is a lot different playing for Southampton than it is for Arsenal – that’s the problem. Schneiderlin is a decent player [though].”

      On speculation linking the Gunners with a swoop for Monaco midfielder Geoffrey Kondogbia, Merson added: “People tell me about the lad at Monaco, but I can’t pronounce his name!”


  3. Call down Beavis and take your medication. Is something new amiss? Only media, agents, and chronic whiners enjoy this time of every new season.

    Worst part of every season by far. Fans hate the inevitable anxiety and anticipation of transfer window. Players hate uncertainty of leaving or staying, sitting or playing. Manager hates hearing from Emirates “experts” err supporters I mean.

    If you’re a supporter, then support. If a naysayer, then naysay. But keep whining to a minimum until window shuts please. Then take center stage and have a go by all means

  4. Schneiderlin is the nigmiss. Not only we have missed the chance to add an intelligent midfielder but we have also strengthen our rival by not signing him. Schneiderlin will be a perfect buy for United as he is a typical LVG player and he will be the missing link for him. Remember how crazy he was for strootman but strootman got injured and LVG couldnt get a midfielder but now he has got and that too for mere 24 million. In todays time it is a steal to get a player of his caliber at this price.

  5. After finishing forth next season, I hope wenger will not come with his traditional lame excuse’s like, “injury crisis”.

    1. Yeah, because finishing outside of the top 4 is something Arsenal are known for, especially now that we have gone three seasons without selling anyone important.

  6. Why do you “fans” believe every internet rumor?
    Schneiderlin obviously liked the money United threw at him. Same for City and Delplh.
    Arsenal has 140K per week limit. United, Chelsea and City pay players 300K per week. Anyone thinks Sherwood “lost” Delph?

    Why weep about “losing” a player? We cannot pay players 250K per week, stop the damn weeping about situations like that.

    1. Yea must be the money, can’t think why any other player would join Manchester United, the most decorated English club and arguably the biggest club in world football. Do you hear yourself?

      Standard Arenal response when a former player of interest moves somewhere else, “just likes the money”…..or the ambition ay?

      Talk principles all you like but United haven’t won the league in 2 seasons so they’re going hammer a tong to rectify it (with money they earn). We haven’t won the league in over a decade but we’re keeping our coffers for the very uber super special exceptional talents that are the only way to improve such a ‘cohesive’ team.

      One screams ambition for titles and the other says top 4 will do.

  7. If Coq gets a season
    ending injury 3 days after
    the window closes can
    Arsenal make do till the
    Jan transfer window? Yes.
    Arteta Flamini Wilshere Ramsey
    Chambers Gabriel Debuchy could play there.
    However should a decent dm come available
    at a reasonable price we are ready to make a bid.
    Similar do up front. Losing one to injury would not be a big deal.
    Giroud Wellbeck Walcott Akpom Sanchez
    Chamberlain Ramsey Cazorla Ozil Wilshere Gnabry
    Rosicky + Campbell are all capable of scoring goals.
    Another attacker would be welcome but are we
    that desperate? I also think any major incoming e.g. Benzema
    should see either Wellbeck (15 mill) or Giroud ( 15 mill + )
    being sold to free up space and help pay for the incoming.
    Basically Arsenal can pick and choose mix and match at our leisure.

    1. The problem is we have quantity but lack quality. Arteta obviously can do a decent job but if we are to go to next level and match top clubs then we have to get quality. Injuries are bound to happen and we cannot avoid that but we surely can get suitable back ups or players who can be a top player. We do not have that.

      1. I guess in your words and world Ozil, Alexis, cech, carzola, Ramsey, wilshere, walcot, etc are all quantities and not qualities. If I may help you, we need to buy Ronaldo, Messi, Bale, Suarez, Neymar and you can out other quality names of your choice. YOU NEED WAKE UP!!!

