Draxler saga comes to an end!

Julian Draxler has been the player on the lips of many Arsenal fans these last few weeks, with the player being very much the transfer talk of the town. The long running saga that you may consider to have gone on for about four years, has finally come to an end, with the German choosing to join Paris Saint Germain instead of Arsenal.

Arsenal were supposedly in locked horns with Wolfsburg trying to do a deal for the German international. But it took one PSG bid of around £38 million to secure the player, suggesting that Arsene Wenger was most probably haggling on the price once again. There’s no real evidence to suggest that Wenger was actually interested in signing the player in January. However based on the suggestion that he’s been following Draxler for his signature ever since his early Bundesliga days with Schalke, it would seem odd for Wenger to pass without having a bid, when the player becomes available.

Draxler has now been pictured holding a PSG shirt, with his name and number 23 on the back. The picture was taken with Patrick Kluivert and it all but confirms that the player has secured a move to Ligue 1.

Well after many years of chasing, i wouldn’t put it past Arsene Wenger to have another pop at trying to buy the young German international. But on this occasion, Wenger won’t be making Ozil happy by securing the transfer of one of his international teammates. It’s time for the Gunners to now move onto their next transfer target for the January window, whoever that player may be!



  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    If Wenger wanted a Top forward he would have got one in the Summer

    He made a half hearted attempt for Vardy (Vardy said he never was contacted by Wenger). Also the bid for Aubemeyang was never going to work. Wenger new that

    I want Lucas to play more but I think Wenger just got him to satisfy fans. He is 28 and only one good season in him. That’s why Wenger doesn’t play him. Also Wenger LOVES Theo, Ox and Ramsey too much.

    Last summer getting a good backup RB, a top forward and a good back up DM (in addition to Xhaka and Mustafi) would have been enough.

    Every season we are lacking somewhere
    This season we are complete with our starting line-up but backups have not been good enough especially Jenkinson, Eleney, Ramsey and Gabriel.

    Our attack has been okay actually. But defensively not so great

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Perez is our most expensive ever striker. He cost more than Cazorla. I myself think he’s a bit of a stop gap, but I don’t believe Wenger would pay that sort of money if he had no plans whatsoever for this player. Wenger just doesn’t work like that. He paid a similar amount for Chambers, they don’t all work out, but it’s never by design.

  2. SoOpa AeoN says:

    We have to come to terms and accept the fact that The drax is now a PSG player & the thread being closed
    Lets Leave it at that……… They were rather swift in business.. Bingo!

  3. HA559 says:

    0 goals in the league this season from 13 matches.

    1. Juhi McLovin says:

      And 0 assists. His attitude stinks. Doesn’t give his heart out if things are not going his way.

      1. Trudeau says:

        “Doesn’t give his heart out if things are not going his way” . Hmmmm, sounds like a perfect fit at Arsenal.

        On a more serious note, there was no evidence that Wenger was in for Draxler this window but man wouldn’t it be great to see a transfer sorted out like that at the Emirates.

    2. Break-on-through says:

      You should check out Marhez stats from French lower leagues. Sometimes players with good on the ball abilities, control, touch, pass, sometimes they can find the right place working alongside the right personnel and take off from there. Also sometimes it is just black and white plain as day.

      1. Wilshegz says:

        oh pls, I admired Mahrez last season but that’s it, he is a one-season-wonder n Leicester didn’t pay £35m to take such risk,they paid just €450k.
        if we must pay big, we pay for what we need not some fancy toy with potential to be a car that is obviously going away.
        I’ll pay up to 45m for Marco Reus instead.

  4. HA559 says:

    Payet is not a ball winner, he will not help when we don’t have the ball, but he has more key passes per game than any other player in Europes top five leagues!

    That is the trade off, less work rate but with high key passes per game. Do you want harder working players who chase the ball and win or do you want a player who on the ball is great but not of it.

    Payet 4.2 key passes per game.
    DeBruyne and Neymar joint 2nd with 3.2 key passes per game.

    If we can get the work rate of players to go up Payet would be a great signing for the wing position

    1. Break-on-through says:

      He’s not what we need to make it onto the next level. Maybe an Ozil replacement if the worst happens with that.

      I’d rather try that idea people mentioned (if Ozil fails to sign), Alexis as the man behind the striker. Without the ball, because of his work rate we’d have an extra midfielder.

      For me it is vital to have wingers who are defensively sound. That’s where most of the pace is on the field. Pace destroys back-lines if given the room. Allot of our lapse defending stems from out wide if you ask me, and has done for a long time. We seem to be getting a bit better at it, but we are certainly not sound. Players should rarely have the time they need to pick out a man or pick out the type of pass that they want to play in. They should certainly not be getting an unchallenged run towards our two CB’s. Ideally you’d want him to be better at the forward play, but still have the stamina and desire to make it difficult for his opposite number.

    2. Wilshegz says:

      I cnt think of any WestHam player that isn’t well versed in the art of defending nor a French man… Payet is 29 n will do whatever is needed in the team to achieve success n the recognition he deserves.
      so him tracking back isn’t an issue, in fact I have a feeling he could do better than Cazorla in the defensive aspect.
      ..My worry however is with his age, would prefer Isco for that.
      can operate a CM n LW in some games or when Cazorla returns to CM

  5. marty53 says:

    We don’t know if Wenger actually went in for Draxler but knowing Arsenal and their transfer dealings he probably went in with a 25 mill bid , umming and arring about increasing it when turned down and then PSG bid 38 mill and bosh ! they’ve got him, with Wenger all surprised. I may be doing Wenger a disservice but I can just imagine that scenario.

  6. sanmi.marvellous says:

    I am not sad because we may not win league this season, but because Wenger will sign another contract (extension).

    More holocaust years ahead!!!

  7. legend Henry says:

    I can’t get it.
    Whether we sign Messi or Ronaldo,wenger will not and cannot win a major trophy.
    Our main concern should be on Wenger leaving arsenal for good.

  8. muffdiver says:

    happy xmas to all gooners

    rip george micheal

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