Did Arsenal dodge a bullet by not signing Buendia?

Did we dodge a bullet with Buendia?

Nine games into the new Premier League season, and it seems as though for now we have actually dodged a bullet with not making one transfer that we were so closely linked to.

As we know transfer news and rumours are never far off from any club, especially Arsenal. The season ends, the transfer window opens, and we are linked with anyone and everyone.

But one player in particular we were linked with during this summer’s transfer window was Emi Buendia, who at the time was with Norwich.

He was a key player for Norwich in many seasons, and a lot of Arsenal fans, me included, were disappointed that we could not tie his signature down, especially after losing him to Aston Villa, when both Arteta and Edu got much abuse for not signing him.

But, forward on nine games and does it now seem like a good decision from the board to not pay the £30m+ for him, and decided to wait it out to try and sign Martin Odegaard.

Having played just five games so far, he has one goal to his name and that was in a 1-1 draw with Brentford in August.

And after his performance against us at the Emirates the other night where he failed to really make any sort of impact, and where he only lasted 68 minutes before being taken off with his team 3-0 down, it seems for now to be a good decision not to have pursued any further for his signature.

Of course, time will tell whether he does begin to make an impact in the Villa side and I have no doubt he is a good player, but maybe the levels of Norwich and Villa, no offence to them, will be the best he will be because really it does not seem like he has what it takes to make it at the big clubs.

However it might not all be his fault as the players you are surrounded by can say a lot about how a person performs on the day, so we will never know if he would have made a better impact at Arsenal or not.

All I can say, although there is a lot more games to come, for now at least the board got it right. Gooners?

Shenel Osman


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  1. You’re right
    Watching him, I was wondering why we chased him. He has a championship mentality that’s why he chose Villa

  2. We will never know how he would have performed at Arsenal, playing with better players and a manager who would have probably used him in a different manner.

  3. NO , WE DID NOT DODGE A BULLET, as imo , had we wished to sign him we would have done so
    . So no bullet dodged at all. He is not gord enough and we never went after him.
    We cannot stop ill informed press speculation though and if we believe all the daft rumours our squad would be 200+ players deep . OR MORE!

    I also see no point in “what if” articles and wonder why some writers love to indulge themselves in pointless exercises !

    But then I have always been a bottom line person who deals in the reality, NOT in the what ifs!
    Pointless living in a football world that never happened and never will. Who agrees?

    1. Wrong again jonny boy as it’s common knowledge that we bid atleast once for him
      Reported countless times over the summer .
      I’ll find you a link buddy 👍

  4. Odegaard has IMO not yet proven to be a good signing either. Maybe Odegaard is a decent backup to ESR but not an automatic starter by any means.

  5. Personally, I would not have signed Buendia nor Odegaard although I do hope the latter goes on to prove me wrong.

  6. Looks like Arteta as no clue regarding AMs
    All last summer went after Aouar only to get snubbed and now his club can not give him
    Away after seeing his transfer value halved .

    Regarding Buendia a bid was tabled but he chose villa over us as he probably could tell we weren’t going places with Arteta.
    Buendia as been pretty awful this season from what I’ve read and the glimpses I’ve seen.
    Now on to the AM that Arteta did manage to sign ,probably the worst out of the 3 TBH but obviously Arteta had to get his man after his amazing loan spell here last season 🤔

    Neither of the 3 are good enough for a club like Arsenal but we can’t be choosy when we have a manager like Arteta in charge .

    1. Dan kit.. Pls remember this name.. Dan kit.. Dan kit.. I’m personally want arteta succeed.. I trust the process… I watch all arsenal game wether it’s replay or not.. I follow all the up and down arteta’s work.. I do believe he is a good manager.. Pls give chance to young manager..

      1. Wow a fan at last thanks buddy 👍
        How could I not remember that name now mate .
        Regarding Arteta ,I believe he’s had plenty of chances but you never know miracles do actually happen .

  7. now if you wrote an article regarding your personal belief that Buendia hasn’t lived up to the hype, then I might agree, even though I doubt you’ve actually watched the player perform on a regular basis this season, minus our most recent meeting…the very fact that you decided to suggest that we made out like bandits by purchasing Ode instead, is a bridge too far for anyone with functioning eyesight…right now, I would suggest that neither club should be boasting to anyone about their respective acquisitions

  8. How did we dodge a bullet, when the player we bought in his place was more expensive and a bad buy on his own ?. We cant crow about Bouendia, when we got Odergaard in his place, i dont get it!!!!!

  9. Danny Boy Oh no, you are wrong . I wrote “if we wanted him we would have got him”. So we never went after him at the price they demanded.
    You assume and wrongly too, far to much about what I write. We did not bid enough and pulled out as we had a valuation which was considered not high enough. So we did not want him enough to get him! QED !

    Do you really imagine a devoted fan such as me did not know all this ? I needed not explain it fully, unless you are not an equally devoted and knowledgeable fan surely! So then, are you?

    You really should stop assuming that I mean what YOU THINK I mean and concentrate, PROPERLY TOO, on what I actually say.

    This is many times now that you have chosen to misunderstand what I write and your agenda – whether or not you privately agree with me – to criticise me at every opportunity is pathetic!

  10. “He is not gord enough and we never went after him.”
    Jonny boy ,you need to understand what you wrote above buddy ,how I read your post is exactly how I posted my reply .
    You have now changed up your words for the sake of changing your words buddy .

    As Phil put up top

    DK-2 Realists-0

    Sorry jonny boy but for someone that likes truths please scroll up .
    Anyway there is an Arsenal match on ,but maybe next time you can get one over on me jonny boy 👍

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