        1. Quality in all departments. Apart from Sanchez, Ozil , Cech, Carazola and on their day Wilshere and Ramsey, we dont have quality. We need a striker who is quality, we need a midfielder who is a quality and we surely need a defender who is quality and we dont have that while other teams have that.

      2. Which quality player would like to rotate? This is why you pay 200k/week so that they don’t revolt on the bench.

      1. This pessimism is the chronicle of most arsenal fans, they’ve given up on the title even before the league starts, if your minds were where EPL is played, arsenal would never win it for life, y’all need to get your shit together and stop acting like your life depends on arsenal winning the EPL, the team is stronger, hungrier, all it needs from you is “SUPPORT” and instead ur already lining up a potential injury for your best CDM!!! am disappointed!!!

  8. huh? another transfer debate? today i read Henry still claims we still need 4 quality signings, he said now we’ve gotten one (Cech) but still need others, world class CB,DM and striker..now since not one of our retired players have said it,the question is why ain’t wenger getting them? is he too egoccentric that he wont listen to ideas of others? does he have another cat in his bag? we wont know a thing till transfer closes and we see what happens. i can only hope for the best

    1. I’m sure 4 players should not be enough, y not buy a whole new team instead. Remember spurs with as many players two seasons back, Liverpool last season where did they end?. Liverpool has bought about 5 to 6 players already and none of them scare me a bit. Quantity don’t win trophy, quality do.

  9. Get Krychowiak as soon as possible! Lad oozes intimidating presence in the midfield! Sweeten the deal with Campbell!

  10. Never really wanted Schneiderlin. He would’ve been a good signing, but Krychowiak is the player I’ve wanted us to get from the start, but sadly I don’t think we’ll be getting him either…

  11. I remember how everybody was fussed over fellanin when man u signed him some few seasons back. Have they won d league with him? The answer is no!!! We have our best team in years and yet some fans are still crying over missed players. We can’t have them all. And we will only add exceptional players like AW said. Cech is such example

  12. Would schneiderlin be happy to sit on the bench as it would be unfair to demote coquelin. I think Morgan rightly wants to play regularly. Carvalho I’m not a huge admirer of but I understand wengers thinking, hes young and would more likely be patient and take to the bench more readily. With the depth we have in midfield the player we sign has to come knowing playing time may be restricted. This doesnt help our situation. I’m hearing flamini to galatasary, lets hope this happens! @jstarr. I also think it would be worth buying Carvalho now as long as we do a through exam of his injury. As I understand sporting want top wack and would rather keep the injured player than sell now at a reduced price.

    1. Sensible comment Ronny. The market is just doing its thing – players going where the need is the most acute, where playing time is guaranteed and where the rewards are the greatest. Man U have struggled in CM for quite a few years now – Rooney being played in there, even Fellaini and Jones have tried their hands, Blind experimented with, Mata not fancied in there and Carrick in and out and getting on a bit now plus injury prone. Herrera has been their own partial success story in the CM area. Some of our guys may hate on the likes of Coquelin, Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla etc by the central midfield areas are pretty congested at our place. I am pretty sure unless he bombs then Schneiderlin is going to be one of the first names on LvG’s team sheet now – and Schweinsteiger isn’t going to be around for more than a couple of years. He hasn’t had an injury free season since 2010, never played without a winter break, never played outside Germany and is now in a more physical league – there are risks even with this superstar.

  13. I like the look of krychowiak for dm cover. He’s quick has a good engine, reads the game well and can tackle. For anyone whos not seen it google ‘krychowiak tackle on messi’. It’s only one video clip but whats clear is he’s fit, quick and can tackle well. Come on sevilla send him our way 🙂

  14. Wenger already got his 40m DM in December, his own words. If a DM does come, he won’t be starting, so that means no 20m players.

  15. No he didn’t..
    Wenger can do no wrong.
    Wenger is bigger than all the players, the fans, the board and the club.
    For what he has done for arsenal in the past he has earned himself the right to do whatever he wants, NO MATTER how wrong it may seem, even to an infant.

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