Did Arsenal get Mojo back with 2nd half FA cup showing?

It remains to be seen where Arsenal go from here, of course, and this FA cup quarter-final victory over Lincoln City will not mean a great deal if the Gunners play poorly from now on and fail to win the FA cup or finish in the top four of the Premier League.

But after a really painful run of games it was important to put it some way behind us and get back on track. The result was important but I do not think it would have helped the team spirit, morale or confidence of Arsenal if the game had carried on as it was in the first half.

Fair play to Lincoln because they really played well before the break and they made the most of our nerves and lack of confidence


  1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    I’ve watched more or less every game this season and while there is more than one issue for me the biggest issue has been how wasteful the players are.

    It is not just converting chances to goals as alot of times we get to positions where the next pass should be to create a chance and it doesn’t happen. When we look at our biggest scores, some of them were good performances while others were wasteful with alot of goals eventually coming in the second part of the second half.

    For me that is a huge issue because the team are not set up to defend – or as Wenger believes, attacking is the best form of defence. If we are not efficient up top we will concede and lose against anyone that is good.

    I’m always concerned by Giroud, Ozil and Walcott. All good players but at vital times they can miss a chance that should be scored and that changes the dynamic of the game.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Against good teams. Play Walcott and it means Bellerin will be a busy boy. Play Ozil and it means CM will get outnumbered. Play Giroud and it means teams can play out from the back . Play all three together and it means we better score some goals.

  2. legend Henry says:

    Did arsenal get their mojo back?
    Wait till we meet a half decent team to ask this question.
    If you struggle before scoring a non league side and you brag about getting your confidence back, is a complete delusion.
    You and your dog know that Arsenal has never been able to convince anybody in the world about getting ” mojo” or whatever you call it back.
    People like you will deceive yourself that Arsenal is back to confidence level until we face the top teams again to give us a good thrashing.
    One useless win from Arsenal and people forget all the humiliations and they begin to talk about winning a trophy until reality strikes again.
    And that’s the mentality of the fans which their untouchable manager has taught them.
    I am in a hundred percent agreement that the manager apart from being tactically inept and stubborn, has past his sell by date but the Arsenal fans are more Deluded than the expect in failure.
    it’s a high time some fans like the one who wrote this post and other equally good for nothing fans who are not in touch with reality thus see nothing wrong with this club shipped out of the club alongside Arsene the dope.
    Arsenal is no longer a top club.Let that sink in.
    we have a beautiful stadium with two world-class players who are have realised that the club has no ambition but to qualify to the champions league and gets humiliated by the top teams at the round of sixteen for the fans to say ” in Wenger we trust”.
    The fans are the major problem in arsenal.

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    We haven’t had “Mojo” since first half of the season

    Our best team was:
    Walcott……Ozil…….Iwobi (could be even better with Lucas/Welbeck instead)

  4. hecmanx says:

    Thanks to the fans that made their feelings known to the incompetent board, but the job is not done yet, so let’s keep the heat on by doing the same in our next home game.

    Well done true Gunners

  5. Disturbance says:

    We’re never getting to the top if our “mojo” is determined by non-league side matches. I saw who we are against Bayern. Time for change has come. Arsene has to leave, not that he will, but cheers to the protesters! Keep up the good work! It’s the only way people will understand that we are not happy.

  6. davidnz says:

    Spurs City Liverpool Arsenal+ Man U
    in a brutal battle for 3 ECL places.
    Be cool if the two managers
    who’s teams finish 5th and 6th get the sack.
    Now that would spice things up some 🙂
    I reckon if Arsene gets the Gunners over the line into the top 4
    we might as well offer the old buzzard an extension.
    Failure to make the top 4 means he will get the DCM
    “Don’t come Monday” 🙂

  7. ArseOverTit says:

    Funny article.
    Mojo back after 1 game against a non league side!
    Have an inability to see things in greater context much?

  8. BUR says:

    Some Arsenal fans are still blinkered. Are they not let down, humiliated, embarrassed, fed up in being dragged through the gutter by an incompetent manager who blames everyone but himself. If he can’t motivate players and change his system of playing to suit different teams he shouldn’t be in the job. Wenger shouldn’t be near arsenal with the way he shows utter disregard to the supporters.

  9. Dexter says:

    I watched arsenal match vs Lincoln city and all I thought was “To a team like Bayern, arsenal will always look like a non league team” as long as Wenger is in charge. We will play well, just like lincoln city but we will always be bound to lose. Wenger out!!!

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